The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 170

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 170>

Seong Ji-han’s new martial arts skill, Mangwibongsin.

At first glance, the martial arts skill, which had the attribute of earth among the destruction of destruction, seemed to be a failure.

Shoooooo… … .

The smoke rising from the three swords stopped rising and fell to the ground.

It soon disappeared.


[I can’t believe it.]

The Succubus Queen in the sky couldn’t help but be surprised as she stared at one place.

The location she was looking at was the ground where the three swords were stuck.


There was a small pattern drawn on it that was barely visible near the bottom where the sword was stuck.

When viewed from a distance, it just looks like a graffiti-like red pattern.

Even when I looked at it enlarged, it was a mix of indecipherable letters and geometric patterns, and I couldn’t figure out what it was at all.


[…] … A sealing camp to block the devil’s contract.]

The Succubus Queen understood something about the Ten Thousand Demons just by looking at that.

The devil’s contract is absolute.

Even the most divine beings cannot release a soul that is being dragged by a devil’s contract.

This is a rule that applies everywhere in the universe where exists.

But who would have thought that the seal formed by humans would block the guidance of souls.

She looked at the Ten Thousand Demons and Gods attentively, then gently changed her voice towards Sheng Jihan.

[good. It’s impossible to break through. then… … Aren’t we going to make a deal? If you release the contractor’s soul, I will reward you greatly.]

Since it doesn’t seem like it will work, should I negotiate?

Seong Ji-han was wondering what he would receive from the succubus queen in that acting state, and opened his mouth.

“Think about it if you never come to this planet again.”

[…] … That’s impossible. It has already been assigned.]

“Who made the assignment?”

[I can’t say that.]

Seong Ji-han frowned.

Anyway, it’s coming.

Then I couldn’t let go of this soul.

“Then that’s enough. good.”

[Don’t do that… … okay. What about 10 succubi? I will especially give you a child who is prepared to entertain the gods. Until you die, your children will follow you as their master.]

“Not required.”

[I can’t believe you answered so promptly… … Do you have a preference for the same sex? This is my succubus queen, but I can also give you an incubus. I have a deep connection there too. Hehe.]

If it’s an incubus, is it a male dream horse?

Seong Ji-han frowned and shook his hands.

“I don’t need any more.”

[Then what do you like? At the Palace of Desire, there are children to suit your every taste. Just say it.]

“I just don’t want to see you.”

[Oh my, do you want me…? … You are still not on my level.]

Hey, are you even listening?

Seong Ji-han decided not to answer and looked at the ground.

‘It’s this big, it’s close to failure.’


As the name suggests, it seals 10,000 ghosts.

What Seongjihan had just unfolded was small enough to barely contain Shizuru’s soul.

Maybe it’s because my martial spirit level isn’t high yet and I’m not using Destruction from the skill window like I did in my last life.

The skill level for the Ten Thousand Demons was so small that it was so small.

‘But this is enough.’

It is possible to show the power of the Ten Thousand Ghosts and Gods to some extent.

Seong Ji-han twists the three swords.

Slurp… … .

The symbols of the Ten Thousand Demons and Gods spun around in unison.

[But if you become stronger, you may be able to meet me by alternating yourself… … hmm?]

The figure of the Succubus Queen, who had been talking for a while, began to quickly crumble.

[Me, me too? It doesn’t just end at the sealing camp… … !]

With those last words, the Succubus Queen was completely sucked into the Ten Thousand Demons.

As soon as she disappeared, Seong Ji-han pulled out his three swords from the ground and slashed them at the pattern again.


Then, the pattern of the Mangwibongsin drawn under the sword exploded.


There, a heart-rending echo rang out.

‘You unintentionally destroyed Shizuru’s soul.’

Even though he was my enemy, I had no intention of using the Ten Thousand Ghosts and Gods to destroy his soul.

Was it a mistake to sign a contract with the Succubus Queen?

Seong Ji-han returned Ganjang and Makya to the King of Swords and spoke in a relaxed manner.

“It’s all over. Let’s go back now. to Korea.”

“… … okay. “I guess I’m finally going.”

The Sword King’s voice was filled with regret.

Now, how should I go to Korea and see my daughter Yoon Se-ah?

While playing for the Japanese national team, I suddenly remembered that I had said several times that I did not have a daughter.

No matter how fascinated I was by Shizuru.

I shouldn’t have said that.

“Whoa… … .”

It was around the time when the King of Swords sighed and became depressed.

Akari asked Seong Ji-han carefully.

“I… … How do you plan on getting there? … .”

“You should go the same way you came here.”

“Um, riding on a cloud?”

“huh. “Summon a thundercloud.”

When Seong Ji-han immediately summoned a thundercloud with those words, Akari became tearful.

If it weren’t for the Diamond Rank body.

I must have already vomited a few times when I crossed the sea on the clouds.

“Would you like to ride that and cross the ocean again? “To Korea?”

“Then how do we get there?”

“The National Intelligence Service gave me an emergency contact method… … “They’ll send transportation at any time.”

“Do you want to wait on a deserted island until those people come?”

“… … no.”

Akari sighed and kicked the beach where Shizuru’s body was.

I was going to die like this anyway.

Why do you run away here and cause trouble for people?

It doesn’t help until the end.

“let’s go.”


Akari stopped kicking at Seong Ji-han’s gesture and climbed onto the cloud.

It was the end of a long chase.

* * *

The star of martial arts.

“… … after.”

Dongbangsuk, who was looking at the sky, sighed deeply and cut off one of his beards.

Then it immediately turned into a sword.


Let the sword cut through the air once.

In the cloudy sky, a screen appeared.

In it, a scene of Seong Ji-han using the Ten Thousand Demons was playing.

“oh. Can you do that with a sword? river… … No, Dongbangsak. “You don’t need a smartphone, do you?”

Longinus is holding a smartphone in his hand and laughing.

After waking up from a long sleep, he did not let go of the smartphone he had bought on Earth for 24 hours a day.

It costs a lot of GP to use a phone in a place without a communication network.

Longinus was someone who could easily handle that level.

“I’m not in the mood for jokes. Longinus.”

Unlike his usual smiling face, Dongbangsak’s expression has become sharper.

He zoomed in on Sheng Jihan’s Ten Thousand Demons and Frowned and frowned.

“Although it is small… … It’s very similar to what God of War did. Incredibly… … .”

“So, I mean. Are all those who attain martial spirit like that? “Just one warrior is enough to take away my karma.”

“Your job… … “It was divine murder.”

“exactly. “Were you a vassal?”

“I see.”

Taegongmang Gangsang’s job, vassal.

It was originally a fate given to him by mankind in order to divide the world, a mixture of humans and ghosts, into two.

Since I was born as a river, this is something I must have done.


“The God of War took over my karma… … .”

“You do it for me. “It was a robbery.”

The wandering warrior took away Kang Sang’s work and made him his squire.

“Hehe… … Still, I was convinced at the time. Because God of War was a being that could not be compared to me. It is said that eternal life is given there. “I was willing to give up my karma and become a squire.”

“That’s right. “He really liked Yeongsaeng.”

“that’s right. So I didn’t have any regrets about my job… … .”

Dongbangsak pointed to Seongjihan.

“Strangely, it’s hard to bear that child showing vassalism. “I don’t know why I’m so angry.”

“Me too. So… … .”

Longinus took his eyes off his smartphone and pointed at Seong Ji-han.

“Are you going to go educate that guy?”


“You can’t kill it because it’s a challenge to its master, but it doesn’t matter if you beat it.”

Longinus’s first words were just education, but his true feelings eventually came out.

As Seong Ji-han used the Iron Blood Cross several times, it seemed as if the irritation that had been bothering him exploded.

“What do you beat? After getting that age, tsk… … .”

“Honestly, aren’t you curious too? “As long as you don’t kill him, that’s fine.”

“Hmm… … .”

“Oh yeah. “It’s not about beating them, it’s about training them.”

Longinus tried to persuade Dongbangsak, who had a bad expression on his face.

[Don’t be reckless.]

As the earth shook and the voice of the Absolute resounded.

He knelt down with a frown on his face.

Anyway, on this damn planet. I can’t say anything.

“… … “I understand, master.”

“I will follow your orders. “Master.”

Longinus and Dongbangsak answered.

The earth shook again.

[If you do not wake the third, I will reap him. So please stay still.]

At those words, the two looked at each other.

The third seed that has already been dormant for 400 years.

In order for Seong Ji-han to wake him up, he had to rob him of his karma like he did now.

‘That would be impossible… … .’

The two never thought that Seong Ji-han would be able to do this.

That’s because the third karma was impossible.

‘The challenge is over like this.’

The two came to a conclusion about Seong Ji-han’s future.

* * *

The World Association was facing a difficult problem.

For some time now, the Japanese Management Bureau has been raising issues.

“Player ‘Yoon Se-jin’ is taking hostages. killed a person It was broadcast live around the world. These heinous criminals should no longer be allowed to play. “Japan will formally submit a motion to the Association to permanently revoke Sword King’s player status!”

The World Association has the authority to disqualify players who have committed serious crimes such as murder.

However, player disqualification has rarely been implemented until now.

There were almost no cases of serious crimes being committed in the first place.

Even if it was committed, the resources of national team players were sorely lacking.

This is because most crimes are tolerated within the country.

However, this case was different.

Because the King of Swords broadcasted the hostage taking and murder live through BattleTube.

It wasn’t a situation that could just be buried.

“Player Yoon Se-jin received harsh brainwashing from Japanese players, and in the process of being released, he behaved a little rough. And it’s a murder charge. Wasn’t the person who died at that time the alter ego of Ito Shizuru? “How is your alter ego human?”

The representative of the Korean bureau dispatched to New York protested as such.

“It’s a self-immolation… … ! It’s not like that. She definitely had blood and a heart that beat just like the rest of us! There is further evidence that he is guilty of murder. “Several people, including the Prime Minister, said that the fascination was broken!”

The Japanese side even presented evidence that the brainwashing had been lifted.

“… … “Wouldn’t it be good if the brainwashing was lifted?”

“Uh huh, why would the fascination wear off! “It must be because the Sword King killed Ito Shizuru!”

“That’s just speculation!”

While fighting like that for a long time.

As soon as news broke that Seongjihan’s group had arrived on Jeju Island, the dispute in the World Association reached a boiling point.

“Their return has made it clear! Shizuru Ito is dead, and the killer is a member of the Holy Family! In addition to Yoon Se-jin, Japan will also propose the disqualification of Seong Ji-han for accessory to murder!”

“Japan’s claims are absurd and far-fetched!”

“Is Korea now supporting murderers?!”

Meanwhile, the representatives of the two countries loudly shouted.

These two countries were already on bad terms.

This incident seemed to deepen my emotions even further.


“It is hasty to punish Seong Ji-han based on that level of punishment, but… … .”

“Yoon Se-jin should be disqualified as a player. Broadcasting a murder live on BattleTube is clearly a serious crime.”

Representatives from other countries in the Northeast Asian League as well.

They were secretly supporting Japan.

‘If Seong Ji-han and Sword King become the same team… … .’

‘The Northeast Asian League is over. Korea will definitely come in first place.’

‘We have to stop it somehow.’

And, not just these.

Representatives of other Battlenet powers also had similar thoughts.

‘If those two participate in the Champions League at the same time… … I don’t think it will be easy in America either.’

‘If we think about next year, we must stop the King of Swords from joining the Korean national team.’

The atmosphere within the association is such that there is an underlying sentiment of check against Korea.

“Huh, they say so much. For the sake of humanity, player Seong Ji-han risked his life in the promotion match and lowered the difficulty level… … !”

The Korean representative sensed such an internal atmosphere and became so angry.

“Hmm, hmm. So, isn’t it only Yoon Se-jin who is the problem?”

“The live broadcast of the murder was still too severe.”

It was not enough to change public opinion alone.

When the atmosphere in New York was moving towards the disqualification of player Sejin Yoon.

“… … “You’re finally back.”

Seong Ji-han’s group landed on Jeju Island.

From there, I boarded a plane and arrived in Seoul.

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