The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 686

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Chapter 686

The Emperor leaves the throne room and walks through the corridors of the Central Palace. All the important things have been taken care of, so Charlotte will take care of the rest of the government.

After receiving the summary and talking to each other, all the big tasks of the day will be completed.

As always, Scarlett was walking by the emperor’s side.

In fact, Scarlett had been by his side longer than anyone else.

“Is there only dinner schedule left?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. As I said last time, the Honorees’ Banquet will be held tonight at the Palace of Spring.”

“okay… … .”

“It’s been a while since all the five empresses will be gathering.”

“… … I guess.”

The emperor has five wives, and their hierarchy is the same.

All five are empresses.

There were concerns that it could rather cause confusion inside, but the emperor decided to do so.

Of course, among the five empresses, each individual had a different influence.

Of course, the most influential being is Charlotte, who is in charge of overall state affairs.

However, if that meant that the other empresses had little influence, that wasn’t the case either.

Airi leads and dominates the demonic forces that have become a huge axis of the empire.

Louise, of course, controls Kernstadt, the second largest force next to the Empire.

The current king is Heinrich von Schwarz, but she is actually helping King Heinrich until he gets used to managing state affairs, so she is practically no different from a king.

Kernstadt was larger in territory than the Imperial Territory. Even the Edina Islands, which were the base after the Demon King’s Gate incident, had already become Kernstadt territory.

Due to the overcrowded population of the ecliptic, the Empire could hardly attempt restoration and expansion.

The Empire focused on reducing the size of the ecliptic, which had become too oversized and deformed to be a city-state, and relocating people.

Is that all?

“The Holy Queen has already entered the palace.”

“ah… … . okay?”

Olivia Ranche, who had completely reformed the Five Major Churches and transformed them into a new group, and had already become the owner of another huge empire, also held strong power.

Of course, there are people who have become overly famous beyond their power.

The most powerful mage that has never existed in history.

An unprecedented existence capable of using infinite magical power.

Harriet de Saintoine.

Therefore, a new title had to be created for her.

Because beings of a different rank need a different position.

The highest decision-making and interfering body in magic, above all wizarding circles.

The current head of the Magic Council.

“I heard Archmage is heading there as well.”

For Harriet, the title became her own.

* * *

Everyone was supposed to gather at the evening banquet, so the emperor headed to the Spring Palace in advance.

The banquet was before the start, but the preparations were busy.

The Spring Palace, where Charlotte once lived as a princess, was still in full bloom.

Charlotte, who often had to attend state affairs, moved her residence from the Spring Palace to the Autumn Palace, where institutions dealing with state affairs were concentrated.

Now there were two people in the courtyard of the Spring Palace.

Saint Olivia with her long, platinum blonde hair braided up.

And Adriana with dark hair standing beside him.

“long time no see. your majesty.”

“Meet Your Majesty.”

Beside Olivia was Adriana, who had become an escort knight for the castle.

Olivia Ranze, who smiled gently while covering her mouth as she looked at the emperor who had come to visit, could not find the venom of the past.

If there is a person who has changed the most since marriage, it is definitely Olivia.

He declared that he would be ripped off, but after marriage, as if it was okay, he gradually became a gentler person.

The reason is simple.

Saint Olivia was very busy with the founding of the Holy Empire.

So, I rarely saw the emperor.

So, when I face the emperor for the first time in a while, time is too precious to be nervous and scratch.

We have so little time to be together, so we value our time so much that we only talk sweetly and act kindly.

“When did you come?”

“Just now. Not too long ago.”

He even answers the emperor’s question with respect.

I wondered how people could change so much.

To be precise, she regained her behavior and tone as if she had returned to the days when she was called a saint.

That’s why people who know her feel a sense of incongruity in Olivia’s appearance.

‘Something… … . It seems to have reconfirmed that he is fundamentally a very nice person, but it feels a bit reluctant to admit it. What’s not like shit?’

Charlotte commented on Olivia, who had become milder.

Of course, there were many days when I cried out loud by myself, saying that after getting married, it became harder to see Reinhardt.

“I’ll stay for a few days while I’m here.”

“I would like to, but I am busy. It’s the same with His Majesty.”

“… … It’s a pity.”

Olivia was smiling brightly, as if she wanted nothing more.


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-Oh, Reinhardt is here too.

Everyone turned their heads at the sound of a distant voice.

There, the Archmage, Harriet, was approaching in street clothes, as if she had just entered the palace.

Olivia’s expression hardens.

“Ghosts don’t catch him, but they always come only when it’s good. No, you know that, don’t you?”

Of course, a lot of things have changed in her, but her terrible dislike of Harriet hasn’t changed at all.


Harriet approached and looked at Olivia with a cool gaze.

“What are you?”

“Why don’t you pretend to be happy when you see someone for the first time in a while?”

“If I’m having a chat with His Majesty after a long time, shouldn’t you be considerate of indulging yourself?”

“It’s been a while for me too?”

“Have I been around longer?”

Because he knows that if he gets in between the two, he’ll always be the first to get hit.

“… … .”

The emperor only broke out in a cold sweat and said nothing.

* * *

Harriet had a little argument with Olivia, but she said she was tired and went into the Spring Palace first.

He says that, but in the end, he is considerate because he knows that Olivia doesn’t have much time.

Olivia had to reorganize the country, so in a sense her job was more than that of the emperor.

Even the Reformation, a mission that was sure to be fierce, took a huge risk, and it was the same as leading a dangerous and busy day.

“How are you today?”

Olivia sighs at the Emperor’s question.

“It always is. We still have a long way to go.”

Due to the nature of religion, the territory of the Holy Empire is not limited to the territory of the empire.

The temples, monasteries, and shrines of the Holy Church all over the world should be regarded as domains.

Territories and people to lead are scattered across the continent.

There really is no such thing as a demon.

It takes a very long time to convince that one word, and most of them do not accept even that.

Reversing common sense is just as difficult.

“Still, I should say it’s a little easier than before because there are demon priests these days.”

The Demon God is the god of the demons.

If the main gods really reject the demons, there should be no existence among the demons who can use the divine power of the main gods.

But these days, there are demon priests, so people tend to change their minds when they see demons who can use the divine power of the main god.

“In the first place, I wonder if it’s right to just believe it at the point where I have Tiamata, but the absolute number may be important.”

“I see. Numbers are so important.”

After talking with Olivia to some extent, the emperor moved his gaze to her side this time.

Guardian Knight of the Castle, Adriana.

Due to the name of the castle, Adriana became a knight guarding the king like Scarlett.

Adriana stubbornly refused, saying she didn’t have the ability, but Olivia almost forced Adriana into the position.

And a position makes a person, and Adriana, who was originally a powerful paladin, has become a being worthy of the name of a guardian knight who protects the castle after a lot of time has passed.

“Why are you wearing a dress today?”

“Because there was an order to dress appropriately for the seat… … .”

Adriana, with a shy expression, was wearing a dress that was more fancy than Saint Olivia.

It was clear that Olivia had put on that dress on purpose.

Olivia covered her mouth and laughed as she saw Adriana.

“Now that the law prohibiting marriage between priests and paladins in Tuan has been removed, there is no need to hide your charms, right?”

“… … .”

It is tantamount to announcing that at the time of the marriage, Seonghu would throw away all the laws of the past.

Of course, Adriana was just fiddling with the hem of her uncomfortable dress with a puzzled look on her face.

The territory of the Holy Empire itself is not very large.

However, the place to be actually governed is all the land where people live.

The main cult is a religion that has been rooted for a very long time, and that religion is eventually present wherever there are people who believe in it.

Therefore, the Holy Empire is not only a nation, but also an intelligence agency of the current empire that collects information from all continents.

It was not created for that purpose, but it is a phenomenon that inevitably becomes that way.

That’s why temples and temples scattered across the continent have no choice but to know everything that happens on the continent.

“How is the Dominion? Seeing as you haven’t talked about it, it seems like you’re still okay.”

So, even in the Human Self-Government Territory, where the governing body of the Demon King’s Empire cannot officially enter, there are temples of the Main Church.

The scale is, of course, very small, but it may not exist. Because there are still people who believe in the Lords even in a place where the belief in the cult of warriors is dominant.

“Hmm… … . According to Rowen, he seems to have completely lost the strength to resist after the last war. I don’t know. It wasn’t that we rebelled because sometimes they could overthrow us. But nothing can happen in five years.”

The commander of the Knights Templar, Rowen, was not purged.

After the war, she went back to where she belonged.

A place where the existence of the shadows should be located.

It’s just that what I’m doing has changed from interrogating heresy to gathering information.

She serves as the head of the Imperial Intelligence Corps.

The task of detecting the threat of the empire by synthesizing information scattered across the continent.

In particular, her main role is to watch over the Dominion.

Rather, it was a proposal from Louise who wanted to purge Rowen. Rowen gladly accepted the offer.

He said he couldn’t sit in a presumptuous place for a long time.

Rather, he did not hesitate to return to the shadows after completing the work he had to do, saying that the work he was good at suited him more.

The reinstatement of Ileion Boelton, the previous commander of the Knights Templar, and the declaration of support for the Holy Empire resulted in better results.

Of course, now the Templars have become an institution completely subjugated to the Holy Empire. If the Templar Knights originally gathered the strength of the Five Great Main Religions, then it was only natural that the Holy Empire was the collection of the Five Great Main Cults.

“Slowly, they arrive one by one.”

Olivia smiles as she sees two people approaching the Spring Palace.

The emperor jumped up from his seat as if he had been scalded by fire.

Adriana and Olivia both smiled at the sight of such an emperor.

“Adriana, isn’t this painting fun every time anyone sees it?”

“Sir, it’s noisy… … .”

“… … hmm. I won’t say anything.”

From some point on, whenever he sees the emperor, a man who has an expression of chewing up rotten shit.

And a woman who always has a cold expression.

The two of them are walking together to the Palace of Spring.

The frozen emperor is also an emperor, but Olivia also rose from her seat.

The owner of the empire is Reinhardt the Great.

And the real power of the empire is Charlotte de Gradias.

However, there is a person who is most respected in the imperial family.

Regent of Kernstadt, Empress Louise.

Empress Louise was not very close to the emperor.

Those who know know, but those who don’t know, for some reason.

Those who didn’t know at least knew that Empress Louise was the person the emperor had the most difficulty with.

So, ironically, a strange situation was established in which the emperor was the most difficult and feared person, so he was respected the most in the imperial family.

“Oh, come, come. teacher.”

The emperor dares to bow at ninety degrees.

“… … I still don’t know why I am a teacher. You’re excited, Your Majesty.”

Louise clicked her tongue briefly as she watched the stuttering emperor.

Standing only in front of Louise, the emperor becomes a mouse in front of the cat.

So, everyone thought that the fearsome Emperor Reinhardt was afraid of Empress Louise, and they were afraid of Louise at the same time.

In fact, Louise von Schwarz is a truly great swordsman who has risen to master of swordsmanship, and she is also a war hero herself. If someone in her is afraid of her, it’s reason enough.

Of course, those who know the situation are just absurd.

Even Olivia, who had changed but was still jealous, Reinhardt’s behavior in front of Louise was just funny.

“… … Let’s go in first, sister.”

The current king of Kernstadt, Heinrich von Schwarz, rushed into the palace of Bom as if he were trying to escape.

After the proclamation of the Empire, Olivia knows that Reinhardt and Heinrich have never met in private.

When we meet each other’s eyes in a public place, we turn away from each other as if we saw something we couldn’t see.

like right now

“Tea, even tea… … .”

“I drank on the way.”

“Then, the meal… … ?”

“The banquet will begin soon, so do we need to eat beforehand?”

“Oh, I see. I had a short thought… … .”

Being restless and restless while not being able to do this or that is definitely a puppy that wants to poop.

Empress Louise usually stays there for her work in Kernstadt, but occasionally returns to the Imperial Palace for several months.

At such times, the Emperor is unable to sit or stand, trembling and trembling with anxiety every day. Even if Empress Louise wasn’t by her side.

He’s doing it because he wants to be nice to himself, but looking at it from the side, it’s a bit ambiguous to see that he’s trying to be nice to his wife.

“… … your majesty.”

“Yes, that… … . yes? Yes sir.”

“How many times have I asked my old mother to stop acting like an old unfilial child who is impatient to be filial even belatedly?”

That strangely detailed explanation accurately explained what the emperor was doing to Empress Louise.

It doesn’t look like he’s trying to be nice to his wife, but it seems like he’s trying to be nice to his parents.

Even if she forgot about the gifts the emperor gave to the other empresses, Louise was always a gift, and the way she greeted her was proof of that.

“That, that… … . sorry.”

In the end, the emperor bowed his head.

I want to do something well, but I don’t know how to do it, so I don’t know what to do.

“I don’t think I’ve become the Empress, but rather the Empress Taesang.”

It’s not just the emperor.

Olivia respects her to some degree, and so does Charlotte.

And one more who freezes as much as the emperor.

Another empress who entered the palace first, and rushed after learning that Louise had arrived.

“Oh, oh oh, oh oh come, come? Lou, Louise-sama?”

Arch Mage.

Harriet’s stuttering was on the same level as the emperor’s or even higher.

“Yes, Archmage, how have you been?”

“Yes, yes! Hey, even if it’s a car… … ?”


“Then the meal… … ?”

“Isn’t there a banquet soon?”

“That, is it? Yes? I was thinking briefly… … .”

He says exactly the same thing as the emperor.

Sending gifts for every birthday and every season and saying hello is also the case here.

“ha… … .”

Louise was also needed, so I didn’t have high expectations.

No, on the contrary, I thought it might be rough.

Because of the lack of foundation, or the short relationship with the emperor.

I thought that I might be ignored or treated with a low level.

But this was a marriage that went wrong in a very bizarre way.

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