Worthless Regression Chapter 126

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Gwangcheonma opened his eyes and did not say anything for a moment. Gwangcheon Ma, who was looking up at the sky, realized that he had succumbed to madness and had lost his senses, and he did not know how much time had passed since then. Only after his trembling eyes turned to Lee Seong-min did Gwangcheon-ma completely come to his senses.


Gwangcheonma made a startled sound and lifted her back up. Gwangcheonma staggered back and looked at Lee Seong-min with a wary attitude. The memory just before she lost her mind is clear. Although she succumbed to the madness, it was only natural that not very long time had passed. Gwangcheonma remembered Lee Seong-min, who had destroyed the blood rage with a single wave of his hand and was strangling his neck with his eyes flashing.

“… No, it’s different… ”

Lee Seong-min then and Lee Seong-min now are not the same person. Gwangcheonma noticed this through Lee Seong-min’s eyes and the flowing prayers. However, that did not mean that the vigilance could be completely relaxed. This is because he did not know when that unknown monster-like and fearful energy would attack him again.

“you… What on earth? What on earth is this guy doing? .”

Gwangcheonma stuttered and asked a question. Seongmin Lee turned around without answering those words. He picked up the spear that Heoju had put down and approached Gwangcheonma.

“Are you feeling a little calm?”

“Umm… ”

Gwangcheonma looked confused, but did not attack Lee Seong-min like before. It was a strange feeling. From deep in his heart, he does not want to be hostile to Lee Seong-min. It was an unconscious impulse, but it was definitely affecting Gwangcheonma.

[That guy’s dantian contains my magic power. Since that idiot is under that influence, he will not be able to oppose you, who is directly connected to me.]

“… “What have you done to me?”

Gwangcheonma’s question came along with Heoju’s voice. Lee Seong-min left it and thought for a moment about how to respond.

[Do I need to explain? Insist that you answer only when asked. You’ll probably listen carefully. If you don’t listen, I’ll beat you up a bit.]

‘You have to be capable to lose.’

[You don’t understand. To put it simply, the relationship between you and that bastard can be seen as similar to that of blood relatives. Just as the one at the bottom of the clan cannot go against his parent Lord, that one cannot go against you either. That doesn’t mean that obedience comes with a one-sided superior-subordinate relationship, but… That guy won’t be able to kill you just because you beat him up. If you try to do that, the magical power embedded in that guy’s Danjeon will go crazy.]

Is it really as easy as it sounds? Seongmin Lee said while looking into Gwangcheonma’s eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what I did to you.”

“It’s not important.”

Gwangcheonma made a grumbling sound.

“therefore… Gwangcheonma elder. “I have a few questions. Could you answer them?”

“… Okay… ”

Normally, this wouldn’t have been something I would have heard, but Gwangcheonma tilted her head while making a groaning sound. Her emotions, which she didn’t know what they were, continued to drive her. In the end, Gwangcheon Ma sat down with a sigh and nodded her head.

“What are you curious about?”

“It is said that the elder’s Danjeon contains the essence of magical power. Do you know what that is?”

“… “Is there something in the main altar?”

Gwangcheonma’s brow furrowed. He sat cross-legged and entered into fortune-telling practice. Even though Lee Seong-min was right in front of him, Gwangcheonma had no hesitation in his actions. Gwangcheonma, who had practiced fortune-telling for a while, opened his closed eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. “There is nothing but internal energy in the Danjeon of this seat.”

Gwangcheonma answered with an unwavering voice.


Heoju chuckled and muttered at Gwangcheonma’s answer.

[That idiot doesn’t know that his Danjeon has magic power, nor that he himself is using magic power. Yet he remains human. This is my first time seeing something like this… Hmm.]


[There is something to point out.]

After saying that, Heoju was silent for a moment. It seemed like he was organizing the thoughts that came to his mind. When Lee Seong-min closed his mouth, Gwangcheon-ma became silent and noticed Lee Seong-min’s notice. At the same time, she did not understand why she was watching Lee Seong-min’s attention.

‘Why is this person paying attention to such a brat?’

Gwangcheonma was a man of extreme madness. After receiving the nickname Gwangcheonma, such cases were rare, but before Gwangcheonma reigned as a strong player in most cases. When Gwangcheon Demon was weak, he had to face someone stronger than him several times. Even though he was dealing with such a strong person, Gwangcheonma never lowered his head and paid attention.

But not now. Strangely enough, I keep noticing it. It doesn’t even feel unpleasant. Gwangcheonma could not understand the complicated situation, and Heoju, who had continued her silence, opened her mouth.

[Ask him about the south.]


[I mean, ask them if they have ever been to the south. And I also ask what happened in the south.]

Lee Seong-min copied the words exactly and asked Gwangcheonma a question. Gwangcheonma widened his eyes in surprise and nodded his head.

“South… “It was an impressive place.”

“What happened in the South?”

“… “Umm.”

Gwangcheonma made a groaning sound. She honestly didn’t want to answer, but she felt strongly that she had to. Eventually, she hesitated and opened her mouth.

It was 10 years ago. Gwangcheonma encountered a huge wall while practicing martial arts. There have been many instances where he encountered walls during his training, and Gwangcheonma always broke through those walls through his own efforts. But in this case it didn’t work out. After repeated training and frustration, Gwangcheonma set out on a journey to regain his peace of mind.

“I followed the footsteps and arrived at the southern land. Hot sun, dense jungle, desert… I saw a lot of things. Meanwhile, I met a tribe in the jungle. They were strange guys. Among the so-called warriors of the tribe, there was no one who seemed easy. Among the disciples of Gu-Fail-Bang, who only knew how to show off, none seemed to be stronger than the younger warriors of the tribe, and the older warriors were at the level of the elders of Gu-Fail-Bang.”

Gwangcheonma’s eyes narrowed as she said that.

“The reason I became interested in this tribe was because the warriors of the tribe had not learned proper martial arts even though they had such outstanding skills. I felt it was a waste, so I started a relationship by teaching some of my martial arts skills to the tribe warriors. And they taught me the tribe’s elixir and breathing techniques as a reward for teaching me martial arts.”

[That’s it!]

Heoju shouted.

[The south is where this old man made a name for himself in the past. It is said that some tribes in the south worship this elder, so it seems that my magical power and the method of manipulating it remain there.]

Heo Joo’s voice was excited as he said that.

“What is that breathing technique?”

“At first, I thought it was some kind of Neungongsimbeop, but that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t build up my skills on my own. But it helped me a lot by putting my mind at ease. Through that breathing method, they absorbed their tribe’s elixir and made great progress in their internal strength. And we succeeded in breaking through the blocking wall.”

Gwangcheonma let out a long sigh as he said that.

“I thought I could reach the realm of transcendence if I crossed the wall… The transcendent realm was much further away than I thought. Although we got close, we still haven’t reached the transcendental level. As I wandered away from the south, I continued to practice martial arts… “I ended up buying coins because I was too greedy.”

[You idiot.]

Heoju chuckled as he listened to Gwangcheonma’s words.

[Breathing techniques and other things, magical power is not a power that humans can easily control. The magic spell he experienced was a reaction to humans using magical power. Still, it’s surprising that he only suffered from mania. Normally, it would explode to death or completely turn into a monster.]

Heoju muttered that and then spoke to Lee Seongmin.

[Try to learn that breathing method. If you learn it, you can use your magical powers while maintaining your humanity.]

‘… ‘Is it really necessary?’

[You are the one who longed for power. The choice is always yours. But let me tell you this one thing. With your current body, it will take decades at most, or hundreds of years at most, to reach the Socheonma you want to reach.]

‘I’m growing.’



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I could say that much with certainty. In the fight against Gwangcheonma, Seongmin Lee did not use magic. If he had used Haste and Strength, he might have been able to lead the fight against Gwangcheonma more easily, but Lee Seong-min intentionally did not use the two magics. It was to force them to realize their true feelings through life and death. In fact, what Lee Seong-min gained was nothing more than a body that belatedly followed the height of the spirit that preceded it, but whatever the case, it was true that it turned out as Lee Seong-min had hoped.

[This is too dangerous a method. There is no guarantee that you will gain the favor in a life-or-death situation that is repeated over and over again.]

‘The magic power is equally dangerous.’

[This f*cking bastard. Even if you try to scoop up good food and try to feed it to them, they are struggling and won’t eat it. Hey, this dog. This old man is all telling you to like him, but why aren’t you listening?]

Heoju, who couldn’t hear what he heard, was frustrated and swore. Lee Seong-min was lost in thought as he took Heo Joo’s insults indifferently. It is true that I am greedy for the power of magic. That destructive power will make Lee Seong-min’s body much stronger, and then he will be able to more easily manifest the inaction he has achieved in the mental world into his physical body.

‘It was shallow this time too.’

Just before the blood mania unfolds. Lee Seong-min’s spear went in shallower than Lee Seong-min thought. If he had used his Haste and Strength at that moment, he would have been able to pierce his body before the Gwangcheonma unleashed its blood-revenge frenzy. But even that judgment was late, and Lee Seong-min didn’t like it.

It was also frustrating. It’s frustrating that your body doesn’t perform as well as you expect or know it to. The reality is that there is no guarantee that you will be able to master the inaction of the mental world even if you proceed step by step. It took 2,100 years, and even if you have experience in reaching it, there is no guarantee that you will quickly achieve the martial arts of that time.

“… That breathing method. “Can you tell me too?”

“It’s impossible.”

Gwangcheonma frowned and answered.

“When I received the breathing technique and elixir from the tribe. There is nothing I can do about elixirs since I have already consumed them, but in the case of breathing techniques, I have sworn that I will never teach them to others. “It is not just a verbal promise, but a verbal promise, so it can never be broken.”

[You’re being annoying.]

Heoju grumbled.


“It’s one of the spells used by southern shamans. Once a promise has been made verbally, it is impossible to break it. No matter how powerful the warrior I am, I cannot break it once I have offered my heart with words.”

[It is similar to the Mana Oath that wizards make. If you make an unspoken promise and sacrifice your heart with the help of a shaman, your heart will burst when you break that promise.]

“Where are the southern tribes?”

“No matter how good my memory is, I cannot remember the location of the tribe that arrived after wandering through the jungle.”

It was a draining answer. She thought about using her magic power, but since she couldn’t learn the breathing method to use magic power from Gwangcheon Demon, it was natural for her to feel exhausted.

[Let’s go south.]

But Heoju said that rather excitedly.

[Didn’t you promise me from the beginning? If you bring this old man out, I will give you the treasure he has collected. Since it is located in the south, it actually worked out well.]

‘But you don’t know the location?’

[You are such an idiot. Wouldn’t it be okay to take that idiot as a guide?]


[Say you will tell me the cure for mania.]

Heoju said with a chuckle.

[The man’s madness is a reaction to the use of magical power, and the reason he came here was to chase this old man. When this old man was sealed in the sleeping forest, that bastard’s mania probably went away frequently, but when I left the forest with you and came to the north, the mania probably didn’t get too bad.]

It was true. Originally, Gwangcheonma’s madness slaughtered and destroyed everything around him every time he was struck, but when Heoju left the sleeping forest, the violence of the madness disappeared. Instead, the power of Heoju, which Gwangcheonma possessed in the Danjeon, moved Gwangcheonma’s body in search of its original owner, Heoju. The reason Gwangcheonma lost her mind for several months and came all the way to the north was because Heo Joo and Lee Seong-min stopped by the dungeon and came north, and Gwangcheonma also moved from afar.

“I will tell you the cure for mania, so come with me to the south.”


Gwangcheonma’s eyes widened at Lee Seong-min’s words. I’m going to tell you a cure for the mania I’ve been harboring for a long time! In fact, putting that aside, Gwangcheonma had no desire to disobey Lee Seong-min’s words.

“How are you going to cure my mania?”

“hmm… ”

Seongmin Lee didn’t have anything to answer, so he trailed off. Then Heoju answered in his head.

[Tell me about it. Anyway, as long as I’m with this old man, the madness won’t go away.]

“… first of all… Every day, I recite the mantra Domagsaramu 100 times… “All you have to do is give me a slap every morning, lunch and dinner.”

The spell was roughly applied, and the only reason I added the condition of slapping was because I wanted to just hit Gwangcheonma, who had suddenly started a fight.

“Domagsaramurani. I don’t know what it is, but it’s a very magical sound… But what about a slap? “Why do I have to get slapped?”

“If you don’t believe it, don’t do it.”


Gwangcheonma groaned at Lee Seong-min’s words, which he said in a way that made him look like a pear. It was a condition I couldn’t trust at all, but why? Gwangcheonma believed Lee Seong-min’s words in his heart.

“i get it.”

“Then take one first.”

As soon as Gwangcheonma answered, Lee Seong-min slapped Gwangcheonma on the cheek. Gwangcheonma’s head turned with a clanging sound.

“100 million!”

No matter how great a master Gwangcheonma was, the slap he gave without knowing was enough to scare Gwangcheonma.

“Recite the spell.”

Before Gwangcheonma could argue, Lee Seong-min quickly fired. Gwangcheonma held his red cheeks with his hands, gritted his teeth, and began to recite a spell.

“Domagsaramu… Domagsaramu… ”

Seongmin Lee suppressed his laughter as he listened to the sound of Gwangcheonma’s spell.


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