The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 833

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Chapter 834


As soon as Raon heard Aris’ words, he used his sense of folktales.  

I felt a mysterious sensation as if the mana in the air was changing into my skin, and I spread the energy under my feet. 

‘It’s definitely there.’ 

Although it wasn’t directly below, I could feel the presence of people hiding, breathing down, about three floors below. 

‘powwow? No, it’s a warrior with a magic artifact.’ 

It seemed like he wasn’t caught by his own senses because he was using a spell to hide his presence. 

‘under… .’ 

Raon looked at Aris and laughed. 

‘Did your aunt notice this right away?’ 

I was satisfied with my own growth after defeating the two transcendent apostles, but it seemed like there was still a long way to go before I could reach the true transcendent. 

‘There was no need for me to worry.’ 

I thought Aris had become impatient because she was worried about her son, Sif, but even though she was dizzy, she did not lose sight of what she had to do as a leader.  

As the old saying goes, there was no need to worry about the transcendent. 

“When we first came to this dungeon, there were only monsters and traps.” 

Aris lowered her voice and lifted her chin. 

“Seeing as there were no external footprints, it would be correct to assume that they came from below.” 

She lowered her finger, saying they should be considered enemies. 

“Oh, you came up from below?” 

Paras looked at the ground and blinked. 

“It seems like traces of Mr. Paras have been found.” 

Raon placed his hand on the sword and narrowed his gaze. 

“Well, me? Absolutely not! Even though I look like this, I am a descendant of a great swordsman, and I also received training in hell from Aris… .” 

Paras quivered his lips and said that he had completely erased his traces. 

“Nothing happened when you went back into the dungeon alone, right?” 

“Yeah, it was. “Because I secretly followed the shamans.” 

He rolled his eyes, saying nothing happened at the time. 

“I can sense the energy of witchcraft from the warriors down here. “There is no way we can suddenly raise our guard, so it would be correct to assume that traces of Mr. Paras have been found.” 

Raon calmly shook his head. 

“iced coffee… .” 

Paras held his head with both hands as if he felt it was his fault. 

“S-sorry. I did something strange and put Sif in more danger… .” 

“It’s not Paras’ fault.” 

Raon waved his hand at Paras’ pale face.  

“They must have discovered it through magic, not because they actually found traces.” 

“Soul, witchcraft?” 

“yes. “Paras felt that it would be dangerous to follow the shamans in the secret space at the end of the dungeon because he instinctively sensed the shamans engraved in that space.” 

Unlike magic, witchcraft has unrivaled power in tracking and detection because it uses negative mana. 

Paras’s walking skills and skill in killing spirits were amazing, but his martial arts level itself was not high, so he would not have been able to fake the spell. 

“Well, then they already noticed that we came in… .” 

“Probably not.” 

Raon shook his head as he sensed the presence of warriors quietly hiding in the spot. 

“It would be a huge waste to cover this dungeon with magic to detect intruders. “The warriors below are probably sentry guards sent to reduce the consumption of magic.” 

The warriors were hidden under the spell and did not move, as if they were stone statues.  

Judging from the situation so far, it was clear that they were sentry guards to alert headquarters to intruders.  

“Of course, this is just my opinion, so I think it would be better to move with as much sense as possible from now on. There is a high possibility that a detection spell is installed.” 

“As expected, our nephew! “You’re so smart!” 

Aris grinned and slapped Raon on the back. 

“As Raon said, let’s move while keeping the presence as low as possible. I will do the magic detection. Just follow behind quietly.” 

She said she would take the lead from now on and slightly bent her knees. 

“I will use a surprise curtain to block the sound of the wind storm.” 

Raon drew mana from the surroundings and enveloped the entire windstorm. Although it was not possible to block all sounds, it was enough to block the footsteps of the prosecutors. 

“Then let’s start again.” 

Aris took the lead and went down the dungeon after taking a deep breath.  

Perhaps they were relying on the guards, but there were no traps or monsters in sight. 

After walking down the winding road for about 5 minutes, a small entrance leading into a brown cavity appeared. 

“It’s in there.” 

Aris looked away and lowered her voice even further. 

“Oh, can’t you see?” 

Paras widened his eyes, saying there was not even a shadow of a person. 

“I don’t know either… .” 

“huh. “It just looks like an ordinary cave.” 

The Gwangpungdae prosecutors also didn’t seem to notice. The power of the spell was so strong that even the masters seemed unable to detect it. 

“Three warriors are hiding under a spell and looking at the entrance.” 

Raon looked at the entrance and shook his head. 

“It seems like the arrangement is so that even if one person gets hit, the other two will report it. “Seeing it so well incorporated into the spell, it seems like it really is a remnant of the Iron Juryan.” 

“Then the three of us can catch one guy each.” 


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Aris tilted her chin toward Raon and Rimmer. 

“Center, bottom left, top right, right?” 

Rimmer also twirled his fingers as if he sensed the presence of warriors hiding themselves with magic. 

“I’m going to the left.” 

“Then I’m on the right.” 

Aris and Limer each took sword soldiers, saying they would take charge of the left and right sides. 

“wait a minute. “If they have artifacts or something like that, a report may be made before we can suppress them.” 

Raon raised his hand to stop Aris and Limer.  

It was not a good idea to rush in unconditionally, as there was a possibility that news would be sent to headquarters even if one lifted a finger. 

“Then what are you going to do?” 

Aris lowered her eyebrows. 

“If you don’t break through this entrance, you can’t go over there.” 

“Let’s throw one, shall we?” 

Raon waved his hand at Dorian, who was standing blankly. 

“Um, me? What to throw… .” 

Dorian fluttered his eyelids as if he felt uneasy. 


Raon grinned and threw Dorian toward the entrance of the common. 

“Now, wait a minute!” 

Dorian tried to force himself not to be pushed, but fell at the entrance to the common. 


Raon did not miss the opportunity when the guards were focused on Dorian and stepped on Taehwabo. 

With a wild wind wrapped around his toes, he rushed towards the warrior hiding in the center of the cavity. 


The guard’s gaze left the fallen Dorian and hurried upward, but it was too late. Because his own fingertips were already touching his neck. 

Whoa whoa! 

A guard who had been hit directly by Raon’s capital fell like a doll whose strings had fallen. 

The guard was suppressed by his aura and could not move a finger. 


Two impact sounds sounded almost simultaneously. Rimmer and Aris also knocked down the hidden guard without any problems and went down to the floor.  

‘Luckily it wasn’t reported.’ 

In this space, the magical energy did not move at all. Fortunately, it seemed like they were subdued before the signal sounded. 

“You were right.” 

Aris nodded, showing the small button in the guard’s hand. 

“If you click this, it seems like you will be contacted below. “How did you come up with such a plan?” 

She laughed, saying she was quick to judge and had a good plan. 

“Because I’ve done it often.” 

Raon smiled and shook his head. 

Dorian looks like a harmless creature like a rabbit or a squirrel. 

Anyone who sees an inexperienced person entering a cave alone and shaking will inevitably be embarrassed. 

“I always say this, our great master’s true talent is not swordsmanship, but that sword.” 

Martha shrugged, saying that one head was spinning in shock. 

“Because I’m on a mission. “They say you have good judgment, not a small head.” 

Buren shook his head, telling the Great Lord to be polite. 

-What nonsense! 

Lars shook his head. 

-This guy’s real talent is not his brains or his swordsmanship, but his snout! 

The guy furrowed his eyebrows, asking why he didn’t know. 

“I want to try throwing Dorian…” .” 

Runaan slightly clenched his fist, saying he wanted to throw Dorian too. 

“Ha, don’t do it! “If you do this to Runaan, I will die!” 

Dorian’s lips trembled as if his heart almost fell out. 

“As expected, the supply officer of the Gwangpungdae. “Now they are distributing bait with their own bodies.” 

The crane whistled as if to tease Dorian. 


Dorian seemed to have lost all his patience and rushed towards the crane. 

“Let’s start with the interrogation.” 

Aris lowered his hand to interrogate each of the guards he had subdued. 


Raon nodded and checked the guard’s condition.  

Looking at the iron armor connected by the spell, it seemed like we could really think of it as a warrior of the Iron Caster. 

“What is your name?” 

I asked his name, but the guard kept his mouth shut without even looking down. 

“good. “It’s been a while since I used it.” 

Raon chuckled and cast the torture method of heat and cold he had developed on the guard’s body. 

As you grow, the quality of heat and cold increases, so no matter how patient you are, you will not be able to endure it.  

“… … .” 

Usually, as soon as it starts, there is a fuss, but this guard only blushed and didn’t scream or show any overreaction. 

“You’re the Iron Juryeon, right?” 

“… … .” 

“Answer me!” 

Aris was also using the tricks of the space sword to penetrate the guards, but he could not open his mouth.  

‘This will take some time, right?’ 

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the spells engraved on these guys’ bodies. 

Since his torture caused more and more pain as time passed, he decided to interpret the magic that was wrapped around his body until the guard’s mouth opened. 

-You don’t even know who is the master of witchcraft. 

‘I don’t know. But if you use the characteristics, you can see it.’ 

Because the level of the Ring of Fire, the Demon Eye of Anger, and the Sense of Tales had increased, if one had time, he could fully interpret powers he knew nothing about. 

-Hey, because my abilities are lacking. You rely only on strange characteristics. So you can grow… . 

‘The sense of folk tales and the magical eye of anger are your powers?’ 

-uh… . 

Raon kept Lars’ mouth tightly shut and focused on the flow of the spell. 

‘It’s nice that it’s quiet.’ 

* * * 


The baby sea otter moved through the sea at a rapid speed as if it were a shark, and then stopped. 


The sea otter looked into the sky to its right and pointed its pointer. 

“Why on earth are you going that way!” 

Baby sea otter. At Merlin’s shout, a pink air current stirred on the sea to the right. 

“Isn’t it this way?” 

Pink airflow. Rust tilted his head as if he didn’t understand. 

“That’s the sea! “I have to get to land now, but why does it keep leaking in the other direction?” 

Merlin patted his chest, saying he didn’t understand. 

“Ah, there it is.” 

Rust nodded and flowed south. 


Merlin couldn’t bear it anymore and threw the soul stone he was holding into the sea. 


She was scared and went into the sea and came out with the soul stone that had fallen. 

“Ah, I get it roughly.” 

Rust said he understood and walked up to Merlin’s side. 

“You don’t do anything, just follow. okay?” 

Merlin tilted his chin, saying that he should only step up when fighting. 


Rust nodded confidently, not at all discouraged. 

“Ha, it’s frustrating.” 

Merlin sighed and waded through the sea again. 

‘Why can’t the Transcendent find his way?’ 

Rust’s force is strong. In particular, the size of her soul was greater than any other being she had ever seen. 

I still couldn’t understand why such a strong monster was wandering around without being able to find its way. 

‘Originally, I should have arrived already, but because of that damn way… uh?’ 

When I looked back, Rust was flying towards the distant sea again. 

“It’s not there!” 

Merlin screamed hoarsely. 

“You burn!” 

* * * 

‘I guess I get it roughly.’ 

Raon nodded, removing his hand from the guard’s chest. 

‘It’s a spell using blood and negative mana.’ 

The magic, armor, and artifacts possessed by the guards had blood and negative mana in common.  

The spell itself wasn’t that complicated, but it had a strong, persistent malevolence to it. 

‘Is this enough?’ 

The guard had been tortured so far, and blood vessels were sprouting all over his body. There was a possibility that he would die or go crazy if this went wrong, so only the paralysis of his mouth was relieved. 

“What is your name?” 

“Ugh… .” 

The guard did not open his mouth even though he was on the verge of death from the pain. 

He just let out a loud moan without even looking at himself. 

‘Hold on?’ 

The only people who withstood his torture were the White Bloods and Eden, both of whom were famous for their madness in Oma. He had no idea that the remnants of the Iron Juryeon would be this vicious. 

“If I stay like this for a few more seconds, I’m going to die?” 

“Ugh… .” 

The guard kept his mouth shut until the end, as if he didn’t care if he died, and then expired. 

“This guy is crazy! “Even if I pry inside, he won’t open his mouth!” 

Aris also couldn’t open the guard’s mouth and frowned as if he had killed him. 

“Are you sure. “These guys are Cheol Ju-ryeon..” 

She bit her lip and continued. 

“The armor connected with witchcraft and the terrible feeling of seeing a white blood cult. “They’re the same as the Cheoljuryun guys I heard about.” 

Aris shook her head as if she felt uncomfortable. 

“Why did those guys kidnap you?” 

Paras swallowed dryly as he looked at Aris. 

“We’re not even sure about Sif yet!” 

Aris shook his head and told him not to talk nonsense. 

“Yeah, that’s right.” 

“First of all, don’t think bad thoughts… .” 

It was when she comforted Paras. 

“Che, it’s Cheol Joo-ryeon… .” 

The name of Cheoljuryeon came out from the mouth of the warrior whom Rimmer was torturing. 

“Boo, Vice Commander?” 

“what! “How did you open your mouth!” 

Raon and Aris gaped at the same time as they looked at Rimmer. 

“just… .” 

Rimmer tilted his head as if it was strange. 

“I tickled the soles of your feet?” 

He blinked, saying that the wind only tickled the soles of his feet. 

“Go, tickle?” 

Raon widened his eyes. 

“When I asked you to interrogate me, why did you tickle me?” 

“Interrogation isn’t my thing, so I trusted them, but this is what happened. After all, I am the hero of the Gwangpungdae!” 

Rimmer called himself a genius and laughed. 

-also… . 

Lars shook his head. 

-As expected from the original crazy guy. 

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