The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 681

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Chapter 681

Louise von Schwartz remained in the imperial palace as a key figure in the Demon King’s Army.

She also had to return to her home country as soon as possible, but as she played a key role in the Demon King’s army, she had to know everything she needed in the imperial palace.

Louise stares at Reinhardt frozen in a chair.

It’s quite long if you think about it as a cooperation period, but Louise only communicated with the demon lord through Rowen, and in reality she didn’t know her.

It was the first time I saw them face-to-face during the General Headquarters meeting right before the allied forces withdrew.

After that, they had seen each other several times after entering the imperial palace, but it was the first time they met separately like this, and it was the first time they had a conversation.

Although a very important and close collaborator, Louise was completely unknown to the Demon King.

If he knew, Heinrich would know better.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you like this.”

“Yes… … Yes.”

Looking at the somehow frozen demon king, Louise tilted her head.

“How would you like to speak comfortably? You are now going to be the emperor of the entire continent, and I am obviously in a position to serve you.”

Louise only said that, wondering if Reinhardt was careful of herself because she considered her the eldest sister of her friend.

Wouldn’t it be fine if the existence that stood above everyone else was frozen like this because the other person was a little older?

Were the stories about the demon king heard from Heinrich’s mouth actually a bit distorted?

To be seen as a bully, being restless is quite funny, and with such a disposition, isn’t the future of the new empire uneasy?

I don’t know if it’s Rowen, but Louise has no ill feelings toward the demon lord.

Rather, he was the one who tried to save Heinrich from being driven to the brink of death, so we should be grateful.

And in the end, I can’t help but say that I’m great because I’m here after the gate crisis is over.

But why are you so anxious and trembling?

I couldn’t figure out why.

Contrary to what I heard, isn’t the demon king actually very weak?

Louise wanted to revise her own judgment.

While hesitating, the demon king finally opens his mouth.

“that… … It is.”

“… … that?”

“yes… … . that… … . I have something to tell you… … .”

If you’re honest, you’ll want to tell her to speak quickly.

The moment when a person who wants to become an emperor wonders how small he is, and if it is an empire like this, he is very anxious.

“Marriage… … .”

With that one word, Louise understood the entire situation at once.

Louise wondered why the Demon King was so frozen.

Why are you hesitating so much?

I couldn’t help but know the moment I heard the story that somehow came out.

Louise looked at the Demon King in silence.

Didn’t even have to worry too much.

A new empire can never be considered solid.

That’s why you have to build alliances with numerous groups and sometimes put them under your feet to build a foundation.

So it’s good to build something more than an alliance with the Schwarz royal family, which was the first ruling country.

And getting involved with the imperial family, which will become the new empire, is a must for the successor to the Schwartz family.

for a new empire.

for the survival of the royal family.

And, with this one-time choice, Louise, who will become a member of the Empire, is separated from the Schwarz royal family, and if that happens, Heinrich’s succession to the Schwarz royal family will be confirmed.

For a just and certain cause, he joins the Empire.

And again, for the right and only cause, Henry becomes King of Kernstadt.

What I’ve been imagining, but how I wanted to be able to do that, becomes so easily possible.

It’s beyond good for her, it’s what she has to do.

“It’s necessary, so there’s no reason not to do it.”

Louise said that and nodded.

“i look forward to.”

Louise’s hand, which had been extended in a somewhat businesslike manner, was grasped by the demon king with a bewildered expression.

“Me, that! me, me! I wish you better!”

It took a while for Louise to look at the demon king with open eyes, wondering if there was such a person.

She takes a few deep breaths.

Even if it’s something to do, there are things the other person needs to know.

“But there is something the Demon King needs to know.”

“ah… … .”

“It’s Heinrich’s business.”

The demon king swallowed his saliva and nodded with a firm expression.

“I know… … . there is.”

“ah… … . okay.”

Louise said nothing more.

* * *

Is this what it feels like to have your soul sucked?

No, I think it’s right that it breaks.

“… … You really did it.”

When I said that the mission had been completed, Charlotte widened her eyes and covered her mouth, looking shocked.


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“You said… … !”

“I really didn’t know what to do. How shameless are you?”



If you ask me to do it because I was told to do it, what am I to do!

don’t know anything else

I don’t know anything else!

The day will come when I will do crazy things like this… … .

What is an emperor?

do not want to do it! I’m going crazy because I don’t want to do it already!

“So, did you accept it?”

“… … You don’t even worry about it.”

Get married.

Quite a lot of that too.

Even with people I never imagined.

Do we need to do more marriages like this in the future?

Although I agree with Charlotte when she said that for people like me, marriage is work.

After all, it ended up being married to everyone.

I thought it would happen one day, but it’s going crazy when it suddenly comes right in front of me.

I’m so scared.

How will I be in the future?

I’m dizzy already, how much more dizzy will I get in the future?

“Never mind, I will take care of the preparations.”

Charlotte said that she would take care of scheduling and other matters.

no wonder.

He enjoys tormenting me.

Charlotte smiles at me.

Why is it overflowing with malice from this morning?

“Then, is there a final barrier left now?”

“last… … ? left again… … ?”

“No, first of all, this is the person you need to marry. Still, as a courtesy… … .”

Charlotte comes up to me with a sinister smile and quietly whispers in my ear.

“But out of etiquette, you should tell Heinrich yourself, right?”

“Uh… … ?”

“You shouldn’t have to tell me you’re marrying your mother.”


I bit my tongue, but unfortunately I didn’t die.

* * *

After the allied forces returned on a large scale, all the veterans from the Temple returned to the Temple, and Heinrich was no exception.

As the end of the Gate War and the aftermath of the war spread throughout the empire, the entire continent became a boiling cauldron, and the Temple was no exception.

Anxiety, despair, fear, and feeble hope.

In the midst of an opaque future and an uneasy reality, everyone must be trying to somehow find their own way.

That’s how I called Heinrich to the imperial castle.

Not in the bedroom or drawing room of the central palace tetra, but in the garden in front of the tetra.

without a single escort.

“… … Do I have to call you Emperor now?”

Heinrich, who arrived at my call, had an ambiguous expression.

“no… … . just… … . Do what you do.”

“Where are you sick? Why is your expression like this? really what Rather, you are just starting, so it’s worth it. Apparently, I’m a guy with superpowers, so I don’t think there’s anything I can help you with. Is there anything I need?”

“No, it is not necessary. I have something to say… … .”

I feel like throwing up.

I want to die.

I thought about how to get rid of luck, but there was no answer anywhere.

There can be no answer to this, is there?

I jump up from the bench and walk to Heinrich.

And grab the guy’s shoulder.

There’s no other way than just talking!

“I am getting married.”

“… … ?”

At that simple declaration, Heinrich tilted his head.

“Uh what… … . Congratulations. with who? Harriet? shallot? saintess sister? if… … . All three… … ?”

“… … .”

If a person could die just by feeling.

Could it be right now?

* * *


“Look at that! Harriet!”

“Ugh… … . Uh, what should I do… … !”

Charlotte dragged Harriet, who she hated to see, to the window and watched the sudden explosion of fireworks in the garden in front of Tetra.

Even the conversation was not audible, but Heinrich, whose face was clearly flushed, could be seen running rampant to kill Reinhardt.

– Lord, die! 죽어 이 개새끼야!

Heinrich’s exasperated cry could be heard even from Tetra’s window.

“Dangerous… … . no?”

“It’s okay, I won’t die at that level.”

“You really… … .”

A war hero went on a rampage to kill the emperor, but few people saw it in person.

“Oh hey, I’m going to burn all the grass. what to do?”

“This isn’t the time to talk about that!”

Charlotte was giggling at the sight.

All people are broken in their own way, but Charlotte is one of those who have been broken to a considerable extent.

In the end, the person of the story, who did not know why, felt a sudden commotion and appeared and stopped Heinrich himself, and the commotion stopped.

* * *

Heinrich was eventually dragged away by Louise.

I still feel sick to my stomach.

The nape of my neck feels chilly as I experience what can happen if the guy I used to tease, who was no better than a bonfire, tries to kill me.

Tier 2 of Tetra.

After the situation was settled, Liana, who did not know why, grabbed me and asked what it was, so I was drinking a cup of tea.

“… … ah.”

After hearing the whole story, Liana nodded her head with a puzzled expression.

It was clear that it was an eccentric situation where even Liana, who would normally have a great laugh, had no choice but to show that kind of expression.

“But what… … . As for whether it’s necessary or not, it’s also necessary, so what to say… … .”

It seems that Charlotte could not have been without malice, but even without malice, it is certain that this would have happened.

Of course, the first of the countries with remaining power is the Empire, and the second is Kernstadt.

When the two forces combine, there is virtually no force that can oppose the New Empire.

So of course Liana knew that it was absolutely necessary in the sense of strengthening that bond.

It’s just a little hard to accept.

“Anyway then… … . You mean getting married to five people at once?”

“… … yes.”

Harriet, Charlotte, Olivia, Airi, and even Louise.

You must marry five people at once.

Liana, who was counting her fingers like that, suddenly pointed in her direction.

“I am?”


“Why am I not there?”


What are you up to!

you that… … .


Liana narrowed her brows as if she was displeased.

“Is this saying that I don’t need it because I’ve finished drinking sweet water after marrying this new friend’s mother? Are you sad?”

“What shall we do! That, and don’t put it that way… … !”

“Then what do you call it that?”

“still… … !”

The words are too bare!

It’s still dizzy, but are you trying to make it even more dizzy?

“By the way, I wasn’t without intentions when you said you must marry me.”

“Stop, stop… … . stop.”

“Well, I don’t like the life of a concubine staring at a door that won’t open while waiting for an emperor with many wives.”

Saying that doesn’t sound like much fun, Liana sips her tea.

“Actually, I have nothing but psychic powers, so I don’t really have any political gains.”

The prestige of the Duke of Grantz, a great aristocrat that spanned the entire continent, disappeared with the death of the Duke of Grantz, Liana’s flight, and the Gate incident.

However, he is a psychic capable of holding the world in his hands and shaking it.

The reason why Charlotte did not force her to marry Liana is probably because there is no political benefit to be gained from it.

Of course, if it’s better to do it, it’s a problem because I think I’ll do it as much as I want.


But why is it my marriage and Charlotte is deciding?

Why am I quietly doing what I’m told to do?

Isn’t this what it is? Puppet Emperor?

is this right?

Liana drinks tea and looks out the window.

“But, I don’t have to be your wife to be able to help you.”

He said he would continue to serve as the Four Heavenly Kings.

Liana grinned.


This distance between him and I is just right.

So there are good things too.

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