The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 87

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 87>

‘Holy land… … ‘You’re hosting a Battle Tube broadcast.’

Joo Eun-ji frowned.

This made it clear.

Until now, Seong Ji-han had only pretended to be fascinated, but in reality he had not been charmed.

‘I can’t take too long.’

The Korean government is not stupid either.

With the live broadcast going on like this, you wouldn’t be watching Seong Ji-han being kidnapped in the middle of Gangnam.

If time is delayed here, it is they who will be in trouble.

In the current situation, things had to be done quickly.

“Mr. Seong Ji-han. “You are such a troublesome person.”

Joo Eun-ji stood up.

Your own support gift.

To use ‘Edit’, there were two ways.

The first is contact.

When your skin touches, you can edit the other person without even saying a word.

This contact was the method I had tried several times with Seong Ji-han until now.

And when the other person is on guard like now.

Instead of contact, there was another method.

“Player Seong Ji-han. I will ‘edit’ you.”


The center of the table and the ceiling shook and gold light flashed.

Two Akashic pages that were previously hidden, different from what Takeda had heard.

It was used, and Joo Eun-ji’s ‘editing’ was applied to Seong Ji-han.

[Shizuru Ito’s alter ego adds the status ailment ‘Charm’ to player Jihan Seong. The object of fascination is Shizuru Ito.]

[Ito Shizuru’s alter ego adds the status ailment ‘Obedience’ to the player Seong Ji-han. The object of obedience is Ito Shizuru.]

A message appears on the system window.

All viewers who shared this point of view with Seong Ji-han could see this.

-Charming… submission?

-Ito Shizuru??

-Ito? Oh shit, really?

-uh. Well, what is it? Why does that girl look so pretty?



From Seong Ji-han’s perspective, with the charm and obedience status abnormalities added, Joo Eun-ji looked like a goddess who would never exist again in the world.

‘You’re stronger than last time.’

Last time, I used one Akashic page to use three status conditions: Charm, Obedience, and Fanaticism.

This time, the two dogs were focused on charm and obedience, so the burden on Seong Ji-han was much more severe than last time.

‘But since I knew this would happen, it’s useless.’

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

law of mind

Yusim Sojo (唯心所造)

Even when Seong Ji-han saw Joo Eun-ji turn into a beautiful person in front of him, he remained completely unfazed and used his mental techniques.

No matter how much Joo Eunji tried to charm her using the Akashic Page, her power was nothing compared to the Succubus Queen.

As long as I was wary of her in advance, I was able to overcome this much.


-what! Where did you go!!

-Oh, give it back to me!!

-I saw this while kneeling lol. What is this?

-World…how in the world can there be people who look like that?

-Ah, don’t resist!

Although viewers’ complaints filled the chat window, Seong Ji-han persevered and operated the SIM Sojo.

Then, Joo Eun-ji changed from the appearance of a goddess to her normal, normal face.

“edit… … “Is this the power of Ito Shizuru?”

Of all the support gifts I’ve experienced so far, this is the most deceptive ability.

As Seong Ji-han was thinking like that, Joo Eun-ji opened her eyes wide.

I thought it would cause some agitation, but I never thought it would have any effect.

‘It definitely worked to some extent last time… … .’

Up to this point, it had not been calculated.

With this level of power, even Sword King Yoon Se-jin would have been helpless!

“you… … “What did you do?”

“I have no intention of telling you that.”

Seong Ji-han stretched out his hand.

Ceiling and table.

The Akashic pages that were hidden in two places and had not been completely destroyed were sucked into Seong Jihan’s hands.

Just two of them are worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Since he decided to come to the cafe and confront Joo Eun-ji, Seong Ji-han decided to take this as a trophy.

From Joo Eun-ji’s perspective, it was too valuable an item to be taken away… … .


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‘We have to suppress Seongjihan first!’

She judged the situation calmly.

Don’t buy the Akashic Page again.

However, if Seong Ji-han is not captured now, it will be very difficult to get him out of Korea.

Even if it meant throwing away pieces of paper, I had to take control of his recruits somehow.

[Akari. Don’t worry about the Akashic Page, take down Seongjihan first!]

[I will follow your orders.]


Akari, who was near Takeda, jumped over the space in an instant and was tackled by Seong Ji-han.

Akari’s infiltration was secret and quick.

The gap between Seong Ji-han and Akari was enormous, with a minimum level difference of more than 100.

[master. It is on the left.]

Seong Ji-han with the ‘Shadow of the Moon’ gift.

Among the assassin’s skill trees, it was easy to identify Akari’s movements using shadow-related skills.

In addition, there is a unique stat ‘strength’ that allows you to use all your strength in the real world.

Adding to it the power of ‘force’ that dominates space.

“oh. “Is it fast?”

Seong Ji-han easily dodged Akari’s dagger and used the force to pull out the Akashic page that Akari was holding.

[You guy… … !]

-Key, Kitsama!

-I heard Kitsama through Jinten ㄷㄷ

-No, is that important now? You have to report it quickly!

– Seong Ji-han is about to be kidnapped! I saw that female ninja. I’m Akari, a Japanese ninja otaku!

-Hey, it’s spring too. Akari, a no-answer job assassin? That person is a diary. Hey, is this a real situation? Report it quickly!!!

[Akari. Never mind the Akashic Pages! You only focus on securing the target!]

[All right!]

Swish! Swish!

As if to show the difference between diamond and silver, Akari attacked Seong Ji-han with a quick movement.

Several daggers danced in the air, threatening Seong Ji-han, and her shadow tried to entangle Seong Ji-han from all directions.

Kang! Kang!

If a black sword had not suddenly shot out of Seong Ji-han’s left hand and deflected all of them, they would have all been slaughtered.

-Wow.. you’re really fast;

-Is the assassin this bad??

-In reality, it is said to be most useful for espionage purposes.

-Sung Ji-han is the one who stands up against such a diaryger on equal footing!!

-Well, I got an autograph from Seong Ji-han a little while ago! Here is the building next to Sword Palace, number 134, Gangnam-gu…

-Help needs to come quickly! If you do this, you will be kidnapped!!

When it was revealed that the other person’s identity was Akari, a diariger assassin, the chat window went crazy.

The actual war situation was not that threatening.

“Bless. Strength. Haste.”

Seong Ji-han, who had put on a set of three self-buffs, confidently crossed swords with Akari.

‘Tsk… … !’

visor! visor!

Seong Ji-han’s dark sword Eclipse and Akari’s dagger clash and sparks fly.

Akari’s abilities were clearly superior.

Not only the speed of the sword, but also the difference in force felt when the weapons collided, gave Akari a much greater advantage.


‘… … Nonsense.’

Not the perspective of a third party from the outside.

Akari, the person involved, could definitely feel it.

It’s getting clogged.

Every attack he made was blocked and was completely read by his opponent.

Am I slower than my opponent?


Much faster.

But is it weak?

That’s not it either.

You can push your opponent.

however… … Why?


It was clearly a well-executed blow made by mixing several herbs.

I’m pushed.

You can push, but you get pushed.

Incompatible propositions were being realized.

But, since I wield a weapon, I understand.

Every time you strike, you realize that you are already within the opponent’s calculations.

‘Unbelievable… … !’

Even though the levels in the game are diamond and silver.

There was already a significant difference in the art of handling weapons.


In that case, the gap in ability was filled with the user’s skills.

‘Now that it’s like this, I’m going with the mindset of getting it over with!’

Akari put pressure on Seong Ji-han even more threateningly.

At first, he consciously avoided critical points, but now he attacked regardless.

They also actively carried out rear surprise attacks using shadows.



“Okay, let’s see.”

Even if you make a sincere attempt, everything is still blocked.

The sword was completely read as if it were looking into my head, so no matter what I did, it was useless.

‘No words… … no… … .’

Akari lost strength without realizing it.

“It’s funny that an assassin is going head-to-head.”

As Seong Ji-han spoke with a grin, Akari’s eyebrows rose.

Although I didn’t completely understand what that Korean man was saying.

It was clear that it was a provocation.

We can’t lose like this.

I will subdue you at any cost.

She used the skill she was most confident in.


Phantom Shuriken


Black shurikens flew all around Seongjihan.

Some things have substance, and some things have no substance.

As befits an assassin’s skill, it is a ninjutsu that exquisitely mixes truth and truth, and the Phantom Shuriken.

However, Seong Ji-han had an easy way to destroy this.


[Everything except the last two is meaningless.]

“You can subdue it on your own, right?”

[Of course.]

When it comes to shadow powers, Ariel boasts unrivaled abilities.

She understood Akari’s lies and lies, and blocked all attacks coming from behind on Seong Ji-han’s behalf.


In Dark Sword Eclipse, part of the shadow escapes and blocks the shuriken flying behind Seong Ji-han.


With the black sword, he pushed Akari.

[Pfft… … !]

-and. f*ck.. aren’t you crazy? The opponent is Diamond??

-I’ve already dialed 112 and 119 and even posted a petition to the Blue House, asking them to save Seong Ji-han… Was it in vain?

-Well done. That’s normal. Seong Ji-han was just a crazy person.

-I can’t stand swearing at Seong Ji-han!

-Hey;;;This is high praise.

-I don’t know if they’ll become worse than the Sword King family haha.

Seong Ji-han’s fans, who could not tolerate even the slightest swear word, became enthusiastic.

Silver has the upper hand over diamond?

Clearly the enemy’s stats are stronger and faster.

In opposition to this, Seong Ji-han is pushing the enemy with strange movements.

[Akari… … ! I will strengthen you. Try to win this time!]

Joo Eun-ji shouted at Akari, who was slowly being pushed back.

For a moment, I was able to watch over her for the sake of her reputation as a diamond, but the situation of the war made it impossible for me to do so.

Because Akari was slowly losing in the 1:1 match with Seongjihan.

‘I can not believe it.’

Joo Eun-ji’s eyes were filled with embarrassment.

There was excitement in it too.

‘Seongjihan. you… … I have you unconditionally.’

He broke all predictions.

We also overcame the ‘edit’ support gift enhanced by the Akashic Page.

Even the attack by the diary giant Akari was successfully overcome.

This player is outside the standard.

If you don’t catch it this time, you will inevitably end up regretting it later.

Joo Eun-ji used the last resort.

[Player Akari Kato. I will edit you out and unban the tutorial.]

The target of her editing this time was not Seong Ji-han.

Akari was unable to use all of’s abilities due to the tutorial ban.

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