Worthless Regression Chapter 194

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[196] Elven Forest (5)

The forest is noisy.

Seongmin Lee heard the howl of an animal coming from afar.

I know enough about the ancient forest. The giant beasts of this forest are more threatening than most monsters.

The reason why other monsters, such as ogres, which are top predators among land monsters, and orcs that hunt in groups, cannot live in this forest.

This is because of the animals that live in this forest.

And elves use beasts under the protection of the forest. In other words, many of the beasts living in the ancient forest are elf troops. Seongmin Lee turned his head, listening to the sound of strong footsteps.

Dozens of wild boars were attacking, destroying the trees that Lee Seong-min had fallen.

Its size the size of a house and its sharp fangs look menacing. However, Lee Seong-min’s reaction was sour.

He raised his hand without raising his spear. The strength of the Blood Haunted Demon God wrapped around Lee Seong-min’s hand.

After Gwangcheonma’s death, Seongmin Lee was increasing the proportion of his use of Blood Hwanshinmagong.

It was because of Gwangcheonma’s will not to forget the blood-hwanshinmagong.


The blood ring crushing, which is one second of the blood ring god magic attack, was performed as a decoration. The long, thick force that was fired crushed the bodies of the charging wild boars.

Once more.

By shooting the blood ring shatterer with the other hand, the wild boars rolled around, scattering blood and intestines everywhere like a burst water balloon.

It wasn’t just the wild boar. The wind seemed to shake, and huge birds of prey fell from the sky.

“I think it’s coming slowly.”

Seongmin Lee muttered, remembering the hunting team. A hunting team must have gone out on a hunt, as the animals suddenly attacked.

Seongmin Lee raised his right hand above his head.

Faba Park!

The bloodstream shot out in dozens of directions, tearing apart the flapping wings.

Even though it was a beast stronger than a monster, in front of Lee Seong-min, it was no different from an ordinary beast.

It’s natural. Even if it’s an ogre, it’s just a piece of meat in front of a skilled climax expert, and even if it’s a beast that can threaten such an ogre, it’s nothing special to Lee Seong-min, who stands at the end of the climax.

Thanks to the aliens who immigrated from various dimensions, humans were able to easily learn how to hunt monsters.

Of course, not all people were like that, but Lee Seong-min was a strong man who stood at a very high level among such people.

The beasts’ attacks continued. However, among the attacking animals, not a single one succeeded in getting even close to Lee Seong-min.

The body increases. The smell of blood and exploded sewage began to waft away.

Seongmin Lee felt eyes watching him. It’s not an elf’s perspective.

Seongmin Lee’s senses were wide open. The owners of the gaze were detection magic and spirits. The hunting team seemed to be observing Lee Seong-min’s movements through spirits and magic while still maintaining their distance.

“There will only be more corpses.”

Seongmin Lee muttered as if to be heard. The hunting leader heard the voice.

The hunting leader stroked the head of the tiger that was making a growling sound. It’s just as he said.

The beasts of the forest easily hunt slave hunters and the mercenaries they brought with them, but they cannot even get close to those humans.

“He is a great expert.”

“Not as much as the elder.”

The hunting leader answered. Gwon Jon is the elder of this forest. After belonging to Cheonoecheon, he left the forest, but until a hundred years ago, Gwonjon lived in this forest and taught martial arts to the hunting team.

The twenty hunting team members, including the hunting leader, are Gwon Jon’s disciples, and the hunting leader is Gwon Jon’s immediate disciple.

I have been practicing martial arts for as little as a few decades or as long as over a hundred years. Among the hunting team members, no one had yet reached the realm of transcendence.

The state of transcendence was not a state that could be reached by practicing martial arts for a long time.

Still, among hunting team members, the one closest to transcendence is the hunting team.

She was the daughter of King Gwon, and after learning letters, she read the martial arts book first, and learned to walk and martial arts at the same time.

“The damage will only increase.”

One of the hunting team members said with a worried face. He was a member of the hunting team who killed Rajun.

Kill the intruders. The elf’s will spread throughout the forest, causing the beasts living in this forest to forget their fear and instill madness.

As time passes, the beasts of the forest will attack that human more and more fiercely. And the number of corpses will increase as the number of animals increases.


The hunting leader nodded his head. The death of her beast was not of great importance to her.

However, it seemed impossible to tire out the humans by replacing the animals like that, and it also seemed impossible to gauge the level of the humans through the deaths of the animals.


The hunting leader’s foot slightly kicked the tiger in the stomach.

The tiger kicked the ground. The hunting leader lowered himself onto the tiger’s back and ran together, becoming one with the tiger.

The wolves let out a long howl and followed the tiger running ahead.

I heard crying. She benefited from felling all the trees around her. Seongmin Lee saw tigers and wolves running from afar, and elves riding on them.

It would be a hunting team.

Unlike the guards that Lee Seong-min had killed earlier, they were equipped with clothes that focused on agility and a variety of weapons.

The wolves disperse before Lee Seong-min can do anything.

One, two, three. Seongmin Lee counted the number of hunting team members. They are all twenty.

[I guess the bitch riding the tiger is the leader. The skills are pretty good.]

Heoju said. Lee Seong-min also felt that. The other members of the hunting team were also experts who had reached a high level. Everything is at its peak. Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but admire that fact.

[Elves live long and receive the protection of mana. They have all the conditions to easily become stronger than humans. still… … The elves of this forest are very unique.]


[Elves do not learn martial arts. Because it’s arrogant. The origin of magic is dragons, but martial arts were created by humans. Elves are contradictory assholes. They try not to learn man-made martial arts, but they only use man-made tools well.]

Heoju made a laughing sound. Was it influenced by Gwonjon? With that in mind, Lee Seong-min pulled out the spear that had been stuck in the ground.

The barding unfolds and covers Lee Seong-min’s body. The hunting team member seemed as strong as the dead elf had laughed at, so Lee Seong-min also planned to show his sincerity.

The scattered wolves and tigers did not attack Lee Seong-min right away. Twenty beasts and twenty elves surrounded Lee Seong-min. They took out the crossbows they kept behind their backs and aimed them at Seongmin Lee.




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The hunting leader spoke up. Seongmin Lee nodded his head at the voice of the hunting leader who was glaring at him.

“Why did you come to this forest?”

“Don’t you already know?”

Seongmin Lee answered. I knew that spirits were watching when I killed the guards. The hunting leader’s face turned cold after hearing the answer.

“… … “What do you plan to do when you meet the elder?”

“To kill you.”

The game leader didn’t think there was any need to ask any more questions. Since the elves died at the hands of those humans, the question was a luxury in the first place.


The crossbow arrow was fired. The arrow, which was attached to a spirit and contained internal energy, was like a thin lightning bolt.


The arrows struck all at once, turning the ground upside down. A large cloud of dust rose up, but Lee Seong-min was not there.

The hunting leader again caught the traces of Lee Seong-min, who had disappeared. As elves train their innate sixth sense from birth, they develop closer to foresight of the future.

The hunting leader pulled out the two daggers he had on his waist and immediately swung them.


The spear fired by Lee Seong-min and the hunting leader’s dagger collided.

‘It’s blocking.’

[Response is also fast.]

Heo Joo giggled and laughed. Lee Seong-min held on tightly to the spear he was facing and put his foot in the air.

To avoid falling, he continues to walk in the air and performs the Gucheon Dance Dance.

In response to the thunderbolts fired dozens of times, the hunting leader busily moved the daggers in both hands to block the spears.

Hunting expeditions were not the only thing to worry about. The tiger lifted its large front paw and swung it at Lee Seong-min.

The tiger’s front paws were faster and fiercer than those of most expert swordsmen. Lee Seong-min twisted his body in the air to avoid the tiger’s paw.

Dozens of arrows were shot behind Lee Seong-min’s back. The arrow held by the spirit changed its trajectory at will, trying to disturb Lee Seong-min’s senses.

The barding hummed, and the magical power and internal energy were released as a self-defense weapon. The arrows that came close were burned by the river and disappeared.

The hunting leader and the tiger retreat, and other hunting team members rush in. The wolves opened their teeth and tried to bite, and the hunting team members picked up other weapons instead of crossbows.

It was a chain scythe. The spinning pendulum was fired towards Lee Seong-min.

I thought that if Kang-gi was hit, it wouldn’t end with broken bones. Lee Seong-min held the spear with one hand and turned his body around to swing the spear.


Five chains wrapped around Seongmin Lee’s spear. The hunting team members who threw the weights run in another direction with the wolf. The chain was pulled stiffly, and the spear held on it trembled.

Two hunting team members jumped towards Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee was holding on to the spear with one hand, but his chain did not pull in the direction it was being pulled. Seongmin Lee heard the right.

I kick my foot towards the jaws of the attacking wolf.


The head of the wolf that was kicked was smashed. However, the hunting team member riding the wolf swung a curved sickle and attempted to cut off Lee Seong-min’s head.

The right hand that is not holding the spear rises upward. The back of his right hand, which dug into the path of the scythe, hits the hunting team member’s wrist and goes up to grab his forearm.

The hunting team member, whose wrist joint was shattered by the blow, dropped the scythe. Seongmin Lee pulled his forearm closer.


A scythe from a different direction tore into the side of a hunting party member.



Seongmin Lee counted the number of remaining hunting team members.

The hunting team member whose side was torn by the scythe screamed, and the face of the hunting team member who swung the scythe hardened.

Seongmin Lee let go of the hunting team member’s forearm and spread his hand wide.


The fired bullet hit the hunting team member. The wolf quickly jumped to avoid the attack, and the hunting team member tightly wrapped his legs around the wolf’s waist to maintain balance.

Lee Seong-min changed his open palm into a fist and aimed into the air. Blood Hwan Shin Magic Gong’s three-second blood child attack. The sharply forged steel pierced the bodies of the wolf and the hunting team member at the same time.

“Are you going to get off?”

eighteen. Seongmin Lee erased a number from his head. He grabbed the spear with both hands and pulled hard.


All five strands of the chain were broken.

“I don’t think riding a wolf would be a good idea.”

The hunting leader quickly gritted his teeth. When the hunting leader gave a signal, seventeen hunting team members came down from the wolf’s back. The five members of the hunting team, whose chains were broken, threw away their chain scythes.

They raised their clenched fists without any weapons. This was because the martial arts they learned from Gwon Jon was the best martial art they had learned.

Other members of the hunting team kept Lee Seong-min in check by twirling chains or holding new crossbows.

“Are you saying you don’t use magic or you can’t use it?”

Seongmin Lee asked.

It is impossible to write. Elves in other forests focus on learning and using magic and elemental arts, but the elves in this forest have learned elemental arts and martial arts.

However, the level of elemental magic is not high. The only spirits they could handle were low-level spirits.

However, throughout their lives so far, the hunting team members have never felt much discomfort from magic and elemental magic. Gwon Jon taught martial arts to the hunting team members and instilled pride in them.

Five members of the hunting team without weapons jumped towards Seong-min Lee. They got off the wolves and rushed at them from all directions, taking dizzying steps.

Lee Seong-min calmly took a deep breath and used his own skills. The even more ominous light of Jashingong enveloped Lee Seong-min’s spear.

The hunting team member who rushed in first threw a clenched fist.

Fast and heavy. Lee Seong-min’s feet were faster than him, and Lee Seong-min’s spear was faster than his feet.

The spear head struck from the front and pierced his fist up to his forearm. Even though it is the same peak, the level is different.

Even if they had been practicing martial arts for decades or more than a hundred years, they were not stronger than Lee Seong-min.

The spear that pierced his forearm was pulled out, and Lee Seong-min slightly twisted his wrist and extended the tip of the spear high. The hunting party member could not even scream as his head was pierced.

They were wearing self-defense equipment, but Lee Seong-min’s strength, which uses both internal energy and magical power, pierced through such self-defense equipment very easily.

Seventeen. One more number is given.

And it continues to decrease further. It didn’t take long for all five members of the hunting team who attacked with their bare hands to die.


Seongmin Lee muttered in a low voice.

Blood dripped from the tip of the spear.


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