Worthless Regression Chapter 114

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The door suddenly opened.

A fierce wind was blowing outside. The wind from the north mixed with snow is so sharp that it can cut even your skin if you are not properly prepared. The man who opened the door and came in was wearing a thick-looking robe, perhaps as protection against the wind.


There were no guests at the inn. The innkeeper, who had been dozing off while sitting on a chair in front of the fireplace, quickly raised his head. He trembled, cupping his eyes sleepily with his right hand and hugging his shoulder with his left hand.

“Why don’t we just close the door a little bit first?”

The door I opened and came in was shaking in the wind outside. Seongmin Lee raised his hand and pushed the door closed. The innkeeper’s eyebrows rose as he saw him push the door shut with one hand.

“It looks like you are not a hunter.”

The innkeeper muttered. Seongmin Lee flipped back the hat of the robe he was wearing. The inn owner asked while looking at Lee Seong-min’s pale face.

“Would you like some coffee? Or hot water? milk? “There is also soup.”

“Please give me soup.”

“I like milk.”

Luvia, who was hiding behind Seongmin Lee, stuck her head out and ordered. The innkeeper’s eyes widened as she saw the cat ears sticking out on top of her Luvia’s head.

“You’re a prisoner. It’s hard to see around here. “Are you a slave trader?”


Seongmin Lee answered with an expressionless face. Luvia seemed a little offended by what her innkeeper said, but she didn’t throw a fit. That’s what she means as a beast. She is a very rare elf, lives for a long time, and is loved by spirits and mana. All elves are excellent elemental thinkers, wizards, archers, and swordsmen. Every rich person dreams of having an elf slave, but enslaving an elf is not an easy task.

But Suin is different. They are weaker than elves. They are more numerous than elves. They are relatively easy to enslave, and it is not that difficult to get them to obey. That ‘not difficult’ thing is just being forced into it through sadistic violence.

“Please sit here first.”

The innkeeper placed two chairs in front of the fireplace.

“Hot soup and milk. “I’ll bring it to you soon, so just wait.”

The innkeeper turned and went into the kitchen. Luvia walked over to her fireplace and sat down in her chair. She took off her robe and exhaled.

“If you think about it, I’m not a prisoner.”

Rubia let out a whine as she roughly threw the robe she took off behind her. Seongmin Lee came next to Luvia and sat on her chair. Lubia is a ministry created by Envirus. She has the appearance of a beastman, but that is just Envirus’s preference, and she does not mean that Luvia is a beastman.

“I wondered if there was any need to come to the inn.”

“The wind suddenly got stronger.”

“You can’t feel the cold, and neither can I.”

“But I don’t want to sleep in a windy place.”

Lee Seong-min does not feel the cold because he has achieved inviolability in the Chinese and Western languages. So he didn’t feel the need to stop by the inn, but thanks to Rubia’s strong insistence, he ended up stopping by this inn.

“We will arrive in Trabia soon. Trabia was a land of Sima Oedo, warlocks, and outsiders even before the Blood Heavenly Demon reigned. “To be honest, it’s a place I really don’t want to go to.”

“I can’t help it.”

Seongmin Lee said that and took off his robe.

“I know that the situation in the north is not so good. The pressure stone called Blood Heavenly Demon has lost its weight, and powerful demons are choosing to enjoy themselves rather than rule. “Thanks to this, the security of Trabia has become a mess.”

While coming here, I continuously heard about Travia’s situation through Nevel. Things were better when the Blood Heavenly Demon reigned in Trabia. At least he was someone who knew the extent of it.

But after Hyeolcheonma was defeated by Wijihoyeon.

It is fatal for a warrior to lose an arm. The Blood Heavenly Demon was a giant that ruled over Trabia, but lost a lot when its arm was cut off and the Blood Heavenly Alliance collapsed. What is clear is that there is no law in current Travia. It is said that the lord of the castle gave up ruling Trabia, left Trabia, and confined himself to his villa. Trabia, where security had disappeared, was overflowing with all kinds of crimes.

“Given the situation, the Murim Alliance is also keeping an eye on it.”

“… You said it was a spirit, right? North, where the ice caps do not melt. If you have a relationship, you will meet a noble person. “When winter is at its coldest.”

Luvia pouted her lips and grumbled.

“That is extremely ambiguous. “I can’t believe you came to this far and dangerous place following something I’m not even sure is true.”

[It’s not ambiguous.]

The barding hummed and Heoju fired at Rubia.

[Gods are beings who don’t even know what they’re doing and what they’re up to. But one thing is certain. If they say it will happen that way, it usually happens that way.]

“Even that word is vague.”

[Those bastards are like that. They… Take a peek at fate You wouldn’t know it if you hadn’t come to the north at all, but since you have come to the north, the ‘meeting’ that the spirit spoke of will definitely happen.]

In fact, Lee Seong-min also had a hard time coming here. There are not one or two places in the north where the ice caps do not melt, and we do not even know when winter is the coldest. Long before I came here, Rubia asked me why I was going to Travia, and I answered. After hearing that, Heoju pushed me hard and said, ‘You can just go,’ so I came here without any plan.

“Where are we going?”

asked the innkeeper, who was carrying two large mugs. Luvia took the mug with both hands and drank her milk, blowing on it.

“I’m going to Travia.”

“Oh my.”

The inn owner burst into laughter at Lee Seong-min’s answer.

“You are going to a dangerous place. why. Do you also want to make a name for yourself there?”

“That’s not it.”

“Well, I’m not in a position to make a fuss. Be careful. “Especially that prisoner lady over there.”

The innkeeper pointed at Luvia with his chin.

“Trabia is a place where the law has ceased to exist. They say there are a lot of shamans and sorcerers and warlocks who commit human sacrifice. “If you go inside the city, there may be danger.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Luvia said with a bright smile. Seongmin Lee munched on the soup that came into his mouth. After a while, Lee Seong-min opened his mouth.

“You’re unusually kind.”


“Aside from giving you poisoned soup. This is disgusting hypocrisy. Or is it a deception?”

Lee Seong-min grumbled and threw the mug he was holding into the flames of the fireplace. At those words, the innkeeper’s face changed.

“… “This is it.”

The innkeeper grumbled. This does not mean that we have achieved impeachment against all poisons. Still, a poison this crude could not harm Lee Seong-min’s body. However, he couldn’t help but have a bad taste, so Lee Seong-min purred his lips and spat.

“Do, dok?”

Luvia was startled and tried to stand up from her chair. But perhaps her foot gave out and she fell down on the spot.

“It won’t be a fatal poison. At least that’s what you drank.”

The beast is a commodity with sale value. The inn owner glared at Lee Seong-min with a shit-chewing expression on his face. Then he sighed, pulled out a chair and sat down.



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“I have my own circumstances.”

“What are the circumstances… !”

Luvia contorted her face and spat out. As Lee Seong-min said, what Rubia took was not a fatal poison. It is simply a poison that paralyzes the body. That doesn’t mean it isn’t painful. Seongmin Lee glanced at Luvia, who was out of breath, and extended her hand to her innkeeper.

“Is there any cancellation of the contract?”

“If I give it to you, will you let me live?”

“Don’t try to make a deal. “It’s not that difficult to kill you and search your body to find the solution, and I also have a way to get the solution right now.”

All you have to do is summon Nevel of Erebrisa and say that you want to purchase the cancellation. It’s not a fatal poison, so there’s no need to rush.

“… Right.”

The innkeeper quickly gave up. The drink is poisoned, and since it fails, the hilt of the sword is with them.

“I thought my perspective had improved significantly while doing this job. “I don’t think that’s the case.”

The innkeeper grumbled and put his hand into his bosom. While rummaging around inside, he took out a small glass bottle and held it out to Lee Seong-min.

“Don’t worry. “I’m not giving you poison just because something happened like this, with the intention of telling you to get screwed.”

But Lee Seong-min did not use that medicine. He sat back down in his chair instead. Rubia, who was sitting on the floor, looked at Lee Seong-min and spoke in a stuttering voice.

“Well, what are you doing? Why take medicine… ”

“You can’t inject a drug you don’t know what it is.”

“It’s a real antidote… ”

“You can’t just believe that, right? And it was Rubia who brought me to this inn even though I didn’t want to come. “It’s not a life-threatening poison, so just sit down for a moment.”

“이 개새끼야… !”

Luvia shouted an expletive, but Lee Seong-min did not listen. he asked, looking up at her innkeeper.

“Why did you do this?”

“… Because being a prisoner makes money.”

“Is that all?”

“… This area is the territory of Guirangmun. “You have to pay an allotment every month, but as you know, Trabia has become the way it is, so there are no more customers.”

“So you were trying to make money by selling a prisoner?”

“Please understand. Given the circumstances… ”

“I was trying to make amends by harming an innocent person. Please understand that? “You are such a selfish person.”

Seongmin Lee shook his head while laughing. The innkeeper’s face became stiff as death creeped up on him.

“How many people have you passed over like this?”

“This is my first time… ”

“You’re lying.”

The inn owner fell silent at Lee Seong-min’s words. The moment the hesitant inn owner was about to make an excuse. Death came quickly. The innkeeper’s head exploded with a thud. Seongmin Lee did not pay attention to the fallen corpse and helped Luvia up.

“Now you can’t pretend to take care of me… !”

“Didn’t you say it might be poison?”

“That’s Okay! “You don’t have to help me.”

Luvia spat like that and pushed Seongmin Lee’s body. Seongmin Lee laughed as he watched Luvia stumbling under her own strength. Seongmin Lee pulled a chair and made Rubia sit down.

[There is a sign above.]

Heoju hummed.

[I don’t think he’s a guest. It looks like they are the family of the man you killed.]

“If I were that old, I would have gotten married and had children.”

[I guess you don’t feel guilty.]

“Because it wasn’t something worth feeling. “If I had been poisoned, I would have died, and Luvia would have been sold and become a s*x plaything or a sacrifice for magic experiments.”

“Don’t talk shit.”

Luvia shot back. Seongmin Lee shrugged his shoulders and looked up at the ceiling. Lee Seong-min also felt the popularity. But he didn’t go to check.

[He was a guy with unavoidable circumstances. There was nothing he could do to protect his family.]

“Are you saying I should have shown mercy? Would that man have converted just because I forgave him? In the future, he might continue to poison others to save himself and his family.”

[Maybe so. He may have converted.]

“Just because the odds are 50% is not a reason for me to show mercy.”

[Are you saying it was your plan to kill that man here and prevent future incidents?]

“What is an agreement? I didn’t even think of such a big deal. I just didn’t see any reason to show mercy. you… What on earth do you want to say? “Has this guy, the great youkai, finally opened his eyes to recognition?”

[Hahaha! No way. I was just curious. What kind of person are you? What about those guys above? If you think about it, aren’t those guys also co-conspirators of that man?]

“You didn’t harm me. “There is no reason for me to go and kill him.”

Seongmin Lee looked at Rubia while grumbling like that. Although Luvia was pouting, she no longer complained to Lee Seong-min. After a while, Luvia, whose paralysis was relieved, stood up.

“You can’t hide these damn cat ears.”

“First, hide yourself. “I think more troublesome things will happen.”

“… This isn’t easy, right? “How much magic power is consumed?”

“It’s not like you don’t have magical power right now, right?”

At those words, Luvia sighed heavily and transformed into a sphere of light. Seongmin Lee put the robe that Luvia had taken off into her subspace pocket and wrapped her own robe around her body. Footsteps are heard from above. Since he didn’t want to bump into her and make her blush, Lee Seong-min left the inn.

“I came to the village for no reason.”

[I’m so sorry about that. If I hadn’t begged him to come in, this wouldn’t have happened!]

“If you know, please be careful in the future.”

Luvia trembled at Lee Seong-min’s answer. The wind was harsher than before entering the inn. Seongmin Lee put on his robe hat and stepped forward. Argh! Wow! A scream was heard beyond the sound of the wind. father! Along with such shouts. Seongmin Lee glanced behind him. The one who jumped out through the open door was a boy who had not yet taken off his youthful t-shirt. The boy looked at Lee Seong-min with wide open eyes.

The boy was holding a kitchen knife, probably because he had brought it with him when he came out. As the boy started yelling at him, he tried to pounce on Lee Seong-min. However, the boy was unable to attack properly and lost his balance due to the strong wind and fell to the ground.

[Like that.]

Heoju clicked his tongue. The boy screamed bitterly and tried to stand up again, but a middle-aged woman who came out the door late hugged his waist. She seemed to be the wife of the man Lee Seong-min killed and she was the boy’s mother. She desperately shook her head but couldn’t even look at Lee Seong-min.

“I’ll kill you!”

Ignoring the boy’s childish shout, Lee Seong-min turned around again. He crosses the village. I felt eyes on me. It was a watchful gaze peering in this direction through the gap in the closed window. The long howl of a wolf could be heard over the sound of the wind. Seongmin Lee sighed and shook his head.

When I walked a few more steps.

The wolf’s howl came much closer than Lee Seong-min’s steps.

“This is true.”

Seongmin Lee grumbled in a low voice. The wind mixed with snow makes it difficult to see far ahead. At one point, the sound of the wind mixed with the disgusting scent of an animal. Immediately, Seongmin Lee put his hand into the subspace pocket. The window taken out in an instant faces forward. Whoops! There was a loud sound, but Lee Seong-min was not pushed back at all. Rather, what was pushed away was the guy who hid himself in the snow and attacked.

“You’re an expert!”

The guy who lands on the floor while doing some somersaults touches the floor with both hands. The eyes of the guy with snowflakes all over his body were not human’s. Seongmin Lee sniffed his nose and mumbled.

“What a dog smell… ”

[Lycan Slope.]

Heoju muttered. The man’s eyes rolled over when he said ‘dog smell’.

“It’s a wolf!”

With that cry, the man’s body began to swell. Muscles grow bigger and hair grows all over the body. Lee Seong-min glanced at it and moved his hand holding his spear. Pow! In an instant, the extended stab pierced the man’s chest.


“If you were going to attack me, you should have transformed first.”

Lee Seong-min muttered that and breathed force into the spear he had stabbed. The spear made of Orichalcon reacted to the incoming energy and amplified its strength. Before the man could say anything, the body exploded.

“I’m not an asshole.”

Seongmin Lee put the spear on his back and walked forward again.


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