The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 171

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 171>

In front of the Sword Palace.

There was a long line of reporters there.

“It’s time to come back… … .”

“Even if Seong Ji-han uses the force to block me, I have to take a picture first.”

“paralysis? It’s actually better if you get hit. “I need to be paralyzed by Seong Ji-han before I can say I ate some of the reporter’s jjambap.”

“That’s right, Reporter Kim. “If I get hit, please take a proof photo.”

They don’t know about the existence of soulless, so they only know Seong Ji-han’s control of space as force.

Reporters hated it every time they were paralyzed by the Force.

Since Seong Ji-han became a member of the national team, his popularity has risen sharply, and now it has become an honor to be paralyzed by him.


And soon, a huge limousine pulled into the Sword Palace.

“It’s an association vehicle!”

click. click. click.

Reporters crowded around the vehicle.

“I’ll pass.”

Seong Ji-han comes out of the car and extends his hand.

Just as Moses parted the Red Sea, the bodies of the reporters floated on both sides, forming a path.

A method that Seong Ji-han often used when the reporting became too heated.

He didn’t stop there, and even used force to suppress reporters.

‘… … ‘Why do you like it?’

Why was the reporters’ reaction strange?

Before your body stiffens, it’s normal to frown or feel scared.

Now, he was actually smiling and happy.


“Senior, next time, please ask me too!”

click. click.

The junior reporters even took pictures of the paralyzed reporters.


Let’s get Sword King Yoon Se-jin down from behind Seong Ji-han.

The sound of flashes exploding from all directions became faster.

“Yoon Sejin! “Have you completely returned to your country now?”

“Are you willing to return to the Korean national team again?”

“How are your eyes?”

“The Japanese Association suggested that Yoon Se-jin be disqualified as a player, saying he committed murder! “What do you think about this?”

In addition, many questions were asked.

Sword King Yoon Se-jin did not answer any other questions.


“It’s murder… … .”

He was slowly walking along the path that Seong Ji-han had paved for him.

He opened his mouth to reporters.

“I couldn’t kill Ito Shizuru.”

“yes… … !?”

“Shizuru Ito isn’t dead?”

“yes. “I just returned home because it was impossible to pursue.”

“The Japanese Prime Minister said that the fascination had worn off and that Shizuru Ito was probably dead… … .”

“He must have removed his charm to run away.”

In a serious tone, Yoon Se-jin recalled an incident from a little while ago while telling a story that was different from the truth.

* * *

Inside the plane heading from Jeju Island to Gimpo Airport.

Seong Ji-han’s manager, Manager Park Yun-sik, came down to Jeju Island and was telling them about the recent situation.

“The Japanese Association is pushing to disqualify players?”

“Yes, the Korean representative in the management office is trying hard to argue that that is nonsense, but public opinion is not positive. In particular, countries belonging to the Northeast Asian league are strongly arguing that all players should be disqualified… … .”

“You might think this is an opportunity.”

Sejin Yoon slowly opened her mouth.

He had a long beard, probably because he hadn’t been able to shave during the long chase.

The wound on the eye he stabbed himself had completely healed.

After Shizuru died, he ate the leaves of the world tree that Seongjihan gave him.

The initially ugly eye wound had completely recovered.

Of course, my eyesight did not come back.

“… … Although I killed her so that I could live. It is also true that she is guilty of murder. “Punishment will be inevitable.”

No matter how many times the player kills enemies in the game.

Committing murder in real life is a completely different matter.

In particular, Sejin Yoon has emphasized that players must follow laws and regulations since the early days of

He admitted that he had committed murder and assumed that he would be punished.

“It’s the Korean national team. As long as my brother-in-law is there, there will be no problem. Even when I was fascinated, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to win next year. Regardless of whether I am there or not, I think the Korean national team will sail smoothly… … .”

Yoon Se-jin, who has already assumed that he will not become a national team player.

“Oh, no! I killed Shizuru… … ! “Why not do that?”

“what… … .”

“I will pay for the murder. It didn’t help in Japan either… … “I want to do my part, at least in this way.”

Akari announces her decision with a firm expression and says she will take the blame for murder.

Feeling the now solemn atmosphere inside the plane.

Seong Ji-han tilted his head.

“Brother-in-law, what are you talking about? Shizuru Ito isn’t dead, right?”

“… … what?”

“Ha, that woman. It’s really gross. They even solved the Prime Minister’s brainwashing and went into hiding. She searched all the way to the South Sea of ​​Japan, but eventually her obsession stopped and she returned home… … .”

Seong Ji-han clasped his hands together and glanced around at the people around him.

Yoon Se-jin and Akari.

And then, I looked intently at Manager Park Yun-sik.

“We failed. The traces of Shizuru Ito were lost, so the chase was stopped. Manager Park Yun-sik, do you understand?”

Park Yun-sik blinked his eyes.

He noticed something in Seong Ji-han’s words and quickly answered.

“Yeah, that’s right! Ugh, indeed. Shizuru Ito, tough, tough! It’s so unfortunate. I should have completely uprooted it… … !”

“uh… … Are you going ‘missing’?”

“You’re leaving. Akari, what are you talking about? They say he went missing. “I’m still not good at Korean.”

“oh! I’m sorry… … .”

When Seong Ji-han notices, Akari immediately understands.

Yoon Se-jin looked at that and asked back as if he was dumbfounded.

“Jihan… … “Will that work?”

“They acted unreasonably first, so shouldn’t we respond in the same way?”

Forced to force.

Seong Ji-han was also well-versed in dirty play.

“There, we have a card to play.”

“Parani… … .”

“Very soon, the Space League will open.”


The long tutorial is coming to an end.

There are now less than two months left until the full-scale Space League season opens.

“Even if Shizuru Ito isn’t dead, if they continue to use force, we will notify them of a boycott.”

“The Space League… … “You’re not participating?”

Park Yun-sik opened his eyes round.

Space League, the dream stage that every player aspires to.

The players are boycotting that… … .

“Does it make sense for a player who was deprived of the national team to be selected for the Space League? “According to the other side, I too am abetment to murder, so I need to reflect on myself.”

“Well, what are you going to do if they really accept it…?” … .”

“I hope so. “You have to play the game without the world’s No. 1 and 2 Warriors to know how big the gap is.”

Seong Ji-han recalled what happened during the opening game of the Space League in his last life.

The opening match series where Sword King performed overwhelmingly.

Without him, the battle against the World Tree Federation would have ended in three consecutive defeats.

If Earth had been the winner of the game at that time, the MVP would have been unanimously awarded to the Sword King.

‘It’s time to clearly show who the regrettable one is.’

In this life, I prepared a lot to lead the opening match to victory.

If the World Association came out like that, Seong Ji-han did not intend to participate in the opening match.

Because he was not a saint who got away with things.

And at this time, according to the policy set by the plane.

“Japan, stop hiding Ito Shizuru and make her receive the punishment she deserves. “If the Association only listens to one side and imposes unreasonable punishment, I will boycott the Space League.”

Yoon Se-jin threw a bomb in front of reporters.

“S-Space League… … ?”

“The player is not participating in the Space League… … !”

“If a player doesn’t even qualify for the national team, how can he become a district representative?”

“I feel the same way. According to Japan’s claim, I also committed the crime of accessory to murder. “I don’t think I’m qualified to represent the district.”

With those last words, Seong Ji-han and his party entered the penthouse elevator.

“Even the most famous players… … !”

“Please speak a little more!”

Reporters who were not stiff yet flocked again.

Blocked by the Force, they were unable to report further.

“no… … “Isn’t Shizuru dead?”

“You’re boycotting participation in the Space League… … .”

“The repercussions must be formidable, right?”

Reporters who were not paralyzed began to pour out breaking news all at once.

[Shizuru not dead? The Sword King reprimands her Japanese side for hiding her identity.]

[The Sword King and Seong Ji-han. Declare that you will not participate in the Space League if the national team player is disqualified!]

The world began to be shaken once again by the news of the Sword King.

-Wow, it comes out strong ㄷㄷ;

-Not participating in the Space League?

-No, isn’t it obvious? They’ve revoked their national team player qualifications, but asking them to participate in the space league is kind of a piece of shit lol.

-Not long ago, there was news from the Official Official League that the King of Swords may be exempt from disqualification if he plays in the Space League… … .

-I guess they were worried that they might boycott it too haha.

-You have to go hard for something like this!

-If you lose in the Space League like this, won’t you become an outcast around the world? Although the majority of Koreans responded with welcome news of the space league boycott.

-You’re boycotting the Space League? Nonsense! players are not participating in the Space League… … !

-It was rather good. Even if you are not Seong Ji-han and the Sword King, there are many talented people on Earth!

-No, the problem is that there is no alternative to the Warrior class. You must be fully prepared before participating in the Space League!

-Did you not see Seong Ji-han and the Sword King fighting? How are we going to win the league without players like that playing?

-okay! Isn’t it hasty to disqualify a player just because Shizuru didn’t die?

-Do you believe that? You must have come to Korea because Shizuru died!

-Selfish Korean players! You refuse to do your job without even thinking about paying for your sins… … !

-As expected, they are a group of murderers wwww.

While foreign countries criticized the King of Swords for declaring a boycott.

Two of Earth’s strongest warriors were concerned about being left out of the Space League.

When the impact of the Space League boycott declaration was quickly spreading around the world.

“Seaya… … .”

Sejin Yoon was meeting her daughter.

* * *

Penthouse of Sword Palace.

Sejin Yoon got off the elevator with a trembling heart.

What should I say in front of my daughter?

‘Do I have the right to come here?’

Since I don’t have the courage to see Yoon Se-ah, I thought it might be better to be blind for now.

He took heavy steps.


invisible eyes.

The daughter’s voice in my ear was just as cheerful as I remembered.

However, Yoon Se-jin, whose senses were extremely developed, could feel it.

Yoon Se-ah takes several deep breaths to control her emotions and makes a bright sound.

“picnic… … “Did you have a good time?”


With a smile on her face, she described what had happened so far in these three words.

“Seaya… … I am so sorry… … .”

“I’m sorry! “How can I resist you when you use charm and charm?”

When Yoon Se-jin heard that voice, she lowered her head without realizing it.

As if nothing had happened.

As if it was no different from usual.

I saw the daughter calmly dealing with her father who returned from home.

I was crazy about Shizuru and remembered the past where he repeatedly said that he didn’t have a daughter.

I couldn’t raise my face because I was embarrassed.

“okay… … It was an accident. And it came back in the end! That’s it then… … .”

She looked at Yoon Se-jin, trying hard to hold back tears.

I focused my gaze on his eyes and slowly approached my father.

“The eyes… … are you okay?”

“no. “Brother-in-law, I recovered with the leaves of the World Tree, but my eyesight did not return.”

A leaf from the world tree that removes status abnormalities and restores vitality.

He ingested it on his way back, but only the trauma recovered and his eyesight did not return.

“ah… … If only I ate a little earlier… … .”

Although Yoon Se-ah felt sad.

“Okay. “It’s a self-sufficiency.”

Sejin Yoon answered calmly.

When it came to stabbing both eyes, I didn’t have any regrets.

“Ah really. What’s okay… … !”

“Don’t worry too much. “There must be a way to restore your eyes on”

“Really… … ?”


“If uncle talks like that, there must be a real way!”

When Yoon Se-jin leaves Korea and is in a desperate situation.

The uncle who overcame all situations and even brought in my enchanted father.

Now, Yoon Se-ah absolutely trusted no matter what Seong Ji-han said.

“however… … “That woman, she’s not really dead?”

Yoon Se-ah cautiously asks if she saw the interview on the first floor on TV.

Akari, who was following behind, answered quietly.

“He died. “She didn’t even leave a drop of blood behind.”

“ah… … I see. “I did it just in case.”

“She was a dangerous woman who would be in trouble for a long time if left alive.”

“that’s right. Phew… … .”

Only then does Yoon Se-ah sigh and feel relieved.

I could see how much stress Shizuru had been on her.

“Oh yeah.”

Seong Ji-han took out the Aegis Ring from his inventory and handed it over to her.

“Uh, this is… … .”

“It’s the ring of Aegis. It’s my sister’s keepsake. “It’s a bit dirty because she used it, but she’s at SSS level, so let’s wash her clean and use it.”

“SSS level?? Ugh, then you don’t have to wash it. uncle! “Editing is also useful in times like this.”

When Yoon Se-ah was surprised while looking at the explanation of the modified Aigis Ring.

The Sword King, who had been quietly listening to this, opened his mouth.

“Sea. “Do you need that right now?”

“No, not really… … I’m still in first place anyway. Why do you need it?”

Yoon Se-ah is in first place even after being promoted due to Void Archer’s deceitfulness.

When she blinked and said it was okay, the Sword King slowly opened his mouth.

“Well, with that ring… … Yes mom. “I’m going to look for it.”

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