The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 61

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 61>

* * *


“this… … “You crazy bastard!!!” Administrator’s Office.

Namtae Kim threw the glass cup.

‘How can things change so much overnight? … !’

He looked at the title of the article that appeared on the main page of the portal site with trembling eyes.

[Seong Ji-han’s shocking confession!

“I could go to the US or Japan… … .”


[The ugly cartel between the Daehan Ilbo and the management bureau revealed in the transcript!]

[Sung Ji-han, who was offered “300 billion” by American First, will he leave like this?]

[Seong Ji-han gave an ultimatum, ‘I want to be Korean!’]

[Yoon Se-ah’s world’s first growth gift, what is hyperchronicity?]

Because Seong Ji-han threw away all the recordings and videos.

Various media outlets were making headlines about yesterday’s events, as if competing to see who could write the more provocative title.

“this. This bastard… … On the subject of silver… … !!”

American first.

The world’s best guild paid 300 billion won in down payment alone.

The contract amount is the most objective standard for evaluating the value of a player.

The entire nation became aware of that enormous amount and how great the value of Seongjihan was.



“I kept telling you not to call me!”

Kim Nam-tae, who was having a hard time being harassed by reporters, screamed as if to vent his anger.


[Director of Management. This is the Office of Senior Secretary to the President for Civil Affairs.]

Soon a cold voice settled in his ears.

Office of Senior Secretary for Civil Affairs, Blue House.

The call came from the secretariat, the most powerful person in the government.

“ah. crime… … sorry!”

[VIP does not want this incident to spread further.]

“Well, that…” … .”

[Please end things amicably with Seong Ji-han.]

“Si, are you telling me to bend over to Silver and go in?”

Kim Nam-tae complained as if he felt unfairly treated.

[Or would you rather take the job?]

The answer was nothing short of cold.

After the Sword King’s naturalization to Japan.

As public opinion toward the government worsens, a conflict arises between Seong Ji-han, who can be said to be the best prospect, and the head of the management department?

I couldn’t continue to show this bad attitude.

Kim Nam-tae, who was once a politician, felt a chill down his spine when he realized the intention.

“… … All right.”

[And award excellence awards and commendations without conditions.]

“I will do as you say…” … .”

[please. Director of Management.]


“… … .”

Kim Nam-tae looked at the receiver with blank eyes.

‘I… … ‘I need to apologize?’


I admit that this guy is a promising player.

But isn’t it still silver?

To a guy like that, someone as high as the director of management would apologize in front of the entire nation.

‘It wouldn’t be unfair if I hit you… … !’

Wasn’t he the one who got hit while trying to spray the juice?

Except for my luck with Daehan Ilbo… … Was there something so wrong?

Kim Nam-tae was so frustrated and unfair that he was going crazy.

Likewise, the same thing was frustrating and unfair for the Daehan Ilbo.

* * *

Daehan Ilbo office building chairman’s office.

Kim Hee-soo, who was called there, stood with her head down like a criminal.

“Kim Hee-su.”

“yes. grandfather… … .”

“Are you a journalist?”

“… … no.”

“But why do you go out of your way to cause trouble like this?”


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The chairman of the Daehan Ilbo, an old man in his 70s, glared at Kim Hee-soo with sad eyes.

“We are the best media company in Korea. “It means that we should be swayed by public opinion, not in a position to be swayed by it.”

“… … .”

“okay. If Seong Ji-han had sent the article before it became popular, there would have been room for extenuating circumstances. However, even after watching with both eyes wide open as it was featured in the media, they published an article like this!”


The chairman of Daehan Ilbo’s face turned red and he slammed his fist on the desk.

“I know, even as a person in my 70s. “ players have become the center of the world!”

“Well, that…” … .”

“Sports has been integrated into In addition, their role in security is not small. How important the player’s role is… … “Don’t you, who attend Battlenet Academy, know better?”

Kim Hee-su could not raise his head in response to his grandfather’s criticism.

Public opinion, which had completely changed in just one day, was pouring out heated criticism towards the Daehan Ilbo and the director of the management bureau.

Just trying to get that scoop, I wonder how much damage was caused to Daehan Ilbo.

‘I never thought Seong Ji-han would come out like this… … !’

Seong Ji-han was not just a player with strong abilities.

He knew exactly where he was and knew how to influence public opinion.

On his channel, which has already surpassed 500,000 subscribers, didn’t he openly promote a public opinion war among the public?

‘… … ‘The threat of going to America if I don’t get a suit was very painful.’


That has been a word suitable for the family that owns Daehan Ilbo or the management director.

I couldn’t even imagine being defeated by a player who was only silver.

“Kim Hee-su. “This is a problem you caused, so solve it on your own.”

“Well, I was going to do that too… … I’m not receiving any calls… … .”

“If you don’t hear from me, I’ll have to go to you in person and get down on my knees and beg you!”

The chairman of Daehan Ilbo growled and crumpled the newspaper on his desk.

“Take Kim In-sik with you and make sure he apologizes.”

“Oh, you still have the cast on?”

“Good. Then maybe you can look at me out of pity.”

“… … .”

Kim Hee-su was speechless.

The chairman was cold even to his grandson who had a broken leg.

“Take care of it within a week. If there is any further damage to the company, I will not stand still.”

Kim Hee-su’s eyes became dark.

* * *

Penthouse of Sword Palace.

“Seong Ji-han… … I… … The director said he feels fully responsible for the discord that occurred last time… … “He asked me to tell you.”

Manager Park Yun-sik came back and delivered the director’s apology on his behalf.

“And they say the commendation ceremony will proceed as scheduled. I hope you will attend and make the event a success… … .”

As Manager Park Yun-sik spoke cautiously, Seong Ji-han chuckled.

‘As expected.’

There is no way that person would come and apologize in person for something like this.

He must have been seething inside because he was upset that he had made a subordinate apologize to him even though it wasn’t even an apology.

“What I want is a formal apology. “The person involved comes in person, bows his head and apologizes, and then reveals his position to the media.”

“Well, that…” … .”

“If that is not done first, I will not receive a commendation. “I don’t really want to take what the administration gives me.”

“ah… … .”

“Well, now I have to create a guild.”

“Well, for the creation of a guild! Our bureau can also help. This matter has been resolved amicably and the Management Bureau has been established… … !”

“are you okay. You can do it at home as well. I feel sorry for the manager… … “I would like you to go back now.”

“… … .”

Seong Ji-han dismissed Manager Park Yun-sik, whose face was the color of dirt.

In fact, I didn’t have any feelings about the management director or the Daehan Ilbo after yesterday.

Normally, I would have just accepted this apology.

‘But I need this opportunity to show you that you will be tired if you touch me carelessly.’

They were an example.

An example to show what happens if you mess with yourself.

Therefore, even if Kim Nam-tae came to apologize in person today, he would not have accepted it right away.

You will have to suffer from public opinion for a few days to realize something.

‘Leave this matter aside. What’s important now is opening a guild.’

Seong Ji-han clicked on the ‘Create a guild’ option that had been activated since becoming Silver.

[Do you want to open a guild?]

[To create a guild, 10 million GP is required.]

The cost to create a guild is KRW 10 billion.

The cost was so enormous that Seong Ji-han had to invest all the money he earned from betting.

‘If we get help from the administration, we can get funding here… but… … .’

Government support is not free.

If GP support was received to open a guild, the government required a certain portion of the guild’s shares.

At first, I felt comfortable just using my own money rather than giving shares to save some money.

Seong Ji-han boldly paid the GP and proceeded with the next process.

[Please select a name for your guild.]

“It’s the name of the guild.”

Seong Ji-han remembered the reason for opening the guild.

The purpose of creating a guild this time was, first, to obtain achievement points by completing guild-related achievement quests.

Second, it was to create a ‘training-type guild’, a concept that had not even been established at the time of the tutorial.

‘Like the American First 2nd Guild.’

The need for this kind of nurturing guild will gradually decrease once Seong Ji-han and Yoon Se-ah’s growth reaches a certain limit.

And when the guild’s usefulness runs out, it will be the moment when Yoon Se-ah’s great prosperity is completed.

“atmosphere. “The guild name will be ‘Standby’.”

So Seong Ji-han named the guild Daegi Daegi, the completion of Daegi Manseong.

[A guild has been opened. Guild grade is silver.]

[A guild has been opened.]

[You have cleared the special achievement, ‘Opening a Guild’.]

[You will receive 10,000 achievement points as a reward.]


As soon as it was opened, achievement points were received in line with the first purpose.

Even 10,000 seemed small, perhaps because I had recently beaten 50,000 achievements in succession, but in fact, even that was a difficult point to obtain.

If you complete guild-related achievements a few more times in the future, you can expect additional achievement points.

[Distribute guild points.]

[The points that can be distributed are 10 points.]

And the second purpose.

There is still guild point distribution left to go to the ‘training guild’.

Guild personnel expansion (1/10) – LV.1

Ability score increase (all stats +1) – LV.1

Increased growth rate (+10 percent) – LV.1

Originally, the first item for existing guilds to invest points in was ‘expanding guild personnel.’

Once the number of people increased, the guild could expand and grow.

‘There is no need for this.’

However, Seong Ji-han, who was planning to make the guild a ‘small elite training type’, had no intention of investing points in expanding the number of people.

‘The most important thing in a training-type guild is increased growth rate.’

Although increasing all stats was an essential option to overcome’s competition, the most important thing in a fostering guild was the ‘growth rate’.

A growth rate increase option that allows you to grow your stats and skills through training without investing points.

This option does not have a noticeable effect compared to the personnel expansion and ability increase options, so it did not receive much attention during the tutorial season… … .

‘During the time of the final 10 kingdoms, most guilds created second-tier guilds and operated training-type guilds.’

After the tutorial ended, humanity continued to fall into an abyss and struggled to overcome it somehow.

As the know-how for operating a nurturing guild has developed, the option to increase growth rate has been re-evaluated.

And Seong Ji-han knew this knowledge very well.

‘This option alone is not very effective.’

In order to become a nurturing guild, another element was needed to boost this growth rate increase.

‘Supporting gift.’

The guild master of the American First 2nd guild was Zero, who had the supporting gift-training.

That was the only reason why an immigrant from a ruined Korea who could not show his face rose to the position of guild master.

Seong Ji-han took out his cell phone and searched for Lee Ha-yeon in his contacts.

‘Although I didn’t know she was the daughter of a chaebol family… … .’

Still, it helped me make some money during this TOP 100 match.

I’m sure they will listen favorably to your proposal to some extent.

Seong Ji-han, who naturally thought Lee Ha-yeon had made money, called.

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