The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 674

Chapter 674

The immortals began to slaughter indiscriminately, but the damage was minor.

It was thanks to the efforts of Scarlett and Kono Lint, who intensively neutralized Immortals on the battlefield.

However, the allied forces saw all the Immortals attacking the allied forces.

No one could see the fight going on deep inside Diane.

Even those who fought near it knew nothing about it, except that a series of great incidents occurred there.

So, the result of the last fight and the process.

No one knew.

No one has seen the series of processes that took place after the dragon of the other world disappeared.

Even the monsters did not reach the depths, so it was Olivia Ranze who annihilated the remaining monsters and dug into the depths of Diane, who controlled the sky with the power of death.

What Olivia saw was Reinhardt who was fainting while hugging Ellen at the site of a certain battle.

The two returned with Olivia riding her dragon.

Immortals were annihilated.

All of Diane’s warp gates have been destroyed.

And, the remaining monsters were scattered or subdued by the allied forces.

The rain has stopped.

The war ended with this.

* * *


Smoke rises from burning monster corpses everywhere in Diane.

The Gate Crisis is now completely over, and the remaining monsters will still be innumerable across the continent, but no more monsters will come pouring in from the other world.

Humanity survived.

However, the mood of the allied forces, which should be more hopeful than ever, was dark.

First of all, the sacrifice was greater than any other battle so far.

The Immortals, who had been able to wage war effortlessly so far, suddenly attacked the allied forces in the final battle.

As if trying to make them pay for their easy advance.

The resulting confusion, distrust of the Empire, and resentment prevailed.

Then, the power of the demon king suddenly appeared, and it was a chaos caused by them fighting harder than anyone else.

Not everyone on the battlefield saw the demon king appear and fight, but those who saw it even from afar witnessed the demon king’s desperate escape to kill the monsters by luring the immortals to kill him.

And obviously, I had no choice but to vaguely know that the demon king was involved in the fight with the last unknown monster and the events that took place in the depths.

Distrust of the Empire.

And, whether or not to believe in the demon lord who has been hated for a long time.

In a complicated situation, the Allied Forces had set up a garrison and were lost.

Still, things were going well for the headquarters.

They knew that the Demon King was intervening in the Allied Forces in the first place, and there were even those who decided to support the Demon King.

And now, even those who oppose the demon king know that they have no choice but to support the demon king.

Knowing that the Empire had committed a fatal betrayal at the most crucial moment, it was because I was convinced that the Empire was no longer on the side of humanity.

Rather than surrendering to the Demon King’s forces, he would rather kill them all.

The situation at the Battle of Diane was so acceptable to everyone.

That’s why the Allied Command already absolutely supported the Demon King.

That’s why the leaders of the Demon King’s army calmly entered the barracks of the General Headquarters, and even though they received fearful glances from everyone, they had no choice but to sit close to the seat of honor.

However, it was a very unexpected person to be sitting in the highest seat of the Allied Forces General Headquarters.

“Has the damage situation of each army been counted?”

He is no longer a member of the Empire, and his appearance is similar to that of a devil.

A person who was not a human of the empire and could not do it.

Instead of Emperor Bertus, Charlotte de Gradias was sitting in the highest seat of the Allied Forces as the representative of the Demon King’s Army.

Although something has changed.

In fact, it was a strange power change that made me wonder if nothing had changed.

* * *

Near the headquarters barracks where access is strictly controlled.

Since there are beings that should not be seen in the eyes of others, access to the General Headquarters was strictly controlled even while the annihilation of the remaining monsters was in progress.

But anyway, everyone will know.

All the leaders of the allied forces will be replaced by the demon king’s forces.

“Shouldn’t you go to the meeting, sister?”

Seeing Olivia sitting on a wooden box near the barracks, Harriet tilted her head.

“I hate stories that make my head hurt.”

“… … Isn’t everything you’re going to do just a headache? What are you going to do because you hate it already?”

“What if I don’t like it… … . Look at me today.”

“Um… … . Having said that, I have nothing to say… … .”

In effect, Olivia was the general manager of all future Church problems.

Olivia had more things to do in the future than the Knight Commander, Rowen, who would be chattering hard in the barracks.

Harriet couldn’t help but look ugly when she left the meeting room and sighed deeply, saying that she hated using her head on such a topic.

Of course, Olivia gave up everything and took a rest, but she did nothing to say.

He revived an army of monsters to fight against them, and saved countless people from death while flying across the battlefield while riding a dragon.

When a dragon covered in brilliance passes by, the dying are revived.

It was such an overwhelming and miraculous sight that it left a deep impression on everyone, including Harriet.

A saintess riding a dragon.

Rumors were already circulating in the Allied Forces.

It was safe.

It’s miraculous.

Everyone fought in the most dangerous place, but none of the demon king’s closest aides were killed or injured.

Everyone played an important role, and each one had a decisive influence on the war situation.

In terms of major, in the battle of Diane, even if only one member of the demon army was absent, the scale of damage could have easily moved 10,000 units.

Among them, Harriet, Liana, and Scarlett had the greatest influence.

If it wasn’t for Scarlett, the Allies might have been wiped out while dealing with the runaway Immortals.

Olivia looks at Harriet with tired eyes.

“Has Reinhardt woke up yet?”

“I think so.”

“… … What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know.”

However, even those who played such an important role did not know the identity of the abnormality that continued to occur in Diane’s heart.

overwhelming monster.

sudden evaporation.

When Olivia arrived, everything was over.

Knowing that Ellen and Reinhardt were all right, I brought them back, but I still don’t know what happened.

“Who is he?”

At Olivia’s question, Harriet shook her head.

“I can’t seem to remember anything.”

Of course, I’m talking about Ellen.

“What went right? Where the hell did the thing you put on him go? It would be nice if it was destroyed, but was there a way?”

Ellen doesn’t remember anything, and Reinhardt is in a state of fainting.

It was a bizarre ending that seemed like something was over, but the aftertaste was not refreshing.

“still… … . I’m glad you’re safe. everyone.”

At Olivia’s grumbling sincerity, Harriet widened her eyes in amazement.

“Yes, I’m glad.”

“… … .”

Harriet smiled as she watched Olivia pouting her lips with her face reddened in embarrassment.

* * *

A barrack near the headquarters.

Ellen sat quietly on the chair in front of the cot, looking down at Reinhardt, who was lying unconscious.

You never know when you’ll regain consciousness.


“… … huh.”

Harriet entered the barracks and examined Ellen’s complexion.

Ellen knows what Harriet is worried about now.

When Ellen had just come to her senses, she was sobbing so hard that it took her a while to calm her down.

“are you okay. It’s gone. I can feel it.”

“thank god… … .”

Harriet smiled in relief and hugged Ellen by the neck.

I never thought that a moment like this would come again.

But miraculously, this moment has arrived.

The moment when we can hug each other without worrying about anything.

That moment has come again.

Touched by the overwhelming moment, Harriet started to cry again, and Ellen patted Harriet on the back for a long time.

Ellen doesn’t know what happened.

It’s important how the last fight happened, but Reinhardt is in a state of fainting and Ellen doesn’t remember anything.

However, Olivia brought the two who had collapsed in the middle of the battlefield back.

And I’ve heard all about how the Battle of Diane went on.

Immortals leave, then reintroduce, runaway.

until extinction.

It’s not hard to imagine what could happen in the future.

The Empire is gone, and will be denied by all.

The demon king will rule mankind.

“Let’s stay together now. Because everything is over… … . Because all the sad things are over… … . As before. huh?”

“… … huh.”

Ellen nodded slowly, clutching Harriet’s arm, who was holding her tightly.

You can’t make things that have already happened never happen.

I can’t say that there will be no hard work in the future.

But there was something that could be recovered, something that could be returned.

Ellen looked down at Reinhardt, who was sleeping peacefully.

I don’t know what he did, but Reinhardt must have saved him somehow.

I don’t remember, but I definitely remember hearing a desperate voice from beyond my dim consciousness.

You can tell that it must have been a difficult, desperate fight.

That’s why I’m probably in a deep sleep.


Ellen summons the Cloak of the Sun.

Ellen did not know that the relics were temporarily out of her hands.

There are no more flames of hatred that swayed in the cloak of the sun.

Since something overflowing with hatred dwells within him, it is natural that the flame that burned with that hatred as fuel is no longer there.

Since Hatred is gone, the flames of Hatred no longer manifest in the Cloak of the Sun.

Ellen summons the moon sword Lament this time.

However, the dark night sky was still projected on the sword of the moon.

Hatred is gone.

However, the sadness did not disappear.

That’s why the sword of the moon that reacts to sadness still projects void.


After returning the sword and cloak, Ellen gently touches the sleeping Reinhardt’s forehead.

Hatred is gone, but sorrow is not.

It was because he knew that whether he would come back or not, he would not be able to be with them.

With sad eyes, Reinhardt finally saved himself, but in the end he will never see himself again.

the forehead and hair of a loved one.

As if it was the last time, Ellen continued to sweep endlessly and endlessly.

“love you.”


I want to whisper those words in your ear forever.

The hero and the demon king cannot coexist.

The existence of one always rejects the existence of the other.

In a world where the hero won, there should be no demon lord.

There should be no heroes in the world where the demon king has won.

“really… … . I love you so much.”

Thank you.

I say I love you.

Ellen whispered the words over and over again.

“Sorry… … .”

In the end, while bursting into tears.

“too… … . really sorry… … .”

He tore his chest at the thought of not being able to be together and sobbed endlessly.

* * *

night time.

When Ellen cautiously left the tent, Olivia Ranze, who was leaning on a wooden box, was staring at Ellen.

It’s not like they’re good friends.

We were uncomfortable with each other, and there were times when we almost got into a fist fight.

However, Olivia Ranze returned with Ellen as well as Reinhardt she found on the battlefield.

“Thank you, got me there… … .”

“Where are you going?”

But Olivia asked a question before she could even receive Ellen’s thanks.

Olivia was looking at the dry tear marks around Ellen’s eyes.

Olivia knew what Ellen was up to.

“… … .”

Olivia stared at Ellen, whose mouth could not be moved and whose eyes were only dropping.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but stay calm. Because it’s over now.”

Ellen lifts her head with difficulty.

“Because it’s over… … . I shouldn’t be here… … .”

Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s really over.

Now something else will begin.

You have to go a long way on a road where you don’t know where to go.

In the new history that will be written in the name of the demon king, the hero should not exist.

Its mere existence would create countless dissonances.

Those who reject the oppression of the demon king will add many more hopes to the name of the hero. It can only be the beginning of division.

Isn’t there already a huge force called the cult of warriors?

No one can say that the process will be smooth just because the demon king swallows the world.

A lot of blood will flow.

And the existence of the hero would only absolutely increase the amount of blood that had to be shed.

However, since you can’t throw away the life that was saved in the end, you have to hide somewhere in the world.

The fact that the demon king and the hero join forces to open a new world is an unbelievable sound that no one will believe.

They will be divided into those who support the hero and the demon king and will enmity.

It will create false hopes, divide the world, and lead to countless other deaths.

So, in a world where the hero won, the demon king.

In a world where the demon king won, there should be no heroes.

That’s why, just as the empire destroyed itself, the hero must also disappear.

Olivia knows what Ellen is talking about.

It’s not good to be without.

There should be no

That’s obviously not wrong.

“I don’t deserve to be here.”

Ellen betrayed Reinhardt.

In the end, the truth doesn’t change either.

“I am… … . It shouldn’t exist. Just being there will be a problem. And, I don’t even deserve to be there.”

Being saved is already enough.

For him to receive anything from Reinhardt beyond this, it was disrespectful to those who believed in Reinhardt from the beginning.

You can’t be greedy for the presumptuous things.

“I don’t know anything like that.”

“… … .”

“Me, do you think it would be nice for you to stay with us?”

“… … .”

“Do you think I’m saying this because I like you?”

From Olivia’s point of view, Ellen has always been a thorn in the eye.

If they disappear, I would rather welcome them with open arms.

But Olivia didn’t want to let Ellen go.

Even for Reinhardt, who must have been waiting for this moment, he couldn’t let it go like this.

“Without you, Reinhardt would have died.”

“You saved Reinhardt, and you saved Reinhardt. Then it happened. Don’t think about other complex things, is this difficult?”

“You’re shutting up like an asshole, but say something!”

– Knock!

“… … .”

Olivia roughly gripped Ellen by the collar.

One day, what Ellen did, return it as it is.

Olivia’s eyes were filled with resentment.

“Just stay calm. Is that difficult! You just need to be together. It won’t be easy, but I’ll be able to do it somehow, just like it’s been done so far!”

“me too… … . I want to… … .”

At the end of Olivia’s high voice, Ellen’s eyes fill with tears.

“I want to be with you too… … . together… … . As before… … . I want to stay like that… … .”

let alone other people.

Even with Olivia Ranche.

We will only quarrel and get nervous, but I want to go back to those moments.

Olivia looked at Ellen, who shivered and sobbed.

“But that’s not okay… … . Because of me, so many people died… … . Because of my greed… … . Because I want to be with you He said he wanted to stay with Reinhardt… … . I can’t let people die because of me… … .”

There are people whose existence itself is justified.

Ever since the Gate incident, Ellen has lived under that gaze.

Since he had received expectations that were different from his actual determination, that would be the case even after the war.

Just because Ellen is alive, the sparks of war bloom and become a huge wildfire.

That’s why you can’t stay here just with the desire to be together.

It was a joyous situation to the point of being sad, but since the demon king made a plan to devour the world, it was a set direction that the seat next to Ellen could not be.

If the demon king lived the life of a rural villager, there would be no problem, but if he made grand plans, Ellen couldn’t be by his side.

Ellen is the biggest stumbling block in the world that the demon king will create in the future. Actually, it is better to die.

Olivia couldn’t force it any further.

I don’t know. I know it’s best if Ellen leaves because of the problems her presence alone will create.

Olivia also wants Ellen to be gone.

But, isn’t it too sad?

In the end, I succeeded in what seemed impossible.

In the end, even Ellen came back to normal.

What Reinhardt has to face after waking up is the fact that Ellen has left.

Shouldn’t that be the case?

So even though Olivia wanted Ellen to leave, she couldn’t let her go.

“Then wait until you wake up.”

That’s why Olivia had no choice but to say that in the end.

But as if that wasn’t enough, Ellen shook her head while sobbing.

“no… … . i can’t go Then, I’d rather not go… … .”

The moment he exchanged even a word with the awakened Reinhardt, he would collapse.

If you even hug her lightly, you will collapse from wanting to stay in her arms for the rest of your life.

Even now, I can hardly move my steps, but if I exchange even a few words with the awakened Reinhardt, I feel like I won’t be able to stand up right there.

So it’s okay to leave.

I can’t go if it’s not now.

That’s why Ellen wants to go when Reinhardt hasn’t woken up yet.

“A real idiot bitch… … !”

The moment when Olivia was about to slap her in the end.

“Let it go.”

Olivia’s hand stopped at the voice she heard from behind.

“what… … ?”

There was Charlotte, the former royal family and the second Archdemon, with black hair as if she had melted into darkness.

“Ellen is right.”

Charlotte approached slowly and carefully untied Ellen’s collar from Olivia.

“It is not over, it is just the beginning. If you put the first button in wrong, it will all fall apart before you even get started.”

“… … .”

“So, you have to let it go.”

The only thing the demon king swallowed was the allied forces.

The work of returning to the human land and uniting all forces in the name of the Demon King is just beginning.

Even if the hero is by his side in the way that he has succumbed to the demon king, people will arbitrarily project hope just for the hero’s existence.

The hero himself is too big of a symbol, so he can’t be with the demon king while he’s alive.

Either die or live the life of a fugitive.

There are only two options.

So if Ellen is not going to die, then she must be gone.

Charlotte looks at Ellen.

It seems that neither of them trusted Reinhardt.

However, Charlotte, who had changed into a demonic form, was able to stay with the Demon King.

Charlotte has become a different being in too many parts to be justified by her existence itself.

“As if there is no eternal battle.”

Ellen cries sadly, and Charlotte quietly hugs her.

“There will be no separation forever… … .”

“… … .”

“We must, let’s believe that.”

Because I know that it’s just a promise for later, and it’s not about breaking up forever.

Charlotte hugged Ellen tightly.

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