The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 86

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 86>

* * *

A cafe located on the 4th floor of the building next to the Sword Palace.

The building where the cafe is located is where the Korean branch office of the New Self-Defense Force Japan Trading Company is located.

In fact, this was a place that the New Self-Defense Force had previously designed in preparation for seducing the Sword King Yoon Se-jin.

This cafe was still maintained due to the contract period remaining.

Now, to make sure that Seongjihan is there, it has reopened after a long time.

“Goddess… … “Aren’t we pushing it too hastily?”

In the private room set up inside the cafe, Takeda said while wiping his sweat.

In his hand, there was a piece of A4-sized paper shining gold.

‘There was a function to enhance support gifts in the Akashic Page… … .’

I never thought that the Akashic Pages, which are used for the technological development of large corporations and are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, would have this kind of function.

In fact, unless you are a goddess, it would have been better to pursue technological advancement rather than spend hundreds of billions to strengthen support gifts.

Still, Takeda felt like he had discovered a secret that was not known to the world, so he was nervous for no reason.

“I can’t help it. That holy guy… … “It seems like the fascination has almost worn off.”

“The goddess’s charm that even the Sword King could not resist has been lifted! “I can’t believe this Takeda.”

“Because it is an alter ego, the power of authority is weak. “I used the Akashic Pages, but it didn’t work.”

“Didn’t you say you succeeded last time…?” … ?”

“no. I failed. I haven’t heard from you in two days. “I sent the text first.”

“… … .”

Joo Eun-ji gritted his teeth and said.

For Takeda, it seemed like he could do nothing in just two days, but for Joo Eun-ji, it was a situation that should never have happened.

Since the charm took effect, something that has never happened before happened.

‘The text message asking to meet there wasn’t even sincere.’

[yes. Time is ok. Shall we see you today?]

The tone is too dry to be said to be a text message from a man in his 20s who is fascinated.

If the charm had worked properly, there would not have been a reply like this.

‘We have to see the victory this time.’

Even if you spend a lot of money, use several Akashic pages to make sure you are fascinated.

We had to take him to Japan without delay.


Joo Eun-ji glances behind her and calls out a person’s name.

“yes. “Shizuru.”

From Joo Eun-ji’s shadow, a woman wearing a ninja outfit that covered her entire body jumped out.

Takeda saw that and opened his eyes wide.

‘I can’t believe Akari is coming.’

Akari Kato.

Among Japan’s Diariggers, she was a female player who transitioned to ‘Assassin’, a special archer class.

Among the Diamonds, he was not selected for the national team due to his low level, but due to his unique stealthy mobility as an assassin, he had many opportunities to play an active role in real life.

Shizuru Ito noticed the potential of Akari Kato, who had been active as a ninja for a long time, and used her powers to make her a close associate.

Since then, Kato Akari has been working as Ito Shizuru’s right-hand man and handling secret matters on his behalf.

“I can’t believe it even came to you. “The will of the body is amazing.”

“yes. Shizuru of Tokyo entrusted me with escorting the Akashic Page. He also told me to kidnap Seong Ji-han just in case something goes wrong.”

“Kidnapping… … “It won’t be easy.”

“Even if the opponent is strong, it is Silver. We have also prepared a ship to Incheon Port.”

Akari then looked at the Akashic page she had taken out.

“In my personal opinion, I think it would be better to kidnap it with my own strength than to use that object.”

“no. If Seong Ji-han resists violently during the collision, there is a risk that the plan will become known before we even get to Japan. “It’s better to finish it secretly before it becomes a headache.”

“All right. Then I will prepare in case something goes wrong.”

Joo Eun-ji nodded to Akari’s words.

If I fail even after using a bunch of Akashic pages, there will be nothing I can do about it.

‘Besides, even if the charm doesn’t succeed… … ‘We may be able to suppress resistance.’

If you just take them to Japan like that, that’s it.

Because I will never be able to withstand the charm of the main body.


When he heard the cafe door open, Joo Eun-ji glanced at Takeda and Akari.

Then Takeda hurriedly hid behind the wall in the private room.

Akari slipped into Shizuru’s shadow again.

“Oh my, owner. “Are you here?”

And, unlike before, Joo Eun-ji greeted Seong Ji-han with a gentle voice.

“You’ve booked a nice place.”


As soon as Seong Ji-han calmly walked over, pulled out a chair and sat down.

Joo Eun-ji immediately tapped the floor twice with the heel of her heel.

Hitting bottom twice was a signal that had been promised in advance to Takeda.

‘I only believe in the Goddess…’ … !’

Takeda tries to come out from the wall where he is hiding.


The smartphone Joo Eun-ji had left on the table vibrated slightly.

‘huh… … ?’

On smartphones.

[‘Seong Ji-han’ has started broadcasting live on Battle Tube!]

A message appeared.

* * *

Seong Ji-han, who was going to the cafe that Joo Eun-ji told him about, fell into deep trouble.

‘It would be difficult to keep acting like I’m in love, since it’s not my specialty.’

Only in front of Joo Eun-ji could I pretend to be fascinated.

It was impossible to drag this out for a long time, even just looking at the text messages.

Unless you can act properly.

Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the self-immolation quickly?

If he had made it seem like he wasn’t charmed, Ito Shizuru’s magic could have extended to people around him, including Se-Ah.

‘But removing the self-immolation is also problematic. They will infiltrate from the other side in some way… … .’

Seong Ji-han, who had been thinking for a while, entered the building next door.

“uh. It’s Seongjihan… … !”

“What’s going on here?”

The people inside the building began to murmur when they saw Seong Ji-han.

“and… … “Does it shine brighter in real life?”

“Seong Ji-han! “Please sign my name!”

“Uh… … “Can I take a picture with you?”

Furthermore, some fans approached Seong Ji-han and asked for autographs and photos.

‘There are a lot of people who recognize me. Should I cover my face now?’

Seong Ji-han, who was always at home and couldn’t feel his popularity offline, was a little surprised.

“yes. it’s okay. Come this way.”

With a slight smile on his face, he answered people kindly.

This was the first time in his life that Seong Ji-han was doing the fan service that he had been doing for a long time during the American First days.

“Jihan! I’m enjoying watching Battle Tube! “My mom and dad are all watching together while waiting for the 12 o’clock show time!”

“thank you.”

“ah. I need to reach 1 million subscribers quickly, I’m dying of curiosity. “Can’t you just show me the status window?”

“Haha, that’s not right. Please wait a minute. “I think it will fill up quickly.”

“Wow, you are a real gangster… … .”

“Um, did it look ugly on air?”

When Seong Ji-han asked with a grin, the female fan quickly blushed.

“no. “Wow, it’s great even on broadcast!”

“thank you. “I asked knowingly.”

Seong Ji-han trained his fans like that.

‘You seem to be more interested in me than I thought.’

Seong Ji-han was already a superstar online.

As a person who only played games and practiced at home, he had little chance to experience much popularity.

Even though the number of subscribers has increased significantly, this is nothing compared to the popularity and interest that I enjoyed when I was a member of American First.

Seong Ji-han had underestimated his own status.

‘If I’m receiving this much attention from public opinion… … ‘It would be better to make this matter public.’

Let’s show the actions performed by Ito Shizuru’s alter ego by broadcasting it live.

Seong Ji-han felt the attention pouring in on him and changed his response in that direction.

“everyone. It’s a pity, but I’ll have to go and check it out. “I have to do a live broadcast soon.”

“uh… … really?”

“Are you filming a commercial today as well?”

“It’s not an advertisement. “It’s more fun than that.”

Seong Ji-han finished the fan service and bought items at the battle market.

[First-person perspective sharing ticket]

-This is an item that allows you to share the user’s perspective as a video and broadcast it on BattleTube.

-This is a one-time item, and the time limit per ticket is 30 minutes.

First-person view is provided by default to game participants on

The ‘First-Person Perspective Share Ticket’ was the item that made this possible in the real world.

The ticket price was 10,000 GP, so it wasn’t used often, but it was the perfect item for Seong Ji-han, who couldn’t take his camera with him right now.

‘There, viewpoint sharing has different advantages than cameras.’

If Seong Ji-han is charmed, all viewers will be able to share the change in Joo Eun-ji’s appearance from his perspective.

If that happens, everyone will know about Joo Eun-ji’s danger.

“Oh my, owner. “Are you here?”

Joo Eun-ji greets Seong Ji-han as he enters the cafe room.

Tuk. Tuk.

She taps the floor with her heel twice.


Seong Ji-han immediately used the viewpoint sharing ticket and turned on the Battle Tube broadcast.

-Oh, suddenly Labang?

-Eh? Wasn’t the game over today?

-ㅇㅇ I guess you finished the game by 12 o’clock?

Even though the broadcast was turned on without warning in broad daylight, viewers began to flood into Seong Ji-han’s channel.

-Oh. Is this a sacred moment?

-Did you use a shared ticket? Ten million won?

-I guess so. But suddenly I spend a lot of money on tickets;

Meanwhile, Joo Eun-ji’s face.

I was frozen from the moment a message appeared on my smartphone saying that Seong Ji-han was broadcasting live.

“you. “You’re not charmed.”

“I tried to pretend I got caught. She forgot to text me. Shizuru Ito.”

“… … oh. Who is Ito Shizuru? “I’m Joo Eun-ji.”

She said that without changing her expression at Seong Ji-han’s words.

I glanced behind me.

“It’s Takeda. “Start.”


Then Takeda suddenly popped out from the wall.

He was holding a golden, shiny piece of paper in his hand.

-to. Takeda… … ?

-Why are you here?

-uh. That paper… … .

-Isn’t this the Akashic page?

Takeda held the Akashic page tightly and shouted loudly as he looked at Seong Ji-han.

“Sung Sang! Me and my feelings… … Let’s ‘exchange’!”

Supporting gift, ‘exchange’.

While working as the head of the recruitment department for Takeda’s New Self-Defense Force, he had the talent to attract numerous players.

Takeda was able to ‘interact’ with the subject of the ecstatic feelings he felt when he saw Ito Shizuru, whom he called his goddess.


When the Akashic Page shines and strengthens Takeda’s Gift.

“Give it to me.”

When Seong Ji-han stretched out his hand, the Akashic Page came out of Takeda’s hand and flew towards Seong Ji-han.

“uh. uh?”

A situation where hundreds of billions of Akashic pages will fall into the hands of Seong Ji-han in vain due to the Force.

One that moment.


From Joo Eun-ji’s shadow, a woman with a ninja appearance appeared and snatched the flying Akashic Page.

[Takeda. I would have told you to write the Akashic page in advance.]

And when Japanese came out of the female ninja’s mouth.

-Uh… ninja? Jjinboneo…?

-What did you say??

-Takeda was urged to use the Akashic pages in advance.

-…What kind of situation is this?

Viewers felt that the live broadcast that was currently on was unusual.

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