The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 54

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[054]Win-Win 1.

“What are you talking about? 50 billion? “You decided to give away all your stocks and get 100 billion won.”

“Because Ajin’s stock price plummeted… .”

“It’s okay, everything is different. “Why are you asking for my money?”

Lee Hak-jae closed his mouth to Chairman Jin’s words.

I did not do the foolish thing of persuading the chairman by complaining about difficulties for various reasons. The subordinates think it is persuasion, but the superiors only see it as an excuse.

“All right. President. “I will handle it quickly.”

“And choose some bright kids. “After the shareholders’ meeting, we will form a group of people who can look at Ajin Motors’ accounting books like a microscope.”

“I already prepared it. Daehyun Group will certainly send a representative during the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. “We will also take precautions for that.”

When Chairman Jin nodded his head in satisfaction, the CEO and executives of Sunyang Motors opened the door with a knock.

“I will have to go through more trouble like I did six years ago when I created data for Ajin Motors.”

Everyone looked bewildered when they heard the chairman’s bombshell announcement before they even sat down on their chairs.

“President. Are you really planning to take over Ajin Motors?”

“As you already know, we don’t have the financial resources. Even if payment of the acquisition fee is postponed… .”

The executives were worried that the chairman might be making a reckless choice.

“no. “We are not taking it over, we are just preventing it from rolling into Daehyun.”

“If we block Daehyun, who will take over? Are you thinking of Woosung Motors? ?”

“Woosung has a lot of American capital. “Not a possibility.”

Looking at the executives with embarrassed expressions, Chairman Jin screamed.

“Do I not know what you all know? Stop talking nonsense and just do what you’re told. “Give me a week.”

When they heard that it was a week, the management of Sunyang Motors stood up without any delay. It was so urgent that there was no time to waste even a second.

“Everyone knows this, but I’m speaking out of anger… If this leaks out, it will be a disaster. And it’s Jo Dae-ho.”

“yes. President.”

“Ask Chairman Song Hyeon-chang to drink a bowl of makgeolli. “I have something to say.”

President Cho Dae-ho had doubts, but bowed his head. Will the two presidents have something to talk about when they meet? If so, what is it about?

This was a common question among the people in the study.

* * *

The expectation in Oh Se-hyun’s eyes as he looks at me, fortunately, has an answer that can meet that expectation.

“Did your conversation with Grandpa go well?”

“yes. We will provide full support. “You can hand over the stocks and immediately meet with the relevant people.”

“If you do it? “You mean you’re missing out?”

“I have to get out. Wouldn’t it be funny that I showed up? “Anyone can see that I am a person with zero trust.”

“Is that all? No other reason?”

“Chaebol families have a lot of eyes to see.”

There are many internal enemies. You have to avoid their gaze. This was not said. It is not time to talk about the final goal yet.

“Well, well… . “If you come forward, everyone who speaks will think it’s your grandfather’s money.”

“We don’t have much time now. “We need to finish assessing the current situation before Ajin Motors finally goes bankrupt.”

“I also prepared all of our company’s accountants. “We are reviewing data that has already been released.”

Oh Se-hyun’s excitement must have been contagious, and I felt strange too. Maybe it’s fear.

Can I really get my hands on a huge company called Ajin Motors? Could it be that I did something beyond my capabilities?

Trillions of won in money already earned. The temptation of being able to enjoy a life as good as that of an emperor with that kind of money never ceased for a single day.

But the nightmare I have every night holds me back.

and… . It’s not just because of nightmares.

Rather than the life I dreamed of in my past life, a life in which I pursue joy and enjoyment with money that is like an inexhaustible fountain, I thirst more for a life that I fiercely pursue every hour.

A life of eliminating enemies one by one and building your own castle. I want to see the end. Perhaps only emptiness awaits the end.

“Hey, what are you thinking? “Why are you suddenly silent?”

“Oh, I remember what my grandfather said. “When purchasing stocks, please give me all of my grandfather’s slush fund, 100 billion won.”

“what? hey! “I barely cut it in half, so why give me all of it?”

It’s worth getting upset about. I made up not just a penny or two, but a huge amount of 50 billion won, but with just one word, I lost it again.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I promised. And my grandfather said he would use all his strength for me, so I should give it all too.”

“Didn’t you say that you are the majority shareholder of Miracle Investment? “Did you forget to mention that you are the owner?”

“no. I did. “How do you ask for help without saying that?”

“And yet you asked for everything? “Even though it is a good opportunity to legally inherit 50 billion won?”

“If it were someone who would hand over slush funds like that, Sunyang Group would have already been in my uncle’s hands.”

“Oh my. Have you seen these toxic guys? They say there are more people doing it… .”

It was a ridiculous and thoughtless remark, but Oh Se-hyeon realized that he had made a mistake and quickly stopped speaking.

Because the people he was talking about are our family.

“Iknow, right. “I have to survive among such toxic people.”

Oh Se-hyeon just looked at me smiling bitterly in silence.

* * *

“What if you suddenly change your mind?

“This won, I’m embarrassed… “I’m embarrassed to see Representative Oh.”

“What is the reason? “You’re not the type of person to say two things.”

“Why did the salaried worker change his words? “I’m going because it’s pointed out above.”

“Oh dear. haha.”

Oh Se-hyeon burst out laughing at Lee Hak-jae’s honesty.

“Sorry about this. This is what the manager looks like… Because it was so unexpected. “Now I feel like the manager is also a person.”

“So what do you think of it so far?”


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Oh Se-hyeon smiled while gently scratching the back of his neck.

“Terminator… … .”

“what? Hahaha.”

Hakjae Lee burst into laughter when he recalled a movie he saw a long time ago.

“Why did you think that?”

“Aren’t Terminators programmed to think only of completing their mission? “Emotions don’t get involved.”

“Was it that bad?”

“until now.”

“So now I look like a human instead of a machine?”

“It’s still not enough… Ah, there is a suitable word. This is Sunyang Electronics’ advertising copy, right? Human Tech.”

In response to Oh Se-hyun’s jokes, Lee Hak-jae felt lighter as he thought the problem would be solved more easily than expected.

“Now, would you please take a look at my side? Then I will make sure to repay you accordingly.”

“I don’t believe in verbal promises.”

“Then what should I do? Do I need to write a memorandum?”

“Because there are exceptions… “I will believe it once.”

Lee Hak-jae even became suspicious when Oh Se-hyeon accepted it surprisingly easily. Oh Se-hyeon, who noticed with his eyes, clicked his tongue.

“Let’s live with some faith. “Like me.”

Lee Hak-jae suddenly extended his hand to Oh Se-hyeon, who was smiling.

“Thank you. I have stabbed people who trusted me countless times, but CEO Oh will never do that. “At least give me a warning before I stab you in the back.”

Oh Se-hyun was stunned as she took the outstretched hand.

I even felt pity for him, wondering if this was the way this person lived.

“Okay, then let’s prepare for the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting. Sunyang will prepare everything you need, so CEO Oh… .”

“I have already prepared everything I need to do. “I’ll do it like lightning.”

A lot of strength went into the two hands that were holding each other.

* * *

Two cars quietly left Chairman Jin’s residence and headed toward Bukhansan Mountain.

The bodyguards were in the van in front, and Chairman Jin was in the sedan that followed.

I have never once acted for someone else. If it was for himself, he would run to the end of the world, but if it was for others, he would call them to the study.

Today is the first time I humbled myself for my grandson.

Chairman Jin was dumbfounded as he thought about his conversation with his grandson Do-jun a few days ago.

# # #

“Chairman Song Hyeon-chang, what do you think?”

“What do you think?”

“For example, abilities or qualifications as a manager.”

“The arms are short.”

“Does this mean there are only a few places that can be touched?”

Chairman Jin looked at his grandson warmly. It’s amazing how someone who is only 20 years old can understand things so well.

The language of people in their twenties and seventies is different. What we have heard, seen, and experienced over the years we have lived is reflected in our language. Use those words to make the most appropriate metaphors and expressions.

The intelligence of my young grandson, who can understand this so well, is astounding.

“One car and the four or five companies it requires are his limit.”

“What is the reason?”

“The pride of a successful person has turned into arrogance and stubbornness.”

“You don’t listen to other people’s opinions.”

“That’s right. That’s it. You ignore people who have opinions different from yours. What is this? Are you as successful as me? If you’re smarter than me, why don’t you work for me? “I couldn’t erase these thoughts.”

“Is it really that much? “Isn’t this a lesson we can learn just by considering that Han’s great-grandfather Liu Bang had a general like Han Xin?”

“me too.”


Chairman Jin said while looking at his grandson who tilted his head.

“I also get angry when Director Lee or the presidents of affiliates oppose my opinions. Because we are people. But you have to persevere and persevere. Do you know why?”

“Are you saying this for your grandfather?”

“okay. Isn’t this advice to help Sunyang Group, which is mine, grow and make more money? But Chairman Song is different. Ajin Group does not belong to Chairman Song. He only owns 2% of Ajin Motors stock. Even though the union controls 14%.”

“Because there is no perception that Ajin Group is owned by one… .”

“yes. Since it’s someone else’s, you want to do whatever you want with it. Even if it means ignoring other people’s opinions.”

Chairman Jin was simply amazed that his grandson was so attentive to what he was saying.

“By the way, why Chairman Song? “Is that related to the acquisition of Ajin Motors?”

“Ah yes. “Actually, I’ve been thinking about what to do after taking over Ajin Motors.”

Chairman Jin listened carefully to every word his grandson said. He was so impressed that when his grandson finished speaking, he knocked on the home dance desk.

“That’s exquisite. “How did you come up with such an amazing idea!”

“So, I thought it would be a good idea for my grandfather to meet Chairman Song, inform him of this plan, and ask for his active cooperation.”

“OK. If you want your grandson to own Ajin Group, are you not willing to put in that much effort? Don’t worry. haha.”

# # #

“Oh my, Chairman Song. Was this meant to catch people? Why is it a place like this?”

“The chairman asked me to have a bowl of makgeolli… . “The makgeolli here is excellent.”

“Didn’t you decide to come here to show off your health?”

Chairman Jin grumbled as he looked around the small pajeon restaurant located at the beginning of the hiking trail. The store was empty, as if he had already used his hands.

Chairman Song Hyeon-chang, wearing hiking clothes, was piling up several wet towels as if he had already finished hiking.

“Cars are coming right down. You may have only walked about 100 meters, so you should exercise and take care of your health. “Don’t just find fun in stealing other people’s things.”

“I don’t have the strength or the will to do that anymore. “Don’t be too harsh.”

Chairman Jin, who quietly ignored Chairman Song Hyun-jang’s words, slumped down on a red plastic chair.

“Chairman Song.”

“Please speak.”

“I’ll give you a warning in advance.”

Chairman Song’s hand, which was wiping his neck with a wet towel, stopped.

“If the makgeolli here doesn’t taste good, I’ll just throw down the table and leave.”

I don’t know what kind of proposal or negotiation they will make, but it sounded like they could retaliate accordingly if they objected.

Chairman Song Hyeon-chang put down the wet towel and turned the lid of the makgeolli.

“I’m used to drinking alone.”

It was an answer that showed the will that it would not be easy no matter how great the cruise group was.


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