Worthless Regression Chapter 125

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< Gwangcheonma-4 >

The storms of strength connect with each other, creating a ring. It increases into dozens, but continues as one. Dozens of fiercely rotating rings sweep all around. Gwangcheonma, who was standing at the center of the blood-fantasy storm with both hands raised, felt like it was a disaster.

‘I didn’t mean to kill you… ‘

I just wanted to have fun fighting. Even though the battle the two shared was strong enough to not end in just a brush, the reason Gwangcheonma kept his composure until the end was to kill the weeds without killing them.

But not now. It’s already too late. Gwangcheonma has unleashed the Blood Phantom Mania, the secret of the Blood Phantom Demon God’s magic, and this storm of death will tear Seongmin Lee to pieces and turn him into hundreds of pieces of flesh. So far, whenever bloodshed has been unleashed, such results have always been achieved.

‘What a shame. That martial arts… It would be too much of a waste to kill him like this. Even if 10 more years had passed, he would have become incomparably stronger than he is now… ‘

Gwangcheonma’s sighs stop. He felt a sharp killing intent shoot out from the rushing wind. He was not mistaken. Phew! A straight window penetrates from the outskirts of the storm and opens the way. highway. The six seconds of the nine-cheonmugeukchang had pierced through the outskirts of the Blood Hwanmangwangpung.


Gwangcheonma was startled and moved both hands. The wind’s current becomes stronger and fills the gap. However, the straight road created as a public road was not immediately filled. Guryong killing spews out through the opened road. However, those nine dragons were unable to pierce the blood phantom storm head-on.

Before the gap is filled. Gwangcheonma looked at Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min was holding out his spear in a crazy wind that made him feel like he was going to fall over at any moment. Panting breathing and cold sunken eyes. His eyes, which he couldn’t tell where he was looking, were suddenly looking directly at Gwangcheon Ma.

“… haha!”

Gwangcheonma laughed, and a blood rage exploded. The scattered red river became fog and spread in all directions. Gwangcheonma quietly looked up at the red-stained sky and then lowered his gaze.

Seongmin Lee had collapsed not far away. Even though he received the brunt of the blood rage, Lee Seong-min’s limbs were intact. No matter how much armor you were wearing, if you were in the center of such a strong force, your internal organs should have exploded due to the inner reuter method. Gwangcheonma thought that of course it would be so.

“You killed that poor guy.”

Gwangcheonma muttered that and approached Lee Seong-min. Although she fought out of interest and greed, Gwangcheonma felt a little sad that she ended up killing Lee Seong-min. There is no way to bring a dead person back to life. But she wanted to collect at least a corpse.

It was when Gwangcheonma took a few steps closer. Seongmin Lee’s body shook greatly. Does that mean he was alive? Gwangcheonma’s eyes twitched. The trembling of Lee Seong-min’s body subsides. And suddenly Lee Seong-min stood up straight away.

“What… ”

You got hit head-on by a bloody storm and didn’t get any injuries? Gwangcheonma’s mouth opened wide. However, it wasn’t long before Gwangcheonma realized that the strange ‘discomfort’ she had been feeling from before had suddenly become more intense.

Seongmin Lee opened his mouth. iced coffee. Lee Seong-min, who had been speaking like that, suddenly turned around. Gwangcheonma looked into Lee Seong-min’s eyes with wide open eyes. different… It’s so different. Are you saying you’re the guy you were fighting with just a moment ago? Are those eyes, which look like they are filled with burning flames, really human?

“… Ugh… ”

My chest is shaking. Gwangcheonma felt her mind becoming dizzy, and she stumbled back behind her. Her heart is pounding, pounding hard, and the hair on her body stands on end. She was embarrassed because she did not know what she was feeling.

“You arrogant bastard… ”

Lee Seong-min chewed his lips and spit them out. The voice belonged to Lee Sung-min, but it was not the sound that Lee Sung-min made. Heo Joo took over the body of Lee Seong-min, who lost his mind. As evidence, an ominous purple spirit was writhing and leaking from the barding Lee Seong-min wore.

“There are many things I want to ask you.”

Heoju spat out. Gwangcheonma was sweating profusely and glared at Heo Joo, who had taken over Lee Seong-min’s body. Although Heoju did not explain, Heoju knew instinctively. That this is a completely different person than before. Heoju walked towards Gwangcheonma, who was glaring at him. He glanced at the spear in his right hand and put it down without hesitation. Originally, it was because he did not use a spear.

Spiritual power exploded from Heoju’s entire body. It was much more ominous than the self-defense technique used by Lee Seong-min and was so violent that it could not even be compared to the self-defense technique. The face of Gwangcheonma, who was taking a step back, is distorted. Gwangcheonma himself did not know what had happened, but he was angry at the emotions he was feeling.


Gwangcheonma runs forward while shouting. Heoju, who was striding forward with her bare hand, slowly raised her right hand. Kuoooo! An enormous magical power wrapped around Heoju’s right hand. It was a force that Lee Seong-min’s body could not handle, but not now. As Heo Ju took control of Lee Seong-min’s body, his magical powers were being used according to Heo Ju’s will without any problem.

Gwangcheonma roared and threw out two swords. The blood-hwanshinmagong was unleashed to its peak, creating a red storm. Heoju sneered at the rushing storm of strength and swung her right hand. It looked like it had been swung roughly without any skill, but the magical power wrapped around Heoju’s hand stretched out stickily and crushed the entire storm of the Blood Phantom God Demonic Attack.


Gwangcheonma let out a scream at what happened before her eyes. Even so, Gwangcheonma did not back down. He opened his eyes wide and performed martial arts skills one after another. The martial arts chosen by Gwangcheonma was the Blood Hwanmangwangpung, the Five Wills of the Blood Hwanshin Demon Attack that defeated Lee Seong-min. The red river rises up, overflowing, forming rings and rings. Eventually it became a huge whirlpool.

Heo Ju took long strides toward the threatening blood rage. The magical energy covering Heoju’s body rose upward like smoke and expanded greatly. When you throw your clenched right fist forward once. The blood rage has been shattered. Heoju ran forward towards Gwangcheonma, whose mouth was wide open. In an instant, Heo Joo’s hand jumped in front of Gwangcheonma and grabbed Gwangcheonma’s collar. ㅡKwaaaang! Soon after, Gwangcheonma’s body hit the ground.

“Where did it come from?”


Heoju threw Gwangcheonma’s body to the ground and growled. Gwangcheonma struggled to hold on to his dazed mind, but Heoju did not let Gwangcheonma go.

“The power you use. my power. “Where on earth did you get it?”

“what… Say… ”

“Don’t act like you don’t know!”

Heoju shouted. At the same time, the spirit wriggled in Heoju’s hand holding the Gwangcheonma and was sucked into the Gwangcheonma’s body. Then Gwangcheonma’s mouth opened wide. An ordinary human could never accept the magical power that entered her body. The body of a human is completely different from that of a monster, and the magic power of a monster is like blood. Just as you will die if you receive different types of blood into your body, the magical power is the same.

But it wasn’t Gwangcheonma. Although Gwangcheonma felt pain as if her entire body would be torn apart, she did not die. He opened his mouth and let out a silent scream. Heoju held on to Gwangcheonma’s struggling body and continued to thrust his magic power into it. Then something deep within Gwangcheonma’s Danjeon reacted.

“Off… !”

Gwangcheonma’s eyes roll over. The two eyes, which had been dyed pure white, became soaked in red light. The essence of magical power deep within the Danjeon was awakened by Heoju’s magical power. The hypocrisy and mania that Gwangcheonma was experiencing were side effects caused by the magical power at the bottom of the Danjeon. The reason why Gwangcheonma, steeped in madness, ran tirelessly all the way to Travia in the far north was because of the presence of Heoju, who was heading there.

“Were you this guy’s nobleman?”

Heoju spat it out with a dumbfounded look on his face. Gwangcheonma, steeped in madness, had always committed massacres, killing everything around it, but this was not the Gwangcheonma of today. Even though he had lost his mind to madness, he was staring at Heo Joo, who had taken control of Lee Sung-min’s body. Heoju looked into Gwangcheonma’s eyes and laughed.

“What on earth happened…?” ”

Heoju’s muttering, which he couldn’t understand, suddenly stopped. A hand suddenly shoots up and grabs his neck. It was Heo Joo’s, or rather Lee Seong-min’s, hand to act like that. Heoju frowned as he felt the force of a strong grip tightening around his neck.

‘This crazy guy… !’

This is Seongmin Lee. Lee Seong-min, who had lost consciousness, comes to his senses and tries to regain control of the body that Heo-ju is in control of. Heoju couldn’t help but be embarrassed by that. Lee Seong-min’s mental power is much stronger than that of other humans.

I already knew this, but I never thought I would have influence even when I completely took over the body like this.

“No, this old man didn’t mean to steal your body. Given the situation, there is nothing we can do… ”

Heo Joo spoke quickly, but Lee Seong-min did not listen to Heo Joo. The hand tightening around his neck becomes stronger. In the end, even though it is his own body, Lee Sung-min’s hand pulls out such strong force that it seems as if he could break my neck by tightening it.

was there.

“I get it. okay!”

Heo-ju finally said that and backed away from Lee Sung-min’s body. The magical power wrapped around Lee Seong-min’s body was sucked into the barding, and Lee Seong-min’s eyes, which had been burning red, regained their original color.


Lee Sung-min lowered the hand that was holding his neck and took a deep breath. All sensation in his body seemed to be intermittent and his entire body was throbbing. In addition, breathing is difficult due to the strong grip on my throat just moments ago. Lee Seong-min, who was out of breath, collapsed on the spot, feeling a dizzying headache.

[pup… I couldn’t even recognize my lifesaver!]


Seongmin Lee massaged his stuffy throat and let out a sigh. I know that Heo Joo had help this time too. When he was caught up in the blood phantom storm, it was Lee Seong-min’s ability to see through the tiny gap, but when the blood phantasm exploded afterwards, Heo Ju brought out his magic power and protected Lee Seong-min’s body. That’s why he only lost his mind. If he had faced the storm of that powerful force head-on, his body would have been torn to pieces.

“That’s it… “This is it.”

Lee Seong-min answered by flopping down on the floor. Although Heo-ju’s help saved his life, he could not forgive Heo-ju for taking his body and moving at will. only… Seongmin Lee looked at his hands with bitter eyes.

Lee Seong-min came to his senses when Heo Joo destroyed the blood fanatic with a single wave of his hand. It was Lee Seong-min’s own body that did it… Even if they had the same body, the techniques that Heo Joo showed were of such a high level that Lee Sung Min could never imitate them. That intense yogi. A method of forcibly breaking the connection by pushing force into the extremely brief moment in which the chain of blood and mania continues. Heo Joo sympathized with Lee Seong-min’s feelings and laughed.

[If you can become a monster, you can do it too.]

Seongmin Lee ignored those words. Seongmin Lee sighed and glanced at Gwangcheonma. Gwangcheonma, whose spirit was devoured by the triggered yogi, did not go on her rampage but lay unconscious.

“… “What is it?”

[I don’t even know this old man. But what that guy was using was definitely my magic power. Deep inside that guy’s Danjeon… There is the essence of my magical power. I thought some of its power was lost when it was sealed 400 years ago, but it seems that wasn’t the case.]

After saying that, Heoju was silent for a moment.



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[In this old man’s opinion, that bastard is the nobleman you will meet in the north. The guy is manipulating his magical powers while remaining human. As a side effect, it seems like my mind sometimes goes crazy… Even so, it is amazing that he can control magical powers while maintaining his human nature.]

Lee Seong-min did not say anything and listened to Heo-ju in silence. Heo Joo continued to speak to Lee Seong-min.

[I don’t know how that bastard can control magical powers while still being human, but if you learn that bastard’s methods. You can use it much better than that idiot. You will be able to use your magic power without becoming a monster, and unlike that idiot who has a part of my power, you are directly connected to this old man.]

“… Ugh… ”

At the end of Heoju’s words, Gwangcheonma let out a low groan.

[First, listen to what he says.]

Gwangcheonma suddenly opened his eyes.


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