The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 675

Chapter 675

Ellen is gone.

Olivia was staring at the back with her teeth clenched.

I didn’t like Ellen, but I was still stuck with the idea that I wasn’t sending her like this.

Just imagining what kind of expression Reinhardt would make after waking up was painful.

Olivia did not understand that he had asked to let Ellen go.

I thought that Charlotte would want Ellen to stay as much as anyone else would.

But beyond what she was told to let go, Charlotte’s attitude was to the point of feeling savage.

Charlotte was in charge of all of Edina’s domestic affairs.

So, when the era of the demon king begins, Charlotte will actually rule the world.

In the end, it turns round and round, and Charlotte becomes emperor.

Since you have to conceive of an immeasurably big picture, you shouldn’t be able to get hung up on things like personal affection.

So since it is better not to have Ellen, can we tell Ellen, who is about to leave, to just let her go?

Olivia, who turned to Charlotte in that thought, couldn’t help but hold her breath.

“… … .”

Charlotte was weeping more sorrowfully than anyone else, with her eyes tightly closed and her mouth shut.

How can you feel comfortable

Charlotte must have been the one who felt the most guilty when she said that they betrayed each other and that Ellen shouldn’t be here.

So, watching Ellen’s back as she left, Charlotte was holding her breath and crying without even making a proper cry.

You know best that you are in the same situation.

He made it go away with his own mouth, so he won’t be able to bear it.

Although everything worked out so well that it felt like it couldn’t be solved this well.

In the end, everything can’t be all right.

So Olivia did something she would never normally do.

“On a good day, everyone is crying and fucking.”

“Ugh… … . ugh… … !”

Olivia hugged the crying Charlotte and gently patted her.

* * *

Ellen walks through the cluttered Allied positions with her hood down.

There were those who were recovering the dead, those who were trying to check the damage, those who were crying, and those who were sitting idly astride somewhere.

The scale of damage would have been the greatest of all battles so far.

The fight was over, but the jubilant ones were nowhere to be seen.

Since a certain fear was over, there were more people who were filled with fear of the new world to come.

Because no one knows what will happen in the future.

The demon king who was defined as absolute evil, and the warrior who was pointed out as the existence to defeat the demon king.

The demon king saved mankind, and the hero escapes the allied camp as if running away.

People will never know who was really at fault.

Those who have encountered fabricated truths will know other fabricated truths.

When one confusion is over, another one only begins.

The fight against the monsters won’t be completely over either.

But now all the warp gates were destroyed, so civilization could be rebuilt.

As time goes by and goes by.

One day we would be able to go back to the days when civilizations spread all over the continent.

And I can’t be sure, but if the demon king does his job well, there will be no fight between demons and humans in that world.

A world where demons and humans coexist.

Can such a world be made perfect?

Can hatred between each other be overcome?

I can not know.

However, as Ellen is the last foreign substance of the old world, she cannot join that world.

You have to live in a quiet place somewhere.

As if it exists, as if it doesn’t exist.

There are still two relics.

The monsters remain.

So Ellen still had a lot of work to do.

People shouldn’t know that the hero is alive.

In a low seat, somewhere on the edge of the world.

I will live by killing the remaining monsters.

If he could take responsibility for what he had done in that way, he would have to.

Charlotte said they would see each other again someday, but Ellen didn’t think they could.

You shouldn’t even want that.

After a long time has passed, isn’t it too shameless to go back to see if there is still room for me?

As time passes, his name will remain as a memory for Reinhardt.

So, just watching from afar is enough.

Hoping that the newly created world will look good.

It’s enough to do what you can in a lower position and for those in a lower position.

Just like that, by the time the acrid smoke reached the outskirts beyond the cluttered Allied garrison.

Where to go.

The moment I was about to walk blindly following the stars in a vast and desolate field.

-Ellen… … ! Ellen!

Ellen had no choice but to turn around while clenching her teeth at the sound of crying from behind.

-where… … . Where! Where… … ! Where are you going… … !

Harriet de Saintoine, crying with a messed up expression, came running desperately.

Not being able to run properly, he stumbles as if he is about to trip over a rock, and runs sobbing.

Although she became a great wizard, her stamina was still poor, so Harriet, who ran desperately, gasped for breath as soon as she reached Ellen and grabbed Ellen’s sleeve.

“don’t go… … . Where… … . You said let’s stay together together… … . You said let’s stay together… … .”

It’s over now.

I thought we could be together now.

He breathes heavily and tears pour down his face to the point of blushing.

“don’t go… … . please. don’t go… … . It’s over now. Sad things are over now. You don’t have to go. huh? Why is that, why is that… … . What about Reinhardt? What is Reinhardt going to do… … . huh?”

I didn’t want to see this.

Although it was painful for others to hold on to it.

It was especially painful to see Harriet.

Everything will be fine now, only good things will happen in the future.

It was painful to see Ellen hugging her when she woke up and smiling broadly after crying and saying those words.

So, while Harriet was out for a while, she tried to disappear as if she were running away.

Why is this?

People who should have liked Ellen’s absence hold on to her leaving.

These are the people who should wish for me more.

Now that Reinhardt is unconscious, people who should rather wish him to leave grab him.

Ellen looks down at Harriet, who is crying while holding onto herself as if she will never let her go.

Harriet was my second best friend at Temple after Reinhardt.

But we couldn’t fully like each other.

We became close knowing from the beginning that each other’s hearts were heading in the same direction.

That’s why as much as they like each other, as much as they cherish each other, they have no choice but to hate each other to some extent.

And the direction of that feeling was always, more or less, in the way Harriet was jealous of Ellen.

But now, Harriet is begging Ellen not to go.

Reinhardt asked what he was going to do.

I’m talking like that.

“don’t go. huh? I don’t know why… … . If you don’t have to go, then you shouldn’t go. Let’s stay together, okay?”

After all, it must be because Harriet de Saintoine values ​​herself as much as she likes Reinhardt.

Come to think of it.

It always has been.

From one moment on, Harriet has always been this kind of person.

He always yielded, and he always yielded a lot to Ellen, wanting to be with him.

Only when jealousy and sadness exploded.

behave shamefully.

That was the harshest thing you could say to a friend.

“Actually, I must… … . You may not need to go.”

In fact, there may not really be any reason why you should disappear.

It might just be possible to attach it somehow, for whatever reason, and stay by its side.

Whether people say that the demon king surrendered to the hero or betrayed him.

You can just live happy days pretending you don’t know what’s going on, leaving people to imagine.

But so far it’s been selfish enough.

While betraying Reinhardt, I received too much.

In the end, despite crossing the river of no return, he was somehow saved.

I received this far, but I couldn’t be more selfish than this.

Blindfolded from other problems caused by me.

I want to love, I want to be loved.

Wouldn’t it be dreadful to wish for more than this?

I can’t allow myself to do that.

such happiness to yourself.

such an anon.

I can’t understand that such a life comes to me.

The compulsion to live in despair.

The compulsion to live for atonement in guilt.

All other reasons aside.

Recognize the dark compulsion to leave because of that alone.

“Then don’t go… … . If you don’t have to go, then you shouldn’t go… … .”

Looking down at the weeping and pleading Harriet, Ellen finally stops crying.

Rather smile.

“Reinhardt is right.”

“huh… … ?”

Harriet, wet with tears at the sudden words, looks up at Ellen.

Those words that Reinhardt always called Harriet.

You only want everything to go well, and you don’t even want anything good for yourself.

You may be selfish.

The biggest nuisance will go away on its own, but begs you to stay for Reinhardt’s sake.

“You are a mess.”

“Uh… … ?”

What should I call such a person if he is not an idiot?

Harriet is probably the smartest person Ellen knows.

After all, it was the most stupid.

Harriet stops crying at Ellen’s unexpected words and stares blankly at Ellen.

“I already have a lot. I received too much, to the point of overflowing.”

There is also anxiety that if you are greedy for more than this, you will be punished severely.

“… … .”

“If you’re too nice like you are now, you won’t have anything.”

You can’t have anything just by being nice.

After yielding, yielding, yielding, in the end, your place is gone.

If you want to have it, you can have it.

If you dream of a situation that is too perfect, it may be after everything else has been taken away when you wake up.

“Don’t let Reinhardt take you for granted.”

“… … .”

You’ll value it, but if you let them take your presence for granted, they won’t be desperate.

Then you will always be pushed back to second or third.

Without Ellen, Reinhardt was desperate for Ellen.

With Ellen’s life at stake, Reinhardt must have only thought of Ellen.

Even Ellen didn’t know Reinhardt’s heart.

Mind is neither absolute nor eternal.

Now that a lot of time has passed, everyone’s heart won’t be the same as it used to be, and it’s probably the same for Reinhardt.

They may not even be aware of it.

Come to think of it, I’ve never given up even once.

I had never even thought about it.

I don’t know if this is a concession or if I have the right to say such a thing.

But since I received it to the point of overflowing, I now have to step aside for those who deserve it a little more.

Greed for more than this will bring more painful things.

That’s why, at least a few people who were just this nice.

You need to calm down.

Looking at her friend who doesn’t even know what she’s talking about, Ellen laughs sadly.

Like a precious friend said, because he is petty.

because it has always been

“I’ll go.”

Until the very end, it will disappear at its own will, shamelessly.

* * *

It’s a strange ceiling.

“… … .”

The moment I thought so, my body had already jumped out of bed and woke up.

A musty smell from somewhere.

I couldn’t help but intuitively feel that it was the smell of the battlefield.

simple bed.

and barracks.

I mean I’m in a tent.

What happened?

“flaw… … Awesome!”

Then, when I turned around at the sound I heard next to me, there was someone there who had woken up in surprise as I was getting up.


“Woke up… … !”

– Wow!

You were safe.

Before I had time to think, I couldn’t help but be surprised that Harriet was alive.

“what… … . What happened?”

I passed out at the last moment.

After giving Antirianus his final instructions, he did not know what would happen next.

To be alive is to say that Antirianus didn’t kill me or didn’t kill me.

Harriet carefully patted my back as I was trembling with anxiety.

“Relax… … . done.”

You can feel a lot in Harriet’s voice.

Relief mixed with sadness.

That tells us that many are unharmed.

But the sadness in the voice.

I had no choice but to intuit what that meant.

* * *

I’ve been unconscious for three days.

Soon, three days had passed since the Battle of Diane.

I heard from Harriet what happened after that.

Charlotte is in the process of clearing up the confusion in the allied forces and reorganizing them at the same time.

It would be a blood-drying situation just by resolving the confusion and division of each army.

After talking about this and that, I heard Harriet speak as she cried.

Ellen is gone.

“Sorry… … . I didn’t catch… … . I wanted to hold on somehow… … . somehow… … .”

I carefully hugged Harriet, who was crying out of breath at the thought of saying something she couldn’t bear in front of me even though it had already been three days.

Ellen is gone.

Although my heart is aching.

Isn’t it safe?

Anyway, I came back to the original way, and didn’t I leave on my own feet?

Shocking but not hopeless, there are many reasons.

Perhaps, it was because he knew, on some level, that Ellen would do it.

I only thought about getting Ellen back.

Just thinking about what to do is overwhelming.

After getting Ellen back, I had no idea how to carry her in my arms.

I didn’t know how to deal with it, and I didn’t know.

As Ellen said, Ellen’s existence in the future world is the seed of great discord.


Rather, it’s scary to feel like I’m not lucky.

I felt intuition that on the road I had to go, I had no choice but to become a different being than before.

Things that were considered precious become worthless in front of the name of reality.

Sometimes I have to throw away and take for granted the moments I have to break down with my own hands.

Ellen is back.


Isn’t that what happened?

We were even extravagant to each other.

There was only a future where either one of them would die, or both would die.

It was impossible to meet the future with each other alive, but shouldn’t we be thankful for this situation where it is possible?

If you want more than this, isn’t it too much?

It was scary to reach such a thought, and I couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

You, too, probably left with these thoughts.

Thinking that this ideal is a luxury.

like i am

You must have been the same.

“don’t cry. Because it’s okay.”

“Black… … ! Hehe! ugh… … !”

That’s why, I quietly patted the back while hugging the sadly crying Harriet.

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