The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Manager Zero…

Her Gift was none other than ‘Nurturing’.

‘Supporting Gift, Nurturing.’

As a supporting Gift that helped players outside of the game, it was a power that was overlooked and deemed useless during the Tutorial Season.

But after the Tutorial Season ended…

As the world fell into chaos and the ranks of the Gifts started to grow, supporting Gifts started to gain attention. 

‘Among them, the Nurturing one was considered a top-tier ability.’

Players with the Gift could speed up the growth of other players.

During the Tutorial Season, the skill gave a few people an extra 10% experience buff, so it didn’t gain much attention.

After all, the experience buff during the Tutorial Season was the same as the growth blessing each guild could purchase with GP, and since they couldn’t overlap, there was no need for people to use the Gift.

‘But things changed once the Tutorial Season ended.’

After the Tutorial Season, guilds couldn’t buy experience buffs with GP anymore, and the abilities of the ‘Nurturing’ Gift were expanded compared to the Tutorial Season.

It was revealed later that they could also affect other areas, for example, increasing the speed at which stats grew and increasing someone’s Gift rank.

It was also revealed that the higher your position, the wider the range of people you could reach with your Nurturing Gift. The once-neglected Gift gradually started to get attention.

Afterward, you needed to have the Nurturing Gift to reach high positions within guilds.

‘And the one with the highest rank of such a Gift was Manager Zero.’

She was a peculiar figure within the America First Guild—she wore an iron mask covering her entire face except for her mouth, and there were burn marks visible in the area surrounding her mouth.

‘The Saintess offered to heal her, but she refused, saying it was the price for dealing with the devil.’

That’s why he couldn’t connect HaYeon with Zero at first, but besides her face, her voice, body shape, and actions were too similar.

Not only that, but they also shared the same gestures and gambling addiction.

‘The reason why she was named Zero in the first place…’

Manager Zero was a drunk and a gambling addict, and like every other gambling addict, her wealth was always ‘Zero’.

– JiHaan, JiHan! I know you very well! You’re the match predictor, Mr. Sung!

– Please, tell me…. What should I bet on these days?!

Within the America First Guild’s party, Manager Zero, who’d approached JiHan, told him she was also Korean; then she pestered JiHan to make bet predictions, but even when he predicted for her, she had a strong opinion.

– JiHan, yes. What do you think about this guy? Diego Massid. His SSS-rank Gift’s name is ‘God of Soccer’. Who plays soccer anymore? I’m sure he’s going to lose. If I bet against him, I should be able to win, right? 

– How many times do I need to tell you no? Do you think an SSS Gift is given to just anyone?

– No, no! Diego Massid’s going to lose!

– Let me repeat again: Massid’s going to win.

– Tsk, I know your prediction success rate. It’s 62%. This time, it will be one of the 38% where you lose!

Every time Zero said that, JiHan always won.

–  Shit… That crazy bastard. He should just play soccer. Why is he shooting a cannonball?

– Do you think anyone can get an SSS-rank Gift?

– I’ll win next time!

– You should quit gambling.

– Fufu, when the world is filled with possibilities, it’s hard to ignore them.

– Zero, the only possibility for you is losing.

– Shut up. 

Zero wouldn’t listen to his advice, no matter what, and kept drinking vodka, and she didn’t ever take off her mask.

 – You bastard, why did you get strong so late? 

– If you were this strong in Korea, my friend wouldn’t have died like that.

– You bastard…

– No. I don’t have the right to say this. It’s my fault… Shit… 

Zero was an alcoholic and a gambling addict. Any normal company would have fired her, yet she was able to get so far within the America First Guild due to her unique Nurturing Gift.

‘It was on a different level.’

Her experience buff started at a minimum of 100%, and she alone fostered a lot of talent in the second-division guild.

‘I must get Zero.’

The woman before him…

Her appearance was completely different from Zero’s, who wore a mask and was covered in burn marks, but JiHan still thought that she had to be Zero.

He would be sure if he could check her Gift.

‘But it’s impossible for the moment.’

She was a member of one of Korea’s richest families. Not only that, but she was the director of a successful guild.

Compared to her, JiHan was just a promising Bronze player, so there was no way he’d be able to recruit her.

‘I guess it’s good that I’ve found the person who’s most likely to be Zero.’

JiHan was thinking that when…

GaYeong, who was standing before him, demanded an answer. “Mr. Sung, please answer. How do you know the Miss’s phrase?”

JiHan wasn’t concerned by Im GaYeong as she glared at him. “It’s a comment I remember reading in the chat window when I predicted games. I mentioned it just in case since she said that she was a subscriber.”

“Miss… Have you ever written that in a chat window?”

“Uhm… I don’t know. Anyway, can we drop this subject?”

‘I was just planning to give some excuse, but she doesn’t seem to want to let go.’

JiHan grabbed GaYeong’s shoulder and smirked at HaYeon.

Seeing that JiHan had found composure, HaYeon’s eyebrows twitched slightly, but she soon opened her mouth with a nonchalant smile.

“You even remember the chats of your subscribers. Mr. Sung, you’re very attentive.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Anyways… I came here because I want to recruit you to the Twin Star Guild.”

“To Twin Star?”

“Yes, Mr. Sung. First—”

Just when HaYeon was about to propose it formally, JiHan cut her off.

“I’m sorry, but my niece isn’t in good condition, so I must go.”

“Ah… I… I see.”

Perhaps she didn’t expect JiHan to reject her so abruptly without hearing her out first, but HaYeon seemed taken aback, and she quickly regained her composure.

“Well, if your niece isn’t well, there’s nothing we can do. In that case…” She glanced JiHan over with sparkling eyes.

“Could you tell me your phone number?”

“My phone number?”


At the mention of his phone number, GaYeong’s expression hardened. She probably remembered how JiHan had rejected her.

‘Come to think of it, I still don’t know my phone number…’

Many things had happened recently, so he hadn’t thought of finding his phone number. He didn’t have a reason to use it in the first place.

JiHan looked at GaYeong and then gave the same answer.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I don’t remember my phone number.”

“What…?” HaYeon’s expression stiffened at JiHan’s answer.

“Huh?” Even Sae-ah looked at him in disbelief.

‘He doesn’t know his own number?’

“Sae-ah, what’s my number?”


Her uncle calmly asked her for his own phone number.

JiHan really didn’t know it, but…

‘No. Uncle suddenly became smarter recently. There’s no way he wouldn’t know his own phone number.’

Thinking that there might be a reason for his action, Sae-ah started thinking.

‘Is he reluctant about joining a guild, or is he playing hard to get?’

She thought that both options were possible.

‘Earlier, Uncle was certainly staring at her.’

She speculated that he was probably playing hard to get. If so, then she should help him according to his intention.

“I also don’t know Uncle’s number.”


“Yes. I have it saved on my phone, but I left it at home…”

Sae-ah put her hands in her pocket and took them out, showing them empty hands. 

In reality, she had it deep in her pocket, but the others hadn’t noticed that.

“Well, mine is upstairs too. In that case, could I get a business card?”

“Ah, yes…”

‘He doesn’t remember his phone number and left it upstairs? Both uncle and niece don’t have it?’

Could such a coincidence occur?


While trying to look okay, HaYeon forcedly smiled and took a business card from her purse.


After grabbing the business card, JiHan looked at Sae-ah. “Thanks. I’ll contact you later. Sae-ah, should we go?”

“Yes, Uncle.”

Sae-ah wished farewell to HaYeon’s group and took the elevator to the penthouse with JiHan.

HaYeon watched them with a forced smile.


As the elevator door closed, she sighed. 

“Haa… He doesn’t know his phone number?”

Being rejected with such a ridiculous excuse…

“Ms. Lee? “

When JiHan blatantly stared at her, she thought the recruitment would go smoothly.

She didn’t expect things to turn out that way.



“It’s nothing, Miss.”

“GaYeong, if you have something to say, say it.”

“It’s nothing.” HaYeon turned away.

Although GaYeong was standing with a blank expression, the ends of her mouth were twitching. 

“You have something to say.”

“It’s just that I remembered how you used to mock me in the past. Pf.”


HaYeon clenched her jaw.

To think that she’d get mocked by GaYeong for being rejected with such a ridiculous excuse.

‘JiHan, just wait and see…’

She was going to make him join and make him say yes, No, she was going to go even further. She would make him say, “Yes, Miss.” 

HaYeon’s eyes shone as she looked at the elevator.

* * *

Inside the elevator…

“Uncle, playing hard to get like that… I think that it’s lame.”

Sae-ah gave her uncle a piece of advice as a woman.

“What are you talking about? Playing hard to get?”

“Weren’t you aiming for the, ‘He’s the first man to reject me!’ Tsk, that’s too old. These days, it’s better to be direct.”

“It seems like you’ve misunderstood me…”

JiHan looked at Sae-ah with a dumbfounded look.

She’d misunderstood something.

“Ehem, your niece is very perceptive. I understand. There’s no way Uncle wouldn’t remember his own phone number.”

“I really don’t know.”

“Really? It’s 010-384…”

“Ah! That’s right, so it was that number.” JiHan nodded as if he’d finally remembered, and Sae-ah looked at him in confusion.

“You really didn’t know your number?”


“Should I have told you earlier? Ugh, did I hinder your love life?”

“Love life? Me and HaYeon?”

“Yes, you were staring at her earlier.”

Dating Zero, a serious alcoholic and gambling addict?

JiHan shook his head.

“I can’t stand gambling addicts, so it’s okay.”


He was also a gambling addict until not long ago.

Was that what you called discrimination against your own kind? 

‘Well… It seems like I haven’t interfered with Uncle’s love life.’

Sae-ah felt relieved after seeing JiHan’s genuinely disgusted expression. 


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