The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 687

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Chapter 687

Honorees’ Banquet.

As it was a banquet where the contributors to the Gate incident were gathered in one place, the number of those who arrived was considerable.

A large number of people gathered, and of course the Spring Palace was just as crowded.

As it is a place where people who have made enormous majors gather, not only influential people from all over the world gather, but even individuals who have made excellent majors, even if they are not influential people, are invited.

Of course, the banquet was large as most of those who became the foundation of the empire were invited, and all five empresses attended after the emperor.

Airi was the last of the five empresses to arrive.

Just by her appearance, people are silent without even realizing it.

Succubus Queen.

It is the lineage of one of the greatest demons among the demons.

Among the succubus called devils of enchantment, she is the ultimate devil, so it’s only natural that she draws attention.

“I’m here?”


Airi, who came up to the second floor where the emperor was, nodded silently.

People are enchanted for a while, and people gather again to talk or dance.

Among them, there are people who secretly look sideways at Airi.

Airi was originally the representative of the demons and was the great evil who married the emperor.

I thought so too.

In fact, Airi is mainly doing the work of leading the demons, finding the remaining demons in the Dark Land, and incorporating them into the empire.

Charlotte is also an Archdemon, but since Charlotte doesn’t have the energy to lead the entire empire, Airi takes over the job.

“No matter how you think about it, among the empresses, you get the most support… … . Isn’t something strange?”

At the emperor’s words, Airi smiled subtlely.

“Because you don’t know the world.”

Airi, nicknamed Mafu (魔后), is the most recognized among humans.

Arch Mage.

The last princess of the Gradias Imperial Family.

Regent of Kernstadt.

Ruler of the Holy Empire.

Each of them is a great person, but Airi alone is a demon.

There is only one reason humans support Airi.

the most beautiful empress.

It is imprinted in people’s heads very simply, befitting the nickname of the great devil of fascination.

It is impossible to know how much people’s perception of demons has changed with just that alone, and how much it would cost to obtain it through propaganda work.

Charlotte did not stay still as soon as she knew that such a perception was spreading among the people when the demon empress appeared in the world.

Just like Edina did.

In addition to mobilizing succubus for psychological counseling, he also used the empress to do things like relief work for the poor.

Among the emperor’s empresses, the only demon empress helps people in the lowest position.

Airi, as well as other succubuses, had been doing it for a long time, and it was something they liked.

So ironically, unlike other empresses who had a lot of big responsibilities and had a hard time doing outside activities, Airi was the empress closest to the people of the ecliptic.

A public project to improve awareness of the demons.

There is no other suitable person besides Airi.

That’s why Airi was the only empress of the demon tribe, but also the most famous and most supported empress.

There are even people who hate the emperor but support Empress Airi.

Airi captured people’s hearts most simply and most certainly.

“Perhaps the new Shadow Walkers will join this time.”


“Yes, they are a bit gloomy by nature. He must have survived well because he was good at hiding. I like dark places and my ears are bright. Don’t worry, I don’t do anything like cannibalism. You could work in the intelligence service. It won’t matter if you let me live in the ecliptic.”


Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that she is the spokesperson and protector of the demons.

Although humans are the majority, in the end, it is a place where demons also have to live together.

Even the demons, who cannot survive in the land of humans, must find a place to live, and create a place where only they can live.

The emperor quietly looked down at the banquet hall.

There are faces you know and faces you don’t know.

There are also faces I haven’t seen in a long time.

There were times when they saw each other for the first time in a while, so they were looking down at the emperor quietly as they greeted each other happily.

The emperor looked in the opposite direction.

It’s not Airi, it’s Scarlett who always stands by her side.

“Go down.”

“yes? Your Majesty, but I… … .”

At the banquet hall where everyone is wearing dresses or suits, Scarlett is still wearing her armor.

“Go, I have to say hello to Ivia after a long time.”

Could it be that I couldn’t even greet you with a friendly face in order to keep you by my side?

As Scarlett hesitantly went down the stairs, the emperor watched still.

* * *

The entire Palace of Spring was like a banquet hall, so many people were eating and drinking everywhere.

Of course, people gather among themselves, so there were people gathered everywhere in the banquet hall.

There are many secret conversations, and the content of the secret conversations ranges from private to public.

Among the stories buried in the flowing music, there were people who were happy to reunite after a long time.


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However, there were many cases where people who had always seen each other gathered in one place.

Such is the case with Harriet and Adelia, who have been far apart for a while, but now meet again whenever they have a chance, just like in the Temple days, and mumble together.

The two of them were muttering while laying papers on the banquet hall table.

“If I make it according to this design drawing, I don’t know the efficiency, but wouldn’t it be less versatile? I wish I could use it in a way other than harvesting.”

“No, you can do it like this. There is a junction here at the front, so if you replace it, it will look like this?”

“Yeah, then?”

“Then you can serve as a plow, and you can sell as much land as you like.”

“iced coffee… … . I guess so. It is efficient because it can be used in many ways by simply replacing parts. Since the core core is the same, it will be easy to repurpose.”


Watching Adelia and Harriet talk like that in the banquet hall, Liana, who had been emptying her champagne glass, puts the glass down as if her appetite is running out.


“Shit, you came all the way here and said something smelling like manure?”


“ah… … ?”

“Do I have to come all the way here to hear about making farming golems? You guys don’t know, but I’m sick of it.”

At Liana’s words, not only Adelia but also Harriet tidily arranged the design drawings that had been thoughtlessly arranged on the table.

It started when Harriet responded to the subject that had been alluded to in the first place, and Adelia took out blueprints and started talking.

It’s no wonder that Liana, who has been dressing up to the fullest after a long time, hates her wearing earrings, necklaces, and fancy dresses.

Cliffman giggled beside him.

“… … Are you kidding me?”

“sorry… … .”

Of course, Cliffman laughed thoughtlessly and lowered his head in one glance.

It can’t be helped that Liana is having a seizure about farming.

Liana was the general manager of the vast agricultural district of Saint-Ouan, which could be said to be the food line of the empire.

Agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, and even processing thereafter.

When it comes to food, Riana de Granz oversees everything.

Liana’s psychic powers, which had absolute power when it came to war, were now responsible for the meals of the entire empire.

In a way, I was given more important work than before the war.

The area Liana is in charge of far exceeds the size of any country. Because it is a place that produces food that extends to the entire continent.

That’s why a huge military force was stationed next to the emperor. And Liana is one of the only beings with the authority to call the Archmage in case of emergency.

One is, of course, the Emperor, so Liana is the only person other than the Emperor who can call Harriet in an emergency.

So, all the talk about food is very important to Liana, and at the same time, it can only be a disgusting story that she doesn’t want to hear here.

There is also a reason why the food warehouses of the empire’s huge empire were established in the Grand Duchy of Saint-Ouan.

And there is a reason why Adelia laid out the blueprints and Harriet showed interest.

“Still, once the automated golem is completed, not only will food production increase exponentially, but you will be able to supply it to all continents, so your burden will be reduced. Is this good for you?”

It was Harriet’s words, and Adelia nodded as well.

The technology used to make golems used for war is now changing into a technology for production.

It makes agricultural automation machines.

In fact, a large number of golems are being put into farming business, and now they are dreaming of full automation.

Thanks to Adelia’s cooperation with the golem technology of the Principality of Saint-Ouane, the knowledge that used to make Titans is now partially useful, and will be used for agriculture as well as mining.

Of course, everyone knows that there is some uncomfortable possibility that agricultural golems can turn into terrifying war golems with minor changes to the production line.

Depending on what the parts are equipped with, they can be used for production or for destruction.

In the end, Riana narrows her eyes at the words that she wants you to be comfortable.

“Who wouldn’t do it at all?”

Liana trembled her finely painted nails, gathered her elaborately drawn eyebrows, and opened her red-painted lips.

“Let’s not do it now.”

“You guys me… … . Do you know how it usually is?”

“Do you know where I sit in an elegant salon and say, come rain, stop rain, come snow, stop snowing?”

“Wearing overalls and rummaging through a manure, and in a place where rain is needed, he only stares at the rain all day long.”

“I didn’t know why the crops were behind, so I went around asking farmers all day long.”

“Do wild boars eat roots, did monsters ruin farming, and pests and pests are rampant, soothe and take measures to those who are depressed, huh?”

“That me.”

“A very long time ago.”

“Put on some dresses, put on makeup, paint nails. with a bit of a fuss uh? Come to the palace, huh? I did.”

“Do I have to listen to that today?”

“You can forget about those things for today and listen to them tomorrow, right? … .”

“You guys who have only studied in the lab don’t know me… … .”

“Those of you who like studying just don’t know me… … .”

“I wonder if you guys who talk about how good it is to be able to study just know how I feel… … .”

Adelia and Harriet actually say that.

I can only do research, so I ask why I don’t like it. I don’t think of it as work in the first place.

“You guys don’t know how much I want to play… … .”

In the end, I muttered blankly because my eyes were empty from the dejection.

“That, yes… … . We can talk about this at the magic meeting later… … .”

Adelia and Harriet also nodded while facing Herriot, as if they were paying attention.

In the end, only Cliff dragged Liana, who had become a super-corpse, and headed to the hall to dance.

“He… … . Did you know how to dance?”

At Harriet’s question, Adelia stares blankly at Cliffman dancing with Liana.

“Will you know now? That bastard, seeing that polarity sometimes makes me dizzy.”

It was not Adelia who answered, but Kaier, who had approached from afar.

“Ah, Kaier.”

It wasn’t just Kaier Bioden.

The wheelchair in which Kaier is sitting. There was a woman pushing it behind him.

“long time no see. Adelia sister and Archmage too.”

“hello. senior.”

“long time no see.”

Behind Kaier was Rdina.

Kaier Bioden awoke from a coma about two years ago.

* * *

After the war, it was Ludina who took care of Kaier, who was in a coma.

Of course, since they were also war heroes, they were not only assisted with living, but also periodically visited by a priest to see Kaier’s condition.

However, Rudina was always by his side.

Actually, there was no need for Rdina to take care of Kaier that much.

But Rdina stayed by Kaier’s side for three years while he was in a coma.

Whether or not Kaier would regain consciousness was unknown.

He took care of Kaier, whose heart was only beating.

and one day

Kaier opened his eyes.

After that, the two stayed together.

They helped with rehabilitation and lived together.

Maybe if the rehabilitation goes well in the future, I will recover my energy and get out of the wheelchair life.

Rudina had always said that to Kaier.

-Brother, eat this.

-The alcohol… … Are you okay? I hope you don’t drink it though.

-What do you want to eat?

-Would you like to go for a walk?

Harriet and Adelia watched it quietly.

Although it was miraculous that Kaier regained consciousness, and both of them visited and watched from time to time how Rdina took care of Kaier.

And it’s to the point of wondering if it’s because Kaier actually regained consciousness, even if he said that it was because Heaven was moved by Rudina’s sincerity.

There is no polarity like that.

“… … .”

“… … .”

If the male polarity is Cliffman, the female polarity is Rudina.

It’s good that it’s going well, but in the end, the two think that there’s no such thing as shit.

Rudina, who had been frantic about Kaier for a long time asking if he was inconvenient or needed anything, took a breather when Kaier left the seat saying he would go talk to his friends for a while.

Rdina smiles at Harriet.

“By the way, I read the book written by the Archmage.”

“ah… … . If that… … ?”

“Yes, the Book of All Things. Haven’t we only gotten to the introduction yet?”


The magic that made Harriet an Archmage.

After the war, Harriet tried to organize her realizations in writing.

Rdina’s magic calculation is fast, but her absolute magic power is insufficient.

That’s why if you can realize the magic that Harriet has awakened, you can solve your chronic disease.

That’s why I tried to understand Harriet’s book. Even if it’s just an introduction.

“Is there anyone who can understand that? I don’t know any I didn’t understand it at all.”

It is not a book that anyone among wizards can come across.

Rudina, like Adelia, was also a member of the Magic Council, so she only had access to the introduction to Harriet’s book.

“As expected, is that so… … .”

“You won’t be disappointed. Rather, I think you can use more.”

“that’s right. Honestly me too… … . I didn’t understand it at all.”

But rather, there is a reason why I have no choice but to say that I can do more because I do not know the contents of the book you wrote at all.

Among the magicians, only those in the highest positions can occupy even the smallest seats in the Mado Conference. When the leader, Heriot, said that he would write down his greatest realization, everyone in the Magic Council objected.

It’s a very powerful magic, so it’s a magic that shouldn’t spread easily.

So Harriet wrote only the introduction.

And I told the people at the Mado Council to watch those who want to see it.

But neither Rdina nor Adelia could understand it at all.

Similar answers have been given to other members of the Mado Council so far.

Harriet explains the magic she has realized and learned about.

But wizards can’t figure out why this is possible.

There are those who do not understand how magic itself works.

Even if you understand that magic itself works, there are people who wonder if this is possible for humans.

Theory exists, and it works.

However, it is a very simple conclusion that there is only one Harriet in the world who can activate it.

“So you can use that spellbook. It’s magic that no one can use anyway.”

If you use it anyway, no one will understand.

However, even for the sake of future generations, great magic must be recorded.

Therefore, it would be of great significance to leave magic that no one at the time could understand as a magic book.

“Anyway, he’s a wizard who writes magic books before he turns 30, so it’s not an Archmage for nothing.”

It’s not even simple magic, it’s magic that deserves to be said to be the greatest in the world.

At Rudina’s mischievous words, Harriet couldn’t help but blush.

“By the way, I heard Adelia is getting married soon too?”

“Oh that… … . yes.”

Adelia was also scheduled to marry the third son of the Archduke of Saint-Ouane.

Somewhere on the other side, the Grand Duke of Saint-Ouan, who was also a member of the Magic Council, was talking with someone, and the Grand Duke’s three sons were also present.

“Then, are we a family now?”

“ah… … . Is that so… … .”

Seeing Adelia blush and lower her head, Harriet smiled brightly.

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