The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 94

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 94>

-There was a reason why Seong Ji-han swept in alone.

-But is such a stat possible at level 46?

-That’s because the gifts have all disappeared!! 🙂

-Barron was called the world’s best prospect even with one unique stat lololol -Barron will never be able to rise to the top of the world’s prospects again.

-You were pushed back even with the force you thought was your ability, right? Did you see them peeling apples?

-of course. To use it like that… Barron is dead and he won’t even wake up.

Barron threw down his drink after seeing Americans’ comments on Seong Ji-han’s article.

“Who can’t do that!”

I didn’t use the Force like telekinesis because I didn’t need to!

It’s just a catching technique that can be done quickly if you put your mind to it!

Barron, his face red with excitement, reached out to the floor.

The object you are trying to lift is a broken glass.

Is it because it contains desperate will?

The broken glass was slowly rising into the air.

“Look… … !”

Even before Barron’s voice filled with joy ended.


The remains of the glass shattered as if exploding.

The fine control of the force failed.

Pajjijik- boom!

The ceiling light also broke, and electric lights flickered for a moment.

The remains of the broken light rained down on Barron.

Thanks to the absolute power of the Force that protected him reliably, there was nothing wrong.

“Ugh… … .”

But even if my body wasn’t hurt.

There was a scratch in Barron’s heart.

Can not be done… … .

Simply lifting the remains of a glass doesn’t work either.

I couldn’t even think of the fine control that Seong Ji-han showed, like peeling an apple.

‘What on earth did he do?’

Barron bit his lip.

Seong Ji-han.

Life was going smoothly until I saw that child.

I had a unique stat that no one else in the world had, and I firmly believed that I would one day become number one in the world rankings.

But, after meeting him in the TOP 100 promotion match.

The confidence that seemed sky-high was gradually disappearing.

-Sung must be number one in the world.

-If the status window had been revealed sooner, I wouldn’t have bet $1 million on Barron…

-Now we’ll all bet on the castle, so I can’t bet.

“Shit… … .”

The comments from people who commented on the article caught my eye.

Barron cursed, then put his head on the desk and fell asleep.

And, in Barron’s dream.

I vaguely remembered Joo Eun-ji, whom I saw at the waiting guild.

Jump up!

As soon as Barron saw that, he suddenly woke up.

After it was revealed that she was Ito Shizuru’s alter ego, I thought my regrets had disappeared.

Rather, the face of Goddess Mode, seen in Seong Ji-han’s video, could not leave my mind.

“Even your dreams are in trouble… … .”

Isn’t Shizuru Ito the worst spy who manipulates people?

When Barron got up from his desk, trying to put her out of his head.

[Barron. An offer has been received from the waiting guild.]

I received a call from Robert Gates.

“What kind of shame do they have to offer me?”

Without even considering that he got angry first.

He was questioned by Barron, who thought that Seong Ji-han had intentionally embarrassed him on yesterday’s broadcast.

[He asks if you would like to catch Count Nasheed together.]

“what… … “Count Nasheed?”

When Robert mentioned the waiting guild’s proposal, his expression hardened.

Count Nasheed appears only in Invade’s Canyon map.

However, in the canyon map played in Silver, it was a boss monster that did not appear at all.

Let’s catch this boss that only hunts at Platinum or higher?

No, not in the first place.

“There’s no way it’s possible in a different league region!”

Seong Ji-han is Korea’s Gangnam 1 area, and Barron is America’s New York 1 area.

I knew it was impossible to form teams between leagues from different countries and regions, but how could they propose something like that?

[There is a way from the standby guild. Sophia decided to participate.]

Barron thought deeply.

Participating in the hunt for Count Nasheed in Seongjihan.

I didn’t really feel like helping this disgusting guy.

‘If he succeeds, only he will be in the spotlight again.’

Obviously, that guy is confident, so he wants to catch Count Nasheed.

If so, you should put a spoon there.

Showing performance worthy of the ultimate wizard!

After thinking that, Barron answered Robert.

“I will participate.”

* * *

Seong Ji-han, who infiltrated the waiting guild and successfully eliminated Joo Eun-ji, who was expected to grow into a cancerous figure, now turned his attention to the mission.

The task we face is a linked quest for the Invade map ‘Canyon of the End’.

[Linked Quest – Traces of the Apostle (2)]

-The apostle, who belongs to neither light nor darkness, is hiding under a deep lake, plotting a conflict between the two camps.

-The cunning apostle, ‘Count Nasheed’, will make his move when he sees that the Archangel and Reaper’s weapons are broken.

-Throw the fragments of the two gods into the lake to pull the Count out of the lake and subdue him.

-Reward: Void Veil / 50,000 achievement points

The Canyon of the End map evolves according to the player’s league level.

At each stage, not only does the map get bigger and the minions get stronger, but the jungle also changes.

In the Gold League’s Canyon map, a semi-boss, ‘Drake’, appears near the stream below.

In the Platinum League’s Canyon map, the boss monster Count Nasheed appeared along with Drake.

Count Nasheed is a boss that can only be defeated when 5 Platinums gather together and make an elaborate joint attack, and asking Silver to defeat him was practically a nonsensical mission.

However, because Seong Ji-han continued to overcome such ridiculous missions, he did not feel an overwhelming burden this time either.

‘Still, you need a teammate to catch Count Nasheed.’ It might be as good as 7th in the world rankings.

In order for Seong Ji-han to catch Count Nasheed, four team members were needed.

Those who are also somewhat compatible with each other.

‘The problem is that there is no one who can be used as a team member right now… … .’

The only members of the standby guild in Gangnam 1 are Lim Ga-young and Diego Massid.

Additionally, the two of them were still bronze, so they couldn’t play the game with him, who was silver.

‘Also, catching Count Nasheed at a public party is too risky… … .’

Seong Ji-han thought carefully and clicked Create Party in the guild menu.

At the same time.

[League transcendence achievement achieved.]

[Partial party composition restrictions have been lifted.]

“… … ?”

[Players can form a party with players in a league one level lower than themselves.]

[Players can also form parties with players from other regions.]

* Caution: However, everyone must belong to the same guild.

“oh… … .”

The ‘League Transcendence’ achievement that I got after playing a high-level league map in a defense game.

I had no idea it would be used here in this way.

‘If I do this, I might be able to add Seana Masid to the party.’

You can play games with players from lower leagues.

In this way, it becomes possible for high-level users to raise low-level players, so-called ‘dope’.

Of course, in the game system, opponents are matched according to their level.

If you had a low level person in your party, there was a high possibility that you would lose the game.

If the high-level user was ‘Seong Ji-han’, the story was different.

Because he was a truly amazing character who could dominate the game on his own.

‘Still, it will be difficult to raise it in this quest.’

Seong Ji-han concentrated on the second paragraph, thinking that he would have to do it at the next opportunity.

A phrase that says you can form a party with players from other regions.

With this, I was able to collaborate with silver players who are currently rented to the standby guild.

‘I guess I’ll have to get the party together.’

Through Lee Ha-yeon, Seong Ji-han contacted silver players from waiting guilds around the world.

“Sophia immediately expressed her intention to participate! Count Nasheed Raid! “You were really looking forward to it!”

“Wanglin is also said to be participating!”

“Mikhail also expressed his intention to participate!”

“and… … I heard that Barron will also be participating! I thought you wouldn’t do it because of that mess yesterday… … .”

“Scarlett was disappointed when I heard that all the seats were full, and asked me to contact you if there were any vacancies!”

And the response from the guild members was amazing.

In the Count Nasheed raid proposal, all five rental players expressed their intention to actively participate.

In particular, despite the uproar yesterday, Barron quickly announced his intention to participate and beat Israel’s Scarlett.

“really… … “I have no choice but to acknowledge the change in attitude.”

“It has to be that way! It’s Count Nasheed raid! Silver is a raid?! “It’s going to be a huge spotlight!”

The five players who had been rented to the waiting guild were nothing short of spectacular.

There are two Gift SSS grade, and three SS grade.

They were all top prospects raised with love by their guilds.

As such, they almost yearned for public attention to make their name known.

To such people, the story of Count Nasheed Raid aroused enthusiastic response.

‘As expected, those who reach the top positions are very ambitious.’

Even except for Sophia and Barron.

China’s Wang Lin, Russia’s Mikhail, and Israel’s Scarlett.

They were all players of such global fame that they vaguely remain in Seong Ji-han’s memory.

“Then, I will challenge Baron Nasheed raid tomorrow, so please tell me to wait on tomorrow until I contact you.”

“All right. “Owner.”

“ah. and. Mr. Hayeon.”


Once Seong Ji-han had settled the matter to some extent, he opened his inventory, took out a complete Akashic page, and handed it over to Lee Ha-yeon.

“Uh, oh, owner. This… … .”

“In the Akashic Page, there is an ability to enhance support gifts. Hayeon, please strengthen your ‘nurturing’ with this.”

“I. Well… … Do you know how much this, uh, costs?”

Akashic pages sparkling with golden light?

To me?!

No. Does this person even know the value of this item?

Lee Ha-yeon did not dare to accept it and only stammered.

“Isn’t it about 300 billion won?”

“ah. You know… … You know that, but I… … ah. Well, I’m trying to get my shares back… … ?”

“Why are you withdrawing your shares? “Keep it.”

Seong Ji-han forced Lee Ha-yeon to take the Akashic page in her hand when she refused to accept it easily.

“Money doesn’t mean much to me.”

“no… … Even though… … .”

“In today’s environment where dominates the world, developing capabilities comes first. This is an investment. Investment for me. So don’t feel pressured.”

‘Isn’t it a burden… … !’ Lee Ha-yeon screamed inwardly.

‘It’s such a waste that I’m dying! I can barely use it to strengthen my support gifts… … .’

Wasn’t it thanks to the Akashic Page that the perfect flexible display for the phone of the opposite sex, Space 23, was completed this time?

An item capable of achieving such tremendous technological advancement is barely used to strengthen one’s own support gift.

Lee Ha-yeon felt so sorry for herself that she didn’t know what to do.

“ha. really. Mr. Hayeon. Why is the distribution of people from this family so limited?”

“No, if it’s 300 billion… … .”

“Stop talking about 300 billion won. Just write it here. Right in front of my eyes. as soon as.”

Seong Ji-han looked at Lee Ha-yeon gently.

Write it quickly.


The look in his eyes was forcing Lee Ha-yeon to commit the greatest overconsumption of her life.

‘Eight… … I don’t know either! The owner clearly told me to use it!’

Under Seong Ji-han’s unspoken pressure, Lee Ha-yeon eventually accepted the Akashic Pages.


The golden paper of enormous value soon gave off a brilliant light.

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