Worthless Regression Chapter 118

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Jennyella quietly looked down at Baek Mu-seon, who was drunk and asleep. In essence, a transcendental master does not get drunk. This is because no matter how much alcohol he drinks, the alcohol is broken down before he gets drunk. But he can get drunk on purpose. Even if you get drunk like that, a supreme expert can drive away the intoxication at any time if you put your mind to it.

However, Baekmu-seon was now defenseless. Baekmu, consumed by despair, completely lost his mind by drinking like a madman, ignoring the well-being of his body.

Jennyella didn’t care. Even if Baek Mu-seon is defenseless now, Jennyella does not bite Baek Mu-seon’s neck. Although Jennyella seduces Baekmu, she does not mix her body with it. Jennyella enjoyed enjoying such a subtle tug-of-war relationship. Baek Mu-seon, who still tries to remain as a human being, is said to have been consumed by despair, but it was fun to see Baek Mu-seon, who was once called the Blood Heavenly Demon and stood at the peak of the Blood Heavenly Alliance, maintain his pride and act noble until the end.

And in the end, when I was completely consumed by despair. When I see someone giving up on being human, throwing away their trivial nobility, sitting down and begging. Jennyella will feel her greatest pleasure.

‘And you’ll get sick of it.’

Just like it used to be. Jennyella smiled brightly. You can bite her neck at any time. But in order to become blood relatives, in order for a human to become a vampire. Simply being ‘bitten’ by a vampire is not enough.

You must make an oath by drinking again the blood of the Lord you drank to make him your blood relative. That you will cease to be human. A human can transform into a vampire only if he or she swears to become a vampire and drink human blood for a living.


Jennyella hears a voice in her head. One of her many, many vampires whom she had made her blood relatives had called her. Jennyella left Baekmu’s room because it wasn’t fun for her to look at Baekmu’s sleeping face anyway.


[A strange guy has entered Travia.]

Who was this… Jennyella closed her eyes. Then, red lights appeared in front of the pitch-black darkness. The red lights shining in the darkened vision were members of Jennyella’s blood family. Jennyella became aware of one of the red lights that was buzzing and trembling. Then, information about that family came into Jennyella’s head.

“Oh yeah. Mukai. “It’s you.”

Jennyella smiled and nodded her head. When she heard his voice, she didn’t even know who it was, but now that she is aware of it in this way, she immediately knows who it is. It was clearly a member of the family entrusted with surveillance at the central district gate.

“A strange guy came into Trabia. “How was he such a strange guy?”

[This is this guy.]

Everything Mukai saw is relayed to Jennyella. This was the advantage of extraterrestrial species, such as vampires and lycanthropes, who considered their relatives as blood relatives. All members of the clan are spiritually connected to the Lord, who is at the top of the clan. The Lord has the power over the life and death of all his blood relatives and can control their actions at any time.

“… Ah ha.”

A smile bloomed on Jennyella’s face. The face that Mukai showed her was one that Jennyella had also seen before. A month ago. This is the face of the guy that Joo Won showed me. Jennyella shook her shoulders and laughed.

“I thought it was about time.”

Jennyella muttered that and showed the face of Lee Seong-min that she had seen to all the family members in Travia.

“Let’s find this guy.”

Jennyella said with a voice filled with laughter.

“Find it and let me know. Understand?”

Yes, load. Hundreds of voices resonated in Jennyella’s head.


Seongmin Lee walked down the street. A city of human magic. There was an unpleasant atmosphere floating around the streets of the central district of Trabia. Rather than saying ‘I feel it’, it would be more correct to say that it is an instinctive reluctance.

“… Upset.”

Luvia, who was hiding herself in Lee Seong-min’s arms, muttered. Although Luvia is not a beast, her cat ears are enough to attract attention. She hid her body to avoid unnecessary trouble, but Rubia could sense her discomfort from this distance.

[The concentration outside is high.]

Heoju said.

[No matter how much it is a city full of demons, there are so many outsiders gathered in the central area of ​​the city. Maybe in the south, but in the north… ]

‘Is there a reason? On the Erebrisa side… ‘

[Erebrisa’s information is nothing more than a compilation of information from information guilds, information merchants, and information sects. Don’t blindly trust their information. Uncirculated information cannot be purchased through Erebrisa.]

Heoju advised that.

[Erebrisa only acts as an intermediary. It may be an object, but it is better not to trust ‘information’ unconditionally.]

Information on Trabia purchased through Erebrisa.

As the Blood Heavenly Demon was defeated and the Blood Heavenly Alliance disintegrated, the Sima Island that was controlled by the Blood Heavenly Alliance raised its head. In the meantime, all kinds of alien species were introduced and it became an alien demon world.

[The Blood Heavenly Demon and the Blood Heavenly Alliance controlled these many outsiders and Sima Islands? Hahaha! I have to say something that makes sense. If that was really what the Blood Heavenly Demon was doing, he would be the best person in the world. The guy with that kind of capability is that Socheonma.

You were defeated by that girl named Lan? That’s not even funny.]

Heoju laughed loudly and chatted.

[The devil attracts the devil. Also, the ghost attracts the ghost, and the monster attracts the monster. When a twisted guy sees a black hole, he can’t wait to get in. Like a cat putting itself in a box. There is something about this city. They are drawn to it because of something.]

Heoju said in a happy voice.

[This city. I don’t know what it is, but it’s there. Something that attracts monsters from outside the world.]

Heo Ju didn’t seem to know exactly what it was. The same was true for Lee Seong-min.

I looked around as I walked down the street, but I didn’t see anything that bothered me much. The reason Lee Seong-min came to Trabia in the first place was not because there was a great purpose for this city. The only reason is to stay in the city with the largest area and the most people in the North and wait for a meeting with a noble person who will come someday.

So I had to stay in Travia for a long time. Although he had plenty of money on hand, he had no intention of staying in a luxurious place because he didn’t know what might happen during his long stay.

“As long as it’s not homeless!”

When I told her that I was going to an inn, Rubia spoke in a lively voice. It didn’t really matter to her that she was Lee Seong-min, but Rubia was very dissatisfied with her long-term homelessness.

Lee Seong-min entered an inn that seemed unremarkable on the outside. When he opened the door, Lee Seong-min realized how meaningless her appearance was.

The first thing Lee Seong-min saw were corpses.

The corpses buried in the corner of the inn were there without any sense of discomfort, as if they were part of the interior. None of the people talking in the bar on the first floor paid any attention to the corpse. Luvia was shocked and silent at seeing her corpse, but Lee Seong-min also didn’t pay much attention to the corpse.

“What are you ordering?”

The innkeeper was a man with bulky muscles. Lee Seong-min recognized at a glance that he was an expert in external skills. Seongmin Lee sat down in an empty seat at the bar and opened his mouth.

“A light meal. And I’d like to find a room.”

“How many days do you plan on staying?”

“There are no plans.”

“Long-term guests are welcome. The room price is calculated as a daily rate and must be paid in advance. “You never know when you might die in this city.”

“Like the corpses stuffed in that corner?”

“Oh my! Did you see it? Well, don’t worry too much. “It’s a common thing in this city now.”

The innkeeper chuckled as he said that.

“Today’s Travia is a place where even a light fight can lead to murder. Those dead guys over there… What was it? I said they were members of the Murim Alliance. haha! “It might be in other cities, but in this city, the name of the Murim League doesn’t support our backs.”

“But if you touch it, it will be a pain in the ass.”

No matter what anyone says, the Murim Alliance is the largest political faction that exists here in Eria. Most of the political factions, including the Gu-Fail-Il-Bang, belong to the Murim Alliance. Touching someone who belongs to the Murim Alliance is the same as turning the Murim Alliance into an enemy.

“I didn’t see anything.”

The innkeeper smiled, showing his yellow teeth.



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“Everyone is like that. We are all blind, deaf and mute idiots. Um, uh… Although some of the Murim Alliance’s scoundrels died. “I don’t know why they died.”

The innkeeper chuckled, turned and entered the kitchen. This city is that kind of place. What on earth is in this city that has caused the metropolis of Travia to become so distorted?

The door opens.

Time has stopped… In the momentary silence, only the sound of footsteps is heard. Her presence instantly overwhelmed the space. Seongmin Lee’s shoulders trembled at the ominous feeling behind her. It was the ominous feeling conveyed by the gaze focused only on Lee Seong-min, and the overwhelming feeling conveyed by her mere presence disappeared as if nothing had happened.


“Miss, how much is it?!”

The idiots on the first floor are cheering and making noise. At that point, Lee Seong-min was conflicted about whether to look back or not. The sound of footsteps gets closer. Even if you don’t look back… Eventually it will come from the other side. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath and looked behind him.


When Lee Sung-min looked behind him. The heads of everyone in the inn except Lee Seong-min turned. The head, which had spun around once, fell down without any help, and no one was talking anymore.

What on earth did they do?

Seongmin Lee couldn’t say anything. different. I have never had the experience of meeting someone who conveyed such absurd feelings. The woman only walked forward and did not make any other movements.

With that alone, he broke the necks of dozens of people in the inn.

“This place is so dirty.”

The woman approaches Lee Seong-min and raises the corners of her mouth. she was beautiful Her blood-red hair too. The hairpin holding it in place and the colorful kimono draped over her body were beautiful, too. All of that could not overpower the woman’s natural beauty.

“If it’s okay with you… “I can take you to a place so wonderful and beautiful that it can’t be compared to places like this.”

The woman tilted her head to the side and smiled, showing her teeth. Lee Seong-min swallowed dry saliva when he saw her sharp fangs.

“how is it? “Shall we have a meal together?”

Vampire Queen. Blood-blooded Jennyella. She sent her alluring gaze towards Lee Seong-min and encouraged him to do so. Lee Seong-min’s hair turned white as he listened to her words. Does this kind of monster exist in the world? Lee Seong-min had never seen the power shown by the ‘real’ Wijihoyeon, but if you look at the intimidation she felt just by meeting her, Jennyella was more than Wijihoyeon.

[Come to your senses.]

Thunder rumbled in Lee Seong-min’s head. It was Heo Joo’s voice.

[Jenniella is a vampire queen who has lived for over 600 years. There is no vampire in this world with power greater than Jennyella.]

Heo Joo’s voice became faster. He never imagined that he would meet Jennyella so suddenly.

[The highest type of vampire overwhelms its prey with its mere presence. Just like a frog freezes when it sees a snake. Come to your senses. If you’re not careful, your brain and unconsciousness might not be able to overcome the fear and you might end up committing suicide!]

“… are you okay.”

Lee Seong-min took a deep breath and answered Heo-joo’s cry. I was just a little surprised. Seongmin Lee’s mind is different from that of ordinary humans. She is the queen of vampires who has lived for 600 years? Seongmin Lee spent 2100 years alone in her spirit world.

Lee Seong-min’s spirit, which had already been damaged and repaired by going crazy several times, succeeded in directly resisting the threat posed directly by Jennyella.

“Oh my goodness.”

Looking at Lee Seong-min like that, Jennyella smiled.

“It’s definitely not normal… “It would have been better if you answered calmly.”

“… “I already ordered a meal.”

“The food served in places like this is as good as pork rice.”

“You have to eat it before you judge.”

“You don’t understand what I’m saying.”

Jennyella’s laughter deepens. Jenny Ella’s teeth are revealed as much as the raised corners of her mouth. A canine that carries a threat just by its presence. Jennyella opened her mouth and added her words.

“Are you not going?”

“… “I can’t help it.”

Seongmin Lee sighed and got up.

“let’s go.”

I had no choice but to say that with a gloomy expression.


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