The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 88

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 88>

* * *

Tutorial is prohibited.

This was a strong lock placed on all players around the world.

[All skills and abilities in the game are calibrated and applied in reality.]

It is obvious that if the abilities in the game are imported and used in the real world, it will cause great confusion in society.

The ban on tutorials was a buffer to minimize this.

‘Editing’ and releasing this was on a completely different level from controlling human emotions.

When Ariel heard Joo Eun-ji’s words, she let out an exclamation.

[her! Lifting the ban on tutorials? Even if you use the Akashic Pages, it’s possible… … At that level, the level of the supporting gift would definitely be SSS level.]

“Ariel. “Did you know how to speak Japanese?”

[Human language can be understood quickly.]

“Then keep interpreting what they say and let me know.”

[i get it.]

When Seong Ji-han was entrusting Ariel with the interpretation.

[this… … The alter ego’s abilities are lacking.]


Joo Eun-ji’s skin began to crack.

The cracked skin was filled with golden paper instead of human skin.

[Akari. The ban lifting time is 5 minutes.]


Joo Eun-ji’s body, made up of Akashic pages, began to disappear.

When Joo Eun-ji’s arms and legs completely disappeared and even her torso was turning into powder.

She looked down at her body and smiled eerily.

[Just hold your breath and bring me to Japan.]

[…] … All right. Lord!]

[See you in Japan then.]

The price Joo Eun-ji paid to break the tutorial ban was enormous.

All 11 Akashic pages that made up the alter ego’s body disappeared.

Through this, the limit release time of 5 minutes was obtained.

Akari gritted her teeth as she watched Joo Eun-ji disappear while smiling.

‘Because I’m not good enough… … !’

Because he was unable to subdue Seong Ji-han, his lord’s self-immolation was sacrificed.

Akari, who watched Shizuru Ito pay a huge price to create an alter ego, was so pathetic that she couldn’t even suppress Silver and couldn’t bear it.

[You guy… … I’ll cut off your limbs!]

Akari roared wildly and rushed at the speed of a beam of light.

[They cut off the owner’s limbs?]

“I understand this without any need for interpretation.”

[The release time is said to be 5 minutes.]

“That’s important.”


Perhaps due to his anger, his movements were simpler than before, but due to the lifting of the ban, his speed became several times more threatening.

‘I can’t control it even with the Force.’

A rush of diamonds that ignores even the power of force that dominates space.

As the distance narrowed, three shurikens flew out in an instant, aiming for Seong Ji-han’s arms and legs.

As Akari said, it was an attack that clearly had the intention of cutting off Seong Ji-han’s limbs.

One, the shuriken that was within a stone’s throw of Seongjihan.


I lost my strength and fell to the ground.

‘The absolute domain communicates.’

The absolute area of ​​force increases in proportion to ability level.

Although Akari’s every action became threatening, she was able to control it once she got to this point.

[Useless resistance!]

However, Akari’s direct attacks were difficult to control even within the absolute domain, so the speed could only be reduced slightly.

However, that was enough for Seong Ji-han.

‘This too can be prevented.’


Eclipse’s form, which blocked the dagger, was slightly crushed, and a huge shock wave exploded in all directions.

It was as if a bomb had exploded, and all the tables and furniture in the cafe were shattered into dust.

Since the power of the diamond is unleashed at 100%, the power of a superhuman is fully unleashed.


bang! bang!

Akari, catching her breath, strongly pushed Seong Ji-han.

Attacks pouring down with such ferocity that it seems as if one part of the body will be cut off at any moment.

From the perspective of the viewers watching them in the first person, every moment was extremely terrifying.

-Fuck… Isn’t this dangerous?

-I can’t see that ninja’s attack at all;;

-How on earth are you blocking it?

An attack that seemed like something you would see in a cartoon or animation followed.

I could only hear the sound of the weapons hitting each other, but I couldn’t tell where they were coming from and what orbit they were flying from.


I could only hear the sound of the weapons hitting each other, but I couldn’t tell where they were coming from and what orbit they were flying from.

Akari’s arms, which move at high speed, are completely invisible from the shoulders down.

-He was fighting against Jindia… It was really crazy… Wasn’t he supposed to be a terrible person?

-Don’t say shit. It’s a real situation.

-how to do! If Jihannimu’s limbs are cut offㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Has the player suppression team been dispatched yet?

-They say they have arrived!

-Even if you’re a special force, can you beat Diamond?

Kang! Kang!

The attack is blocked again.

The enemy’s dark sword looked like it would break, but it did not break.

Seong Ji-han still did not allow a single blow.

[Lee Iik… … !]

Akari felt like she was going crazy.

The lord even gave up self-immolation to lift the restrictions, what a disgrace this is!

No matter how much Seong Ji-han used the self-buff, his stats are clearly overwhelming.

But the attack keeps failing by just one inch.

‘There are those eyes… … !’

It seems like an overwhelming push.

Seong Ji-han’s eyes did not waver at all.

no… … On the contrary, I felt like I was enjoying this situation.

Even though one wrong move could result in his limbs being cut off, he never seemed to assume that he would lose.

‘I’ll shatter your confidence… … !’


Seong Ji-han was thinking differently.

‘If I’m not careful, there might be problems with the building.’

Every time the weapons collided, a huge shock wave erupted.

Objects around have already been broken into dust by the shock wave.

‘An impact of this magnitude would definitely have an impact on the building.’

If a fire were to occur in the building, a catastrophe would occur.

Seong Ji-han glanced out the window.

There were hardly any people in the park beyond the window.

‘I guess I should go there.’

The cafe was located on the 4th floor of the building.

Seong Ji-han threw himself outside without hesitation.



“You almost got hit!”

When the building’s window broke and fell to the ground, people passing by on the street looked up and screamed.

[Do not run away!]

As the entire wall of the 4th floor cafe exploded and Akari flew away at an alarming speed, people who sensed that the situation was unusual screamed and evacuated.

‘It’s appropriate here.’

When Seong Ji-han landed in a quiet park, Akari, who was chasing him, used a skill.


Phantom Shuriken

In the current situation where the ability limit has been lifted, I did not use this skill because I was afraid that Seong Ji-han would die instantly.

‘There’s not much time left… … !’

More than half of the five-minute limit has already passed.

Now I couldn’t afford to fight while thinking about my opponent’s life.

I had to see the outcome.


Numerous stars appeared in the air and surrounded Seong Jihan on all sides.

[There are no illusions this time.]

“… … okay?”

Ariel spoke calmly, looking at the black shuriken mixed with dark energy.

The name of the skill was Illusion Shuriken, but this time there was no illusion at all.

Is this really breaking free of restrictions?


Commendations are flying in from all directions.


Akari, overcome by evil, rushed forward as quickly as possible.

Her eyes were filled with murder, as if she had no intention of arresting Seong Ji-han anymore.

In this situation, it is difficult to avoid it anymore.

‘I guess I’ll have to settle the matter here.’

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Shadow God’s description

Dark Soul Vortex

The shadow sword Eclipse lost its shape and turned into a whirlpool.

The dark soul vortex whirled intensely and began to suck in all the shurikens flying towards Seong Jihan.

[…] … What is this!]

Akari felt a chill down her spine.

A black vortex that sucks in all the shuriken.

It was a completely different skill from his illusion shuriken.

The swirling darkness was so ominous and violent that even she, who was charging with the shuriken, stopped for a moment.

You shouldn’t go that way.

Her instincts were warning her like that.

‘still… … !’

Remembering the sacrifice of her master’s alter ego, Akari strengthened her will.

I couldn’t give up here because of that whirlpool.

That left arm.

You only need to cut the left arm, which is integrated with the sword.

[Ninjutsu resistance… … What a ghost!]

Holding a dagger that shined white, Akari jumped into the Dark Soul Vortex, which was gradually growing in size.

Did he believe in Diamond’s abilities?

In some ways, it was a very honest rush.



Instead of being cut by the whirlpool in front of you.

A blood line was drawn on Seong Ji-han’s left arm.

A blow that transcends space, a feat.

He skipped the space where the Dark Soul Vortex was located and cut off Seong Ji-han’s left arm from above.

‘it’s okay… … !’

The attack finally worked!

Akari was excited and used her skills several times to completely cut off her left arm.


Even though his SS-class ninja uniform was torn off by the dark spirit vortex, and every piece of flesh on his body was torn off.

Nevertheless, Akari did not spare her body when it came to her first effective hit.

How many times did he swing the sword like that?


Finally, Seong Ji-han’s left arm was completely cut off.


Akari felt like she was about to cry when she saw that.

If we had delayed a little longer, we might have lost.

But, in the end, this is the one who won.

[It’s over, Seong Ji-han. I’ll cut off your limbs right away and take only the body to Japan… … !]

Now that that damn dark sword is gone, I can’t resist anymore.

Even the intense dark vortex will no longer be able to maintain its power.

Akari immediately tried to swing the dagger to cut off Seong Ji-han’s remaining limbs.

[uh… … .]


My body didn’t move.

no. I could move, but my feet wouldn’t move.

Like falling into a swamp.

Akari’s eyes were trembling as she looked at the ground.

[What is this… … .]

His arm was obviously cut off.

The dark vortex did not lose its momentum.

The vortex that was thought to have died down simply changed direction and completely entangled Akari’s feet.

“Hmm, did you think I cut my arm?”


Seong Ji-han, who had only his right arm left, stepped back.

Even though Akari had a cut on her arm, the sight of her smiling leisurely gave me goosebumps.

how… … What happened?

Her eyes turned to Seong Ji-han’s left arm.

‘The arm clearly fell off… … .’

But when I looked closely.

The cut surface of the arm was covered in a deep black shadow, and not a single drop of blood was flowing.

‘Something… … ‘It’s wrong.’

And that ominous premonition.

When Seong Ji-han took out the Phoenix Poetry from his inventory, it became reality.

“Follow your master. Ninja.”

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Seoninjiro Road

Let’s leave Phoenix City in the hands of Seong Ji-han.

It soon turned into a huge fire and attacked her.

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