The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 70

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 70>

* * *

“Only the Constellation can answer that.”

Seong Ji-han was curious about Ariel’s intentions, which he rather easily understood, so he asked.

The answer I heard from her was like a knife.

“I’m sorry I can’t answer. master.”

Let Ariel finish speaking.

[He was recognized as the owner by the Shadow Queen’s alter ego, ‘Ariel’.]

[The summoning of ‘Ariel’ is more efficient.]

[The effectiveness of the gift ‘Moon Shadow’ increases.]

[The stat Sword Spirit increases by 1.]

Not only did the name change, but there were also several systemic effects.


He said he would officially recognize me as the owner, but I never thought there would be such a side effect.

It was a decent reward for nodding once to a question.

As Seong Ji-han was thinking this, Ariel jumped from Seong Ji-han’s arms.


Ariel’s body, which had been falling down his arm, grew to a size that reached Seong Ji-han’s waist.

“I can move a little now. and… … .”

Ariel, who was examining her body here and there, opened her mouth.

“The story you said earlier that you couldn’t answer. “I think I can speak, at least a little, now.”

“You just said you couldn’t speak?”

“After acknowledging you as the owner, it seems like the system has lifted some of the restrictions.”

Ariel said as she sat down on a chair in the room.

“Do you know about constellations?”

“well. “I don’t know the details.”


Although Seong Ji-han had watched the destruction of the Earth in his previous life, he still knew little about them.

This is because most of the constellations saw Earth losing in the Space League again and again and decided that there was no answer, so they paid little attention to it.

“They are the representatives and owners of the stars. And transcending the limits of his species… … “He is a being born again as a god.”

“okay? “It’s worthy of the grand name of a constellation.”

When Seong Ji-han, who already knew this much, answered harshly, Ariel smiled slightly.

“It seems the owner knew to some extent. So do you know this? “The fact is that constellations are created on”

“… … what?”

“Once you reach level 777 on, you are eligible to become a Constellation.”

Seong Ji-han’s eyebrows twitched.

Level 777?

I don’t think it’s a joke.

‘Is level 777 a possible number? … .’

During the tutorial period, the Dialogue League is the highest league, but after the tutorial ends, the Master League and Grandmaster League are created.

And on top of that, the Star League, where only the best of the best can advance, is opened.

Even in Star League, the highest league, the limit level you can reach is 500.

There was a distant difference from the 777.

“What about the 777? “Diamond’s highest level is now 250.”

“Information related to this is restricted. but… … “You will understand naturally after the tutorial.”

“There are so many restrictions.”

“Anyway, the important thing is. “Isn’t it about a wandering martial god?”

Seong Ji-han nodded.

The level of becoming a constellation is a story of the distant future for Seong Ji-han, who is only level 31.

More important than that was the content about the Wandering War God, the previous patron constellation.

“Most constellations are tied to the star they were born from. That’s because their foundation is their motherhood. When a star is destroyed, the power of the constellation is also reduced… … “In the end, they too disappear.”


“But the Wandering Martial God is different. He is a constellation, but he is not tied to the stars. Rather, he created his own star.”

Ariel raised her palms.

Then part of her hand turned into darkness and created a sphere.

The surface of the sphere had sharp points that looked like thorns sticking out.

“This black star is the star where the wandering warrior god resides. It’s a ghostly star. However, the constellations call this place differently. ‘The tomb of the constellations.’”

“The Constellation Tomb?”

“okay. The god of war hunts down constellations and stuffed them. The constellation captured by that star continues to lose its power to the god of war. “He wants to die, but he can’t.”

Meanwhile, Ariel looked at Seong Ji-han with meaningful eyes.

“The dark magic used by the owner. The power was, without a doubt, very similar to that of the main body. The main body of Hana has never been attacked by a martial god… … No, I never thought I would be attacked.”

Seong Ji-han guessed something from those words.

‘The fact that I gained the Ascension and Invincibility of the Unknown Divine Skill is quite a matter of the future.’

In my last life, when Seong Ji-han grew to the Dia League and his mastery of the Unknown Divine Art skill increased.

Only then was he able to master the three divine secrets.

In terms of timing, this happened a few years later… … .

‘Could it be that in those few years, a wandering martial god attacked the Shadow Queen, absorbed her power, and created the Shadow God…? … .’

Of course, the Shadow Queen is not the only one who wields the power of shadows.

It may have been obtained from another constellation that was already covered in stuffed animals.

but. Considering that the constellation’s alter egos said that the wavelengths of power matched so well, it seemed more convincing that Musin had subdued the Shadow Queen in the future.

“There was a reason why you recognized me as your master simply because I nodded.”


“Your body. Aren’t you trying hard to run away? “I’m worried about an attack by a military god.”

In response to Seong Ji-han’s question, Ariel shook her head.

“I told you earlier. It is said that constellations are tied to the star from which they were born. Even if you run away, if your motherhood is destroyed, it will be over anyway. but… … .”

She put her hand on her chin and smiled.

“Thanks to the owner, the main body also had time to prepare. “I would like to thank you on behalf of the body.”

“For helping the Constellation, what I received was very little.”

“I’ll reward you more after the tutorial. “As long as the main body doesn’t die by then.”

Ariel smiles brightly.

Her eyes, which were black up to the whites, had suddenly become lighter.

The eyes, which used to be all black, are now gray in the whites.

Is that it?

Ariel, who used to have a stern face, is now showing a variety of facial expressions.

“You seem to have changed a bit.”

“okay? Because I was officially treated as the owner. “It changed accordingly.”

“hmm… … .”

“Please take care of me in the future. master.”

Does it change this much just because I recognize you as the owner?

Seong Ji-han tilted his head.

‘Well, this isn’t important.’

Seong Ji-han focused his thoughts on the wandering warrior rather than Ariel’s changes.

According to what she said, the wandering martial god was a different kind of being that created stars and hunted constellations on its own.

‘Why is such an overwhelming being so wary of me?’

While teaching an unknown magic skill, after confirming the existence of Samdanjeon, didn’t they cancel the skill training and even collect the gift?

Seong Ji-han thought about it carefully, but he could not figure out why Musin did that.

‘… … There is still too little information.’

Although we have gained some information about Musin, the doubts have deepened.

‘There must be a reason why the god of war was wary of the Three Dandeners. First, increase the force.’

Integration of the three-stage battle that failed last time.

At that time, I didn’t have enough strength, but the story will be different when my strength reaches 100.

Seong Ji-han opened the status window and invested the additional stat points he received into military power.

‘It’s 43.’

Even though it is level 31, it has reached level 43 including the title effect.

There’s still a long way to go to 100.

Seong Ji-han was confident that he would be able to achieve it quickly.

* * *

[Ruler of the canyon, Seong Ji-han! Achieve pentakill]

[Players experimenting with pentakill at the well. However, subsequent success stories are “unknown”]

[Cheon Jo-guk presents a blank check. Will Korea lose its players again?]

[Who is Robert Gates? Digging into the wealth of the Gates family!]

“As expected, owner… … .”

Lee Ha-yeon smiled broadly when she saw the news related to Seong Ji-han plastered all over the portal site.

As Seong Ji-han became a hot topic, the guild channel also received a trickle-down effect and continued to grow.

‘Of course, most of the people who came to the channel came only to see the owner… … .’

A waiting guild that just opened.

The only content that could be used as content for this guild right now was ultimately related to its owner, Seong Ji-han.

Of course, the main standby guild was a nurturing guild, but no matter how great the growth rate buff was, the player’s stats did not increase overnight.

‘It would be nice if I could improve my stats by just 2 or 3 per month… … .’

Lee Ha-yeon, who was looking at the stats of the players in the guild, could not hide her impatience.

Right now, I mainly upload videos to the guild channel.

In the end, in order to go to the original concept of a nurturing guild, we had to show that the guild members’ abilities were growing.

[Growth rate increases by 220 percent.]

‘this… … ‘It will be effective, right?’

Although the buff percentage was very high.

There was some anxiety about whether it would actually be effective, perhaps because other guilds had tried it but didn’t find it very interesting and gave up.

At that time, the door to the guild office opened and Yoon Se-ah came in.

“Master, I’m here!”

“Mr. Se-Ah. “Did you do well in the tutorial?”

Lee Ha-yeon welcomed her warmly.

“Hayeon, unni. Please speak comfortably~ We will see each other often now.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes~ hehe.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Se-ah sank into the chair with a tired look on her face.

“You look exhausted. “Hey.”

“Ugh. “I went crazy during the first tutorial.”

“In the tutorial?”

“yes. They say that if you exercise in games, you can see a greater growth rate effect. I just kept running until I reached 50th place… … .”

“okay? Where should I look? Sea. “You created a BattleTube channel, right?”

“yes. ah… … “I feel embarrassed for some reason.”

Lee Ha-yeon smiled and entered Yoon Se-ah’s Battle Tube channel.

Yoon Se-ah’s channel, which has few subscribers yet.

Lee Ha-yeon played her first game video there.

[omg… … omg… … .]

Clap. Clap.

The sound of iron armor hitting each other is heard regularly.

Yoon Se-ah was breathing heavily and kept running around.

[human! Stand there!]

The monsters in the Colosseum ran towards Yoon Se-ah.

Yoon Se-ah just continued to run in the arena, shaking off all pursuit.

A video with only heavy breathing and the sound of armor hitting each other.

Lee Ha-yeon felt fed up after seeing that.

“… … and. “You ran wearing that heavy armor?”

“yes. “It’s dangerous to just run.”

“How many minutes did you play? “It’s amazing, really.”

“Oh, don’t say anything. Did you really see the sky singing? It’s a shame that my stamina has increased by at least 1… … .”

“… … huh? what?”

Lee Ha-yeon, who had been listening to Yoon Se-ah’s lament, opened her eyes at the end.

What did he say just now?

“Sea. Say it again.”

“Is the sky yellow?”

“No, not that one! I mean physical strength. Did it really go up? already?”

“ah… … yes. look.”

In the status window shown by Yoon Se-ah, stamina 12 was clearly written.

“As expected, a guild buff. “It was effective, right?”

“… … Nonsense.”

Is this extraordinary growth due to Yoon Se-ah’s gift?

Anyway, the content of the nurturing guild.

It has already happened.

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