The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 21

Chapter 21

– What was that…?

– This time, it wasn’t magic.

– How can he exercise such strength in reality?

– He definitely used Ki before.

– What kind of Gift does he have?

A player’s abilities were restricted in the real world from as little as 50% to as much as 90%, and that’s why everyone was shocked by the power of Force that JiHan showed.

‘A power that can turn a business card into dust in just 10 seconds in reality..’

‘Inside a game, he might be able to destroy an opponent’s organs instantly.’

‘No, even without destroying anything, just piercing a hole somewhere vital could result in a fatal wound.’

The representatives of the 10 guilds in the auction fell into thought.

Bronze Leaguer Sung JiHan…

While he’d been producing impressive results so far, people hesitated to recruit him due to his relationship with the Sword King, but that unique ability was attractive enough to make it worth taking such a risk.

‘Even if he’s a Bronze Leaguer who hasn’t revealed his status window…’

‘He’s achieved great results so far and has a special ability. We must recruit him.’

Rather than the auction items, those from the guilds wanted JiHan more.

And there was one among them who was the most excited.

‘That power… It’s the real deal.’

Takeda, whose business card had been torn apart right before him, was ecstatic.

– Haa… the world’s ranked 4th guild has been rejected by a Bronze.

– The baldy has lost his mind.

Takeda was sweating with a flushed face as if it were raining.

If you only looked at him from the back, it seemed like he was angry about what had just happened, but…


In reality, that wasn’t the case.

He was excited after seeing how JiHan had turned his business card into dust.

‘To think he’d completely turn it into dust.’

He sensed something great in how he used that mysterious energy.

‘Mr. Sung… I’m definitely going to recruit you.’

Takeda’s eyes were shining with greed.

‘I’ll have a meeting with you. Then, I’ll be able to have you… Hehe.’

Takeda was sure that one meeting was all he needed.

To do that, he first needed to win his favor.

The chat went wild after seeing Takeda’s expression.

– Ew, what’s up with his expression?

– He looks like a pervert…

– Please, get rid of that guy.

– He has all of the possible disgusting characteristics…

As Takeda’s sinister smile was captured on camera, everyone in the chat room reached the same conclusion, but the peaceful atmosphere of JiHan’s chat window was overturned when…

[★☆ Take-chan ☆★ has donated 10,000 GP.]

[Mr. Sung~~ It was good to meet you. ^ω^; Let’s have a 1:1 meeting next time. ★☆! If you let me send you a private message, I’ll donate more…! Your forever fan. Take-chan ♥]

– Take-chan? No way…

– Is it that baldy?

– Woah, he donated 10K as if it were nothing.

– To think that this channel’s first donor would be Japanese.

– What’s up with that old man’s creepy message…?

JiHan stopped walking for a moment after receiving the donation.

He had turned off the option to read the chat windows, but he could still read the donation messages, so he read the message Takeda had written after donating 10,000 GP.

[You’ve received 10,000 GP as a donation.]

[You’ve cleared the normal achievement ‘Reliable Supporter (1)’.]

[You’ve earned 1,000 achievement points.]

He’d gained GP and achievement points, which was like killing two birds with one stone.

‘To think that the first donation would be from Takeda…’

JiHan frowned. That first donation would remain visible for a long time, especially for a player like JiHan, who was aiming to become the world’s 1st.

‘I should’ve lowered the limit.’

Sung JiHan regretted his actions for the first time.

After the auction was over…

“Mr. Sung, I’m Kim JinHwan, a scout from the Turtle Guild. May I talk with you for a moment?”

“Mr. Sung!”

“I was impressed by your earlier performance.”

The auction participants trying to buy Sae-jin’s objects flocked to him. 

They were impressed by how JiHan turned the business card into dust, so they were trying to recruit him, and among them were scouts from the top 10 guilds and some famous players.

Any other Bronze player would’ve been excited if put in that situation.

‘I don’t have any intention of joining a guild for now. How bothersome.’

JiHan found it annoying, but he couldn’t refuse them outright as he’d done with Takeda.

“Thank you. As you can see, I’m still overwhelmed with the situation, so joining a guild is a bit…” JiHan tried to refuse their invitations as politely as possible.


Sae-ah, who received the camera from Yoon-sik, smiled at the sight.

That expression her uncle was making… 

Although he was trying to retain the image of a polite young man, he was clearly annoyed.

‘I should help him.’

She walked up to JiHan while making a gloomy expression.

“Uncle…” She had a shaky voice and a slightly teary face.

JiHan approached her. “Sae-ah, are you okay?”

“Uncle… I’m too tired. Can we go back?” As she said that, she winked at him.

JiHan realized she was acting, smiled faintly, and quickly played along. “Is that so? Everyone, I’m sorry, but it seems like my niece isn’t feeling well today.”

“I… I see.”

“Well, many things happened today…”

“Yes, that’s why I’ll listen to you next time. Sorry.”

After quickly saying goodbye, JiHan hurriedly left the event hall along with Sae-ah.

“Uncle, did I do well? I saw that you were bothered, so I acted a bit.”

“Yes, you did well…”

He recalled Sae-ah’s tearful face. She didn’t show excessive emotions in the first place, so it didn’t look like she was acting.

Before Sae-ah winked, he’d thought something really was wrong with her.

‘It was acting… right?’

JiHan stroked Sae-ah’s hair. “Yes, you made me worried.”

“You worry too much. Although I might look like this, I’m the student council president at school.”

Sae-ah looked up at the hand stroking her head as if she didn’t like it, but she didn’t tell him to remove his hand.

“Uncle, be careful. It seems you’ll fall for any girl that tears up a bit.”

“Don’t worry. Uncle has mastered women’s hearts.”

“Hmph, you’ve only watched Battle Net at home. What you’ve learned through video games doesn’t count.”

The two of them were walking toward the elevator when…

Two women who were standing before the elevator walked toward them.

“You two seem to have a great relationship.”


There was a glamorous woman with a tall female bodyguard following her.

JiHan’s eyebrows went up.

One of them was someone he knew.

‘So Im GaYeong was working as a bodyguard at this time.’

“Who are you…?” Sae-ah asked with a puzzled expression.

“Hello, Ms. Yoon, Mr. Sung. I’m Lee HaYeon, the director of the Twin Star Guild’s HR department.”


“Yes. Do I look too young to be a director?”


“Fufu, that’s because I was parachuted in.” She casually described herself as a parachute.

If she’d been parachuted into the Twin Star Guild, that probably meant she was connected to the parent company, the Twin Star Corporation.

Based on her surname, he could guess she was most likely related to the family that owned the Twin Star Corporation.


Sung JiHan looked at Lee HaYeon’s face. She was prettier than the celebrities that appeared on TV.

HaYeon exuded confidence thanks to her looks, wealth, and social status, but what JiHan was focusing on wasn’t her beauty.

‘I feel like I’ve seen this person before.’

Lee HaYeon… Although he’d never heard her name before and had never seen her, her confident attitude and voice sounded familiar.

If his memory was correct, she must’ve been someone he had met during his previous life when he was in the United States.

‘Who is she?’

Meanwhile, as Sung JiHan stared at her, HaYeon’s smile deepened.

She slowly opened her lips and spoke softly. “Mr. Sung, I was deeply impressed by your performance earlier. It was very emotional, especially as a subscriber to your previous content.”

“You were a subscriber to my previous content?”

“Yes. I’ve been your fan since you were predicting Battle Net games. I was amazed at your sharp judgment… but I never imagined that you’d become such a great player.”

Battle Net match predictor, Mr. Sung…

That channel became his lifeline when he was pushed into an extreme situation in his previous life.

JiHan had set a record with a success rate of 62%.

People flocked to see his match forecasts, and through that, JiHan was able to make a comeback.

‘Hardly anyone knew about it at this time.’

Unless you were a fan of match predictions, it was a pretty unknown channel.

If she was subscribed to such a channel…

JiHan suddenly remembered someone who loved gambling more than anyone else but always failed—a woman who had one of the world’s rarest Gifts.

‘Don’t tell me…’ JiHan stared at HaYeon.

“Uncle!” Sae-ah gave him a nudge with her elbow from the side. 

He’d said he was a master of winning women’s hearts, but why couldn’t he pull himself together?

“Fufu, it’s okay.” HaYeon slightly touched her face while giving him a leisurely smile. 

That gesture… it was exactly the same as hers.

‘I should test her.’

JiHan slowly opened his mouth. “When the world is filled with possibilities, it’s hard to ignore them.”


It was a famous quote from Dostoevsky, a famous author and gambling addict.

As JiHan said it, HaYeon’s expression froze.

“This is your motto, right, Ms. Lee?”

“Oh… Haha. What are you talking about? It’s not like I’m a gambling addict. You’re being rude.” HaYeon made a forced smile, but…

“How did you know…?” Im GaYeong, who’d been standing in the back, stood before HaYeon as if she were trying to protect her.

“How did you know her phrase?”

“GaYeong, you’re wrong. I’ve never said that.”

“Are you a stalker?”

“GaYeong… I didn’t say that.”

GaYeong ignored her words and glared fiercely at JiHan.

Watching her reaction, JiHan thought that his speculation was probably right.

It was still too early to be sure, but if HaYeon was really her…

JiHan’s eyes sparkled.

‘She’s someone I must recruit.’

Manager Zero…

Despite being an immigrant, she became the guild leader of America First’s 2nd division guild thanks to her unique Gift.

The HaYeon that JiHan knew was Zero, someone who possessed an unrivaled ability.


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