The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 682

Chapter 682

Time passed.

As Charlotte had planned, the wedding would be informal.

However, the wedding ceremony contains a lot of meaning.

This is to announce a new empire, and at the same time to make it official that humanity has been trampled under the feet of the Demon King.

The Gradias family now completely kneels at the feet of the Demon King.

The emperor fled.

It means that Charlotte de Gradias, the last heir of the Gradias family, became the bride of the demon king while becoming a half-demon.

Louise von Schwarz of Kernstadt, the first vassal state, also becomes the bride of the demon king, and announces that the kingdom of Schwartz has also come under the rule of the demon king.

Olivia Ranze also means that the saintess of innocence betrays the doctrine and becomes the devil’s bride, meaning that the five major denominations have been subjugated to the devil.

The fact that there is a demon bride there means that the era of humans and demons will open in the future.

In the case of Harriet de Saintoine, it may not mean as much as others, but those who have seen and heard Herriot’s performance on the battlefield know.

That the world’s strongest wizard became the devil’s bride.

A new empire is proclaimed with the wedding ceremony.

Even the confusion after that.

Whether it’s prosperity after chaos or whatever.

From then on it will be the beginning of some other long, long days.

the night before the wedding.

I was sitting alone in my bedroom.

I wanted to be alone.

“… … .”

In front of the table was a bottle of whiskey that had been taken out of a case.

It’s a crazy guy who drinks alcohol the day before the wedding, but it doesn’t really mean much.

Because if you want to break it, you can break it.

Think about the things you lost.

It may seem like a small amount, but it cannot be said that it has not been lost.



Rotary club people.

Regardless of my victory or defeat, they became unwelcome guests.

can’t come back

Would they be happy if they saw me now?

I do not know.

This time I think about things I don’t know.

Bertus and Saviolin Tana are gone.

Shanafell and the Imperial Wizards all scattered.

Neither Christina and Ludwig nor Anna and Louis Ankton can be found.

Immortals are gone, but the magic that created them will still be there.

They don’t know what happened either.

and Antirianus.

I don’t know if Antirianus is hiding somewhere and aiming for my breath.

The deal was done, Antirianus would have tried to kill me.

But he didn’t die.

I don’t know how that happened either.



The word that told me to survive until the point after the ending.

I don’t know what that might mean.

Isn’t this after the ending?

The gate crisis is over.

Then what is the ending?

If you leave me alone like this for the rest of my life, that’s enough.

The important thing is that things like event notifications no longer respond at all.

Things like information, challenges, and elaborations.

Those things are no longer visible.

It seems that such ability has disappeared since the last revision.

Is just living like this the only reward I can get?

If that’s the reward, it doesn’t seem that bad.

It would have been even worse if they had tried to take me somewhere now that everything was over.

the system is gone

As if disappearing without a word after the ending is a virtue.

The rest of the world is entirely mine.

No help like cheats, no messages. Even like a preview.

will no longer be in my life.

The last preview wasn’t malicious.

I was accepting it with such a feeling, like prepare to die in vain like this.

Actually, it was to let him know that if he accepted the last deal, he would.


A dog like a dog.

It was helpful at the crucial last moment.

Lost things are lost.

without knowing what you don’t know.

Things that have ended remain over.

I’ll have to live the next moment.

After taking a sip of whiskey, I look out the window.

The pale full moon that had risen by the window was faintly reflected in my darkened bedroom.


I don’t know how long I can live.

In every moment of the rest of my life from now on, when I look at the moon, I can’t help but think of two people.



Even if I can’t see the two of them in the future, I will have no choice but to think of them when I look at the moon.

Ellen was gone, and it couldn’t be helped.

Being with me is rather dangerous.

I know that you left because you thought of me.

someday i will forget

It was already a miracle that Ellen had pulled me out of the pit she had fallen into to save me.

You have to be content with succeeding beyond the borders of immeasurable possibilities.

sip again.

When I passed the whiskey, a hot breath rose up my throat.

I can’t remember the last time I drank alcohol.

Time will cover everything.

Even now, it’s a fortunate enough situation.

So there’s no reason to think about someone who doesn’t have one.

I will do something in my own place. He will still be suffering from guilt, so maybe he will hunt monsters.

I will try to do the best I can without showing off.

I rummaged through my pockets and took out something.

Round milky white amulet.

A talisman with images of the moon and sun engraved on it.

It is presumably made by grinding the bones of something.

Ellen took it off, and I picked it up.

Now this means nothing.

In fact, whatever this helped Ellen, now Ellen is free from that bondage.

Of course it doesn’t mean anything to me.

The day you will see Ellen in the future will not come.

For the sake of the days to come, I should throw away my regrets.

Should I throw it out the window?

Shall I break it with a little force in my hand?

I thought about it for a while.

for a while

for a while

for such a long time

It’s funny that I’m worried about myself.

When you realize that hours have passed thinking about whether or not to throw this away.

I couldn’t help but realize.

It’s a thing that doesn’t make any sense.

I can’t throw away anything.

Oh my, I can’t even throw away sloppy amulets that have no value anymore.

“… … X feet.”

The fact that it will be impossible for the rest of your life to throw away your lingering feelings.

I had no choice but to realize it in the cold moonlight.

Like that, pass a sip, pass a glass.

Around two, three, or four glasses.


There was a knocking sound.

In the future, will you hear the voice of the escort knight who came?

When I opened the door, there was a familiar face.

“Now, Your Majesty… … . should I call you?”

“it’s okay.”

It was Eleris.

* * *

“Drinking the day before the wedding doesn’t look good.”

“How are you?”

“I guess so.”

By the window where the moonlight fell, Elleris and I sat facing each other.

“As you said, I looked for traces of Antirianus… … .”

“As expected, wasn’t it?”

“That’s right.”

Eleris followed my instructions and searched for traces of Antirianus.

The last fight in Diane.

After that, the whereabouts of Antirianus are unknown.

In terms of time and circumstances, it is clear that there was a battle even after I passed out.

Was it Luna?

But Luna said she wouldn’t help anymore, and that must have been sincere.

Even so, I can’t say with certainty that it wasn’t Luna. Maybe he didn’t want to let me die in vain.

After taking the ghosts, Antirianus had a fight with someone.

And it’s gone. I don’t even know if it’s dead or not.

It’s not that there’s no place to guess, but I’m not sure.

“good. It’s important that I’m alive.”

Ellen will too.

It was long.

It was a long, long time.

Meet Charlotte at Devil’s Castle.

run away to the ecliptic

How can I do it there, I wandered around aimlessly.

Where I had reached through the advice of the scribe, Elerith was there.

The beginning was the Demon Castle, but it all started when I met Elleris.

On the night before the end of everything, facing Ellerith felt like fate.

Ellerith looked out the window of the imperial palace quietly at the table.

“I never imagined that I would see a sight like this here.”

“yes. I never wanted to.”

“It is strange. It must be a seat that someone would really like to sit on, but to think that the person they least wanted to sit on… … .”

Having said that, we looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

Elerith did not want war.

I didn’t want a war either.

I didn’t want the throne or the rebuilding of the Dark Lands.

I told Elleris to stop being a subject of a fallen country, and Elleris was thrilled that I didn’t want war.

But actually, the two of us were the biggest cause of all of this.

I went around investigating the gate situation that wouldn’t happen if I stayed still.

Elerith activated Akasha.

there was a war

I ended up sitting in a seat I didn’t want and didn’t want.

If you didn’t wish for a tragedy and the tragedy happened because of that person, is it all that person’s fault?

Is it okay not to take responsibility?

Whose guilt was it after all?

Was I the cause of everything?

Elerith, who directly activated Akasha?

Ellen and Charlotte, who didn’t trust me and went after me instead of talking to me?

Bertus, who personally ordered my arrest?

Or, Antirianus, who insisted that activating Akasha was the answer?

I do not know.

Now, I don’t even want to know.

It’s just a problem you can’t figure out if you think about it.

what if you know

When it becomes clear who was most at fault, then what?

nothing would change

However, guilt is shared among everyone.

It’s not clear who’s at fault, but everyone says they’re at fault.

So, they came to their own conclusions.

I became emperor

Ellen is gone.

Charlotte will become the regent of the new empire.

Bertus ran away.

“… … .”

Ellerith is silent, and I drink a glass of whiskey.

Everyone has reached some conclusion.

Those who were somewhat responsible for these things reached their own conclusions.

However, Elleris still did not come to any conclusion.

“don’t go.”

“… … .”

But I can’t help but know why he came to me in the middle of the night, ahead of my wedding.

It’s clear you want to leave.

If it wasn’t for that, there wouldn’t be such a sad expression.

“majesty… … . No, Your Majesty… … . hmm… … . no.”

Elerith shakes her head.

“To Bali.”

If you leave, Elerith will no longer be my subject.

So you don’t have to serve me anymore.

“You don’t need me anymore.”

Elerith said so with a sad expression.

At one time, Elerith’s existence was absolute.

Without Elerith’s help, my radius of action would have been extremely limited.

No, life itself may have been impossible.

Elerith always helped me when I needed magic.

However, that role can now be replaced by Harriet, and there is anyone other than Harriet.

“As you know, I originally spent a long time in a place that had nothing to do with the Dark Land.”

“… … .”

“So, it’s just going back.”

Actually, I don’t need Elerith to be by my side all the time.

“And few people know that I activated Akasha, but there’s nothing good about me being by your side.”

That is true too.

After Ellerith left the Dark Land, she spent many years in a place unrelated to it.

“So now… … . Can I go back?”

She does not belong to the Demon Realm in the first place.

She probably didn’t intend to be so deeply involved in Dark Land’s affairs.

only stayed for a while.

However, contrary to their intentions, they played more than enough roles, played countless decisive roles, and had unfathomably deep sins.

So Ellerith’s choice to leave even for me is understandable to some extent.

won’t be going back

In order to somehow deal with the guilt, I will try to do something.

So I will try to find another harshness that drives me terribly.

I will try to do something that is not different from self-study.

Just like Ellen took it.

“Elleris, it’s gone.”

“… … Yes, it was.”

Elerith silently nodded with a sad expression.

“If you hadn’t believed me when I said I didn’t want war, and had killed me then, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“… … .”


If you killed me then

none of this would have happened.

“This wouldn’t have happened if they had been suspicious of what I was doing and had killed me because they didn’t trust me.”

“… … .”

Ellerith continued to doubt whether she could trust me.

However, in the end, I couldn’t get my hands on it. I was the first to tell Elleris that I knew the future.

“And if Akasha hadn’t been activated to save me, none of this would have happened.”

“… … .”

Antirian’s suggestion.

Sarkegar’s pressure.

Elerith activated the Akasha, causing a Gate Crisis.

didn’t want to lose me

Elerys said so.

I didn’t want to lose myself even in exchange for the world.

Because I hate war.

He said he hates fighting and death.

In the end, while we were together, Elleris finally came to value me more than the world.

like that.

like that

broke away

“On that subject, do you want to be firm in the end?”

“… … .”

At the words that bordered on abusive language, Ellerith hung her head in silence.


I shake my head.

“don’t go.”

Elerith lifts her head with difficulty and looks at me.

Seeing my eyes, Elerith’s eyes turned bright red.

That would be the same for me now.

Elleris, who saw me like that, couldn’t help but be like that.

“I don’t need you anymore. Who knows.”

There are many people who can replace Elerith.

There is Lucinil, there are other Lord Vampires, and there is Harriet.

“You stepped back and came to this point.”

“… … .”

Ellerith sheds tears at the end.

It is impossible to replace someone with someone else.

An empty seat is an empty seat.

“How can anyone replace the part Elerith occupies in my heart? No one can do that.”

You can put someone there, but the void will be filled, but not the loss.

“don’t go.”

“… … .”

“I hope Elerith backs down and explodes until the very end, so I don’t go when I’m told not to go.”

loss is loss

You can take the place of the role, but you cannot take the place of the heart.

“I can’t afford to go twice when I don’t have to.”

It’s not an accusation.

Because it broke down and became like this.

back out to the end

I hope you can’t even leave at these words.

At those miserable words, Ellerith rose from her seat.

“okay. okay… … .”

And, he gently hugged me.

“I will not go. Sorry. I… … . You hurt me more… … .”

Perhaps thinking that he hurt me, Elleris hugged me for a long time as if to comfort me.

Vampire’s cold body temperature.

Cold, but always warm.

As it is now, it always was.

This made me who I am today.

Without this, I couldn’t even start.

It may not have been a good ending, but it wasn’t a good process either.

arrived together at the end.

So I don’t want to be torn apart for no reason.

you’ve come to the end

I want to go beyond this together.

Could it be that the strength of my grip, which is holding me so strongly not to leave, has been conveyed?

Elerith trembled and spoke cautiously.

“If I were there, it wouldn’t change much, but… … .”

“If it hurts to be without me… … .”

“If it hurts that much… … .”

“okay… … .”

“In this immortal life, to watch you forever… … .”

Did you say that Lord Vampires have a long-cherished wish?

“Like that, I’ll finish it.”

Ellerith had a long, long existence.

“I will be with you forever.”

It was as if they had decided when to end the immeasurably long days.

I thanked Elerith for promising me eternal time while holding her face to face.

“thank you. Eleris.”

Just as I started everything together, I was just grateful for the words that we would end everything together.

* * *

If it’s a scale suitable for the wedding of the one who will be the owner of the new continent, it was by no means.

It’s not even an open wedding.

It was because the atmosphere was also the atmosphere, but luxury was impossible for humanity on the verge of collapse.

That’s why it was a wedding where only human leaders and influential people were invited.

In the zodiac, the facts of marriage and the proclamation of a new empire will be announced.

That’s why it’s modest, but everyone understands it because it’s a situation that has no choice but to be modest.

So, the number of those invited was not small.

Leaders of each military unit belonging to the allied forces, as well as kings and nobles from all over the world who were still alive attended.

It was incomparable to the golden age of the empire. Compared to then, the present appearance was closer to a modest banquet held in the imperial castle.

And of course, the appearance of those who attended the wedding was also prevalent with fear and anxiety rather than anticipation.

Can I trust this empire?

Can humanity really be rebuilt?

Is it right that even reconstruction is left in the hands of the Demon King?

Sensitive people already know.

Those thinking of rebelling against the New Empire did not come.

Of course, among those present, there will be those who have intentions of rebellion and who are in the sense of exploration.

It’s such a messy, but first of all, in the atmosphere where the music flows.

Holding the baton was Lanian Sesor, who always comforted everyone with music in the Allied Forces.

During the war and after the war.

Music will be needed.

The orchestra plays upbeat music under the command, and people come and go.

Of course, it’s not just nobles and royalty in this place.


“Ah, Ivia.”

Naturally, the red-haired Scarlett was quite the standout among the attendees.

“The dress suits you well. Where did you get it?”

“that… … . Charlotte gave it to you. You said you would need it.”

Scarlett’s face blushed at Ivia’s envious gaze.

A telepathic person, Ivia.

She too was one of the hidden heroes of this war.

Because Ivia’s telepathic ability greatly accelerated the command’s communication speed.

Not only those who fought were heroes.

Among those who did not fight, there are countless heroes.

Many of those from the Temple deserved the title of war hero.

Lanian Sesordo playing music.

Ivia, who has telepathic powers.

Adelia, who is quietly having a meal next to the Archduke of Saint-Ouan and his sons.

A lot of people who can’t be in this position now.

All those who died in the war deserved the title of hero.

Ivia quietly points to Lanian Sesor, who is in charge of the orchestra, and tells Scarlett.

“I think Lanian will become a minstrel.”

“The minstrel… … yo. this?”


Lanian Sesor also has considerable merit.

So, he would be able to sit as a court musician in the imperial palace, and there would still be plenty of rich people who would hire Ranian.

However, to become a bard wandering the continent.

also at this time.

“The Allied Forces said they sang what they saw and heard. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. They seem to want to tell the truth.”

how hard the fight was.

how tragic it was

How heroic it was though.

Scarlett nodded when she was told that she would travel the world singing such a song.

“I don’t know yet. my ability… … . Rather, it seems that it has no meaning anymore.”

Acceleration of communication.

It was a much-needed ability for the military, but now that the Allied Forces were disbanded, Ivia didn’t know what to do.

Now that the war is over, it comes to a situation where you have to take responsibility for your own livelihood.

The empire isn’t rich enough to provide eternal beds and meals for war heroes.

In the end, the new emperor’s order to eat well and live well is a harsh order.

You’ve worked hard so far, so it’s a story that you should take care of yourself.

It may be possible to give something to the war veterans later, but it is difficult right now.

Because everyone is starving.

Ivia’s immediate livelihood was uncertain because of that, and even after attending the emperor’s wedding, she had a vague expression on her face.

“Scarlett, have you thought about what to do?”

“Um… … .”

Scarlett slightly bit her lip at Ivia’s question.

“I think I will probably do an article.”

“article? Scarlett is also good at it. It would be natural. If it’s a knight, is it here too?”

Ivia pointed to the floor of the banquet hall, the imperial palace.

“Yes, maybe… … . His Majesty’s escort knight… … . I think I will.”

“… … really?”

Ivy couldn’t help but open her mouth.

There are those who have faced the Demon King directly, but among their classmates, there are also those who are vaguely afraid of the Demon King. like ivy.

This is especially true for those who were not close to each other even when they lived under the name of Reinhardt.

Scarlett becomes the emperor’s escort knight.

“Charlotte… … . He said that my strength is a strong ability to protect… … . You asked what it would be like for me to be there… … .”

It was Charlotte’s suggestion.

In the case of Immortals, Scarlett’s abilities were used to destroy and neutralize.

However, Scarlett’s power is actually originally specialized in protecting something.

As long as there is a knight who can neutralize all magic and psychic powers, the emperor’s safety will be guaranteed under any circumstances.

“of course… … . Rather, I think I will see the ugly side of me being protected more often… … .”

However, Scarlett was convinced that no matter how psychic she was, a demon king who was incomparably stronger than herself would hardly be protected by her.

Rather, when an emergency situation broke out, the demon king would risk his life to protect the escort knight, and he even had an ominous imagination.

Scarlett was almost certain of that imagination.

Like that, there were a lot of people in the banquet hall just like Ivia and Scarlett were staring at the wedding banquet hall.

The Grand Duke of Saint-Ouan and his family, who were having a meal in one place, were among them.

“really… … . It’s a feeling that is hard to put into words.”

“I see.”

The position of watching the marriage of the youngest child whom he loves.

But it is a joint wedding.

The demon king is getting married with five brides, and the youngest is one of them.

Adelia, who was eating with her, still couldn’t believe that Harriet had become that way in many ways.

We met a while ago and talked for a while, but it was still the same.

The Grand Duchess was sobbing silently, and the Grand Duke could not bear to rebuke her.

Because in many ways, it can’t be helped that it’s bland.

And in one corner of the table, Heinrich von Schwarz was completely stunned, mouth wide open.

Around him sat Erhi, Kaier, Kono Lint, and Cliffman, all with the exact same expression as Heinrich.

Everyone is out of their heads.

-Congratulations. What is this? yes uh… … . No, will your sister really like it when she sees you doing this?

– Pakpak!

-… … .

And Liana de Granz was laughing and slapping Heinrich on the back.

-Everything, shut up, Liana… … .

– Ugh! town!

Only the gentle Cliff forcibly shut Liana’s mouth.

To that extent, Heinrich as well as Heinrich’s friends were stunned, unable to accept this astonishing situation.


the wedding has begun

All attendees rose from their seats.

The demon king and his brides all stood in their seats in an instant.

centered on the devil.

Nearest, on the right, was Harriet de Saintoine.

There were no complex and lengthy procedures, no lengthy officiating speeches, no moments of chatter about the New Emperor’s vision of a new empire.

Louise von Schwarz, Heriot de Saintoine, Mawang, Charlotte de Gradias, Olivia Ranze, Airi.

Five demon kings lined up side by side, each wearing a fancy dress, quietly open their mouths.

“As those in the know know, I hate long talks.”

“I bet there’s no one who doesn’t know who’s getting married and who’s getting married all the way here, right? Therefore, the explanation is omitted.”

“We are getting married.”

“And, today is the wedding day and at the same time the day of declaring a new empire.”

“I declare a new empire from this time.”

“I announced the news of the marriage and the declaration of the empire, so I did everything I had to do.”

“Since everyone was poor, it would be shameless to eat and chat for a long time.”

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.”

“Because, of course, you all have a lot of work to do.”

“I don’t want to hold on too long.”

“So eat moderately, drink moderately, and go home moderately.”

“Now I hate anything long.”

“The war and feud were too long.”

“So now, let’s keep everything short.”

“Okay, let’s go ahead and finish it.”

Everyone couldn’t help but fall in love with that unconventional remark.

There is no formality.

rude and

no procedure.

be stupid

Is this the new empire?

get married

a new empire

In just two words, everything was over.

Is it okay to be the new emperor and the new ruler of the continent?

Is this domination right?

But whatever everyone thinks, a new reign has begun.

what can i do

The emperor said he would do that.

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