The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 53

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[053]When revealing a secret 3.

He said worriedly while looking at the old man drinking water.

“Even if it’s Woohwang Cheongsimhwan… .”

“It’s noisy, you idiot. “Do you think I’m so weak that I have to take pills like that?”

“You were so surprised… .”

The grandfather waved his hands vigorously and let out a long breath.

“Dojun. I didn’t hear it wrong, right? “You don’t mean to ask for an Ajin Motors instead of a car as your entrance gift, right?”

“no. “It means I will take over with my own money.”

“It’s your money… . “How much do you think Ajin’s acquisition price is, so you’re so confident?”

I tried to stay calm, but I spoke faster than usual.

“If your grandfather takes over, how much will you put down?”

When I vaguely asked about the purchase price, my grandfather caught his breath and blinked.

“hmm… . Well, that’s fine. If it were me… huh? Do you see this guy? “Uh-huh.”

A sudden burst of laughter. He completely regained his composure and understood the hidden meaning of my question.

A place to listen to the other person’s thoughts first. You may have remembered the teaching that this is the privilege of the ruler.

“You bastard. Now you have to speak first. I’m still over your head. Where are you sneaking tricks? haha.”

“First of all, we expect it to be 1.5 trillion won. There will be variables, and I think we will have to diagnose Ajin Motors’ condition to know for sure.”

“Uhm… .”

“You don’t seem very surprised.”

“what? Because of the amount?”

This is the first number that came out of my mouth. It’s not the entire amount I have, but the moment I said the acquisition price was 1.5 trillion won, it means my money is more than that.

However, my grandfather only worries about whether the amount is appropriate and shows no particular reaction to my money.

Was it bold? Are you calm?

Or maybe he doesn’t think 1.5 trillion won is a lot because it’s not a lot to him?

“why? Should I be surprised how you got so much money? Or do you just want to be praised for doing a good job?”

“The praise comes later, doesn’t it? If you look at my current cash holdings, I have more than the entire Sunyang Group. “I thought you would be surprised that an individual surpassed the top business group.”

Grandpa’s eyes changed.

“Hey guy. “I understand that he wants to brag, but if he’s the one who wants to take over Ajin, he needs to hold on to more than that.”

These are the eyes looking at their cute grandson.

“I was surprised enough when you said you would take over. Now I’m just curious, I don’t think there will be any surprises. And solving questions is not urgent, is it? Curiosity is not a priority. “Now it’s Ajin Motors.”

“Then you believe me? “It’s over 1 trillion won?”

“If you were sane, you wouldn’t be talking nonsense, right? “In the face of such a critical issue.”

I wanted to slap my knee when I heard that curiosity was not the priority. It is the most powerful temptation, but it is not the priority.

Sunyang is a place where a huge number of people do new things every day. When standing at the top and dealing with the numerous problems we face, it is very important to set priorities.

The rule of thumb is to always put curiosity on the back burner.

I also asked necessary questions, not just curiosity.

“Grandpa, how much do you think the acquisition amount is?”

“I do not know.”


I shake my head without thinking for even a second. For some reason, I felt unfair. Conversation without giving or receiving is evidence of a superior-subordinate relationship.

“I didn’t look into it because I had no intention of acquiring it. “I only thought about it in detail six years ago, but it must be a lot different from now.”

“Will you help me?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

I asked carefully, but as expected, I did not get a clear answer.

“It means that you are thinking about why you want to acquire Ajin Motors and whether your acquisition will help Sunyang.”

Even if I carefully looked at the grandfather’s expression, it didn’t seem like he was just saying this.

I closed my mouth and waited quietly.

What are they thinking?

Is this the thought of a grandfather who loves his grandson so much? Or is he just the chairman’s idea of ​​putting the Sunyang Group he built above all else?

It would be great if the two thoughts coincided, but it is difficult to know the result yet.

“good night. “Let’s try it like this.”

The grandfather, who had been lost in thought for a long time, finally spoke.

I swallowed my saliva without realizing it. Surely you won’t turn away?

“Let’s say this is an event where my grandson Dojun, the owner of Ajin Motors, and Lee Haebi, the owner of Sunyang Motors, join forces to merge the two companies.”

Are you already reading my thoughts, my plans?

I hesitated for a long time about what to say, as I felt like I had heard my thoughts that Ajin Motors was just a stepping stone for absorbing cruiser cars.

My grandfather paused for a moment as if waiting for my reaction, but then he smiled when he saw my embarrassed expression.

“I’d like to hear your opinion on the merger ratio between the two companies. What do you think?”

After thinking about it for a while, a strange idea suddenly occurred to me.

Now is not the time to obediently answer grandpa’s questions. Rather, it is time to ask questions. Even if only to find out my grandfather’s true feelings.

“Why do you think we will merge?”

“What if we don’t merge? Do you think you can protect Ajin Motors with your abilities? Maybe it will be taken over by Daehyun Group within a year? “No, do you think you can manage business properly?”

The smile seemed like a disparaging sneer. But I was able to show my composure. I also have compound eyes.

“You don’t have to worry about management.”

“It’s black. “Is there something you believe in?”

“That’s right.”


There was no sneer or disdain, just pure admiration.


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I’m sure it’s amazing that I not only had the desire to have it, but also came up with a plan.

“If you have the ability to lead the company, the merger might be aborted, right?”

“So you’re not too confident… .”

“You’re black again.”

Grandfather cut off my confident words and snapped his fingers.

“There is absolutely no proposal that is not accepted. If the scale doesn’t fit, adjust it. Tell me the merger ratio. “How much more should I put on the scale?”


“What a day robber!”

Contrary to the words that came out of his mouth, he looks surprised and suppresses laughter.

“Considering market share, brand value, new car development ability, and technological prowess, Sunyang Motors is only 20% of Ajin Motors. “This is the opinion of automobile experts and not my personal opinion.”

“Are you saying that because you don’t know? That’s purely for the car part alone, and it should also reflect hidden values. “Don’t the stock prices tell you?”

The stock price of Sunyang Motors is more than twice that of Ajin Motors. The reason is because of the shares of Sunyang Group affiliates owned by Sunyang Motors.

The moment you control Sunyang Motors, you control half of the Sunyang Group.

“Do you plan to put that hidden value on the scale as well?”

“I saw what you were doing. haha.”

The negotiation ended with the grandfather’s happy smile. In the name of negotiation, my grandfather revealed a little of his true intentions and I revealed many secrets.

My secret of coveting the Sunyang Group and my grandfather’s feeling that there is room to pass on the group. It wasn’t a refreshing answer, but this is enough for now.



“Daehyun Group Chairman Joo, he won’t miss this opportunity. On the other hand, I have absolutely no preparation. “That inspiration tied my hands and feet.”

“I don’t think it will be easy.”

“Chairman Joo will judge you as just a variable and not a competitor.”

“It’s a good thing that the opponent lets down his or her guard.”

“It’s good to shout loudly, but there has to be a basis. Let’s take a listen. “I would like to rate how smart our youngest is.”

I calmly explained how to acquire Ajin Motors. Of course, the method included where the power of the Chairman of the Sunyang Group should be used.

“… … Therefore, creditors should not delay the pressure to recover loans, but must hurry up. “The sooner Ajin Motors goes bankrupt, the better.”

“Now I see that I, not Daehyun Group, was sabotaging our grandchild’s plans. They were buying time by meeting creditors and feeding them expensive raw fish. haha.”

I guess he liked my plan because he was smiling brightly.

“How was your score? grandfather.”

“I can’t give full marks because it’s not the right answer, but it’s not even a perfect score because it’s subjective. And I think that’s the best thing to do in the current situation. Good, good!”

I felt relieved to see my grandfather smiling and nodding his head.

“Okay, now I have to satisfy my curiosity. “Where did you get that much money, more money than Sunyang Group’s funds?”

“I invested the money from selling the Bundang ranch in an overseas IT company, and the stock price soared. “That’s how I earned it.”

“Seeing as he’s been called a hundred times more, the guy who thinks he’s Oh Se-hyun has a good sense.”

I didn’t bother to say that it was hundreds of times, not 100 times, and that it was me and not Oh Se-hyun. If I were to say that I, a student at the time, led the investment, my old grandfather might really collapse.

“I was lucky.”

“What is your position at an investment company called Miracle? if… ?”

“I am the largest shareholder. “It’s a 98% stake.”

“Well, then what about Oh Se-hyun?”

“He’s the CEO. Don’t you have a lot of grandfather with you? “Professional contestant.”

I should have prepared Woohwang Cheongsimhwan. The sight of him being surprised is unsettling.

“Then you know that 100 billion won of my money is sitting dormant in your company, right?”

“I saved up a lot of money. “If you give me 7% of Ajin Motors stock, I plan to give you back all the investment profits.”

“Of course you bastard. “Where are you going to steal my bloody money!”

“Geez, I was expecting my grandfather to tell me to just use that money as an entrance gift… “Aren’t you doing too much?”

I said it with a smile, but my grandfather didn’t smile.

“If you want me to buy you an island worth 100 billion won as a gift, I will buy it for you. If you ask me to buy you a private plane worth 100 billion won, I will buy you that too. But money is not just given.”

“Because with money you can have anything you want?”

“That’s it. From now on, when your subordinates do a good job, give them a little money. Even if you take them to a salon and buy them millions of won worth of alcohol, you should not give them money. “The guy who drinks will pay for this drink so he can think like this.”

“It’s hope torture. “By giving them the expectation that if they do a better job, they can get money equivalent to the cost of the drinks.”

“Oh my, my smart kid. “If you pretend, you’re being nice.”

It’s not smart. I know because I experienced it, because I felt it desperately.

I spent millions of won on drinks for one night and swiped my corporate credit card. For handling the women’s issue well, she rewarded the girl with a night of racing at a motor show. She found out later that it was true, but she had over 500 paintings worth.

This is the compensation I received the day after my wife was ripped off by my mother-in-law’s hospital bill of 2 million won.

Alcohol costs, flower arrangements… . How many times have I wished that all that money was mine?


Suddenly, I was freed from my past memories because of my grandfather calling me softly.

“yes. grandfather.”

“Don’t let anyone know until you get Ajin Automobile in your hands. “Hide yourself completely, and only let Oh Se-hyun be revealed.”

“I think so. Even my grandfather… .”

“Of course. Director Lee Hak-jae probably doesn’t know either.”

As we smiled in satisfaction, my grandfather called me in a more subdued voice.



“How much do you have in all your possessions? “How much time will there be left after taking over Ajin Motors?”

That face full of curiosity. I smiled and shook my head.

“You shouldn’t open someone else’s wallet without permission. Oh, if you need cash, let me know. “I’ll lend it to you.”

Grandpa stood up, came over to me, and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

“That’s great, my kid. “You’re all grown up.”


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