The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 67

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 67>

* * *

Jungle in the canyon map.

The place did not fit the name jungle, but had the appearance of an ordinary forest.

Plus, the forest path was well laid out and the path itself was flat, so it felt like a perfect walk in a park.

The problem was that there were huge monsters everywhere, so a silver player whose maximum level was only 50 could not dare pass by.

“Krrrrr… … !”

As soon as he entered the jungle area, a giant two-headed wolf greeted Seong Ji-han.

The giant wolf, which was 3 meters tall, attacked Seong Ji-han as soon as it saw him.

It was the ‘two-headed wolf’, one of the weakest among jungle monsters.

Since the level was also 65, originally, at least three party members would have had to work together to catch it… … .

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill


Taishan tack tack tack

As the Phoenix City split vertically, the huge body of the running wolf was split in half.

It was a meaningless ending, different from the ferocious force that seemed to bite and kill anyone.


Shoooooo… … .

Gray smoke spewed out from the two-headed wolf’s corpse and was sucked into Seong Ji-han’s body.

[Absorbs the energy of the two-headed wolf.]

[All abilities are strengthened by 5%.]

Ability-boosting blessings from jungle monsters.

The level of ability enhancement varied depending on the level of the jungle monster, but at least 5% was guaranteed.

So, if you were fast at catching jungle monsters, you could stack the buff faster than catching 50 minions.

[You have cleared the ‘Silver League Jungler (1)’ achievement.]

[Get 1,000 achievement points.]

‘1,000… … ‘It’s salty.’

The reason why the achievement has the modifier ‘Silver League’ is because it is originally a level of difficulty that Silver cannot achieve on its own.

‘First, let’s quickly clear out our jungle.’

Nameless divine skill, unnamed divine skill

Step method

Seomcheonroebo (閃天雷步)

Seong Ji-han’s body turns into a bolt of lightning and disappears.

The jungle between the mid lane and top lane began to clear out quickly.

-All in one shot.

-Ah, why isn’t he running in the jungle? The buff is copied haha. -Maybe he’s actually hiding his power? Actually, isn’t it a face-off Plena Diamond?

-Yes~ Humans themselves are strong~

-Anyway, is Seong Ji-han going to have the jungle all to himself from now on?

-Exclusive shit lol

Seong Ji-han’s Jungle Broadcast.

The screen rotated so quickly that it was mind-boggling for viewers.

While moving at high speed through the forest.


When a monster suddenly pops out, the phoenix city moves once.


Then, none of the monsters could withstand the blow and dedicated the buff to Seong Ji-han.

After getting the buff, Seong Ji-han moves at high speed with Seomcheonreobo again.

In less than a few minutes, the five jungle monsters located in the northwest jungle area were completely destroyed.

There is still time left until the monster respawns.

‘Now I have to get a kill.’

Before going to another jungle area, I needed to get the first kill as well.

On the tower side, enemy players were hiding closely in the tower.

In the mid or bot lane, they will still maintain the front line and fight fiercely.

‘There is no support as effective as a quick surprise attack.’

When Seong Ji-han thought so and tried to raid the mid lane closest to the jungle.

[First kill achieved.]

[Achievement points increase by 100.]

A message suddenly appeared saying that he had achieved the first kill.

“… … ?”

While in the jungle, I didn’t even see any enemy players.

A sudden kill?

‘no way… … .’

Seong Ji-han thought of Ariel, whom he had summoned.

* * *

Top line.

After Seong Ji-han left, the female warrior, who was left with the small dark elf he left behind, strengthened her resolve.

‘Jihan’s summoned beast won’t be that strong. I have to play my role well.’

Coincidentally, the team over there seemed to think the same thing, as the two players who lived near the tower were secretly entering the battlefield with their angel minions.

“Oh~ Mr… … “Why is this holy guy so strong?”

“It’s at the level of a shit game. “There really is no such thing as balance.”

“Tsk… … “Let’s just shut up and push quickly while he’s away.”

The durability of the angel camp tower had already been cut by half, so it had to be balanced somehow while Seong Ji-han was away.

Thinking so, the two players went on an active offensive.

“Nul! be careful!!!”

“The lowest species. “Did you really tell me to be careful?”

“uh? You also speak Korean. that’s right. Careful. “Don’t be too far ahead, stay back a little.”

“ha… … .”

Ariel sighed at the female warrior’s worry.

I can’t believe that I, the alter ego of a constellation, have caused concern among the lowest species… … .

It was a humiliating situation.

Rather than running away from the approaching angel minion army, Ariel faced it.

I walked towards it and stretched out my hand.

“Get up. “Shadow.”

Then, the angel minion’s shadow began to wriggle and transform.

Soon, just like at the end of TOP 100, the shadow on the head turned into a small sword and stabbed the angel minion in the back.


A shadow sword that sticks into the minion’s back.

However, the angels paid no heed and just kept moving forward.

That’s right too.

“The sword… … “Is it too small?”

This is because the size of the shadow sword was as small as a human finger.

“Ugh, it’s because I don’t have enough strength left!”

“Isn’t it because they used all 10 of them? “We deal with them one by one.”

“… … i get it.”

It’s even more humiliating!

However, the female warrior’s words were correct.

Now that the energy is high, it is time for choice and concentration.

Ariel obediently followed the female warrior’s advice and began to subdue the enemies one by one.

The enemy players who saw this increased their vigilance.

“That one seems pretty strong.”

“You saw it on TV too. It’s not really a joke. “Keep checking your shadow just in case.”

The line battle that proceeded like that was tense in the beginning.

In the beginning, that is.

And, some time passed.

“I. Mr. Null… … “Your body has grown bigger?”

“The lower races that went to the jungle became stronger.”

As Seong Ji-han caught jungle monsters and gained buffs, Ariel was also affected by it.

At the same time, the number of shadow swords suppressing minions increased by one more.

“omg. That summon… … “It’s getting stronger?”

“I need to catch him quickly first.”

“… … agree. “If that thing gets stronger, it won’t be able to handle the line.”

Enemy players became alarmed by Ariel’s growth and decided to eliminate her first.

The two pretended to argue with the minions for a while.


The enemy wizard suddenly threw a fire spell at Ariel.

“hmm… … !”

Ariel quickly tried to escape.


Before that, the enemy warrior used the rush skill and approached Ariel first.


And then the subsequent shield push.

It was a warrior combo that unfolded in an instant.

The wizard’s fireball flies towards Ariel, who is incapacitated due to the effect of the shield push.


Ariel’s form was torn to pieces and fell to the ground.


It was easier than I thought.

The warrior and wizard sighed in relief when they saw the shattered dark elf.

‘I was so absorbed in it that I almost got pushed to no end.’

It was fortunate that it was dealt with quickly in advance.


It was just an illusion on the part of the two.


“… … what.”

Before I knew it, a black sword was deeply embedded in the warrior’s chest.

The armor he was wearing just passed by.

A sword that pierced only the heart area.

“Uh, how… … .”


The warrior’s body fell to the ground and disappeared into smoke.


The shadow wriggled on the spot, and Ariel with an expressionless face appeared.

“If you really get your heart pierced, you die. After all, you… … “They are the lowest species.”

This race.

Did you say human?

It is a fragile creature with many weaknesses.

‘As expected, the main body made a wrong choice.’

When Seong Ji-han perfectly handled Eclipse earlier, I wondered if she had made the right choice.

‘No matter how talented you are, your fundamentals are so poor… … .’

If you start at the lowest level, no matter how much you upgrade your grade, when will you get to the highest level?

Ariel thought that the main body had made a mistake.

‘however… … ‘What is this phenomenon?’

Ariel looked at her body.

In fact, Ariel had suffered some damage due to the passing of enemy players.

Therefore, I thought that the size of the body would decrease, but strangely, there was no significant impact.

No, as time goes by.

“Lord Null… … “You’ve gotten bigger, huh?”

In fact, his body was growing bigger than it originally was.

In addition, it was supposed to be reverse summoned after 7 minutes, but there was no sign of that happening at all.

hooked! hooked!

I can now handle more than three shadow swords.

“and. Really what. Why are summoned beasts so strong? Really crazy game… … !”

Even wizards who tried to run away can now be easily sent back to the base.

“uh… … “Are we going to push the tower alone?”

The female warrior gaped her mouth in astonishment when she saw even the enemy wizard disappear.

Seong Ji-han’s strength may be due to giving in 100 times.

But is it okay to count summons like this?

“Then let’s push.”


The female warrior nodded and quietly watched the minions rush from behind.

Ariel tilted her head as she looked like an onlooker.

“What are you doing? Don’t you hit me?”

“It’s a melee weapon, so if you hit it from close, it will die.”


When the female warrior pointed to the beam of light emanating from the tower, Ariel narrowed her eyes.

“… … I’m proud. “The lowest species.”

However, Ariel also did not approach the tower.

* * *


[You have cleared the ‘Silver League Jungler (2)’ achievement.]

[You gain 2,000 achievement points.]

Seong Ji-han had gone all the way to the southwestern part of the jungle of the demon camp and was crossing the stream located in the center of the canyon map.

‘If I wipe out all the angel camp jungle monsters, a hidden achievement will definitely appear.’

Catching all the jungle monsters on the map is possible because the Silver League does not use junglers.

Jihan Seong thought that there must be a hidden quest related to this.

And his prediction was correct.

[Hidden quest, ‘First Conquest of the Jungle’ has been cleared.]

[You will receive 10,000 achievement points.]

By killing all the jungle monsters in the angel camp, I easily received 10,000 achievement points.

‘good. I guess I’ll have to go finish the game now.’

Now there will be no more achievements to complete in the jungle.

Seong Ji-han was thinking of going to the top line he was originally assigned to clear the game, but then turned his attention to the other line.

‘It seems like Ariel is doing well. He needs to push the midfield side.’

Seongjihan comes out of the jungle and follows the northern stream all the way down to the center.

When we reached the middle of the stream, we saw a steep valley to our left.

At the bottom of the valley, purple-colored water pooled like a lake.

‘In the canyon maps of the higher leagues, boss monsters appeared there.’

Was his name Count Nasheed?

When Seong Ji-han, who had been looking at the puddle for a moment, turned his gaze to go to the mid lane again.

[Linked quest, Trace of the Apostle (1) has been opened.]

A quest suddenly came to mind.

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