The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 832

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Episode 833

“This is a marriage proposal, right? “You want to marry me, right?”

Merlin shouted yes and ran around. Of course, it still looked like a baby sea otter.

“okay. “I’ll be with you forever.”

Rust also opened a pink airflow as if accepting trust as a marriage proposal, revealing a peerless beauty that seemed to erase the gloom of the night.

“uh… ?”

Raon took a step back and swallowed dry saliva. She just said she believed in him,

but she didn’t understand why he wanted to marry her.

-You idiot! The number one thing you shouldn’t say to crazy women like that is that you believe!

Ras shook his head, exclaiming that he had planted the seeds of destruction.

‘Even so, it’s strange that a marriage proposal suddenly comes out!’

-You said you trusted me while entrusting me with the most important item, so w

ouldn’t it be natural for that person to accept it as a marriage proposal? Don’t think of those crazy women as normal people!

The guy said he was frustrated and pounded his chest.

‘Well, then is it my fault? ‘I’m the one who was stalked?’

-That’s right! It’s all your fault!

‘Uh… .’

He just said that he forgave and trusted those who stalked him, but when he heard that it was wrong, he burst into laughter.

However, looking at the looks in Merlin and Rust’s eyes, it was clear that a mistake had been made.

“Where should the ceremony be held? I like small places too. “I have no friends to


Merlin smiled brightly and said that he had no friends.

“I want to do it in a grand place. “If I were to invite you and all my subordinates, I

would have to turn the entire house into a wedding hall.”

Rust’s pink eyes flashed as if he was planning to turn the entire Sieghart into a wedding hall.

“Ah, there are animal friends! “You too have a spherical face!”

Merlin smiled softly, saying he could call his animal friends.

“ah… .”

Raon pressed his lips down as he looked at the dazed expressions of Merlin and Rust.

‘I can’t speak.’

Right now, those two were lost in their own imaginations and weren’t listening to

the outside world. A chill ran down my spine.

“Hey, calm down first. “That’s not what I meant.”

Raon raised both hands to block Merlin and Rust’s view.

“You don’t mean that? “Then what does it mean?”

Merlin looked at the soul stone in his hand and let out a dry voice as if he were experiencing a drought.

“… say it.”

Rust also twisted his chin, his warm pink eyes turning cold.

“hmm… .”

Raon looked at Merlin and Rust and let out a long sigh.

I felt a sense of crisis that if I said something wrong here, the ship could sink. My

entire body was filled with even more tension than when I was fighting the 2nd Apostle.

‘good. Let’s go to the station.’

After conducting a mock conversation in my head, I slowly opened my mouth.

“As you all know, this soul stone is more precious than my life. “Because it is the

only answer that can save my person.”

Raon lowered his voice and held out the soul stone in front of Merlin and Rust.

“And right now, you two are the only people I can entrust this soul stone to.”

He looked at Merlin and then at Rust, and slightly twitched his lips.

“I tried to trust you and entrust the soul stone to you, but the answer I received was truly disappointing. “Rather than discussing how to transport it well, you are talking about other things first. I guess I misunderstood you two.”

He shook his head slightly, saying he was truly disappointed.

“no! Sorry!”

Merlin immediately lowered his head and apologized.

“sorry. I didn’t even think about that coming first… .”

Rust lowered his eyebrows, saying he made a mistake too.


Raon imitated Lars’ tone and gave Merlin and Rust a cold look.

“huh! “I will cooperate and tell your grandfather!”

Merlin put his hands together, saying he would do whatever it took to deliver it to


“Trust me.”

Rust also pressed his lips, saying that he would protect the soul stone no matter who came.

“… good. “Then trust me one more time.”

Raon nodded briefly and took out the soul stone again.

-Well, what happened… .

Lars widened his eyes as if he didn’t understand.

-I was obviously crazy about getting married, but why suddenly… .

‘He was very happy to have my trust, so I thought that’s what would happen if I tried to take it away.’


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Merlin and Rust had been following him one-sidedly, but for the first time, he was clearly trusted.

Since I was entrusting him with the most important item, I expected him to be embarrassed and apologize if he lost that value.

‘But who should I give it to?’

Since there was only one soul stone, it had to be given to one of the two.

The person I could trust more was Merlin, but I was worried because Rust was superior in terms of military power.

Plus, if I gave it to one person, the other person might be disappointed, which made my head hurt even more.

‘How should I solve this… .’

While I was biting my lip and thinking about it, Merlin put down the rock to break open the shells and stretched out his hand.

“Give it to me. “He’s a stray, so it’s better for him to follow me.”

Merlin nodded and said he would take it himself.

“hmm… .”

Even though Rust was told to keep quiet, he could not refute and groaned.


-You told me before! Because I can’t find the way, it’s never really important!

‘Oh, I did.’

Come to think of it, when Lars first talked about Rust, he also talked about Gilchi.

“I can’t find my way. “All you have to do is go straight, but suddenly you’re going

backwards alone!”

Merlin shook his head, saying that if it weren’t for him, Rust wouldn’t have come

this far.

“Well, it’s not that bad… .”

Rust only rolled his eyes while giving a weak rebuttal.

“okay. Then, Merlin will take it, and Rust will escort you from the side.”

Raon smiled slightly and handed the soul stone to Merlin.

“And there is no need to waste your two souls to transport the soul stone. “It’s okay if it’s slow, so just move it safely.”


“okay… .”

Merlin and Rust’s beautiful eyes sparkled as if they were touched by their concern.

“Then please.”

Raon put his hands together in front of him and nodded to Merlin and Rust.

“Trust me. and… .”

Merlin, who was smiling sweetly, revealed an eerie look in his eyes.

“Can I just say what I’m saying when I stop talking after this is all over?”

She smiled with madness as if she had no intention of backing down.

“Details after delivering the soul stone. “I will listen very closely.”

Rust’s cold eyes flashed as he repeated the word ‘details’ as if he wanted to kidnap me if I didn’t listen.

“… … .”

The two looked at each other for a moment and then disappeared into the wet sea at night.


Raon swallowed his saliva as he looked at the waves bouncing before his eyes.

‘Hey, didn’t you forget?’


Lars chuckled, saying he knew that would happen.

-You’re so proud! They just pushed it back in time!

The guy waved his hand teasingly, telling me to figure it out.

‘Why are you smiling?’

-I laugh because it’s funny… .

‘It’s not just me, right? In particular, Rust is after you, not me.’

-uh… .

Lars now turned into a statue with a smiling expression, as if he had realized that

he was also involved in this situation.

-Oh, what should I do? You damn bastard!

The guy grabbed his collar and shook him, asking why he kept doing this.

‘Wouldn’t future issues be resolved by future Raon and Ras?’

Raon laughed, saying he would think about it later.

-Does that make sense?

Lars punched me and told me to think of a solution right away.

‘It will work out somehow. And now I have work to do first.’

Raon turned around after being hit by Lars’ fist.

“Why didn’t you stop me?”

Looking out onto the quiet deck, I called out to the person hiding in the dark.


As soon as I said the word “unit commander,” Rimmer walked out from the shadow of the sail drawn by the moonlight.

Even though he watched the whole situation from the beginning, he said nothing.

Personally, I was quite surprised because I thought he would get caught in the middle.

“How can the deputy owner stop the deputy owner?”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders with his signature relaxed smile.

“Disobedience is only possible for a spoiled brat like you.”

He laughed and said that he was just a helpless man.

“Even so, I didn’t expect you to just watch me entrust the soul stone to Merlin.”

Raon lowered his gaze slightly. Rimmer often appears lazy and relaxed, but when

it comes to important matters, he is quick to make decisions.

It was definitely surprising that he didn’t say anything even though he was watching everything.

“Like you told them both, I trust you.”

Rimmer smiled and said that was all.

“hmm… .”

Raon looked at Rimmer and chewed his lips.


Rimmer said that he believed in the Gwangpungdae so often that it was tiresome,

but his voice these days was less sincere than when he was young.

“I think I’ve asked this question before, but be honest. “You’re dying, right?”

“I said no!”

Rimmer patted his chest strongly, saying he was fine.

-It’s true.

Ras frowned at Rimmer.

-I don’t like it, but that guy with his ears is so healthy.

The guy snorted as if he was annoyed that Rimmer was healthy.

“Then do you plan to return to Seifia?”

“Why go to that boring place! “I gave my body and soul to Sieghart!”

He waved his hand wildly, telling Rimmer to stop talking nonsense.

“Then why have you changed so much?”

“It’s not that it changed, it was like this originally.”

Rimmer shook his head calmly.

“I’ve been like this ever since I came to Sieghart with your grandfather.”

“But the unit owner I saw… .”

“okay. The lights went out for a moment in the middle. It was because of me, and

also because of Sieghart. “But I found some firewood to start the fire again.”

He smiled warmly at himself.

“Now that I have seen new light and hope and started walking with that light, I must return to my original position.”

Rimmer nodded slightly, turned his back and went down to the crew room.

-light? What light?

Lars tilted his head as if he didn’t understand.

‘You don’t notice.’

Raon looked at Lars with a pitiful expression.

‘Don’t ever say that you don’t care about me.’

-Seo, is that really what you said?

Lars widened his eyes as if he was dumbfounded.

‘Then who would it be?’

-What kind of light and hope is this guy! Darkness and despair!

The guy screamed that it was no wonder he was called the devil of fun and despair.

-Why can’t you see it? This guy’s insides are darker than the Elyos! It’s so pitch black!

* * *

Cheongpung ran day and night and arrived at the port town where Sif was last seen.

“Labawin will stay in Cheongpung, and only I, Gwangpungdae, and Paras will go.”

As if Aris had thought about it in advance, as soon as he got off the boat, he divided the group.

“All right.”

Labawin nodded as if he thought it was right to protect it since it was his second


“Let’s go.”

Aris was biting her nails as she looked at the back of the village, probably feeling


“I will guide you.”

Paras took the lead to guide.

“Why are you saying the obvious! “Just go faster!”

Aris slapped Paras on the back. He seems to be joking around as usual, but his complexion is dark.

It was clear that he was holding back his black, burning insides.

“yes. “I will go as quickly as possible.”

Paras also nodded, biting his lip as if he was feeling Aris’ emotions.

“You don’t have to do that.”

Aris shook her head.

“If you look at the people who created spaces that I couldn’t find, they are not ordinary people. Because safety comes first. “Let’s go calmly.”

Although she was worried about her son, she advised everyone to put their own lives first.

“Then let’s go calmly.”


Raon nodded and entered the port town.

As a village that makes its living through fishing, it was not very large, but the faces of the residents were full of energy and smiles.

There was some wariness against outsiders, but since it was a port city, it wasn’t

particularly severe. It was literally an ordinary village.

“Are you sure Brother Sif passed by here?”


Paras looked back and nodded.

“There were quite a few people who saw Sif’s facial expressions. You are so handsome. Ah, of course, not as much as Raon.”

He told a light joke to lighten the heavy atmosphere.

“I know. “My nephew is the best!”

Aris tapped Paras on the shoulder and nodded. Her face was the same as usual, but her voice was trembling slightly.

“It’ll be okay.”

Raon shook his head as he looked at Aris, who was forcing a smile.

“There is no guarantee that the person who screamed was Brother Sif, but even if

he was Brother Sif, he would not suddenly kill someone who had been locked up for a long time. He will definitely have a chance to save it.”

“… thanks. However, this aunt is still too strong to receive your comfort.”

Aris said thank you for your concern and patted her head.

“okay. “Either way will be fine.”

She pursed her lips as if making a promise to herself.

‘There’s really nothing special about the village.’

Because it was a small port town, even ordinary drones were barely visible.

It felt like seeing a small mountain village within Sieghardt’s territory.

‘So it’s good for hiding something.’

Since it is a place that few outsiders visit, it seemed like the perfect place to come after something or hide treasure.

“Ji, I just heard it.”

Paras approached Aris and lowered his voice slightly.

“It is said that no one went towards the forest or came out.”

He shook his head, saying there was a high possibility that the shamans were still

in the dungeon.

“Of course, there is a possibility that he went another way… .”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Aris clenched her fist and shook her head.

“Because it’s enough to just destroy everything.”

She chewed her lip, saying there was no way the shamans who imprison people were good people.

“Let’s go straight to the dungeon.”

Aris said there was no need to stay in the village any longer and went straight out

of the village.

“We will speed up from now on. Please follow along.”

As soon as Paras went outside the village, he turned into a black beam of light and went towards the forest.

The speed is such that a windbreaker can barely keep up. What was surprising was that it wasn’t electric power. It seemed like he wasn’t an ordinary thief.

“Because there is no break in between. “Adjust it appropriately.”

Aris followed after Paras, wrapped in a cooler air than ever before.

“Just like I said, don’t fall behind. “Because Aris can’t afford to take care of us.”


The Storm Trooper nodded and followed behind Aris and Paras with all their might.

In order to prepare for any unexpected situation, Raon sent the Gwangpungdae first and moved behind them.

After running for more than half a day, Paras stopped walking.

The road was very rough, and many monsters were encountered along the way, so

it seemed like ordinary people wouldn’t be able to come even if they wanted to.

“This is the place.”

Paras pointed to a land where huge trees overlapped with withered trees. In the shadow of the tree, there was a strange space open where you could go down to the


“How did you find this place?”

Buren widened his eyes as if he didn’t understand.

“Didn’t you make it yourself?”

Marta also sighed, saying that it was amazing what she had found.

“Finding hidden places was my full-time job.”

Paras shook his head, saying that his job wasn’t just to open ordinary houses.

“And Sif, you are my heart’s motivator. We spent years of hardship together in front of the devil. “I wanted to find it somehow.”

He nodded slightly, saying that was all.

“colleague… .”

Runaan nodded as if she understood.

“Let’s go in.”

Aris sighed briefly, as if she didn’t have time to joke, and entered the dungeon first.

“… yes.”

Raon nodded heavily. If it had been his personality, he would have suppressed the coming out shamans and extracted information, but when he saw Aris’ dark expression, he couldn’t form an opinion.

I shook my head slightly and entered the darkly shadowed passage of the dungeon.

Seeing that the ancestor’s memories were not visible, it seemed that the dungeon

was not created by him.

‘You may see it later.’

Since I had seen traces of my ancestor and entered his memories, I slowly went down, concentrating on my senses.

The inside of the dungeon seemed to have a luminous effect, so even though there was no light, the view was clear.

-It’s a place where mana is distorted. Who made this?

Lars said it was strange and turned his gaze left and right.

‘I see.’

As he said, the mana flow inside was different from the outside. The mana seemed to have hardened.

“Right below… .”

As he slowly spread his energy and followed behind the group, Aris stopped and placed a finger on his mouth.

“There is someone.”

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