Worthless Regression Chapter 113

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“It’s a brokerage guild.”

You’re asking something strange. Luvia added and muttered.

“Who asks because they don’t know that?”

Instead, Seongmin Lee gave him noodles and bit into the cooked meat. Rubia ate the meat with a pouting expression.

“I know that Erebrisa is a brokerage guild.”

“… what. They are a mysterious and strange group in many ways. Actually, it doesn’t make sense. The mercenary guild is divided into mercenary groups within the guild, and the wizard guild is divided into schools and magic towers within the guild. That’s the form most guilds take. “But it’s not an information guild.”

Lee Seong-min also knows about that. There are tens or hundreds of information guilds, whether big or small. In particular, in large cities, there are five or six guilds that deal only with information. Moreover, it is not only the information guild that deals with ‘information’. The thieves’ guilds that exist within the city also handle information, and among the martial arts sects, several sects such as Gyeonggi and Haomun also handle information.

“Erebrisa is extracting information from ‘all’ information guilds with different purposes and ideologies. That’s not all. It compiles all items owned by various merchant associations and individual merchants belonging to the merchant guild and arranges transactions. “This is impossible even for high-ranking nobles and kings.”

Seongmin Lee silently listened to Luvia. Erebrisa is not a simple brokerage guild. Being able to control groups with diverse personalities in such a way is impossible even for the kings who exist in this huge land mass.

[It is violence.]

Heoju said angrily.

[Erebrisa’s brokers have the ability to ignore distance and space. They are beings that have human appearance, but are absolutely not human. Neither power nor status has meaning in the face of incredible and overwhelming violence. No matter how good the security is, it is the brokers of Erebrisa who can appear through space and take your head.]

“… “Why do people with such abilities run a brokerage guild?”

[400 years ago.]

Heoju spat out.

[This old man was quite infamous at the time. That’s what a youkai is. Nature brings infamy. Not all humans feel guilty about eating pigs, but most humans don’t feel guilty about eating pigs. The same goes for monsters. Yokai are ferocious and selfish by nature, so they cause a lot of accidents. This old man was like that too.]

So, they were subjugated. Seongmin Lee recalled the information he received from Nevel. He Ju, who ruled the southern region 400 years ago, was a revered great youkai. He was not subdued simply because he was strong. He was subjugated because he committed such evil deeds.

[I assure you, in Eria at that time, you could count on one hand those who were stronger than me. Even the dragon couldn’t do anything to this old man!]

I think that was a bit overdone. Lee Seong-min had such thoughts deep inside, but he did not show it.

[By the way. The broker from Erebrisa who came looking for this old man… He was so strong that even I couldn’t guarantee an easy victory. I was shocked when a guy like that suddenly came to me and said that they were an intermediary guild and that he wanted to have me as a member. So he asked. Why do you have such power and run an intermediary guild, and why do you want to have me as a member?]

“… so?”

[He said something interesting. It’s a ‘variable’.]

“What is that?”

[A being whose very existence can be a variable in the entire world. He said that to become a member of Erebrisa he had to be equipped with the basics. He said he offered membership because this old man’s strength was enough for him. In other words, it means that those called Erebrisa have as members and support beings who can be variables in the world. I don’t know what they are planning through him.]

When I first met Erebrisa on the mountain of Mshi. Erebrisa’s broker said that Lee Seong-min lacked ‘qualifications.’ At the time, Lee Seong-min thought it was simply because his skills were poor, but it seems that simply wasn’t the whole story.

[They are strange. That’s why I refused to become their member. I didn’t want to have a relationship with people I didn’t know anything about.]

“It’s convenient, though.”

[Perhaps that girl named Socheonma is also a member of Erebrisa.]

Heoju added.

[If you look at that level of strength and growth, it’s enough to become a variable. however… This is such a funny thing to say. Why is it called a variable? Why did they add the word variable when it is not a fixed situation? What is it a variable for?]

Heoju chuckled. Lee Seong-min also had doubts about it, but there was no way to confirm its authenticity. Even if he asked Nevel, he didn’t think Nevel would answer.

“You’re telling an interesting story.”

A voice suddenly intervened.

Seongmin Lee was startled and looked in the direction from which he heard the sound. Nevel was standing under the shade of the tree with a smiling face.

“… “I didn’t call you?”

“Selgerus-sama’s work is finished, so I came to tell you about him.”

“It just worked out well.”

Seongmin Lee looked at Nevel while sucking the meat grease off his hands.

“What is Erebrisa?”

“It’s a brokerage guild. … It is difficult to tell you more than that. Please understand.”

Although they said it as if it could not be helped, there was a strong feeling that they could ‘never’ tell it. This is not someone who can get answers by asking questions through force.

“You’re picky.”

“I can promise you that this will not cause any harm to our members. “Erebrisa is here for our members.”

As Nevel said that, he divided the space with his hand. Beyond that stood Selgerus. Selgerus looked even more scruffy than before, and his cheeks were slightly sunken, with dark circles under his eyes, probably due to his fatigue.

“What’s wrong with the atmosphere?”

Selgerus asked, tilting his head. Seongmin Lee didn’t answer and Nevel shrugged his shoulders. After being silent for a moment, Selgerus opened his lips and made a grunting sound.

“what. It’s not my part-time job. The items you ordered have been completed. “The shape followed the window I made last time.”

Nevel moved towards Selgerus and received the spear and barding. Just a moment ago, I was in a distraught mood due to my doubts about Erebrisa, but the moment I saw the spear that Nevel had received. In Lee Seong-min’s mind, such confusion had completely disappeared. The spear made by Selgerus had such a strong impression that it stole Seongmin Lee’s attention and heart.

“Oriharkon is.”

Selgerus opened his mouth.

“It will never break. … That’s what idiots say. That’s wrong. There is nothing in this world that can never be broken. But that doesn’t mean Orichalcon is soft. In terms of sturdiness, there are few metals as strong as orihalcon. Orichalcon is stronger than dragon scales or bones.”

Seongmin Lee received a spear from Nevel. The length is longer than the window used previously. This is because Lee Seong-min’s body has grown larger compared to when he first received the spear.

‘It’s light.’

But it doesn’t feel soft. Seongmin Lee grabbed the magazine and applied light force. It doesn’t bend. The firmness appealed to him.

“If it is completely destroyed, there is no way, but any other damage is due to magical power… So, in your case, you can repair it by infusing your energy into it. There is no need to sharpen or repair the blade. “Orichalcon is something that remains unchanged even after being buried in the ground for a thousand years.”

“There are not many craftsmen who can handle Orichalcum. Among dwarf blacksmiths, he is one of the few, and among blacksmiths excluding dwarves, only Selgerus, who holds the title of Meister, can handle Orichalcum.”

Nevel added. Even though he was openly encouraging Selgerus, he did not show any pride.

“Then what are you doing? “They don’t even treat me properly because I’m a dark elf.”

Rather, after grumbling like that, Selgerus added.

“Oriharkon is capable of absorbing magical power and strength to a degree that cannot be compared to Mithril. If you try it yourself, you will get a feel for what it feels like. And armor.”

Selgerus stretched out his hand and pointed to the barding.

“After making the spear, there was quite a bit of Orichalcon left, so I inserted Orichalcon around the core where the variable magic of the armor was engraved. It’s just a cover, but anti-magic will work for most magic. But don’t be too trusting. “It’s not anti-magic with an enchantment.”

“Can I ask you to enchant me?”

“There is a good reason for not doing it. As Orichalcon is an excellent metal, the enchantment difficulty is also high. Unless you’re an archmage, you can’t even think about it. And enchantment lowers the quality of the metal. “If it’s a material like Orichalcon, it would be more detrimental to enchant it.”

Because he was ignorant of that subject, Lee Seong-min listened to Selgerus in silence. Selgerus took a deep breath and pressed his temples.

“… I can assure you that this is the greatest work of my blacksmith’s life. The material was also the best I’ve ever touched. “As long as you don’t try to fight the dragon, it won’t be destroyed.”



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“… thank you.”

“What is gratitude? I didn’t give it a name, so if you want to give it a name, you can. “I’m tired and need to get some sleep.”

Selgerus said that and turned around. Nevel closed the open space and looked back at Seongmin Lee with a smile.

“Do you like it?”


“Please don’t doubt us. Erebrisa pursues only the convenience of its members. and… ”

Nevel paused for a moment.

“… I am Seongmin Lee’s broker. It’s your exclusive responsibility. Even though I belong to Erebrisa, in some cases, I may give priority to members over Erebrisa’s policies.”

It’s not like the question from before. After adding that, Nevel bowed his head.

“I’ll be waiting for your next call.”

Nevel left those words and disappeared. Not long after Nevel disappeared, Heoju grumbled.

[Is that guy a homo?]

“What the f*ck are you saying… ”

Heo Joo’s words were so absurd that Lee Seong-min ended up swearing. After hearing that, Heoju burst out laughing.

[Tastes vary. Your face is not ugly, so it would be good to keep that possibility in mind.]

“Stop talking bullshit.”

[Whatever. It’s good to have a helpful helper by your side. Although he has an ambiguous attitude.]

Lee Seong-min tried on the barding while listening to Heo-ju’s muttering. The barding covering the upper body was more comfortable to wear than before. As I injected energy into it, the armor expanded greatly and covered Seongmin Lee’s entire body. Lee Seong-min was inwardly impressed as he moved his barding-covered body.

‘It’s comfortable.’

It’s not that the previous barding wasn’t comfortable. Even so, if you compare it to a bare body with nothing on, there was bound to be a feeling of resistance. But not now. There is almost no resistance to moving the body. It wasn’t that there was no weight, but considering Lee Seong-min’s strength, it was safe to say that there was no weight.

Let’s raise our self-defense skills there. Quaaa! In an instant, a surge of self-defense energy covered Lee Seong-min’s entire body. It almost looked as if purple flames had engulfed the body. Lee Seong-min was scared and reduced the output of his internal energy.

“My strength was amplified through Orichalcon.”

Luvia quickly opened her mouth.

“That is also why orichalcon is considered the best material. “Because we can bring out more power with less internal energy or magic power.”

It certainly was. When I wore the previous barding and raised the self-defense device, the output was not this strong. As he pushed away, Lee Seong-min grabbed the spear. As I held the window tightly and breathed in my energy, purple energy immediately covered the entire window. Unlike the barding that was coated with orichalcon, the spear was made of whole orichalcon. Perhaps that is why the efficiency of extracting strength was much better than that of self-defense strength.

[If you can’t do it with your body, you have to get help from objects.]

‘Are you being sarcastic?’

[You’re a bastard with a twisted personality. Are you embarrassed to use property?]

‘It’s not like that.’

[Don’t begrudge me.]

Heoju laughed and shot back.

[Is it important to use what you have properly? Your heart, armor, weapons. Because everything is ultimately yours. Instead of saying you won’t use it and letting it fall by the wayside and build up your shameful pride, write it well. well.]

Heoju spoke as if giving advice. Lee Seong-min nodded his head silently as he heard those words. He still didn’t like the black heart embedded in his body, but that didn’t mean he hated it. In the end, it was true that his life was saved and he received help thanks to this heart.

‘That’s why I have to meet Frescan.’

Even if I try to use it, I know nothing.


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