The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 60

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 60>

* * *

Robert Edward Gates.

He was the second son of the Gates family, the ‘owners’ of American First.

‘I had no idea American First would contact me so openly.’ guilds had the characteristic of being able to divide owners and operators like a stock company.

In the case of a typical guild, the guild master acts as the owner of the guild.

Among large guilds like American First, there were cases where the guild master and owner did not match.

In order to do that, a big decision is needed from the ‘owner’.

-To become the world’s number one guild, you must give the guild master position to the best player.

-The Gates family will show its best faith for the best results.

This was the philosophy of the Gates family, which ruled the American First Guild.

The method of carrying out that philosophy was simple but effective.

Recruiting a large number of outstanding players with the power of astronomical amounts of money.

Among them, the position of guild master is given to the player with the most ability.

And after two years, the ability will be re-verified to decide whether to maintain or change the guild master.

‘Later, Barron, who had unrivaled abilities, went on to become the guild master.’

So, in the final period of humanity when the final 10 countries remained, Barron was seen as the owner and guild master of American First.

Even at that time, the actual owners of the guild were the Gates family.

‘And Robert is the head of the scouting team who only contacts the best players.’

In the sponsorship message, he talked about himself as just a scout, but in reality, his status was one of power within the guild.

In particular, it can be said that there are no limits when it comes to spending money.

“Thank you for your support. Mr. Gates. It’s a message box… … I don’t usually keep it open, but since you sponsored the GP with such a large amount of money, it seems like it’s the right thing to do to keep it open. However, is it okay to reveal the contents of the message on air?”

As soon as Seong Ji-han finished saying that he would reveal the recruitment proposal on the air, another sponsorship arrived.

however… … .


[REGates sponsored 1,000,000 GP.]

[of course. Rather, I would like to ask you to make it public.]

[1,000,000 GP was sponsored.]

[General achievement, ‘Reliable support. (2)’ cleared.]

[You will receive 5,000 achievement points as a reward.]

The number of sponsorship positions was different.

Panic comments poured in from viewers.

-for a moment. Somehow the number got longer. I think there’s an extra 0 added?

-1 billion

-ㅁㅊㅊㅊㅊㅊ This is Cheonjo-guk Class.

-??? : Are you trying to buy my message box with money?

-It was too much money to scold…

-Holy fuck! Did the American First Guild have a lot of fucking money!

-of course. The Gates family is the number one guild in America.

-ㅇㅇThe Gates family is the world’s 1st, 2nd, and 5th richest people. Jjinitz is right ㄷㄷㄷ

Overwhelming scale.

However, Seong Ji-han, who had received this much support in his last life, responded calmly.

“great. everyone. “Would you like to take a look at America First’s proposal together?”

Seong Ji-han used a familiar hand gesture to open the system window and change the message box status to public.

As soon as that happened, countless messages from all over the world poured in.

Among the flood of messages, Seong Ji-han found and opened the note sent by Robert.

A guild contract proposal, kindly translated into Korean.

The down payment in the proposal was indeed of a different scale.

“The down payment alone is $300 million.”

300 million dollars. 300 billion won.

The amount was to be paid in a lump sum if you completed the guild contract and became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

It was an absurd amount of money to offer to a player who had just become Silver.

Is that all?

An annual salary commensurate with such a huge down payment and dozens of various convenience conditions.

Seong Ji-han recited all these conditions clearly.

The reaction was as expected.

-I can’t stand this…ㅠㅠ

-With this money, the country will defect from Joseon and go to the United States.

-Ha… That’s why you’re going to America…

Korean viewers gave up.

-300 million dollars? AF Spending a lot of money?

-It’s Gates money. And the condition is that your last name be naturalized as American.

-oh! naturalization? Welcome!

-Team-up with Baron Williams… fantastic!

American viewers were cheering.

Although it was acknowledged that it was overpaying, there was a consensus that the best players should be brought in at all costs.

“This is a really good deal. However, it is difficult to answer right now, so I will contact you later.”

After saying those words, Seong Ji-han closed the message box he left open.

-Huh… If it were me, I’d call right away.

-I’m going back in after taking a break at one tempo haha.

American First’s unconventional recruitment proposal began with the support of Robert Gates.

Viewers were able to indirectly feel the level of status Seong Ji-han currently has.



Seong Ji-han, who clapped his hands to brighten the mood, opened his mouth.

“ruler. “Then shall we go back to the original topic?”

-What were you originally going to say?

-Uh, Yoon Se-ah’s gift?

-I had a brain freeze after hearing the down payment haha.

-I had a brain freeze ever since I received 1.3 billion won in sponsorship haha.

The original topic that everyone had forgotten about because of Robert Gates was the story of Yoon Se-ah’s gift.

Seong Ji-han looked at the message box and woke up Yoon Se-ah, who had been lost.


“Do you have to count?”

“… … uh? Yes?”

“I think I need to show you the gift now.”

Because it was time to show it.

After opening the message box, while looking at the recruitment contract.

The number of concurrent viewers increased dramatically as rumors spread everywhere.

The number alone is a whopping 50,000!

In the past, when Seong Ji-han destroyed the double sword statue, the number of viewers was approximately 100,000, so even if it did not reach that number, the number of viewers was still enormous.

“… … okay.”


Yoon Se-ah took a deep breath and opened her status window.

* * *

[Gift – Waiting Chronicity (Grade F – Number of game participation 50 times to upgrade)]

-Upgrades the basic system to the next level.

-To upgrade, you must participate in a game.

-F grade effect: Number of daily game participation increases by 1

-Status natural growth rate increased by 100 percent

-Large dishes are made late? What are you talking about? Do southern Koreans understand?

-It’s a gift that grows.

-ㅁㅊI’ve never heard or seen anything like this.

-Even an F-level effect can distort the system. What kind of waste is this?

-Abolished salary? Abolished salary? Abolished salary? Abolished salary? Abolished salary? Abolished salary? Abolished salary? Abolished salary?

Gift, long lasting.

Although the current grade was F, viewers could not hide their surprise at the explanation of ‘upgrade’, which they had never seen before.

“Even though I got this gift, do I still have to take the CSAT?”

-What is the CSAT? Even if I don’t study, I will choose a university and go there. What is the CSAT? Is it a test? Oh my Korean brothers. There is no need to judge this person by testing.

-Daehan Ilbo had an accident;;

-Granjeol came out.

Viewers’ reactions went according to Seong Ji-han’s expectations.

“But aren’t you curious why such a false report came out in the Daehan Ilbo?”

-??? Is there a reason?

-Didn’t you just rush in because you thought it was a scoop?

“Actually, there was a problem with the people there during the last gift presentation ceremony.”

Seong Ji-han showed viewers the video the security guard had filmed.

The actions of a silver player who received a true education after getting into a nonsensical argument.


“Perhaps because of our bad relationship with them, the head of’s management came to visit us.”

There was even a recorded voice of the management director, at the instigation of the Daehan Ilbo, urging Seong Ji-han to sign a management contract with an advertising agency affiliated with the Daehan Ilbo.

Seong Ji-han exploded all the bombs he had on air.

“This is the reason why SeAH’s article was published this time, and it is the full story of what I experienced.”

-Is it 28 years now?

-Are you crazy? Did you cross the line?

-The director of the management department is hitting on me. He’s threatening me with some kind of citation. -The threat of making it into an article is also a piece of shit. Really hahaha -What?! The manager is persecuting the players on the company’s side! Castle, please come to America quickly!

-wwwwwOriginal brother, no one can match the spirit of his countrywwww -This bastard?

The chat window quickly became chaotic with accusations against the Daehan Ilbo and the management bureau director.

Seong Ji-han watched this reaction for a moment and then spoke.

“everyone. I originally tried to create a guild in Korea. “I have something to personally experiment with.”

-Guild? Silver?

-There are many places that call it that, so why create a guild? Besides, wasn’t Korea already an extreme red ocean?

-Shh! You have something to experiment with.

-ㅇㅇ I’m in Korea, so why should I throw up like this?

-Stop chatting!

“But, the head of’s management came out like that… … “I have no idea how a single player like me can participate in guild activities in Korea.”

Contrary to his words, Seong Ji-han shrugged his shoulders with a relaxed expression.

“I plan to work with SeAH in Korea until September. If a large corporation or government agency persecutes me, I can’t help it. “I have no choice but to go to the country that promises the best treatment.”

With those words, messages of support came in one after another as if it were a promise.


[REGates sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[Player last name. If you create a guild in the United States, we will actively assist at the guild level. The U.S. government will also provide full support.]

[★☆Take-chan☆★ sponsored 100,000 GP.]

[Sexual nature~ Wouldn’t it be nice to be closer to your hometown in Japan than the United States? ♥ I, Take-chan, will prepare everything! Just come in person! =??? ( ???)??]

-Take-chan’s sponsorship amount has increased.

-I mean, I was that scared~ haha.

-Suddenly competition for recruitment breaks out…

-Oh, please don’t just go to Japan. If you’re just going to go, go to America ㅠㅠㅠ

Despite the talk of creating a guild, competition for recruits from each country was fierce.

Once Seong Ji-han created a guild in his country, his biggest goal of being incorporated into his country would be achieved.

American First, New Self-Defense Force.

This happened because it was closely connected to the governments of each country.

“Thank you for your support. “If we create a guild in the U.S. or Japan, we certainly won’t be pressured politically.”

Seong Ji-han looked at this and made a mocking grin.

“I think it is something worth considering positively if the Daehan Ilbo and the director do not make an official apology and promise to prevent recurrence.”

A public apology was demanded from both of them.

‘I plan to stay in Korea as much as possible… … .’

Down payment of $300 million.

The highest level of treatment in the industry.

The recruitment contract proposed by Robert Gates had enormous conditions.

In fact, Seong Ji-han had no intention of leaving the country.

Nationality bonus that accrues after completing the tutorial.

This is because the country that could receive the effect was Korea.

In addition, the desire to trample on the King of Swords as the representative of Korea also played a part.

‘But it’s also true that it’s annoying if this noise keeps happening.’

However, the Daehan Ilbo or the director of the management bureau.

I just couldn’t stand the constant pressure from people belonging to the old world.

“but… … I love Korea, where I was born and raised. I don’t want to leave this place. To do that… … “Your strength is desperately needed.”

At least to prevent something like this from happening again.

Seong Ji-han hinted at the public and asked them to engage in public opinion, even though he did not reveal it openly.

-Oh, if they apologize, you’re saying you’ll stay here for now?

-What are you doing? Hurry up and file a national petition.

-Isn’t there a boycott of Daehan Ilbo first??

-Just both of them haha.

-When I searched for the management director, he looked like an old dog. Will that person apologize?

-LOL, you have to make us apologize.

These were viewers who were already starting to watch in earnest.

Seong Ji-han wiped the corners of his eyes and bowed his head deeply.

“everyone. I am from Korea… … I want to be Korean. I hope this feeling does not change due to external pressure… … .”

Just like that, public opinion exploded.

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