The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 58

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 58>

* * *

“ha ha ha. long time no see. Holy land. Do you remember me? “You said hello to the Sword King when you visited him before, right?”

Kim Nam-tae, Battlenet Management Director, a middle-aged man with a bloated body.

As soon as he entered the penthouse, he held out his hand in a friendly way to Seong Ji-han.

“Long time no see.”

“hello. Director.”

“okay. okay. Our Se-ah has grown up beautifully. “Let’s go in and talk.”

Kim Nam-tae smiled at Yoon Se-ah, passed them by, and walked to the living room.

Manager Park Yun-sik, who followed behind him, slightly bowed his head to Seong Ji-han.

“I saw a good performance today. “As expected, he was amazing.”

“thank you. But I didn’t expect you to come visit even though it wasn’t long after the game ended… … “What’s going on?”

“ah. Well, the director said he had something to say today… … .”

The director himself?

“scent. “As expected, the house is nice!”

Seong Ji-han frowned as he saw Kim Nam-tae shouting in the living room as if he was already at home.

Why did the typical small man, who is weak to the strong and strong to the weak, suddenly decide to come here on some business?

“You said you would donate this house. “It’s amazing.”

The management director, who was already sitting at the table in the living room, gestured towards the two.

Seong Ji-han’s brow furrowed even more at his attitude as if he was treating someone completely subordinate to him.

“Ugh, the director has a bit of a bossy personality… … “I would appreciate your understanding.”

“… … is it so.”

Seong Ji-han looked at Manager Park Yun-sik’s face, relaxed his expression and sat down.

“hmm. I came this far, but I’m thirsty. “Do you have anything to drink?”

“Ah~ Director. Would you like some orange juice or coffee?”

“ah. Yes, Miss Se-ah. Then, add some ice to the orange juice and give it to me. It’s so hot these days. ha ha ha.”

“yes. “What about the manager and uncle?”

“I am okay.”

“I’m fine too.”

In this way, Seong Ji-han, Yoon Se-ah, and the management director and manager were facing each other at the table, with the juice placed only in front of the management director.


After taking a leisurely sip of orange juice, the management director spoke to Seong Ji-han.

“Seong Ji-han. You did a great job this time. “In a situation where the King of Swords left the country and the country is in a recession, the people are very happy that you advanced to the TOP 100 and even won, even though you were Bronze.”

For some reason, it seemed like the Director of Management emphasized ‘Bronze’, but in any case, a compliment is a compliment.

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“I have good news for you.”

“… … “What’s the news?”

“At the level of the Management Bureau, it was decided to award a certificate of excellence.”

“… … .”

Seong Ji-han was dumbfounded.

Excellent performance award.

‘Did you just come with that and show off like that?’

At least it doesn’t even give you GP, it just gives you a piece of paper.

Seong Ji-han thought he would rather not take it than see that, but he decided to take what was given to him and nodded lightly.

“A commendation… … thank you.”

“ha ha ha. okay. A commendation for a player who has just made it to the Silver League is truly unprecedented. “It is truly an honor.”

With a commendation that could not be sold, Kim Nam-tae showed all kinds of condescension.

He kept making long speeches about what an honor this commendation was, to the point that not only Seong Ji-han, who heard it like that, but also Manager Park Yun-sik, who followed along, felt uncomfortable.

“By the way.”

The topic suddenly changed.

“There was a problem with receiving the commendation.”

“Problem, you mean?”

“okay. Hey, I heard you’re having some trouble with Daehan Ilbo… … .”


Kim Nam-tae smiled bitterly and continued speaking.

“A little bit different from that. Shouldn’t we resolve the gap? “The Daehan Ilbo family is still among the top ten in the business world in terms of influence.”

Kim Nam-tae, the head of the Management Bureau, who discussed this, recalled an incident from a few days ago.

* * *

-Director! My son was assaulted by Seong Ji-han.

A reception hosted by the president of an advertising agency affiliated with Daehan Ilbo.

As the atmosphere heated up with some drinks being exchanged, the president called out to Kim Nam-tae.

-No, what do you mean? Is it assault?

-My son is a silver-level warrior, and his leg was completely broken due to some method he used. He said the rehab alone would take several months. I feel like suing you, but… … .

The boss who said that sighed deeply.

-A writer named Seong Ji-han has a very high reputation as a promising talent. I am worried that the image of our headquarters will not improve if we continue to engage in high-profile disputes with such people.

-Hmm… … Yes, that’s possible.

-So, in order to reach an amicable agreement, I think it would be a good idea for us to take over the management of Seong Ji-han… … .

Kim Nam-tae heard those words and rolled his eyes.

-What does that mean? No matter how much there is an assault case, you can’t believe they’re trying to manage a player who is famous for something like that.

Even at this time, Kim Nam-tae tried to thoroughly represent Seong Ji-han.

Who is Seong Ji-han?

This player, who had never missed first place since entering, had the potential to become a star player.

In other words, it means the goose that lays golden eggs.

However, with just this kind of entertainment, they are giving support to Daehan Ilbo?

From Kim Nam-tae’s perspective, that could never have been possible.


-Of course, we are not just asking the Director to help us.

-Hmm… … sure?

-We will share a share of the profits.

Dividing the profits?

Then the story will be different.

‘Seongjihan. He was a spineless guy.’

Seong Ji-han, whom I had often seen in the penthouse, when I went to bow to Sword King Yoon Se-jin.

In Kim Nam-tae’s opinion, he was a worthless young man who only lived off the sword king’s halo.

‘Someone like that. If an adult talks, of course they will follow.’

Kim Nam-tae was confident that he could persuade Seong Ji-han.

In particular, the tip he heard from the advertising agency president added to his confidence.

-that… … I am sharing this in the hope that it will be of help in your persuasion. Isn’t it Yoon Se-ah? They said the gift came out bad. So much so that the player doesn’t even dare.

… … .

“Daehan Ilbo made a generous offer to you, even though you were a victim of assault. He said he would manage you for five years and take full charge of your advertising agency. You are well aware of the influence of the Daehan Ilbo affiliate, right? If you leave it to them, it will be a win-win.”

“Daehan Ilbo.”

“okay. I heard you broke the leg of your boss’s son? I can’t believe they’re calling me an advertising agent for you! Hehe, don’t you really have a big heart?”

“… … haha.”

As soon as Seong Ji-han heard those words, he burst into laughter.

It was absurd that he had wasted his time and emotions like this, at the behest of a company he had no recollection of when he was in the United States.

And that with no intention whatsoever?

‘It’s rather good.’

At this point, Seong Ji-han decided to throw away the idea of ​​‘politeness’.

“hey. “I hope you say some bullshit in moderation, right?”

“… … what?”

Management Director Kim Nam-tae blinked.

Cognitive dissonance occurred due to the sudden change in situation.

Aside from speaking informally, I had never received such a contemptuous look since I took office as the Director of the Management Bureau, and it was so unfamiliar to me.

“What are you saying now… … .”

“I tried to deal with it moderately and let you go, but you crossed the line.”

“… … !?”

“Speaking of all, how much did you receive from Daehan Ilbo?”

I was momentarily taken aback by Seong Ji-han’s sudden change in attitude.

Kim Nam-tae, who had come to his senses, was furious and his whole body was shaking.

“this… … “You ignorant bastard!”

“You lost the concept. “I don’t want to see you, so get out of the house quickly.”


At Seong Ji-han’s hand gesture, Kim Nam-tae’s face turned bright red.

No, I dare say it to myself, the current administrator.

How can a player who is only a silver leaguer be this rude?

Kim Nam-tae said, puffing his cheeks.

“You, you, you. This bastard… … I received a donation to the Sword Palace because I was thinking of you. “They weren’t taking care of it!”

“So did Puck. “Would you like to shake it?”

“OK. right now! “Get out of this house!”

Kim Nam-tae said these words because he thought they were an effective threat, but Seong Ji-han, who answered, was just calm.

“I’m already ready to go, so don’t be childish.”

“This, profit… … ! “You can’t boast about getting some attention in bronze when it comes to silver!”

“Why did a guy who wasn’t even bronze wear the title of director? If it’s a parachute, stay quiet like a parachute. “Because I don’t even want to talk to you.”


Namtae Kim couldn’t hold back his anger and picked up the glass of orange juice in front of him.




Before Kim Nam-tae even threw his glass at Seong Ji-han.

The contents of the juice glass moved randomly and sprayed on Kim Nam-tae’s face.

“Calm down.”

Seong Ji-han kindly expressed concern about the condition of the management director.

“Ugh… … You crazy bastard! “Use your abilities?”

“What abilities does the silver subject have? “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“under! “I tried to silence the rumor that Yoon Se-ah’s gift was ruined!”

“Sea… … ?”

Seong Ji-han, who looked confused for a moment, looked at Yoon Se-ah next to him and smiled.

“Sea. “Are you ruined?”

“no. “I came out really well?”

“Bluff! “Didn’t you say you were taking the college entrance exam because you were such a failure?”

Due to the manager’s anger, Seong Ji-han was able to roughly guess where he got the information.

Did they question the security guard who was watching them at that time?

“Contrary to your worries, it came out well, so don’t worry. “Are you going home now?”


Seong Ji-han gestured, and this time the body of the management director floated.

“uh… … Ugh! Let go of this! “Aren’t you going to let this go?!”

At that time, Manager Park Yun-sik, who had been fidgeting next to him, suddenly stood up.

“Okay, I’ll take you out first!”

“Park Yun-sik! What are you doing now? “Are you scared of that guy!?”

“Director! Still, for now, let’s go… … !”


Park Yun-sik bowed without Kim Nam-tae noticing and quickly took him out of the penthouse.

Yoon Se-ah, who was watching this, looked at Seong Ji-han with a worried face.

“uncle… … “Didn’t you cause a big accident?”

“I? what?”

“You picked a fight with someone who was the head of the Management Bureau. If you’re the director of management, you’re probably a manager in the industry… … .”

“Hey, what kind of manager is that guy?”

Seong Ji-han chuckled.

“That guy isn’t even a player. “It’s just a politician parachuting down.”

“is it… … ? But if you treat me this way, isn’t it a problem?”

“Well, it would have been like that in the old days.”

In the old world where didn’t exist.

This may have been true in the days when money and power were the dominant means of human governance, but the world was different now.

In the current era, players themselves have become the main players and are controlling the world.

It’s just that the older generation couldn’t accept it.

However, since they could not go against the huge trend called, they made their own compromise, which was the ‘association’ as a ‘group’ and ‘gamtu’.

‘by the way. If this happens, Daehan Ilbo will publish an article about Sae-A.’

Based on the security guard’s words, there will be a large-scale article reporting that Yoon Se-ah’s gift was a dud.

Before any unnecessary misunderstanding occurred, I had to hit the player first.

“I have to count.”

“huh? why?”

“I need to do some interviews on my channel.”

“Ah, are you planning to reveal my gift before the article comes out?”

“that’s right.”

“no way. “That’s just the way the underdogs do it.”

Instead, Yoon Se-ah slightly raised the corners of her mouth and shook her head.

“Let’s wait until an article comes out to reveal the gift. “It’s more fun that way.”

“Hmm. “Wouldn’t that article make you feel stressed?”

In fact, the method that Yoon Se-ah mentioned was more effective, but it was clear that as the article spread, comments of ridicule and criticism would pour in on Yoon Se-ah.

Seong Ji-han was worried about that, though.

“uncle? “Do you know that sometimes you have to eat sweet potatoes to make cider taste better?”

It was unfortunate.

Before we knew it, Yoon Se-ah was becoming like Seong Ji-han.

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