Worthless Regression Chapter 119

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“You chose well.”

Jennyella said while looking at Lee Seong-min’s expression. After that, Jennyella rolled her eyes and saw the inside of the barding and robe that Seongmin Lee was wearing.

“You’re carrying some interesting things around. One is a familiar… is it? No, it feels a little different from a normal familiar.”

“Ugh… ”

Luvia trembled when Jennyella’s gaze met her. She was unable to maintain her embodiment and jumped out of Lee Seong-min’s robe. Rubia collapsed on her floor, panting as she sweated profusely.

“Cat ears… It’s not Ain. But it’s not human either. “He’s a strange guy.”

Jennyella’s eyes sparkle. It is one of the various types of magical eyes possessed by the vampire queen, Jennyella, and is a direct-seeing magical eye that has the ability to see through the existence of the opponent. Luvia trembled as goosebumps appeared all over her body at the feeling that her very existence was being detected.

“It was based on the human body, but the soul is not human. There are bones, organs, and blood, but everyone is at the level of self-satisfaction. Who is this satisfaction for? Your Creator? Or for yourself? Well made doll… No, it’s an artificial spirit. It seems like I have a metabolism, but that doesn’t mean I’m limited by it. Should I call you life?”

“that… stop… ”

“Do you feel uncomfortable being overlooked? Anyone would do that. “This magical eye sees everything.”

Jennyella burst out laughing mischievously. She turned her eyes and looked at Lee Seong-min. To be precise, she saw the barding that Seongmin Lee was wearing.

“Heoju. You, the nightmare of the South, have fallen so ugly. no… “Should we celebrate that we survived at least in that way?”


Heoju burst out laughing at Jennyella’s whisper. Heo Joo’s magical power surges from the armor worn by Lee Seong-min.

[The little girl’s hair has grown thicker. This is why it doesn’t work… The little boy needs to be educated well. From childhood. Only then will etiquette be properly established… ]

“so? “You’re going to educate me now?”

Jennyella’s laughter deepens. Through her magic eye of direct vision, Jennyella saw through her situation.

“My body and soul have completely fallen. Is the soul so strong in such a subject that it maintains its existence? I will admit that this is an unusual case. But compared to you in your prime, it’s not good enough… ”

What Jennyella said was true. Although Heoju was in her prime, the power of Heoju, who lost her body and was left with only her soul and spirit, could not threaten Jennyella. It was natural. Zeniella was the pinnacle of the vampire species that existed in the land of Eria, and was one of the most powerful monsters among the Predators. Even the werewolf Joo Won, the ruler of the Gwirang Gate who was once called Gwangrang, was a few steps behind Jennyella when compared to him.

“And you… ”

The magic eye of direct vision is directed to Lee Seong-min.

“… you… ”

Jennyella’s mouth is gaping. After a little silence, Jennyella tilted her head. She then cupped her eyes with her hands and looked at her Lee Seong-min again.


For the first time, I felt embarrassed when I heard Jennyella’s voice. It wasn’t that big, but it was evidence of Jennyella’s agitation. Jennyella rubbed the corner of her eyes again and looked at her Lee Seong-min. But the ‘invisible thing’ was the same.

“That’s strange… ”

Jennyella’s fingers were raised.

“Why can’t I see it?”

Phew. Two long fingers pierce Jennyella’s eyes. She twisted her finger, severing her optic nerve and plucking out her eye pupil. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed the pair of eyes she had pulled out. As soon as she swallowed it without chewing, Jennyella’s eyes were rebuilt. She looked at Lee Seong-min with her newly created direct-seeing magical eyes.

[This guy is a strange guy.]

Heoju said with a smile.

[Even your direct-seeing magic eye cannot see through… Hehehe! Isn’t it fun?]

“… surely.”

Jennyella spit out what she had been muttering. It was the stem of the optic nerve coming out of the pupil. She glanced down at what she had said, then raised her gaze back to Lee Seong-min.

“excuse. “You showed yourself in a bad way.”

Jennyella’s tone changed.

“I have no intention of coming forward forcefully. But I sincerely recommend it. In this trashy place, walking down creaky hallways, sleeping on moldy beds in rooms full of cockroaches and rats… ”

Jennyella speaks faster. She let out her words without even taking a breath.

“Rather than spending the day making food out of leftover food, turning it into leftover food, repeating the process, eating horrible food that even a pig would not eat, and listening to the noise of the parasite-like prey.”

Jennyella’s words stop. She said everything she wanted to say without losing her breath and then smiled at Lee Seong-min.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you came with me?”

I can’t figure out what’s inside.

Lee Seong-min continued to feel a sense of discomfort from the moment he encountered Jennyella. An encounter that never existed in my previous life. If something like that exists, it has existed countless times. The sense of discomfort Jennyella was giving off was not of that kind. I don’t know what it is and it makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t want to push it away.

“… great.”

Seongmin Lee supported Luvia and nodded.

I had the thought that maybe Jennyella might be a noble person I would meet in the north.


It was Heo Joo’s voice that awakened Lee Seong-min’s spirit.

Heoju no longer ignited his magical power and was quietly hiding his power inside his barding. When he followed Jennyella outside. She saw a carriage so luxurious that she could not have imagined it being in front of a shabby inn. As Jennyella approached, the door of her carriage opened, and Jennyella invited her Lee Seong-min to get in without getting in first.

“Let’s go up.”

Seongmin Lee didn’t answer and got into the carriage with Luvia. After picking them up, Jennyella got into the carriage and sat across from Seongmin Lee.

[The emotion you feel is the ‘fascination’ of a higher species of vampire. The prey of vampires is humans. Just because a vampire is a vampire doesn’t mean they always hunt their prey with force. Get up close and personal… A vampire’s main hunting method is to sink its fangs into the neck quietly and without any fuss. Charm is a convenient hunting tool that vampires have.]

Concentrate your mind and establish awareness. The mind that had become clouded becomes sharper. Then, the strange sense of discomfort that had been radiating from Jennyella faded and disappeared. Seongmin Lee glared at Jenny Ella with her eyes shining. Looking at Lee Seong-min’s gaze, Jennyella burst into laughter.

“It’s definitely unique.”

Jennyella said that and pulled out the hairpin she was wearing on her head. Her rich red hair cascaded down her in waves.

“Usually, even if you notice it, you can’t escape it right away. Because the vampire’s fascination is like a hint to the unconscious. but… Your mental strength is special. “So much so that I can’t even think of him as an ordinary human being.”

The carriage started moving.

“Why did you approach me?”

“I was also curious about the person who was attached to Heo Joo. Aside from that, I had some personal business to attend to you.”

Daniela tilted her head as she said that.

“Sword Demon.”

An unexpected name that I could not have imagined came out of Jennyella’s mouth.

“He was a child I quite liked. Until you get your hands on it, that is. Very persistent… Passionate and… And yet I despair… Not willing to give up… I was hoping for something more than I could afford… Hehehe! So I liked it. “I like those people.”

Just like you like Blood Heavenly Demon.

“I couldn’t take much care of you, but… ah. i know? To ‘Rod’, blood relatives are the same concept as children. therefore… The Sword Demon was my child. “My youngest child, whom I had a few years ago.”

Jennyella’s voice is low. Seongmin Lee listened quietly to those words. Jenny Ella’s meaning was clear. The person who turned the Sword Demon into a vampire is Jennyella.



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What does it matter?

It is the Sword Demon who chose to become a vampire. Even in his past life, the Sword Demon would have been a vampire. Even though it was Wijihoyeon, not Lee Seong-min, who killed the sword demon who became a vampire in his past life, the fact that the sword demon chose the path of a vampire does not change under any circumstances.

Turning the Sword Demon into a vampire does not give Lee Seong-min any reason to have any kind of feelings for Jennyella.

But Jennyella is different.

“Because I killed the Sword Demon. “Do you want to hold me responsible for that?”

“I wanted to do that a little bit.”

Jennyella didn’t lie. She answered honestly with a bright smile.

“But not now. What is a toy… Isn’t that something that can be ruined? It was something that could not be helped. Let’s think about it that way.”

As Jennyella said that, she looked into Lee Seong-min’s face.

“… you. “Are you thinking about becoming a vampire?”

This was a very bizarre case. Jennyella has a countless number of household members, but that does not mean that Jennyella has increased her household indiscriminately. For a Lord who is at the top of the bloodline, increasing the number of retinue means dispersing the power of the main body. Of course, part of the power scattered like that is passed on to the Lord as the family members build up their power as vampires, but the absence of ‘blood’ distributed to the family creates a fatal vacuum as the number of family members increases.

Therefore, pure-blooded vampires who have the ability to create clans and raise blood relatives carefully select their clans. A family that will make you gain more than you lose. It was the same for Jennyella. However, what Jennyella saw was her ability, but satisfying her dark pleasure was the most important condition for her.

Just like the Sword Demon and Blood Heavenly Demon did.

“If you want, I will make you a vampire. Because it’s not difficult… yes? You can become a vampire right now. I, the vampire queen, become a descendant of Jennyella the Bloodthirsty. how is it?”

Jennyella whispered and urged. Jennyella was deeply interested in the current Lee Seong-min. This is an unusual feeling. Jennyella came to her own conclusion. The Sword Demon despaired of his aging body. He tried to overcome it on his own, but he ultimately could not overcome it while still being human, and chose to become non-human in order to gain time. Blood Heavenly Demon is not much different. He is devastated and broken by the fact that his arm has been cut off and his crushing defeat. Soon, even blood demons will choose vampires.

On the other hand, what about Lee Seong-min?

In Jennyella’s opinion, Lee Seong-min was strange. Martial arts that are not appropriate for one’s age are not important. In this absurd world, there are many geniuses with absurd talents, and it is not uncommon for monsters to surpass martial artists or wizards who have practiced for decades even at a young age. It has always been repeated over the 600 years that Jennyella has lived.

It wasn’t something I was attracted to because of the power I had. So what drew you to it? Jennyella doesn’t know Lee Seong-min. I don’t know what kind of life Lee Seong-min has lived. What can’t be seen through the magical eye of direct vision? Yeah, that’s also quite interesting.

But the reason why I want to make him one of my servants.

‘It’s dangerous.’

Jennyella looked into Lee Seong-min’s eyes. Eyes that don’t match your age. Her eyes had accumulated something so long that even Jenny Ella couldn’t guess. Jennyella was drawn to those eyes. Despite the precariousness that exists within her at the same time. The danger of being shattered and shattered if the opportunity arises was making Jennyella’s heart flutter.

“I refuse.”

Seongmin Lee answered. It was a question not worth thinking about.? Lee Seong-min had no intention of becoming a human being, and he also had no desire to become a vampire who had no choice but to be controlled by Jennyella. If you want to become an outsider, Lee Seong-min has another way. As Heo Joo suggested, there is a way to become a monster.

“is it so?”

Jennyella smiled after hearing Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“Then there is nothing we can do.”

Jennyella no longer recommended Lee Seong-min. If he had accepted it right away, he would have been rather disappointed. Jennyella felt deeply satisfied that Lee Seong-min rejected her.

‘Keep saying no.’

Jennyella hugged her shoulders as she felt the inside of her body heating up.

‘I like that.’

The will that you think is strong is torn down like a sand castle.


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