The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 69

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 69>

* * *

A huge amount of dark magic coming into Eclipse.

This was almost similar to the power wielded by the Constellation Shadow Queen.

‘It doesn’t have as much magical power as the main body, but it’s qualitatively similar… … .’

Ariel couldn’t believe it.

The shadow magic power handled by the constellation was a power specialized for ‘darkness’ among the magic energy divided into various branches.

‘Could it be that you saw Eclipse’s magic and copied it?’

But, that doesn’t mean… … .

The dark magic coming from Seong Ji-han’s body was purer than Eclipse’s dark magic.

How can this be?

While Ariel is confused by the incomprehensible situation.


The shadow sword that had turned into a whirlpool suddenly transformed into a huge tornado, sucking everything in front of the shield of light.

The light shield located right in front of the Archangel’s sword began to quickly collapse in front of the black whirlwind.

Flash! Flash!

The Archangel’s sword behind the barrier flashed light several times as if it was stubbornly trying to hold on.

Unlike when repelling the basic Chosik of Samjaemugeuk, the sword’s protection was of no use.

[The Archangel uses his secret move to prevent the humiliation of Sanctuary.]

[The Archangel’s sword is divided and strengthens the barrier.]


The huge Archangel’s sword behind the barrier split into two in an instant.

And, one was absorbed into the barrier that seemed ready to break at any moment.


The barrier of light that had been endlessly pushed aside by the dark spirit vortex was illuminated with a brilliant radiance.

Ariel saw that and sighed softly.

The Archangel’s trump card was truly powerful.

The dark vortex could no longer absorb the barrier.

[This is it… … It’s a pity that there is a lack of magical power.]

Ariel was surprised that she felt more regret.

The purity of the dark magic was so great that even though it was only for a moment, it was thought that it was used by a constellation.

This is because the amount of magical power was the problem.

Of course, it was an absurd amount of magical power by silver standards, but there was definitely a limit to surpassing the Archangel’s Sword.

We can no longer maintain this powerful vortex.

“Uh, the whirlpool… … !”

And just as she predicted, the size of the black vortex gradually decreased.

If you look at it from the outside, the superiority and inferiority of power is now revealed.

The angel camp players saw this and breathed a sigh of relief.

“As expected, a well barrier! reliable!”

“Let’s go back quickly. “If I die here, I’ll be stuffed.”

I thought I was going to die when I was pulled in by telekinesis, but I survived thanks to the protection of the Archangel’s sword.

The angel camp players try to quickly retreat when the sword protects them.

If I held on just a little longer, the base would be destroyed, so I couldn’t give a pentakill.


The black vortex got smaller and smaller.

The vortex, which had become smaller, coalesced into a new form.

The angel camp player who was taking a step back frowned.

“… … drill?”

Eclipse stretched out in a spiral.

Compared to the huge whirlpool that Seong Ji-han first used, it was a pitifully small size.


As the Eclipse slowly rotates, lightly touch the shield.


The side where the tip of the sword touches.

It was pierced in an instant.

“uh. uh… … .”

The open space is a very small area.

In terms of size, it would be about the size of a fingernail.


Once there was a hole in the protective shield.


Once again, the five players started to get sucked in as if they were being swept away by a storm.

“Ugh! I’m getting sucked in again!”

“Hold on! “Just hold on!”

The attractive force of the dark vortex.

Now that it has become smaller, it actually works more powerfully.

‘The vortex got smaller… … It wasn’t because I was weak!’


The Archangel’s Sword tried to somehow reflect the power of the Dark Soul Vortex, but instead it just ended up killing the players.


Between the absorbing power of the Dark Soul Vortex and the archangel’s sword trying to reflect it, the players were pulled to both sides.

The result was obvious.

They instantly turned into fragments and disappeared without even having a chance to utter a word.

Soon, a message appeared to all the players in the canyon.

[Penta kill!]

[Player Seong Ji-han achieved a pentakill!]

* * *

Seong Ji-han’s power created results that far exceeded viewers’ expectations.

A person who was a huge newbie when first starting out can produce results like this in just a few tens of minutes?

-WA!!! Penta!!!!

– Well Pentakill hahahahaha I’m crazy, really.

-Domhwangcha doesn’t work either.

The other player is also a player close to level 50.

Isn’t the game map also called Doomsday Canyon, which is used even in the Platinum League?

Nevertheless, Seong Ji-han crushed the game at level 30.

Just as Korean viewers felt, American viewers also had the same feelings., since when is it a single game? He eats it all by himself. game.

-Only the castle levels up.

-AF, pay more! Recruitment worth 500 million dollars!

-AF does not recruit. Even recruited a guild to the United States. how is it? A unique guild!

-Then who pays the money?

-The government.

When American First Guild proposed a contract deposit of $300 million, American viewers who thought it was excessive were now thinking that even that was not enough.

That’s right too.


[REGates sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[Player last name. Congratulations on gaining new strength.]

This is because Seong Ji-han, who is already strong, even showed a new power, the shadow ability.

Seong Ji-han’s new ability that can be used as a sword or as a summoned animal.

It seemed quite useful on, where the game became more complex and difficult as the league went up.


[REGates sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[I will send you a blank check. Please write your desired price.]

Robert Gates says it doesn’t matter how much the price is.

“Robert. Thank you for your support. “I will respond to this suggestion later.”

Let Seong Ji-han reply politely to Robert and end the broadcast.

Barron, American First’s top prospect, who was watching this video, threw down his drink.



BattleTube is automatically translated to suit the user.

I wasn’t interested in what Koreans were saying in the chat window of a popular English channel.

It was an even greater shock to Barron that Americans were so enthusiastic about Seong Ji-han and asked him to pay $500 million.

“shit… … .”

Before the TOP 100 game, you were the best among the prospects.

After he died so helplessly in that game, the public’s cheers were not as great as before.

And the cheers that had fallen were moving towards that guy.

“That thing… … I know I can’t do it… … ?”


Barron gritted his teeth.

What’s so difficult about going around the jungle and why it’s such a mess?


Just wipe out all the people who stay near the well, of course you can do it yourself.

“I’ll show you clearly that last game was just a mistake… … !”

gulp. gulp.

Barron drank the entire bottle of whiskey that was on the desk.

I walked to the Battlenet connector with a shaky body.

Seong Ji-han.

The way you did it… … .

I will conquer the canyon map much faster than you!

* * *

Barron was confident even before entering the game.


[Player Baron was killed in action.]

[You will be resurrected in 1 minute.]

However, the jungle monsters were stronger than expected.

“This can’t be happening…” … ! “It’s a mistake!”

[Player Baron was killed in action.]

[You will be resurrected in 1 minute.]

Let’s die once more to the jungle monster.

The team members who were observing Barron’s unexpected behavior did not stay still.

[Barron! Come to your senses!]

[What kind of jungling is this in Silver!]

“Tsk… … .”

It was Barron who ended up standing on the line due to the torch of his teammates.

As a wizard who uses the force, Barron showed off his powerful strength and led the team to victory in the game, taking first place in the overall score.


-Why did Barron go to the jungle?

-The castle went around the jungle and got a pentakill. I guess you saw that broadcast.

-Oh… Castle is possible, but Barron is impossible?

-No way! I can’t believe it. I need to watch that broadcast.

The chat window of Barron’s channel was already burning with Seong Ji-han’s story.

After hearing the story of him conquering the jungle and getting a pentakill, all of Barron’s viewers left the channel to watch Sung Ji-han’s video.


Baron, who came out of the connector, let out a roar full of anger.

Dying twice to jungle monsters.

What humiliation is this!

“Damn, damn… … !”

Barron swore and glared at the whiskey on the desk.


The reason I died was because I drank and played games.

If it weren’t for this whiskey… … !


Barron broke a bottle of alcohol and grunted for a while.

* * *

[Hidden quest, ‘Pentakill’ has been cleared.]

[You have earned 10,000 achievement points.]

[Hidden quest, ‘Pentakill in the Haven’ has been cleared.]

[20,000 achievement points have been earned.]

‘For a first invasion, it was a good harvest.’

Seong Ji-han, who came out of the game, smiled at the feast of rewards pouring in.

The points earned through this achievement were more than the 20,000 points that were the reward for the linked quest, ‘Traces of the Apostle (1)’.

Even though it was a hidden quest achievement that was given only once, I was very satisfied if it gave me 30,000.

[I took first place in the Invade game.]

[Your level has increased by 1.]

[As a 1st place reward, the increase in experience and GP acquisition increases by 50%.]

[Obtain 15,000 GP.]

The game result was of course 1st place.

Seong Ji-han saw his level increase in one game, and his eyes lit up.

Now that I’m level 30, I never thought my level would rise so quickly.

‘The title is the same, the guild is the same. There are various experience boosts, so I can really feel it.’

If this growth rate continues, they could aim for gold promotion in September.

[Acquire the Archangel’s Sword Fragment.]

[This is a quest item. It is automatically stored in your inventory.]

Perhaps because the Archangel’s Sword penetrated the barrier just a little bit, the target fragment was automatically placed in the inventory.

The first game was extremely successful.


At that time, Ariel peeked out from Seong Ji-han’s left arm.

“Lower races.”

“Lower race? “When did I go up?”

No, when did you move up from the lowest level?

Seong Ji-han laughed as if it was absurd.

Ariel’s voice was serious.

“That power from earlier. “What on earth was that?”

“What, Amyoungshingyeol?”

“okay. The magic power was very similar to that of the main body. Among the demonic energy, black magic that purifies only darkness… … “The wavelength of magic power is almost the same.”

“This is similar to the Shadow Queen’s power?”

Seong Ji-han tilted his head as if this was the first time he had heard this.


It is one of the three branches of nameless magic, and is a martial art that deals with the energy of darkness.

Just as the name suggests that it is the salvation of the dark spirit, the power related to shadows may also be related.

I didn’t know it was related to the constellation Shadow Queen.

“I don’t understand either.”

“How did you get that power?”

“I can’t tell you the details.”

How can I say that I learned something in my last life?

When Seong Ji-han seemed unwilling to answer, Ariel bit her lip and said.

“Lower races. I will officially recognize you as my master. Instead, I would like you to answer just one thing.”


“Is that power possibly related to the Wandering Martial God?”

It was a question asked with almost certainty.

‘I guess I can answer this much.’

Seong Ji-han nodded calmly.

“I guess so… … .”

Ariel was convinced by his affirmation on her own.

“Do you have any guesses?”

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