The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 666

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Chapter 666

A forest outside the ecliptic.

Cristina did not tell Anna and Louis Ancton, who came to their senses, everything.

Saviolin Tana raids the underground lab.

I had no choice but to run away with you, and now the underground laboratory has been blown up.

It was only explained there.

That the immortals were deliberately withdrawn, or that they were reintroduced to kill the demon lord.

I didn’t bother telling stories that I didn’t want to know.

Both Anna and Louis were shocked that Saviolin Tana could not be stopped.

That’s what the Empire did to make sure the Immortal could no longer be restored, but in the end, Diane’s situation was the most important.

Cristina was watching the Immortals fight.

I tried to kill the demon king first, but the demon king used the monsters and ran away like a rat.

Even Harriet and Liana couldn’t be killed because of Cliff, who suddenly turned into an unexpected monster.

I felt like I was bleeding.

Immortals continue to be destroyed and losses cannot be recovered.

As if he knew that this would happen, he rather runs away using the immortal.


Cristina saw.

The appearance of an unknown giant monster.

Its overwhelming and incomprehensible majesty.

But before I could properly feel the fear of the destruction and catastrophe it wreaked, I saw it sliced ​​away by Ellen Artorius.

Cristina had a hunch.

The gate crisis is over.

But something even more shocking to Christina had happened before that.

Seeing Christina with her eyes wide open and her teeth gnashing until her lips bled, Louis Ancton asked cautiously.

“Christina, what’s wrong?”

“… … Scarlett.”

At those words, both Louis’s and Anna’s expressions hardened.

“Scarlett and Kono Lint… … . Those two are destroying the Immortal.”

Scarlett, who should have been confined somewhere in a safe city, was destroying Immortals on the battlefield with Kono Lint.

There is no battle.

As Scarlett moved to the place where the immortals were, the immortals turned into powder and disappeared as Scarlett used her abilities.

Because Scarlett’s ability is absolute to Immortals.

Scarlett was able to do things that neither Ellen nor Saviolin Tana could do.

It is certain that Scarlett is on the side of the demon king.

since when?

“Scarlett… … ?”


Louis Ancton asked with a puzzled expression, and Cristina nodded slowly.

“Scarlett betrayed us.”

Cristina said quietly with a grimly twisted expression.

I don’t know why or how Scarlett ended up there.

The words of Ludwig, who was sure he could trust Scarlett, were nothing more than the bullshit of a backed-up idiot.

should have killed

However, Immortal can never kill Scarlett.

No, in the first place, anyone other than Immortal could not kill Scarlett.

Kono Lint is with you.

It would be impossible to let go of holding on and even to reach.

When Saviolin Tana raided the underground research wing, it was assumed that her intention was to delay the Immortal from returning.

That’s why I sent all of the Immortals back to the battlefield, since there would be only one thing that I couldn’t lay a hand on myself anyway.

But then, Christina blew up the lab without killing him.

Everything was read by the emperor.

Returning to the battlefield, the Immortals tried to hunt down the demon king.

However, the demon king rather used the immortals pursuing him and stirred up the whole of Diane as if he were the vanguard leading the immortals.

And, when the monsters to shake off the chase decreased and eventually caught up, he summoned Scarlett as if he had been waiting and began to destroy the immortal in reverse.

Immortal was used to the limit by the Demon King.

read to the emperor

It was used by the demon king.

Immortals will now incapacitate Scarlett and Kono Lint as they roam the entire battlefield.

The laboratory capable of regenerating incapacitated immortals was blown up.

At this rate, all immortals will disappear.

“We need to get the Immortals off the battlefield.”

The absolute number of Immortals is dwindling at a tremendous rate even with the appearance of Scarlett and Kono Lint.

It is helpless to cheat.

If all immortals disappear like this, nothing can be done.

First of all, the power of the immortal must be preserved.

You have to find another way.

More than half of Immortals still remain.


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At this rate, Immortals would be annihilated.

We have to find another way to get rid of the remaining immortals.

First of all, he had to devise a way to deal with Scarlett somehow.

Decorating something using the immortal is the next step.

“Is the gate crisis over?”

At Anna’s question, Cristina stares at Anna.


It is correct to start with the gate incident.

“I think so. We’ll have to kill the rest of the monsters, but Diane will be captured. But if we don’t take the time to retool the Immortals once we’re at risk… … .”


“… … uh?”

Cristina couldn’t help but let out a dumbfounded sound.


Then, Louis Ankton shouted at the sudden situation.

Anna’s hand, stained black, was lodged in Christina’s heart.

Cristina didn’t even feel the pain.

Something happened right in front of my eyes.


should I say

All I could think was that it was unrealistic.

Anna de Guerna speaks quietly.

“It’s over now playing villains that aren’t even third-rate.”

“what… … ?”


Anna freed her hand from Christina’s chest.

Bright red blood flowed from the hole in his chest.

Anna stares at Christina with dark eyes.

“Let the Immortals disappear.”

“What are you? what the hell how. Why why… … ?”

Cristina was speechless, dazed, and Louis Ancton was pale, unable to comprehend the situation.

“uh… … . uh. uh… … . why… … .”

Anna quietly, looking at Christina who is silent in an unbelievable situation, says quietly.

Cristina knew magic.

However, people did not know.

“You are useless now.”

As Anna looked at her dying friend with cold eyes.

“Bertus wants me to tell you that.”

I left a cold goodbye.

* * *

Christina is dead.

without even closing your eyes.

He realized what had happened to him only before he completely stopped breathing.

He died with tears of blood, eyes wide open and biting his lips.

Louis Ancton did not understand what was happening in front of him.

“Anna… … . Anna what are you doing! Cristina, if Cristina dies… … !”

“The Immortals will start killing anyone.”

The Immortal will now completely lose control and start rampaging.

“But if you keep collecting Immortals and start plotting the next thing, no one will be able to stop Christina.”

When that formidable army begins a guerrilla war against the entire continent, no one can respond.

Scarlett or Kono Lint?

Sabotage or assassinate them before they appear and then disappear.

It is said that it can no longer be restored, but if local warfare is induced, Immortal can destroy it at any time beyond interfering endlessly with the demon lord’s world being built.

Just as the Demon King could have destroyed the human world, but he didn’t.

If Cristina can’t kill the demon lord now, she will definitely try to do it in the next step, and she can actually do it.

Immortals are in one place, and there is Scarlet who can surely neutralize such immortals.

If not now, the opportunity to completely disappear the Immortals will not come.

“So I killed him.”

The reason I asked if the gate crisis was over was to confirm it.

If the gate situation is completely over, it’s time for Immortals to disappear.

Timing is important.

If you kill Cristina too quickly, the Immortals will crush the allies.

If you kill them too late, you won’t be able to cope with the rampaging immortals.

So Christina was holding her breath.

Until the surest and safest moment to kill Christina comes.

Anna was receiving instructions from Bertus.

I don’t know when Bertus approached Anna.

At the last moment, he was waiting for the moment to kill Christina.

friend is dead

There is a person who tried to save that friend, but ended up putting them in danger.

I have a friend who killed that friend with her own hands.

There are things that end only when friends die and kill each other.

Cristina was killed at the hands of a friend at the last moment.

That’s why Cristina is third rate. No, she was a villain who didn’t even get third rate.

I couldn’t doubt my friend until the end.

Such a third rate villain.

Anna looks at Louis with Christina’s body on her back.

Anna’s back was stained with bright red blood.

Anna completed Bertus’s order.

The reason Anna accepted Bertus’ orders wasn’t because she was promised a price.

Bertus had no intention of giving Anna anything, and Anna had no intention of receiving anything either.

I feel like I should.

So it’s just one day.

Like Christina did this because it was her job.

Cristina, too, just did it because she felt she had to do it.

I didn’t really want anything.

Bertus did not want more than this from Anna.

The empire would disappear anyway, so even if Bertus promised something, it was meaningless.

“let’s go.”

There is no place to go anymore.

Louis Ancton, who was a bystander and silent collaborator in the whole situation, muttered blankly at Anna’s words.

“… … Where?”

where we should go

a place you can go

Do you have any?

In the end, these three are all sinners who will remain in history, so there is nowhere to set foot.

“well… … .”

With the friend I killed with my own hands on my back.

“It’s where we need to go… … . It must be somewhere.”

Anna smiled with her dead eyes closed.

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