Worthless Regression Chapter 109

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Baek Sogo screamed while twisting his body. She wanted to run away right away, but the blood that was binding her body took away her freedom of action. Jang Deuk-su felt restless when he saw Baek So-go like that, and Qu Geol stared at Baek So-go with her gloomy face.


Baek Sogo shouted in a hoarse voice. She glared at her drunk girl with her eyes filled with resentment. Her girl sighed softly as she received Baek Sogo’s gaze. The moment he was about to say something, Baek Sogo spoke without waiting.

“Why did you bring me out?!”

The voice that was hoarse from screaming so hard did not resemble Baek Sogo’s usual voice at all.

“The priest, my priest. The one and only… My priest. I need to find a priest. The priest faced that monster for me! Priest, my priest… You faced that monster to save me. I said I would go with you to find the priest, I should have… !”

Baek So-go’s words, which he stammered, were a mess. But the meaning was clear and the boiling emotions were blatant. It’s natural to hear complaints. Even the tactless Jang Deuk-su knew about him and remained silent. Instead of making excuses, he closed his eyes and hung his head. Still, I knew the shame.

But it wasn’t drunk. Although he was not ignorant of shame, Chu Jie did not avoid Bai Xiaogo’s eyes. He couldn’t avoid it. He should not have been avoided.

Choosing to run away is drunk. It was also Chugeol who took Baek So-go by surprise, persuaded Jang Deuk-su, who was shocked, to ask what he was doing, and escaped the dungeon using the scroll he took from the old woman with blood. Scroll performed well. After covering many distances, they succeeded in moving into the open main part of the city of Kron.

Cron was a city very far from the dungeon, and it was also a city where not only the main faction of Openness but also the Murim Alliance was located. This level of ultra-long-distance teleportation is magic that is impossible at a human level. Even those revered as great wizards are unable to teleport across cities. However, since the scroll obtained from the dungeon was something that was far removed from common sense, it made teleportation of this enormous distance possible.

“… first of all. Please calm down.”

Chu Jie said while sighing. Even if he said this, he knew Baek Sogo would not calm down. It actually did. Baek Sogo widened her eyes at those words and glared at Qu Jie.

“first of all. Baek Soje must know reality. This is an open main temple in Kron. “It would take Baek So a month to get back from here to that dungeon, even if he did everything he could.”

“Magic… ”

“The reason we were able to move here so quickly was thanks to the scroll in the dungeon. Even if any wizard comes, they won’t be able to move White Soger to the dungeon within the time he wants.”

“Why did you run away… ?!”

Baek Sogo gritted his teeth and spat out. If his body hadn’t been bleeding, Baek Sogo would have run out of this dungeon no matter what the reality was. Or maybe he went around to every wizard guild in Kron and asked them to teleport him.

“Didn’t I tell you? “You have to know the reality.”

Chugeol said in a gloomy voice.

“The three of us. Even if Baek So-jeo’s sister-in-law, Gwi-chang, joined forces, there was no guarantee that Wijiho-yeon’s doppelganger could be defeated.”

“You haven’t even tried it… !”

“We’re alive because we haven’t tried it. I am… Baek Sojeo. I couldn’t die. I shouldn’t have died. “It was the same for Jang Deuk-su.”

“Then why didn’t you just abandon me?”

Baek Sogo glared at Chu Jie. Chu Jie felt the pain of Baek Sogo’s gaze. She knows a hundred small things, and loves her hundred small notes. During that time, Chu Geol had never once looked at her like that. But she had to endure it. Because she did something to deserve it.

“I couldn’t do that.”

“… “Why?”

“Because I didn’t want Baek Soje to die.”

Baek Sogo could not say anything at those words. Baek Sogo, who was looking at Qu Girl for a moment, pursed his lips. After a while, Baek Sogo laughed hoarsely.

“That’s cowardly.”

It was a sighing voice.

“Cowardly, cowardly… too… It’s cowardly. Is this the Murim Alliance? Is this a negotiated law? The reason I followed Wijihoyeon into the dungeon while keeping an eye on Wijihoyeon was to stop Wijihoyeon. It was to prevent her from gaining great power in her dungeon and becoming a truly uncontrollable monster. But we couldn’t stop it. No, I didn’t stop it.”

“We had to do what we could. Are you saying it is acceptable to die fighting Wijihoyeon there?”

“At least it could have been called negotiation rather than running away.”

“That is forbidding. Baek Sojeo. I don’t think it’s acceptable to challenge Wijihoyeon and die. If you’re alive, if you’re alive. “We can establish more agreements.”

“… Priests.”

Baek Sogo muttered in a low voice.

“Allowing the death of my priest… “Is this an agreement?”

“… “I think there will be some.”

That’s absurd. hypocrisy. Baek Sogo muttered in a low voice. Jang Deuk-su bit his lower lip, and Qu Geol did not respond.

“Gwichang was a hero.”

“Don’t say that.”

“… “Then what should I say?”

“… “Please relieve the acupoint.”

Baek Sogo glared at Chu Jie.

“I can’t be with you. I don’t want to do it. you are… Don’t you know that what you say is hypocrisy?”

“I’m just talking about reality.”

“I joined the Murim Alliance for an ideal.”

“What is Baek So-jeo’s ideal? This world. To eradicate evil in this world, where people who don’t even know where they come from or what their thoughts are are summoned every day? “That is impossible.”

Baek Sogo did not answer. He just glared at Qu Girl with tear-stained eyes. Feeling that gaze hurting, Chu Jie continued to speak. He had to say it.

“everyone… You probably have more than that. But it is impossible to live according to ideals. So you compromise. “Because I know the reality.”

“I’m quitting.”

Know. That ideals cannot be achieved. Reality is too much to live with based on ideals alone. So, compromise.

“I know it too. The ideal I hope for is absurd. Nevertheless, the reason I joined the Murim League was because I thought it was a place that fit my ideals. but… “Not anymore.”

“… “My opinion is not the opinion of the entire Murim Alliance.”

“Please relieve the acupoint.”

Baek Sogo spoke again. Qu Jie closed her mouth and approached Bai Xiaogo, releasing her acupuncture point. Baek Sogo, who staggered to his feet, looked down at his body while exhaling loudly. Then, without the slightest hesitation, he swung his hand and slapped the drunkard’s cheek. With a loud noise, the girl’s head spun around.

“Uh, where are we going?”

“I don’t want to be here.”

Baek Sogo spat out.

“Because it’s disgusting.”

Chu Jie did not catch Baek Sogo leaving the room. He lifted his hand and held his throbbing cheek. It was too painful to be called a simple slap. Chu Jie smiled and asked.

“Is it a car?”

The voice sounded as if half a screw had fallen out.


As Wijihoyeon left the treasure trove, the dungeon was completely closed. Along with him, Lee Seong-min also naturally came out of the dungeon. Although I felt regretful about not being able to talk more with Wijihoyeon, I couldn’t let that sway me. Because a year is not a long time.



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After entering an inn in a nearby village, Lee Seong-min collapsed on the bed.


Lee Seong-min squeezed his arm while taking a deep breath. It seemed like I would have to lie down like a rat for a few days. Seongmin Lee looked up at the old ceiling and thought deeply about what had happened. He prevented Baek Sogo’s death. But accurate confirmation was needed. Seongmin Lee looked down at the shadow and called Nevel.


Nevel soared. He looked a little surprised when he saw Lee Seong-min’s tired face, but that didn’t stop him from asking questions. Seongmin Lee said while looking at Nevel’s face.

“Please seek information about the Ink Flash.”

“What information do you want?”

“Where is she?”

“All right. Let’s inquire through the information guild. Other than that… “Do you have any other requests?”

Nevel’s eyes turned to the window next to the bed. It was a new product that I just received, but it was in a terrible shape. Nevel said with a sigh.

“This is it… Selgerus will be angry. Who would have thought that the weapon the meister had put so much effort into would be shattered like that. “Have you caught a dragon?”

“That can’t be right.”

“It’s a joke. If the opponent had been a dragon, Lee Seong-min would have already died. If you wish, I can connect you with Selgerus.”

“… Oh, before that. “Do you know what this is?”

Seongmin Lee put his hand into the subspace pocket. What Lee Seong-min took out was a fist-sized ore obtained by defeating Wijihoyeon’s doppelganger. Nevel’s eyes widened when he saw that.

“for a moment… “Can I see it?”

Nevel asked cautiously. Since it was not a difficult request, Lee Seong-min handed the ore to Nevel. Nevel, who was examining the ore with careful eyes, exclaimed in admiration.

“oh my god. “Where on earth did you get this?”

“… “What’s wrong with that?”

“This is Orichalcum.”

Nevel said with his eyes shining. Lee Seong-min couldn’t hide his surprise at those words and opened his mouth wide. Lee Seong-min also knew about the metal called orichalcon. It was one of the rarest minerals among the countless minerals that existed in Eria.

“I’m not a blacksmith, so I can’t tell you anything, but I can judge that this Orichalcon is of the highest quality with almost no impurities. If you sell it, you might be able to buy a few castles.”

“Is that so?”

I was surprised, but that’s about it. Seongmin Lee calmed his mind. In a previous life, it was a mineral that I had only heard of but had never come across, but now it became the property of Lee Seong-min. There is nothing surprising.

“It just worked out. I can no longer use the window I was using. “I have to give Orichalcon to Selgerus and ask him to make a weapon.”

“Can I connect you right away?”


Nevel immediately disappeared at Lee Seong-min’s answer. Not long after, Lee Seong-min’s face widened and he was connected to Selgerus’ attack and defense.


As soon as he saw the face, Selgerus screamed. There was no trace of the usual boredom left on Selgerus’ face. She looked at Lee Seong-min with an excited face.

“Really? Orichalcon, you also have unrefined gemstones?”

“ah… yes. And I’m sorry, but the window I have… ”

“That doesn’t matter!”

Selgerus shouted in a loud voice. Seongmin Lee was surprised that Selgerus could make such a loud voice.

“Give it to me. “I’ll have to see it for myself first.”

“ah… yes.”

Seongmin Lee handed over the Orichalcon ore to Nevel who appeared next to him. Selgerus, who had received Orichalcon through Nevel, looked at Orichalcon with wide-open eyes and repeatedly let out exclamations.

“therefore… I would like to ask you to create something creative with that. It’s not big enough, but maybe it’s possible… ”

“Don’t say you don’t know.”

Selgerus laughed and said at Lee Seong-min’s words. She grabbed the Oriha Kron Ore with both hands and imbued it with her magic. Then her fist-sized Orichalcon swelled greatly.

“Orichalcon with this level of impurities can easily hold a spear. “In fact, it would be more than enough to make it.”

“In that case, the remaining Orichalcon will be used as production remuneration.”

When Lee Seong-min said that without thinking, Selgerus opened his eyes wide and looked at Lee Seong-min.

“Are you crazy?”

“… yes?”

“Let’s make repairs on what’s left? What nonsense… ! You really don’t seem to know, but if it’s this much Orichalcon, every blacksmith will be willing to take on the production without compensation. “Orichalcon is such a rare metal.”

“But to ask for something for free…” ”

“No, that’s enough. No need for compensation. This is my first time handling unrefined Orichalcum. How about making a secondary weapon instead of a spear? “If you have this much Orichalcon, you can make a few more daggers.”

“then… Please… ”

[no. Repair this armor rather than the dagger.]

The moment Lee Seong-min was about to answer, Heo Joo intervened.

[This armor can be used as a medium, but it cannot fully handle my power. Orichalcon has excellent magical response, so he will be able to receive my power better than before.]

“… Not a dagger. Can this armor be repaired with Orichalcon?”

“It’s impossible to do everything… ?”

[Say it doesn’t matter.]

“It doesn’t matter.”

Since I have the Orichalcon dagger, there is no need to look at it. Rather than having a dagger that you don’t use, it would be better to repair your barding through Orichalcon as Heoju said.

‘however. Is it okay for me to smelt the barding with you in it?’

[You can move your residence for a while. That half-window is also made of mithril, so it can contain my soul for a while.]

Seongmin Lee asked for Selgerus’ understanding and then grabbed the spear. The barding hummed, and something like a whitish smoke stretched out and seeped into the window.


The window hums. Seongmin Lee took off his barding and handed it to Nevel.

“… “You are ministering to a strange being.”

[It’s a ministry thing, so the kid is going to run after it.]

Heoju growled, but Nevel couldn’t hear him. Seongmin Lee had something that immediately occurred to him, so he asked Nevel for a favor.

“I would also like information about Heoju.”

“Heo Joo… ?”

“yes. “They say it’s a monster that became famous hundreds of years ago.”

“All right. “I will give you information about the Ink Flash.”

With that, the transaction with Erebrisa ended. Seongmin Lee lowered the window and lay down on the bed.

“… I’m tired.”

Seongmin Lee muttered that and closed his eyes.


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