The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 4

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[004]Birthday of the head of a conglomerate 1.


It’s the same dream again.

Every night, I replay in my dreams what happened exactly three months ago.

I have to wake up every single day vividly recalling the fearful moment of death.

It’s not like a consultation, I wonder what kind of situation this is… … .

I just hope I don’t repeat this dream for the rest of my life.

10 minutes before 6:00.

Before the alarm set for 6 o’clock went off, I turned off the switch and raised my upper body.

I got off the bed and took off my pajamas. I went into the bathroom attached to my bedroom and took a quick shower.

I changed into my school uniform and left the bedroom. The guy who was sleeping in the bedroom across from me showed no signs of waking up yet.

As I walked down the thirty-odd stairs to the living room, I was filled with the cool smell of bean sprout soup.

In the kitchen, a working lady was diligently preparing breakfast.

Bean sprout soup is a must-have on the breakfast menu. This is because my father drinks alcohol every day.

As I opened the front door, the bright blue grass glistened, soaking up the early summer sunlight.

I picked up three newspapers that had fallen in the garden and quietly returned to my bedroom on this floor.

I slowly read through one economic magazine and two copies of a comprehensive daily newspaper.

The front page of the newspaper had large photos of demonstrations with tear gas and Molotov cocktails running rampant.

June 26, 1987.

The demonstration will continue today. On the 29th, until the President of the Fifth Republic declared surrender.

I read all the advertisements and folded the newspaper.


The woman working there, perhaps sensing that I was popular, knocked on my door holding a tray of milk and a cup of coffee.

My name I have been hearing for three months.

Dojun Jin.

I’m not used to it yet.

“You don’t have to bring it. Just go down and eat… … .”

“Hey, it’s not because of the milk. I also brought coffee. “Drink it quickly because your parents will make a fuss when they see it.”

“Thank you. madam.”

The woman began to look at me sipping coffee with a curious look.

The lady is very happy with the day that suddenly changed.

A ten-year-old child with no clue.

The youngest member of a rich family, who frequently throws tantrums at the dinner table and shows little courtesy to adults doing housework, has changed 180 degrees.

Always speak respectfully to adults and always say thank you. Instead of complaining about the side dishes, he eats every bowl given to him, cleans his room himself, and even helps clean the house whenever he can.

How could a ten-year-old child’s dignity not look pretty?

“By the way, you know that today is the chairman’s birthday, right? “I know that because we will have dinner at the chairman’s house.”

“yes. “I remember.”

The lady stroked my head once while holding a completely empty coffee cup and a glass of milk and left. She even took the folded newspaper with her.

Today is finally the day.

Just three months after becoming a 10-year-old named Jin Do-jun, he meets Jin Yang-cheol, the founder of Sunyang Group.

I had never met him in my previous life, but today I got to eat at the same table as the man who left behind many legends, not as an employee but as his youngest grandson.

A 66-year-old grandfather and his 10-year-old grandson.

What does it mean to die on a secluded beach in Moldova with a bullet in the head and to be reincarnated as the 10-year-old youngest grandson of the family that ordered me to be killed?

Did God give me a chance for revenge?

Or does this mean that we should forgive each other since we are family members who share the same blood?


It was a strangely quiet breakfast table.

My 12-year-old older brother, Jin Sang-jun, who was constantly naughty, just pushed his rice into his mouth without even opening his mouth.

My father, who was still sober, could only eat a little bit of the bean sprout soup.

and… … .

oh! mother.

My beautiful mother!

My mother was much more beautiful than the beautiful woman who was the vice president’s secretary!

Coincidentally, my mother, who is the same age as Olivia Hussey, the star of Romeo and Juliet, was a star who emerged like a comet and was called Korea’s Olivia Hussey.

In the early 1970s, she rose to stardom with just one film, marking the start of the Troika actress era. However, she accepted the passionate courtship of a man who was her fan, got married, and disappeared from the screen.

The lucky man was none other than Jin Yun-gi, the fifth son of my father, Sunyang Group founder and chairman Jin Yang-cheol.

The two were the wedding of the century.

At this time, the Sunyang Group was in the stage of laying the foundation for the group by beginning the expansion of its affiliates, and in particular, with the launch of Sunyang Electronics, it was a time when it was beginning to catch up with Japan in earnest.

Although she boasted outstanding beauty and was a star, in Sunyang Group’s eyes, she was nothing more than an advertising model, just a woman from an ordinary family.

It’s perfect for playing with it a few times, but it’s not a good idea to bring it inside the house. Advertising models should be taken to a hotel, not to a house.

Of course, Chairman Jin Yang-cheol was furious and went out of his way to have her removed from the genealogy, but he had no choice because of the seed of life in his stomach.

Up to this point, this is what I have figured out through past media articles. Because of my work, I had to know the Chairman’s family closely.

And I know something from my own experience.

These families were completely excluded from the household.

I have never once lost my time because of these family matters. They were not managed at the group level.

He just lay face down as if he were dead.

This is what I thought was so great about this couple.

He was greatly hated by his father, the founder, and when the eldest son took over the position after the founder died, he inherited a very small amount of shares from his father, the youngest brother.


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Although the other brothers fought like dogs in a poop to get even a little more share of the Sunyang Group, this couple stayed away from the fight and maintained their own lives.

Of course, it was possible because it was Korea’s largest conglomerate, so even if it was a small amount of money, it was an amount that ordinary people could not imagine.

However, one thing is certain: this couple is not greedy.



“Why are you so surprised?”

I’m still in my mid thirties. The beauty is still the same.

I’m still embarrassed to see such a beautiful face up close. When will I get used to it?

“Oh, no.”

“Foot. “My mom is even more surprised because Dojun has become so mature.”

Three months ago, when I woke up from the dead – I haven’t found a better expression yet – I was shocked to the point of dying again when I found out that I was the youngest grandson of the founder of the Sunyang Group, not just because I had returned to the past 30 years ago.

Although I got used to it over time, it was impossible to easily show friendliness to the two people who were just my biological parents.

My father is now thirty-eight years old.

He is two years younger than me in my previous life.

It was hard for me to call them dad and mom, but now I can barely call them dad and mom.

This is a son who suddenly changed.

Your 10-year-old son may be surprised at how awkward it is to use formal titles and honorifics.

“I’m not going!”

Suddenly, he put down his spoon and the snout of the guy called Hyung came out.

“Really. “I’m not going!”

When I thought about why this guy was having so much trouble, I had a rough idea.

My parents’ expressions hardened, but they couldn’t scold me.

This guy must be scared of my grandfather.

but… . This guy is the reason why I reluctantly agreed when my son, who was supposed to marry another chaebol, wanted to marry a mere actress.

How can you look at it with kind eyes?

I understand that feeling, but I couldn’t look at it with kind eyes when table manners were so mediocre.

I am not this guy’s parent, nor am I of the same age group who can understand his feelings.

And the biggest reason why this guy needs to be corrected is because the founder’s grandfather shouldn’t look down on me because of this guy.

“Sangjun. Dad, I promise. I’ll just eat and come back quickly. Are you fine?”

The father soothed the older son with gentle words and the mother with an apologetic look, but the little boy whined for a while longer.

If it wasn’t time to go to school, I would have been the first to borrow money.

You bastard. I’ll see you after I get back from school.

My immature older brother sat gloomily in the backseat of a luxury Daewoo sedan driven by a chauffeur, without saying a single word.

The elementary school my brother and I attended was now an elementary school, but it was a prestigious private school filled with children of so-called wealthy people, conglomerates such as the Sunyang Group, and high-ranking officials and lawyers from prestigious families.

Future presidents, presidents, future lawmakers, and ministers are alumni and alumni. Thinking that my future could change depending on the depth of my friendship with these people, I tried to be as sociable as possible without standing out.

At that time, children who went to school by car instead of the school bus deliberately got off at a distance from the school gate and walked, and the awareness of ‘don’t show off’ and ‘don’t stand out’ was shared between teachers and students.

But even the young kids at this school will soon realize this.

That they are blessed beings who can inherit money and power from birth. From the moment you realize that fact, you will try to dominate others.

Unlucky guys.

Anyway, today I waited for school to end.

This is because I was very curious about what the Sunyang Group founder and the guys I worked for looked like when they were young.

When I returned home from school, I first encountered the guy whose messy hair I needed to fix.

“hey! Who told you to come in as you please? get out!”

Three large game consoles, like those found in arcades, occupied one side of the room, and Nintendo’s Famicom, the legend of small game consoles, was lying on the bed.

Grumpy brother pushed the buttons hard in front of the game console in the arcade and shouted without looking back.

You son of a bitch.

Great. The opportunity is also perfect.

I walked up behind him without saying a word.

I kicked the chair he was sitting on and it fell to the floor.

“hey! you… !”

“Shut up, you bastard!”

As soon as I stepped on his solar plexus, he started shaking without even being able to shut his mouth.

I grabbed my brother by his hair and dragged him into the bathroom.


“Dojun! “Why are your hands like this?”

My mother was shocked when she saw my red, swollen hand and made a fuss.

I even had tears in my eyes as I applied ice packs and creams.

“it’s okay. I made a mistake while turning on the shower… . “A little bit of hot water splashed out.”

“Is this going to splatter? “Oh, what if I get burned?”

In the end, I felt like I was at peace when I rushed to my doctor and received a diagnosis that it was nothing serious.

If my hand is okay, it means that my older brother Sangjun, who looks at me with a scared expression, is not burned either.

Well, it’s probably a lot milder than mine since I scared my clothed body with a hot shower. At best, the temperature is like a sauna bath… … .

But for a well-bred twelve-year-old, it must have been scary.

No one had ever treated him so rudely before, and he was not mentally mature enough to endure physical violence.

Of course, the second or third time you go, the weaker you become and the more you fight back, but isn’t it a piece of cake to subdue a child?

After the commotion passed, my family headed to my grandfather’s house.

“Honey, will you drive yourself?”

My mother said to my father as he opened the driver’s door.

“Yes, I won’t drink, so don’t worry. “Did you see me drinking in Pyeongchang-dong?”


It’s a place I go to more often than my parents’ house.

The house was occupied by the eldest son, Chairman Jin Young-ki, after the death of founder Jin Yang-cheol.

It was also the place where I pulled weeds, which was my first job after joining the company.

At that time, he was a truly insignificant servant, but now he is the owner’s bloodline.

It feels like returning home after becoming a self-made man.


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