The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 114

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 114>

It was unexpected for Seong Ji-han that Jin Yu-hwa came here.

You could just have someone come from across the sea, but take the risk of coming here yourself?

‘no. ‘You probably thought it couldn’t be dangerous.’

Since he would have never thought that Seong Ji-han was a returnee, Jin Yu-hwa must have judged that he would not know his identity.

To Seong Ji-han, it was like a pumpkin rolling in on a vine.

[master. The woman who followed us last time is also over there.]

Ariel’s testimony, who had planted a shadow on the follower, continued.

Seong Ji-han dispersed his Force sense and looked at the people sitting at the table.

Perhaps because they were part of the Chinese embassy, ​​they entered the arms without raising any suspicion.

A handgun was detected.

Judging by their size and shape, they were all special pistols made for the purpose of firing anti-awakener bullets.

‘You mean you’re going to attack me openly.’

Since their intentions were clearly revealed, Seong Ji-han wanted to deal with them right away.

However, it wasn’t as good as it is now.

What if Jin Yu-hwa dies as soon as Seong Ji-han enters the event venue?

The timing was timing, and since many people knew that he possessed the Force, it could have raised more suspicion than necessary.

‘There may be a need to disguise it as a sudden death.’

Seong Ji-han gave instructions to Ariel, who was nestled in his left arm.

‘Ariel. Can you channel some of your power into that woman’s shadow?’

[Just that young woman?]


[It’s easy. Can I kill him?]

‘Not now. ‘Can you disguise it as a natural death later?’

[That is also easy. Since they are the lowest species anyway, all you have to do is stop the heart.]

‘good. ‘It’s important not to leave any trace.’

[That’s my specialty.]

Some of Ariel’s strength leaked out of Seong Ji-han’s arms.

Perhaps because covert maneuver was a top priority, no one around them noticed this.

[done. Just give an order at any time. As long as it is not too far away, you can run it right away.]

‘If you’re going to fake a heart attack, do it when she’s gone. If you fall here, people can save you.’

[Then, shall we at least send him to the bathroom?]

‘… … Is something like that possible?’

[The human body of the lowest species has already been analyzed. It will be enough to make you feel the need.]

At times like this, they really seem like a high-class race.

Seong Ji-han nodded, admiring Ariel’s resourcefulness.

After completing the plan, Seong Ji-han spoke with the management director with a nonchalant expression.

“How will today’s event proceed?”

“Oh, yes. That is… … .”


Jin Yu-hwa, who was watching the group from afar, was frowning.

‘The structure of the event venue makes it harder to get things done than I thought.’

Even when I was in Hong Kong, I tried to commit it somehow, but when I actually came and tried to implement the plan, there were many restrictions.

In particular, the Korean Management Agency venue was much smaller than expected, so it was impossible to do anything there.

‘I should have killed him in the bathroom back then. ‘Tsk.’

No matter how much I thought about it, yesterday was disappointing.

“It’s oil painting. “I heard the general story from my father.”

At that time, Chinese Ambassador to Korea Wang Lim, who was at the same table, spoke to Jin Yu-hwa in a friendly manner.

“Can you separate Seong Ji-han from that woman for a moment?”

“oh… … Ambassador. “Is that possible?”

“The prime minister of this country has some ties to me. He has already told me that he wants to talk to Seongjihan. “I’ll be in a different parlor with him, and then you can do whatever you want.”

Jin Yu-hwa’s eyes lit up.

Chinese Ambassador Wang Im, whom his father had supported for a long time.

As the money given so far was quite large, it created quite an advantageous situation.

“All right. “Thank you so much, old man!”

“okay. “Please say hello to your father too.”

“Of course!”

The two laughed cheerfully.

A good atmosphere was created, and as time passed.

“ruler. Now, let’s start the award ceremony!”

The award ceremony was about to begin.

The Prime Minister of Korea stands at the podium.

At that time, Seong Ji-han was waiting to receive a commendation.

‘I didn’t drink anything… … ‘Are you nervous?’

Jin Yu-hwa suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom.

‘I’m not going to do anything right now anyway, so let’s go.’

She slowly got up from her seat and left the event venue.

* * *

Women’s restroom located next to the management office event venue.

“uh… … 100 million… … !”

Jin Yu-hwa clutched her chest inside the bathroom and collapsed.

If it had been at an event, people around her would have taken various measures, such as calling an ambulance and performing CPR on her.

Perhaps because the event had just started, there was no one to rescue her in the empty women’s bathroom.

“… … .”

Ariel noticed that she had completely stopped breathing, and thought in the shadows.

‘They are truly a weak race.’

Until it dwells in the shadows and takes over your heart.

This woman didn’t notice at all.

They are the lowest species who have dull senses and quickly suffocate when their heart stops.

It was hard to understand why this race was invited to

‘It’s not strange at all to give away S-class gifts like that.’

Among Earthlings, most high-level players had S-level or higher gifts.

Compared to the gifts that shadow elves receive on, this is very generous treatment.

At first, I wondered what kind of discrimination was so severe, but now my thoughts have changed.

Considering the limitations of the human race, I thought should have SS level or higher instead of S level.

‘The owner is strange.’

Is it because it is linked to the ‘Wandering Martial God’, a constellation that hunts constellations?

Among humans, only Seong Ji-han was of a different class.

If he continues to grow like this, he will become someone who will cause quite a stir in the Space League.

‘But why did you tell me to kill only this person?’

It’s a worthless existence.

Ariel escaped from Jin Yu-hwa and returned to Seong Ji-han.

He received a commendation certificate on the stage of the event.

“I hope you will continue to work hard for our country. “A noble player.”

“thank you. Prime Minister.”

He was shaking hands with the Prime Minister and receiving flash messages from reporters.


‘good job.’ Seong Ji-han answers Ariel without making a movement on the outside.

[But why did you tell me to kill only her? She was a worthless person.]

‘He was a person with a tendency to wait. Maybe she was the leader of those with her guns.’

[ah. Then was it that person who followed Yoon Se-ah?]

‘okay. Thankfully, he came to die.’

[You figured that out well.]

Anyway, there is nothing special about the human race, but this human is the only one who is weird.

Ariel didn’t ask any more questions though.

I know you won’t answer anyway.

Compared to when I saw the Black Spirit Ascension, this was a minor question.

“A noble player. Do you have some time?”

After the award ceremony, the Prime Minister approached Seong Ji-han with a friendly smile.

“yes. Prime Minister.”

“The Chinese ambassador said he would like to have a word with Seong Ji-han… … How is it. “Going to see him together?”

The Prime Minister uses an honorific title to the Chinese Ambassador and asks him to go with him.

“Then, I will go with my nephew.”

Then the Prime Minister looked around for a moment and put his mouth to Seong Ji-han’s ear.

“ah. Actually, I think I need to have a somewhat sensitive conversation with you… … Can’t you just have your nephew wait outside for a moment? “It won’t take long.”

‘Did you plan to separate them like this?’ Seong Ji-han looked at the Prime Minister blankly.

I don’t know what kind of relationship they have with China that makes them do this.

It worked out better.

Since Jin Yu-hwa has already been eliminated anyway, if she stays with him, she will definitely have an alibi.

“Ariel. “Please stay with Se-ah.”

“I get it.”

Seong Ji-han summoned Ariel and sent her to Yoon Se-ah, then followed the Prime Minister to the reception room.

There, the Chinese embassy people he saw earlier were waiting for him.

“Nice to meet you. “Sungjihan county.”

Chinese Ambassador to Korea Wang Im shook Seong Ji-han’s hand in fluent Korean.

“I am impressed by your recent performance.”

Wang Im, who started the conversation with such enthusiasm, was different from what the Prime Minister had said.

“It must be great to have such an outstanding player. haha. “It seems like Korea has surpassed us in terms of prospects.”

“What are you saying? Only one skilled player is outstanding. “How can the rest compare to China?”

They didn’t talk about anything sensitive, and just gave each other a pat on the face.

To be precise, it was closer to the Prime Minister overreacting to Wang Im’s words of congratulations.

If it’s a sensitive conversation.

“Seong Ji-han. I enjoyed yesterday’s video. Information related to dungeon hacks… … I never thought something like that would be released on BattleTube. I couldn’t even imagine it. “Wasn’t it a waste?”

“It’s not certain information, and dungeon portals are a problem facing humanity. “I thought it was right to release the information that way.”

“okay. Great idea. but… … “Compared to the value of the information, don’t you think the return to a military that is too sacred is low?”

Then Wang Im handed over his business card.

“When I saw the video this time, I felt very disappointed. Next time you have such information, why not work closely with us to benefit from it? “China is a country that pays a fair price.”

“Yes. Yes.”

It’s a fair price to pay.

Even now, they’re talking like that while they’re working behind my back.

“Thank you for your words. “I’ll think about it.”

Seong Ji-han accepted the business card given to him and got up from his chair.

It was there for an alibi, but I didn’t want to see the Prime Minister flattering the Chinese ambassador anymore.

“Okay then, I’ll just get up and see.”

“No, why don’t you stay a little longer?”

“no. My nephew has been waiting too long. “I got your business card, so let’s go now.”

“But how did we end up like this…” … .”

Wang Im tried to take a little more time somehow.


Suddenly, the door to the living room burst open.

[Wow, we’re in big trouble! Lady Jin Yu-hwa… … !]

[huh? W-what’s going on?]

[The body was found in the bathroom!]


The two shout loudly in Chinese.

Seong Ji-han, who did not know Chinese, looked at the two people in a distant and serious mood.

“Oh, no. Unbelievable… … !”

However, the Prime Minister seemed serious, as if he understood what he was saying.

Seong Ji-han asked him.

“What are you saying now?”

“ah. that is… … “There are reports that a person has been found dead.”

“yes? No, who… … !”

Seong Ji-han asked a question with a serious face and quickly prepared to leave.

“no. This is not the time… … ! “I’ll go see my nephew first.”

“ah… … “Yes, that’s right!”

Until a little while ago, I was in a position to stop Seong Ji-han.

Wang Im, who was distraught because Jin Yu-hwa was suddenly found dead, did not stop Seong Ji-han any longer.

“oh my! Jihan Seong. Were you here! We’re in big trouble now!”

And as he left the reception room, the director of the management bureau approached Seong Ji-han, making a fuss.

Yun Se-ah and Ariel were also by his side.

“yes. “I heard that a person was found dead.”

“Yeah yeah. In the women’s bathroom, a Chinese person was found dead. It seems like a heart attack… … Ugh. “I don’t know what all this fuss is about on a good day.”

Then the Director of Management spoke in a low voice.

“We have prepared a limousine for you to take you home. I wish you would pass away before it gets too noisy… … .”

“I appreciate your consideration. Let’s go, count.”

Yoon Se-ah slowly nodded at Seong Ji-han’s words.

“… … huh. uncle.”

And unlike when she came to the management office, Yoon Se-ah didn’t say anything in the car on the way home.

The car stops at the Sword Palace.

When the two got into the penthouse elevator, she finally opened her mouth.

“me. “Gift, your level has increased.”


“huh. From E to D.”

Then she looked up at Seong Ji-han.

“… … Is this possible? “Did your uncle do it?”

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