The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 57

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<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 57>

* * *

[Can you hear me?]

“I can hear it now.”


“Do you understand me?”

[of course. I am the alter ego of a constellation. Language of lower races, easy to understand.]

“… … uncle?”

As Yoon Se-ah tilted her head next to him, Seong Ji-han pointed at the black sun with an embarrassed face.

“hmm. It may be difficult to understand, but this was speaking.”

“that… … they say? Well, your condition won’t get weird or anything like that, right? Do you recognize who I am?”

“It’s not like amnesia or hallucinations, so don’t worry.”

“Well, if that’s the case with your uncle, then it must be something like that. Then let me know if anything happens. “I’ll be out!”

As Yoon Se-ah left the room, a voice came from the black sun again.

[I have a question.]

“What question?”

[Before promotion. The players behind you are dead. The body is curious about that.]

They tied him up so that he couldn’t move, but are you curious about how they killed him?

I have doubts about everything.

“I also have a question. “I’ll tell you if you promise to answer my questions.”

[i get it.]

Seong Ji-han, who heard the constellation’s confirmation, opened his mouth.

“A blood vessel in the heart was cut off in advance.”

[heart… … .]

“okay. “It was just connected through the power of the Force.”

If you succeed in provoking the Shadow Queen, you never know what kind of attacks you will receive from her.

Seong Ji-han placed devices on the four players he had saved in advance, just in case something happened.

If you cut the blood vessels in your heart and connect them with the power of the Force, even if a situation arises where you cannot use the Force, the connected blood vessels will be cut and you will die instantly, so you can maintain first place.

[Did you just die instantly with that?]


[…] … Was it not even the lowest, but the lowest race?]

The dry tone of his voice became colder.

[No matter how irregular they are, they are the lowest species.]

“The lowest rank?”

[The decision has been made. The main body has decided not to support you.]

Has it been decided that the species called ‘human’ itself is useless?

The Black Sun made this sentence in a high-handed manner.

However, Seong Ji-han was at his leisure.

“Well, you said so.”

[…] … ?]

Patronage of the Holy See.

Obviously, what you gain from it is enormous, but what you lose is also significant.

‘There’s no need to hang around here.’

Moreover, once the tutorial period is over, the number of constellations rushing to support Seong Ji-han will be overflowing.

All I had to do was wait a few months, so there was no reason to complain about getting the power of the constellation quickly.

‘And this is not the goal now.’

A wandering warrior.

I needed information from the same constellation regarding the strange behavior of the previous constellation, who was acting completely different from his last life.

Seong Ji-han said in a sad voice.

“That’s enough. “Why don’t you answer my questions?”

[I get it. The connection with the main unit will be disconnected soon, so ask questions quickly.]

“It’s nothing special. “Tell me what you know about the ‘Wandering Martial God.’”

[…] … .]

At Seong Ji-han’s question, the Shadow Queen was momentarily speechless.

“Don’t you know anything?”

[Wandering… … Musin.]

“Why are you doing that?”

[Is it martial arts? Not the whole body?]

“okay. “It’s martial arts.”

[There are many masters of the stars, but there is only one martial god. Is it really martial arts? It is true that it was expressed accurately in your language.]

The calm voice became urgent and urged Seong Ji-han to answer.

“I heard it’s true.”

[…] … The main body was embarrassed. She keeps asking if she has mistaken the whole body.]

“That’s right, Mushin. So please answer whatever you know.”

[The main body hastily questions you. Is the power beyond your league level also related to the God of War?]

“I asked the question.”

At those words, black energy burst out from the left arm where the black sun rested.

The energy that appeared hazy like smoke soon came together.


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It shrunk to the size of Seong Ji-han’s palm, creating a single shape.

“Dark elf?”

“It’s Ariel.”

A small dark elf with a translucent shape floating in the air.

Unlike other elves, whose facial features were large and beautiful, it felt vaguely cute.

It gave me an eerie feeling, perhaps because it had an expressionless face and black eyes without any whites.

“Only the body can answer the question of the existence of Martial God. So the main body is now trying to properly connect with you again… … .”


“I need a GP. “About 10 million.”

“… … .”

With those words, a system message appeared.

[Would you like to provide 10 million GP to ‘Shadow of the Sun – Ariel’?]

10 million GP.

10 billion won in won.

If I took first place this time, it would be exactly 10 million GP.

You want me to spend that money to find out the identity of the wandering martial god?

‘That can’t be possible.’

This GP was definitely useful.

“done. Just let me know after the tutorial.”

“… … for a moment. 10 million GP does not end with just connections.”


“Once connected. The constellation ‘Shadow Queen’ will directly support you. “The Constellation chose you.”

Hoo. Look at this?

Seong Ji-han smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth.

You seemed to have lost interest in yourself until just now, but your attitude changed 180 degrees when the story of the wandering warrior came up, right?

“select? “The choice is mine.”

Then we need to change our attitude too.

Because the body is hot, not on this side, but on that side.


“If you want to become my constellation, present interesting conditions.”

“Are you serious? “The lowest race?”

“And 10 million GP isn’t much for a constellation, right? “Don’t just ask for silver, but invest there.”

“… … “In the tutorial world, there is no interference from outside.”

“You already came to me even though this is a tutorial world, right?”

“This is a special case after all… … .”

“Don’t hate it.”

Ariel blinked at Seong Ji-han’s firm words.



“Really, really? “Would you regret it?”

“Don’t say it twice.”

“… … I get it. “Then it’s goodbye.”

Ariel, who was floating in the air, nodded and began to scatter her body.

Ariel’s body soon turns into black energy and is sucked into the pattern.

It was then.


Pure white light blinked from Ariel, who was disappearing.

“… … main body?”

Ariel looked very embarrassed.

“Actively cooperating? To the lowest races? Body, seriously?”

“… … ?”

“I just want to disappear. No? no… … “An order?”

Ariel repeats to herself.

Her disappearing presence was becoming clear again.

As if that wasn’t enough, it had grown from being the size of the palm of one’s hand to twice that size.

“… … “I will follow your orders.”

Ariel fully formed again.

She had a very disapproving expression on her face.

“What’s going on?”

“The main body told you to cooperate.”

“The constellation said that?”

Seong Ji-han recalled information about the constellation.

The masters of the stars who are extremely arrogant and look down on humans.

In particular, Earth was a planet where it was not surprising to be demoted from the Space League – Bronze at any time, so the constellations were keen on exploiting players.

People like that take care of human convenience?

It was the first one-sided favor I had experienced since Wandering Martial God.

‘Was the Wandering War God a constellation with that much presence?’

Well, anyway, there was no need to refuse to accept the offer of cooperation.

“Still, the Constellation has the eyes to see.”

“… … “The lowest race is my master.”

“Stop lamenting and talk about your usefulness.”

Then, a message appeared before Seong Ji-han’s eyes.

[The alter ego of the constellation ‘Shadow Queen’, ‘Ariel’, grants the stat Sword Strength.]

[There is not much space left in the status window. Would you like to accept the sword skills stats?]

[If you accept sword fighting, you will no longer be able to add new stats.]

The ability space in the status window shown by the system message was mostly filled with force and force.

Strength was a 3-line stat created by erasing the existing strength, agility, and stamina stats, and Force was also a 3-line stat created by combining magical power and divine power.

There were only two stat lines left.

However, since they said that if you accept sword fighting, you cannot add new stats, it seemed like the sword fighting ability was only two lines long.

‘If there wasn’t a status window extension in the achievement store, I would have thought about it.’

As long as it was possible to expand the status window by paying just one achievement point, there was no problem in accepting sword fighting.

Therefore, Seong Ji-han decided to accept the stats.

[Sword fighting stats have been created.]

“good. Geomyeong… … “What kind of ability is this?”

“It is the ability to control shadows and turn them into swords.”

A simple yet ambiguous answer.

But as soon as Seong Ji-han heard those words, he knew what kind of ability this was.

During the promotion battle, all the players’ shadows transformed into swords and stabbed them in the back.

So, is it the shadow of a sword?

“In addition, it is possible to strengthen the SS-class sword, Eclipse.”

“By Eclipse, do you mean the sword that cut off my arm?”


The dark sword seen in the TOP 100 promotion match.

The momentum soaring high into the sky was strong, and it seemed quite useful.

‘I haven’t had any weapons to use until now. ‘Good.’

So far, I’ve been making good use of Phoenix City, but it’s a consumable that only shows its power when fired.

Compared to the Eclipse, which boasts an SS grade, it was definitely a faster weapon.

“Does the fact that Eclipse can be strengthened mean that there is room for further growth at the SS level?”

Ariel nodded with an expression that seemed like it was natural.

“It is possible up to EX level.”


It’s a transcendent level that goes beyond SSS.

Wasn’t the ‘Achievement Point Store Exchange Coupon’ that the regressed Seong Ji-han received also EX level?

The growth potential was greater than expected.

“So from now on, focus on investing in your sword skills stats.”

“well. “I have the ability to put it above that.”

“Stop bragging now, lowest race.”

Special stat given by the constellation, sword fighting.

I wonder if there is anything that should take precedence over this topic of the lowest-ranking race, and they are still pushing it forward.

When Ariel saw Seong Ji-han reacting sourly, she spoke as if she felt pathetic.

“Sword control is a rare stat. I don’t know what rare the lowest race is. “It is at a different level from general ability.”

“You know that. But what if there were unique stats?”

“… … unique?”

“okay. “Two unique stats, now one rare added.”

“There are two?”

Ariel made a dumb expression for the first time.

What is a unique stat?

The lowest race, even Bronze, has that?

“okay. So, rares are pushed down in priority.”

“… … Nonsense!”

Ariel’s eyes trembled mercilessly at the unbelievable answer.

at that time.

Jump up!

“uncle. A guest has arrived! uh… … “Is that the dark elf in the stadium at that time?”

“huh. “The one on my arm.”

“and. amazing! “Is it your uncle’s summoned beast?”

Ariel came to her senses and became angry at Yoon Se-ah’s words.

“The lowest race. “I am not a summoned beast or anything!”

“Wow, you speak Korean too!”

“The language of the lowest races can be easily used.”

“okay? But why do you call us the lowest race?”

“Because I’m weak.”

Seong Ji-han, who was watching the conversation between the two, cut them off when appropriate.

“Se-ya, I heard a guest has arrived?”

“ah! that’s right. Uncle, I think we should go out quickly. “You’re from the Management Bureau.”

“If I were to be a guest at the management bureau, it would be Manager Park Yun-sik.”

“huh. however… … “Not only the manager came, but the director also came.”


Seong Ji-han’s eyes narrowed.

The head of the Battlenet Management Bureau who no longer came to the Sword Palace after the Sword King left.

Did your thoughts change after watching the promotion match?

“okay. I’ll go out and see. “Ariel stay here for a moment.”

“… … no. Because your sword fighting ability is low, it is impossible to remain incarnation for a long time. “I’m going back into my arms.”


The black energy that formed Ariel dissipated again like smoke, and was sucked back into Seong Ji-han’s arms.

If it hadn’t been for a sudden guest, I would have done some testing on my sword skills.

‘First of all, I have to greet the guests.’

“let’s go. “I have to count.”

“huh. uncle.”

Seong Ji-han left his room.

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