The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 66

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 66>

* * *

[You have been summoned to the Canyon of the End.]

[You are from the devil camp.]

[Help the devil and take over the angel camp.]

The Canyon of the End was the most basic map of the Invade mission.

The content of the game is relatively simple.

Angels and devils, two camps separated by a river.

Five players invade each other’s camp through three attack routes: top, mid, and bottom.

There were several strategies to use on this map.

In the Silver League, it was standard to place two players in the top line, one in the mid line, and two players in the bottom line.

Flashing. Flashing.

Seong Ji-han first stood at the demon camp’s base (by the well where the lava swirled), and the four players who were summoned subsequently saw him and were frightened.

“Oops, one of our party members has split… … what?”

“huh? no way… … Seong Ji-han?”

“no. what! “Didn’t you become silver this month?”

The viewers’ reactions were not much different from those of the party members.

-??????Isn’t this the first Silver League game?

-Is that correct? Is there something wrong?

-Is the composition of the party members true? We are the opposite sex guild promotion preparation team!!!

-47, 48, 49, 48… … The average level is 48 haha.

-Level 25 tag matches with Gold (Jin) haha.

The opposite sex guild’s promotion preparation team is a party made up of only the best members of the guild in order to reach level 50, the gold promotion level.

But how can a player who just made it to Silver match up with them?

Seong Ji-han quietly watched the chat and pointed out the error.

“I’m level 30. “I won and went up 5 levels.”

-Wow, if you won the TOP 100, you started at level 30??

-LOL How do we know that?


-Still, it’s a bit odd that level 30 matches level 48.

“Before, being a level 50 warrior wasn’t a big deal, right?”

-Oh, that’s right.

-Daehan Ilbo He?

-It was even bronze back then haha.

-That’s right!!! The matching system is wrong!!! They should have added it to level 50 lol – they aren’t playing the game because they are preparing for the promotion match.

When Seong Ji-han was having a brief conversation with viewers.

“I… … hello.”

The player who was the leader of the summoned guild team of the opposite sex approached.

“I wonder if… … Which line do you plan on going?”

Even though his level is much lower than his, he has a cautious attitude.

Since Seong Ji-han was a hot topic in the public eye, he could not be treated lightly.

“What about blank lines?”

“ah. Mage is empty among the top lane duo.”

“Top line duo? Oh, is there no jungler?”


In addition to the three attack lanes, a position that operates the game in a neutral area called the jungle.

In response to Seong Ji-han’s question, the opposite sex guild party members looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

“yes. This is the Silver League… … .”

“Jungle monsters are difficult at Silver level.”

“… … Oh yeah?”

“yes. “Jungling is possible only when you are at least level 70 Gold.”

-You seem like a newbie to the sacred canyon.

-Mites!!! Silver can’t even jungle?

-What kind of jungle ring is Silver? Hahaha. The jungle mob level is at least 65. -That’s right. Silver should just follow the minions around.

Seong Ji-han’s eyes sparkled as he checked the chat.

Is the jungle area that difficult in Silver League?

‘The jungle smells of achievement.’

The achievement points that were accumulated up to 200,000 now only have 1,200 left.

Now it was time to diligently collect again.

Just thinking about the achievement points makes me want to run straight to the jungle… … .

‘For now, let’s get used to it and work together as a team player.’

It was a choice that killed two birds with one stone as it also helped to improve the public image.

“All right. “Then let’s go to the tower.”

“Oh, would you please?”

Fortunately, when Seong Ji-han obediently said that he would take the vacant position, the team leader’s face lit up.

* * *

“Jihan! “I was moved after watching the TOP 100 games.”

The female warrior assigned to the top line like Seong Ji-han had an active personality.

“I never dreamed that Korea would come out first! How many times have you watched the video? I wanted to sign up for Donedo as a subscriber, but the minimum price was too high… … lol.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“So, let me give you some tips for the canyon… … ruler. first!”

The upper main street leading to the top line.

The female warrior pointed to ten half-human-sized demons walking at the front of the road.

A skinny, red-skinned devil holding a trident or a staff.

It was an imp that ranked lowest among the demon species.

“ruler. look. Those little devils. They call those little idiots minions, right? “Angel or devil camp.”

“I know that.”

“Only in the higher leagues can they easily slaughter minions, but here in Silver, they are so powerful that even they are level 50. “Don’t fight the minions alone, but make sure to keep pace with your allies and subdue them.”

At the same time, it was a female warrior who kindly explained each and every detail as if explaining the game to a beginner.

It seemed like such a shock when they first asked if there was a jungler.

“… … Even if we die, we are resurrected 1 minute later. “If we are not on the line, the front line will be pushed back little by little, so we must try not to die.”

-Why is he giving so much explanation lol?

-You asked if there was a jungler and you personally told me about Silver’s mindset lol – ㄹㅇim Silver = You should think of him as a rather strong minion.

It only took 5 minutes to walk to the front line of the top lane.

During that short period of time, the female warrior constantly instilled Silver’s mindset into Seong Ji-han.

Keep pace with your minions.

Do not try to fight enemy troops alone.

Never go into the jungle… … .

In conclusion, the message was to just calmly hold on to the minion unit and the line instead of stepping forward.

Seong Ji-han answered simply.

“All right. “In the end, if I don’t die, it’s okay, right?”

“Yeah, right?”

“It’s easy.”

Seong Ji-han looked at the front line.

visor! visor!

On the front line, the imp troops from the devil camp and the small angels from the angel camp were fighting each other.

Angels wearing pure white robes with their faces hidden in darkness.

Although both were small, only half the size of a human, their battle with each other was fierce.

bang! bang!

When the five wizard minions forming the back row attacked each other’s warrior minions, a fairly powerful explosion erupted.

The female warrior, who had been watching closely while covering herself with a shield, turned her head towards Seong Ji-han when the explosion stopped.

“ruler. The Explosion is over. Jihan~ Well then, be careful… … What?”


Before the female warrior could finish speaking, Seong Ji-han suddenly ran away.

“Joe, you have to be careful!”

The female warrior was scared and tried to follow Seong Ji-han.

‘How so fast?!’

Before he knew it, he had reached the front line where the fight was fierce.


Suuuuu… …

A shadow dwells on Seong Ji-han’s left arm.

“The sword.”

The shadow soon completely engulfed his hand and placed a sword in his hand.

An ominously black, dark sword.


Shadow Sword Eclipse.

Although it seemed light in weight, it was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

Although it looked like a perfect sword, it seemed like it would melt at any moment and lose its shape.

I’ve handled countless pieces of equipment, but I’ve never had a weapon that I couldn’t control as much as this.

[This is why I asked you to take a picture of the sword.]

Ariel’s point was heard from Eclipse.

How could the lowest race dare to deal with Eclipse without investing in sword fighting stats?

You won’t be able to swing it properly.

Anyway, you have to see it to find out.

Ariel thought so.

“It’s useful in some way.”

Seong Ji-han, who was looking at the sword, let out a soft word.


The melting shadow instantly took the shape of a sword.

[Ugh… … ?!]

Ariel could not understand this phenomenon at all.

[How can the lowest species… … .]

Are you already controlling the Shadow Sword properly?

no. I’m just holding the sword that is about to collapse.

Complete control will not be possible.

However, her expectations were completely wrong this time.


As the shadow sword cut through the air, a ray of sword energy spread out from the sword’s trajectory and passed by the enemy minions.


Shoooooo… … !

The movements of the angels who were fiercely fighting against the demons suddenly stopped, and their upper and lower bodies suddenly separated, turning into smoke and disappearing.

[…] … .]

It was a perfect release of sword energy.

Ariel was left speechless by Seong Ji-han’s ability to annihilate the angel minions even though she had not invested in her sword fighting stats at all.

‘To handle Eclipse, your sword skills must be at least 40… … .’

Seong Ji-han was easily making up for his lack of stats by using magical power of a different order.

‘Is this why the main body invested in that guy?’

Ariel has been dissatisfied for some time, wondering if the main body is overinvesting in Seong Ji-han.

They did not understand why Seong Ji-han’s words, ‘Musin’, were so important.

However, at this moment, her choice seemed to make sense.

[…] … It hurts a bit. Lower race.]

She raised Seong Ji-han’s evaluation from lowest to lowest.

* * *

The female warrior was looking in disbelief at the scene unfolding before her eyes.


Every time Seong Ji-han swung his sword, the angels’ bodies were torn apart.

No one could block the blow.

‘Gwae, I gave you advice for no reason… … .’

The female warrior’s face turned red with shame.

Of course, you did it with good intentions, but you’re advising such a strong player not to step forward.

Thinking that viewers of a popular channel saw that, I was sold for no reason.

Naturally, the viewers’ reaction was far from the female warrior’s concerns.

-ㅁㅊHe just kills the shit all by himself.

-You can’t even get out of the opponent’s tower lol.

-Has the tower already been destroyed by half?

-They are going to cry;;ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

The game on the top lane was going one-sided.

The angel camp’s minions were busy annihilating every single one on the front lines.

The demon camp’s minion troops conserved their full strength and rushed into the defense tower that served as the enemy’s first line of defense.


A defense tower of the angel camp that emits pure white rays.

That beam, which had a guidance function, was powerful enough to kill instantly if hit once.

There is a delay where it fires once every 3 seconds.

The more allies survived, the more damage could be inflicted on the tower.

“Stop, stop!”

“You can’t be pushed back already… … !”

The two players on the enemy side did not even think about leaving the tower, and were only focused on catching minions along the tower.

At the Silver level, it was not easy to quickly clear out the minions, so the tower was already half destroyed.

-But Seong Ji-han doesn’t hit the tower.

-In Silver, melee characters do not hit towers. If you’re unlucky and hit by the tower’s death beam, you’ll die instantly – but he’s not at Silver level. Isn’t it okay to hit him?

-Where is the silver that can annihilate minions in one shot?

-I know? Then why don’t you do it!!!!

Viewers were puzzled when they saw Seong Ji-han not attacking the tower directly.

If he is far beyond the Silver level, I think he will be able to inflict sufficient damage to the tower.

Of course, Seong Ji-han had a plan.

[Suppressed 50 minions. The demon god recognizes your merits and gives you a blessing.]

[All abilities are strengthened by 20%.]

‘That’s it.’

In the canyon map, a blessing is given every time you kill 50 minions.

The blessing was a huge buff that strengthened abilities by 20% at a time.

Seong Ji-han felt his body become even lighter and placed Eclipse on the ground.

At this level, I should be able to summon it.

“Ariel. Be present.”


Then the shadow sword Eclipse turned into black energy and came together.

Soon, a small dark elf whose height was only up to Seong Ji-han’s knees appeared.

“Why did you call me?”

“How long does the incarnation last? Assuming I’m far away and can’t supply mana.”

“3 minutes. But thanks to the gift, it is possible up to 7 minutes.”

The moon shadow effect is quite useful.

Seong Ji-han nodded and continued asking Ariel questions.

“You can participate in the battle, right?”

“It’s natural.”

“Good. “Then let’s fight here.”

“… … you?”

In response to Ariel’s question, Seong Ji-han grinned and pointed to the forest with his finger.

“I have to jungle.”

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