The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 113

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 113>


Seong Ji-han was quite surprised inside.

Judging from Ariel’s words, it was clear that she was not targeting herself, but rather Yoon Se-ah.

The concerns have come true.

‘no way… … ?’

After seeing the conditions that came up in Yoon Se-ah’s gift, I was careful just in case.

In fact, even Seong Ji-han didn’t expect it to approach so quickly.

‘As far as I know, the only other owner of Daegi Manseong is China’s Jin Yuhwa.’

Did they really attach someone there?

[Should I remove it?]

At Ariel’s indifferent suggestion, Seong Ji-han shook his head.

If you say that you are a follower, in the end, even if you catch him, he is just a petty petty person.

The important thing is to find out who ordered the tailing.

‘Ariel. ‘Is it possible to follow you in reverse?’

[It is possible, but if the distance to the target is too far, only the sound can be heard. The sword fighting stats are insufficient.]

‘There’s nothing we can do about that. request.’

[I get it. Then, let’s go.]

Ariel suddenly disappears.

Seong Ji-han calmly talked to Yoon Se-ah.

“uncle. Should I go to the commendation ceremony tomorrow?”

“of course. “Until you get promoted to gold, it’s within my force area.”

“Ugh… … “Then aren’t we too attached?”

“Hold on for a month. After that, I will let you go without any regrets.”

Seong Ji-han, who said that, lowered his voice as soon as he entered the elevator of the Sword Palace.

“Sea. “I was followed.”

“to. tailing… … ?”

“Ariel found it and is tracking it.”

“… … “Are you attached to me?”

“maybe. She said it was someone she saw in the women’s bathroom. I remember?”

Yoon Se-ah scratched her cheek and said.

“Um, no… … “Could it be that the subscribers followed along as fans?”

“What kind of fan is Silvertari?”

“Oh, that’s too much! He was also silver until a few days ago. “I’m also a battletuber with 50,000 subscribers.”

“Anyway, let’s be more careful for now.”

“okay. Oh my, I’m being followed… … .”

Yoon Se-ah, who didn’t believe Seong Ji-han’s words at first, soon became serious.

How long has it been since the conditions of the gift were made public?

When Seong Ji-han was worried, he thought he was being overprotective, but his concerns were actually correct.

And it won’t be long.

[Target protection is thorough. A summons is placed in the bathroom, and Seong Ji-han lives in close contact with the target.]

[I get it. Do not take hasty action and continue to monitor.]

Ariel, who returned to the penthouse, reproduced the follower’s voice with her own mouth.

“uh… … “Is it Chinese?”

“okay. That was the only clue. I couldn’t find out who the superior was. Instead, a trace has been carved into the shadow of the follower, so it can be traced back at any time.”

Ariel reported that.

When Seong Ji-han learned Chinese, he was able to roughly guess who his superiors were.

‘It was Jin Yu-hwa’s side.’

Jin Yu-hwa.

In her last life, she was ranked second in the world and a Chinese gift owner was targeting Yoon Se-ah.

‘If it comes out like this from the other side, I want to take the initiative and eliminate it.’

As Seong Ji-han, he had been through many turmoil in his last life, so he had no aversion to killing people.

But if there’s a problem… … .

‘I need to know where Jin Yu-hwa is.’

Is China a bit big?

In addition, Jin Yu-hwa was not as famous as a player now as she was in her last life, so there was no way to know her whereabouts.

‘Until SeAh becomes gold, should I just keep protecting it?’

Seong Ji-han’s brow furrowed.

I really wanted to slaughter them right away, but finding one person in China was almost impossible.

‘It would be nice if Jin Yu-hwa suddenly appeared in front of me.’

But the other person is not an idiot, so it can’t be that way.

Of course Seong Ji-han thought so.

* * *


“You were already preparing?”

“yes. miss.”

“Can’t I just shoot him? “There won’t be any gaps at all.”

“The opponent has a summon attached to him, so it doesn’t seem like he’s overdoing it.”

Jin Yu-hwa frowned.

No, I’m saying don’t overdo it.

‘What if there’s a summoner? ‘Can’t I just shoot it?’

How strong is a shadow elf, and how can it block dozens and hundreds of bullets pouring in?

If I just grind it, I’ll die.

‘These aren’t your jobs, are they?’

It was a long time ago that the Triads were powerful criminal organizations.

Now that they have entered the sunny regions and are conducting legitimate business, the violence of the organization has decreased significantly compared to before.

Of course, it was still a strong organization for the weak, but it was a different story when the strong, like Seong Ji-han, were involved.

He wasn’t willing to take risks.

‘That won’t work.’

The day Jin Yu-hwa decided to kill Yoon Se-ah was tomorrow.

While he was planning a plan to eliminate Yoon Se-ah by asking his father, a high-ranking official of the Triad, he heard that Seong Ji-han would receive a commendation from Korea’s Battlenet Management Bureau and made that the day to execute it.

The person my father had assigned to me, telling me to trust only him, was currently dispatched to Seoul.

‘It’s too unreliable to leave it to just those people. It might be your last chance… … .’

When Jin Yu-hwa saw Seong Ji-han preparing, she became impatient.

If I missed tomorrow’s chance, it seemed like there would never be another chance.

‘The atmosphere is full… … This gift was originally mine!’

Chronic waiting for gifts.

The one who got this first was Jin Yu-hwa himself.

This gift, which she received upon awakening three years ago, seemed so useless that it brought her despair.

When Yoon Se-ah revealed her long-lasting gift a while ago, she realized that it was actually a huge treasure.

‘After that, I went through a lot of hardships and reached silver… … !’

Jin Yu-hwa was able to become silver in just one month thanks to his chronic chronicity and playing the game twice a day.

Even the gift has risen to E level, so I thought I would only walk down the flowery path from now on.

What was waiting for her was the difficult conditions for upgrading to D grade.

[Conditions for upgrading to D grade]

-Own the only gift on the planet. (Currently 2 people) – Be the first among waiting gift holders to become a gold player.

Even though it doesn’t have a full explanation like Yoon Se-ah’s, Jin Yu-hwa’s gift does provide the conditions for upgrading to D grade.

Looking at this, she initially thought about making an effort and going to Gold first.

“How dare you ride a bus… … .”

There was no way to catch up with Yoon Se-ah, who was riding the sacred bus, by leveling up.

If so, there is only one way left.

The only thing left to do is to own the gift.

“I can’t do it. “I have to go and see.”

“Oh, lady? “You’re going to Korea?”

“okay. Book your flight right now! “If you get on the train early today, you can arrive by the commendation ceremony!”

“No, you don’t need to go… … .”

“That’s right. If you shot someone in the bathroom, I wouldn’t have to go there. right?”

As Jin Yu-hwa spoke with a gloomy face, the man reporting next to her broke into a cold sweat.

“Back then, there were summons… … .”

“With all that in mind, how are you going to kill me? “If you are separated from Seong Ji-han, you must shoot him!”

“Well, I’ll tell you that.”

“it’s okay. “I’m going, so prepare a useful gun.”

“miss! “It’s too dangerous to go there yourself!”

At those words, Jin Yu-hwa laughed bitterly.

It might end like this tomorrow, but is the risk so great?

“You have to take that level of risk to complete the gift.”

“What if you get caught before you can do your job?”

“Would you ever get caught? “How many people know that I have hyperchronic disease?”

There were only a very few people in the Heaven and Earth Guild created by the Triad who knew about Jin Yu-hwa’s Gift.

There is no way a single foreigner would know.

“You guys are getting ready to clean up after yourself.”

She said confidently.

* * *

next day.

Due to Seong Ji-han’s short broadcast, the world was once again in an uproar.

[Can the dungeon portal be eliminated? Seong Ji-han, a sudden bombshell!]

[Exploration owner who is also scouted by teenage guilds. Won the lottery!]

[World Association announces that it will test whether gift ‘exploration’ really works.]

[What is the identity of Seongjihan’s summoned beast, the Shadow Elf?]

“and… … Articles about my uncle come out all the time.”

Inside the limousine sent by the Administration.

Yoon Se-ah, who had been looking at the articles being uploaded like a flood, spoke with admiration.

“It’s worth making since it’s about a dungeon.”

Dungeon Portal.

Isn’t this the fundamental reason why countries around the world are trying so hard to maintain their league rankings?

They explained how to destroy it on air, but it was strange that there wasn’t an uproar.

-Thanks to Seong Ji-han, I’m getting rid of the crime report… ㅠㅠ I don’t have to follow the affair scene anymore.

└ Are you scouted? ㄷㄷㄷ

└ Even though I am a C grade, I received a full-time employee offer from a guild of the opposite sex. I am dumbfounded as to how they found out and contacted me within one day.

└ Wow, if you are a C grade, you can go anywhere else! Try writing a resume for American First └ I don’t speak English… …

└ Haha, you are ignoring me AF. Just send a C-grade photo of the gift.

While reviews are coming in one after another of people who have the support gift ‘Exploration’ receiving scout offers.

Yoon Se-ah touched her smartphone and flipped through the articles.

“But Sophia’s confession took a backseat. ah… … “There’s a little bit of entertainment news.”

“Why are you searching for something like that?”

“Sophia, it seems like you are serious. “He asked me what type of uncle I like.”

“Become the number one supporter in the world.” “Then I think you’ll like it.”

“omg… … .”

Tuk-tuk. Tuk.

Yoon Se-ah made a dumbfounded expression after hearing Seong Ji-han’s words and quickly touched her phone.

“good. “I sent it as is.”

“Did you send that again?”

“oh… … uncle. You say you will? Instead, my uncle told me to stay single until then.”

Is this Operation Water Ghost?

Seong Ji-han smiled and nodded.

“It will still be like that.”

There is so much to do right now, so where is the time for dating?

“Take care of yourself today. “I will give you Ariel, but if you think something is going to happen, be sure to wear the Void Veil.”


If it weren’t for yesterday’s tailing incident, I would have thought that my uncle’s concerns would be for naught.

Yun Se-ah seemed to be a bit more alert now, and was practicing taking out the Void Veil from her inventory.

“Im here.”

The Management Bureau located not far from the Sword Palace.

As soon as Seong Ji-han got out of the limousine, he was welcomed by the administration.

“oh my. Seong Ji-han~! “You came quickly!”

What particularly greeted him was a middle-aged man standing at the front of the management bureau.

A middle-aged man with a chubby body and good-looking personality repeatedly bowed his waist and welcomed Seong Ji-han.

“I. Who are you… … .”

“ah! It’s my first time meeting you! Nice to meet you. “My name is Oh Gyu-seung, the new Management Director!”

“You were the director? No, you don’t have to go this far.”

“Oh my gosh, you can’t do that. You’ve invited a distinguished guest like this! now. “I will take care of you myself!”

Perhaps because he was the one who came in after the previous management director was fired due to an unpleasant incident, Oh Gyu-seung led the way to the event venue, stooping low enough to make Seong Ji-han feel burdened.

“There are a lot of people.”

“When I heard that Seong Ji-han would receive a commendation, several distinguished guests showed interest and graced the occasion.”

“aha… … okay.”

“Originally, the President wanted to come and award the commendation, but as it overlapped with his foreign tour schedule, the Prime Minister came instead. “At this awards ceremony, the Prime Minister will personally present the commendation certificate.”

A commendation for excellent performance from the Management Bureau.

This is obviously not given to just anyone, but it is not an award so great that the President or Prime Minister comes and presents it.

‘But why is there such a fuss because people can’t come?’

Yoon Se-ah shook her head as if she couldn’t get used to it.

Seong Ji-han nodded leisurely, as if he was used to this kind of treatment.

“Let’s get it done quickly and get it over with.”

“haha! All right. “I will use my discretion to finish the ceremony as quickly as possible!”

Seong Ji-han, who was entering the venue like that, suddenly looked at a certain place and stopped.

“Um, Director?”

“Yeah yeah. “Speak up!”

“Those people over there… … “Where are you from?”

The place where Seong Ji-han stopped his gaze was none other than where the VIP table was.

“They are distinguished guests from the Chinese embassy.”

“Um, in China?”

“Yeah… … He said he really wanted to attend. “Do you have any inconveniences?”

The management director was watching Seong Ji-han’s thoughts and was worried that he had received them for no reason.

“no. I heard you came to congratulate me. “These are people I’m thankful for.”

Rather, Seong Ji-han had a deep smile on his lips.

His gaze was on one of the distinguished guests at the Chinese embassy.

I was fascinated by Jin Yu-hwa, a young-looking woman who casually drank tea.

‘It was a windfall.’


I didn’t know that he would come from the other side to die.

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