The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 667

Chapter 667

– Kkwagang!

I can’t count how many times my wrist has been broken.

My wrists, shoulders, and arms would break just by enduring the pressure of the Void Sword.

If it wasn’t for Tiamata’s resilience, he would have died the moment he split the sum.

accustomed to pain

Having died thousands of times in dreams, even death is familiar, but there is no way that you are not accustomed to pain.

-… … .

Ellen slowly walks toward me, who has bounced away from a distance.

Not in a hurry either.

It was a move that assumed that I could not avoid this battle.

That’s why it’s not relaxed, but it’s not impatient.

That slow and calm approach, by itself, tightens my breath.

All over Ellen’s body was a gray aura that was in sync with the blue aura.

The Ellen I imagined in my dreams couldn’t win either.

I thought that the real Ellen would be different, that the Ellen who had even gained the power of those demons would be stronger.

never seen it funny

I thought it would be stronger than I could have imagined.

But it’s not that I didn’t have that mindset.

I couldn’t help but want to kill Ellen.

I can’t even dare to think like that.

So I can’t do my best.

But that was arrogance.

Even if I do my best.

by all means possible.

I thought I couldn’t beat Ellen.

Ellen, who had been walking slowly, narrowed the distance to a certain extent, and quickly closed the distance with a few steps.

– Kwakang!

The moment the Void Sword and Alsbringer collide, the ground is raked by the generated shockwave.

-bang! Kakang!

two consecutive hits.


– Pleasant!

“ugh… … Ugh!”

He hit my stomach with his knee and blew it away.

The ribs are out.

– Ugh!

Recover with the power of Tiamata.

Increased magical power enhancement to the limit.

Even so, the moment it endures unity, it is simply destroyed by overwhelming force.

The gap is too great.

I thought I was strong enough to be incomparable to anyone else.

Ellen is too strong.

It’s not as big a gap as it used to be.

It wasn’t as much as when he let go of Ellen’s sword while trying to block it.

However, each time the sword strikes, the bones and muscles protected by the aura are broken and torn.

There is still such a gap.

Ellen when she was sane.

It wasn’t the Ellen I met at Charlotte’s execution, who felt guilty even pointing a sword at me and only got beaten.

If I wasn’t in that state, wouldn’t I be able to even give Ellen a single effective hit?

All kinds of talents are born, they wear the strongest weapons and the strongest armor, and even possess countless vengeful spirits.

It hit me, was it something I couldn’t beat?

It’s not just melee combat.

– Kwareung!

A flash of fire flashed past my cheek.

Not even the Void Sword, but even the flames emitted from the Cloak of the Sun pierce my defenses.

– Chi Ik

Wounds heal with a sound that shouldn’t come from human skin.

What I can believe in is resilience.

And the power of Alsbringer, which boosts my abilities the stronger the opponent.

Ellen has become stronger with the power of the sacred object, but this fight cannot be established without the sacred object for me.

He must have missed the sword because he broke his wrist in the first shot, and his neck would have been blown off in the third attack.

If it wasn’t for Tiamata, he would have died long ago.

The Void Sword and Tiamata collide.


With sparks flying as the Void Sword collided with the Holy Sword, my act of trying to push it to the right side turned into Ellen turning her wrist over, and I was caught.

No, to be exact.

From the moment it was stabbed, it knew how I would respond.

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“… … !”

In an instant, the chest opened, and without time to respond, the lung was stabbed.

Before the blade could cut through my body, I kicked back Ellen’s body.

“eww… … Ugh!”

– Ugh!

Tiamata’s divine power heals fatal wounds.

If it’s not a holy relic, you can’t block the attack of the void sword.

I’m used to pain, so my concentration wasn’t disturbed, but it’s always creepy when a sword enters my chest.

It comes crashing down without hesitation.

-bang! Kang! Cacan!

In the suffocating offensive, if you accidentally spill it even once and get an instant death wound, you will die.

The problem isn’t just that.

Ellen is not without flaws.

There are too many loopholes.

Ellen, driven by a single-minded attack, does not defend at all.

– Jjaeong!

“nice… … Ugh!”

However, if you penetrate the gap, you will only feel pain as if your entire body will break due to the intense anti-elastic force.

It was not because of the aura armor that Ellen was wearing, but because of the anti-elasticity of the cloak of the sun itself.

It’s not about not defending.

there is no need to defend

Attacks with all their might won’t work either.

There is a reason he has been killing monsters alone in the deepest part of the battlefield.

A sword that cuts through anything.

A shield that blocks any attack.

I knew Ellen was strong.

But was it like this?

Even a full blown attack could not touch a single strand of Ellen’s hair.

There, the level of the sacred objects is too different.

He couldn’t even reach Ellen, who was holding two sacred relics specialized for attack and defense.

-bang! Kang! Cacan!

It’s urgent to avoid Ellen’s attack coming wildly.

There is also a basic gap, but all of my attacks don’t even reach, and Ellen’s attack just blows off my neck if I get even one wrong.

– Jjaeong!

“nice… … !”

With one weight-bearing front kick, the whole body bounces back terribly with a sharp pain as if the bones are breaking.

Fortunately, as long as it is not fatal, it can be recovered.

healing power.

Tiamata’s divine power to regenerate no matter how injured it is.

But in the current situation, I’m just stretching my name line a little.

It looked at me with an insensitive expression as it bounced away.

-Shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

That insensitive gaze is sad.

I am.

can’t beat you

It’s been planned since the day we met.

Was I destined to lose here?

What have you been up to?

In the end, I couldn’t get over you.

Is there a story waiting for the demon king to be defeated by the hero?

I wouldn’t have endured with this clenched teeth until now just to die here.

It’s not even just me dying, if you kill me you die too.

I don’t know.

Somehow I escaped a fatal wound, but my life will soon be taken.

Because luck doesn’t last forever.

It quietly opens its mouth while watching me measure the distance.

“Is it unfair?”

“… … .”

Clearly, it has a will.

I don’t know exactly how it works.

I know that conversation is not impossible.

“I saw you trying to protect humans.”

So you will see everything.

“Now we know that you tried to protect humans.”

I know I’m doing this for something, you know that too.

The result just turned out like this.

I know that my intentions were not for evil.

it asks

“Is it unfair that it has to be like this?”

can’t you feel sorry

It is true that many people died, but due to the development that is different from the original, the damage to the allied forces is minor compared to the original.

One step left.

Go one step further.

We need to get Ellen back.

If you do that, there is nothing more to ask for.

There is nothing more to be greedy for.

But in the end, he dies without being able to retrieve Ellen.

You can’t even be an opponent in a fight.

There’s no way that wouldn’t be unfair.

I only need to take one more step, but I can’t walk that step.

I may have to lose everything because I lost the last fight.

“of course.”

I don’t want to say bullshit about not being unfair.

It’s not unfair, I can’t really say.

All of this.

All the days I’ve spent so far.

Thought I might be able to get you back.

And sometimes.

After everything is back to normal. Sometimes I see myself living the way I used to.

really sometimes.

I was imagining

all those days.

It’s sad.

Is that all?

“When I came to my senses, I was the prince of a weak demon tribe in a dying country.”

“I don’t have any memories.”

“With the knowledge that the world is about to end.”

“I didn’t want to die somehow, so I fell to the ecliptic by believing in a trivial camouflage magic that dispels at once.”

“until now… … .”

“I tried to save everyone somehow, but in the end, the world ended up like this because of me.”

“Even so, I managed to get here somehow.”

“Now, you just need to come to your senses.”

“But, I’m on the verge of dying not seeing that.”

“Won’t you feel sorry for me?”

In fact, everything happened because of me.

It feels like I will die with only one last step left in the end of everything.

Wouldn’t it be strange if it wasn’t unfair and sad?

resentful, unfair, and sad.

how did you get here

Did you come here to die?

At the appeal of resentment, which does not fit my situation, it does not laugh at me.

“It’s a pity… … .”

It neither criticizes nor condemns my toro.


I quietly close my eyes in the rain.

Riding its eyes, the rainwater flows endlessly.

Unfathomable rain falls on its head, runs down its face and eyes, and turns into a puddle.

is it tears

It must have been the heavy rain that Liana called.

-Shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

– rumble

I felt this rain like the tears that shed.

If everyone in the world cries and it rains down.

In the heavy rain that was falling so terribly that I wondered if it would be like this.

That’s what the world says in the sobs pouring out.

“Then, what about us?”

Now I don’t even know how many ‘us’ to count.

“Aren’t we pitiful?”

“I just had to get swept away by your stories and disappear.”


“There was no role. He didn’t do anything.”

“By the monster.”

“Sometimes by mankind.”


“By you.”

“For your own reasons.”

“The ‘I’ who had to disappear.”

“Our trampled lives.”

“Shouldn’t I be more unfair than you?”

“With just one word, ‘I couldn’t help it.’”

“Should I accept that?”

With eyes closed, it was the mixed voice that spoke calmly rather than shouting out of anger and despair.

I haven’t dreamed of anything

other people’s dreams.

To be precise, they are the ones who have been trampled and disappeared because of the dream I had.

Even if it wasn’t my intention, in the end, these are the deaths caused by me.

It is natural for them to feel unfair and angry, and it has no choice but to be justified.

If I dare to tell them that I am unfair, it will be unfair and intolerable to them as well.

“I can’t help but feel sad.”

“I can’t help it even if it’s unfair.”

“Like we died in those words.”

“Demon King.”

“If you can’t give us life back.”

“Unless you can give back everything you took from us.”

“In the midst of resentment, sadness, and anger.”

“Face the inevitable death.”

“You have to die like that.”

“You must also take it back.”

“Couldn’t this be the least apology for all the deaths caused by you?”

It is impossible to give life back.

I know that and I know that too.

So I must die too.

On the verge of achieving everything, with only one step left.

Grief and despair, resentment and anger.

Only by dying in sorrow can that be the least amount of apology.

should not live

Trying to live is itself too greedy.

It looks at me with its eyes still open.

“But your heart. Know.”

Could it have been refined over time?

It did not appear to be as engulfed in emotion as when it first appeared.

Or did she end up resembling Ellen after entering the body of Ellen, who had always maintained a calm attitude?

those eyes.

The eyes that were filled with emptiness and abyss are now.

Some, it looked like a deep frozen lake.

not warm

It’s not that there’s no hostility.

However, it was quiet.

“I have no intention of forgiving you or letting you live.”

“But at least I respect you.”

“Let’s make a deal.”

Acknowledge me, but you can’t keep me alive.

There is a price I must pay. Knowing my intentions doesn’t change the ending, nor does death and life come to life.

You have to pay the price.

But, do you have something to suggest?

What a deal.

“Only you die.”

It was a plain and cruel word.

“Those you love.”

“Your precious people.”

“Everything you want to keep.”

“I will spare everyone but you.”

“I will get away from this child you love.”

“And, please disappear.”

“You will never be able to see with your own eyes how everyone you love lives.”

“Such, to the world of insensitivity. Come with me.”

“With sadness, resentment, and anger.”

“Be like me.”

“It will disappear from the world.”

Was it like that

I just found out

What did that ‘future’ mean?

The scene where I was killed and Ellen committed suicide.

That future was not a future of defeat.

I didn’t lose by fighting.

He wasn’t killed in a fight.

You saw the next scene of this transaction.

I would have accepted this deal because I could have solved everything with my own life.

lose even if you fight

You know you’re going to die anyway

If I hadn’t seen what the next scene was.

Obviously, I would have accepted this deal.

* * *

In the preview, what I saw was me dead and Ellen taking her own life.

That’s not what I look like after defeat.

It was after accepting the deal that only I would die and end everything.

If I don’t accept the deal, that won’t kill me.

Me, Harriet, everyone including Olivia.

He will start killing everyone who sided with the Demon King.

And in the end, he will even kill Ellen, who he is wearing.

But if you quietly die now, it will disappear.

If I hadn’t seen that future, I would have accepted this deal.

Because that’s the best option I can make.

Death after meaningless resistance and desperate struggle, and the death of all the people I love.

only to die

It’s obvious what to choose.

There is no need to die with others.

That’s not telling a lie.

The saying that only kills me and disappears is true.

In the future I saw, if Ellen took her own life, it would be something Ellen did after realizing that she had killed me with her own hands.

Promises will be kept.

But one truth that I know because I know the future.

It’s not just me who dies, Ellen who killed me also dies.

This isn’t a deal that ends with me dying.

Demon King and Warrior.

In the end, if only the two die, will peace come to those who remain?

Is disappearing with you the only ending allowed for me?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to defeat Ellen if I use Alsbringer, but even if I do that, it’s meaningless since Ellen and I will die together anyway.

Whether Ellen who killed me commits suicide or kills Ellen with the power of an incarnation and I die in return is the same thing in the end.

The future I saw was not a matter of the outcome of battle, but a matter of choice.

If I reject it, I must fight it, and if I lose it, it will kill everyone I love.

If we accept, only Ellen and I will die, and everything else will be left to those who remain.

Even without me, everyone will live somehow.

There will be people who are sad, and most people will cheer that the hero defeated the demon king.

It’s funny.

The Pandemonium War ended with the destruction of the hero and the demon king.

And even now beyond time, are the hero and the demon king supposed to disappear together?

Is the fate of the hero and the demon king always dying together?

It proves that I have been doing all this to preserve something, not to destroy it.

at the end of the last.

Prove it by giving up everything and dying at its hands.

Even if you reach the end of everything, you should not be able to have anything.

It’s okay if I’m alone

if it’s just me

It’s okay.

The image of Ellen, who will eventually kill me with her own hands and come back to her senses, will be confused.

And then I saw Ellen, who finally chose death.

again and again

dozens of times

I’ve seen it hundreds of times.

Every time the will is about to weaken. Every time your resolve is about to weaken.

I gritted my teeth at the sight.

I did something while vowing that I hadn’t accumulated this time to see such a future.

Killed by Ellen in a dream.

I tried to somehow support the collapsing world.

But in the end, I have to reach the end and choose a future I never wanted to see?

Too much has been said about the inevitable.

Can not help it.

So let’s do this for now.

You have to accept it.

those unavoidable things.

I want to try something this time.

Of course, I don’t want to choose the option that I have to choose this time.

I’ll lose, but I won’t necessarily lose.

Because it won’t necessarily die.

It’s not just that there’s a chance that I’ll lose.

Just like you can’t buy your own happiness with the misfortune of others.

Isn’t it possible to buy your happiness with my misfortune?

It’s a terrible and cruel word.

me too

Aren’t you supposed to be happy now?

at last.

I don’t want to die.

It’s scary to die.

I am afraid of what will happen after I die.

Ellen and those left behind to take their own lives.

All I have seen is the figure of Ellen, but just imagining the thoughts and feelings of those who have not seen it makes me afraid and tremble.

so that.

This time, I will make a choice that I shouldn’t have made.

I will choose even though I know that it is an option that I should not choose.


I shake my head.


Let’s think easy.

“I promised.”

clearly promised.

There were many days when I almost died.

There were times when I met an enemy I couldn’t defeat in a fight.

In front of such an enemy, one day, there was a time when I survived with just one promise.

“I will not make you sad.”

Luna Artorius.

There is only one reason she saved me.

I won’t make Ellen sad.

It was because he said he would try to do something later.

“I made a promise to your mother.”

She didn’t believe me.

Just as I knew this would happen, so did Luna.

But in the end, if I die at the hands of Ellen and Ellen commits suicide, that promise will eventually become unfulfilled.

It’s not even an ordinary existence.

It is a promise made with God.

So you must keep it.

No, I want to keep it.

“So, even if I wanted to die, I couldn’t.”

the moment you said that.


really suddenly.

the world has stopped

and blushed

“what… … ji?”

Everything stopped, only I could move.

Even the rain stopped.

In a world where time has stopped, something is different.

The sky, which had been filled with dark clouds, cleared.

And there was a huge hole.

There was a black hole in the center of the sun, which had grown dozens of times larger than usual.


not a hole

Something is blocking the sun.

The sun has become dozens of times larger than usual.

And the moon covering it.

“Day… … ceremony?”

With a sudden solar eclipse, the world stopped.


Between the stopped raindrops, something that had never existed before was in front of me.

“You haven’t forgotten your promise.”

I turned my head to the familiar yet nostalgic voice of someone who appeared out of nowhere.

I couldn’t help but doubt my eyes.

There was someone I thought I would never see again.


and the sun.

I know someone related to those two.

And there is only one person I know who can do this miracle.

“oh… … sir?”

Luna Artorius.

The person who appeared in the moonlight appeared in front of me this time with a huge solar eclipse.

“Didn’t you tell me?”

That’s what she said when she sent me away.

“The blessings of the moon and sun will be with you.”

Was it not a wish, but a promise?

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