The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 3

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[003]Life of a laborer 3.

When I arrived at Chisinau International Airport in Moldova after a 16-hour flight via Vienna, Austria, something unexpected happened.

“Chief. Thank you for your hard work. “Are you tired?”

Two men suddenly appeared.

He is an employee in the secretariat.

Muscles hidden beneath a bursting white shirt. Sharp and cold eyes.

Why are these guys waiting for me in Moldova?

At that moment, my legs lost all strength and I stumbled.

Everything the Vice President said is true. Except for one thing.

The vice president’s statement that the prosecution’s investigation will be concluded with the missing funds.

We need to change it a little bit.

The overseas funds disappeared after being withdrawn by Yoon Hyun-woo, head of Sunyang Group’s Future Strategic Planning Headquarters. The funds were not stolen by the group’s owner family, but were funds that were planned to be invested in the Moldova infrastructure construction project at the group level… . Blah blah blah… … .

This will be the prosecution’s announcement.

And when the public’s interest disappears, a very small article will appear at the bottom.

Hyunwoo Yoon, former head of Sunyang Group, died from drug overdose.

The unidentified body found on the coast of southern France was identified as Hyunwoo Yoon. Blah blah blah… … .

The two men who came out to meet me would end up either sticking a knife in my heart or blowing off my head with a gun they had bought in Moldova.

How could this happen!

It’s been a whopping 13 years.

I worked like a dog for 13 years and was loyal, but to be abandoned like this!

And that too with death!

It was thought that if the eldest son, who held the position of vice president, became chairman, he would at least receive the title of general manager or higher. He even had a sweet dream that if he was lucky, he might become a vice president of an affiliate company.

But in the end, the dream of a servant becoming a butler ended up being a dream.

For a servant to become a butler, his family and origin had to support him.

A servant is an eternal servant. Although it is said that the world has become more equal with the end of the Joseon Dynasty, where the caste system has disappeared, people are not salaried workers.

Now, it has just changed to a new class system based on academic background and personal connections rather than blood ties.


This dirty world where even a laborer must be born from a historic school.

It really sucks.


I unpacked my bags at the hotel while receiving the murderous gaze of the two men.

“Chief. “Please sleep well until the bank opens tomorrow morning.”

I couldn’t sleep at all on the plane.

I couldn’t sleep because I was so thrilled to finally be promoted to deacon and imagined the future that would unfold along a flowery path.

Even though I was lying in the hotel bed right now, I couldn’t sleep. I was filled with fear at the thought that tomorrow morning, this life I lived so intensely would end.

I lay in bed for three or four hours with my eyes closed, but eventually got out of bed.

It is deep night. The secretarial staff, or even the problem solvers, who stayed with us must have been fast asleep.

If you want to survive, it’s best to run away.

I took only my wallet and passport and opened the hotel door.

I could hear the familiar Korean as I quietly walked towards the elevator, muffled by my footsteps.

“Chief. Where are you going?”

I felt dizzy again.

These guys will never leave me alone.

“Oh, I’m going to have a drink at the bar. “Maybe it’s because of the jet lag, but I can’t sleep at all.”

“Of course. I need a drink too. Let’s go together. “I’ll be your drinking buddy.”

“it’s okay. rest. “I’ll be back soon.”

When I smiled calmly at that guy as if it was no big deal, the corner of his mouth went up.

“Hey. mister. You must have noticed already? Don’t come here and do a play. I was rumored to have a good head. “You know that tomorrow is your memorial day, right?”

I never thought it would come out so blatantly.

My death was a certain fact, but hearing it directly from that bastard’s mouth made my heart stop.

“Don’t think about running away, just sleep well in your room. I’ll call a massage girl, so you can get a massage and f*ck the f*ck out of it. What’s in a man’s life? I was blessed to be able to eat as much as I wanted on the last day. “Hurry back.”

Since it came out explicitly, I also said it out loud.

“hey. Shall we talk? “It will be good for you too.”

“why? “Let’s find the bank money here and share it?”

Holy nimir. You’re reading all my thoughts.

“no. You all take it. I will find it and give it all to you. Over one trillion won. “Your life will change.”

“Haha. This is true. “There is no such thing as a fortune teller.”

“what? what do you mean?”

“The chairman said so. “I’m sure you’ll say this.”

Chairman? So does that mean it was the chairman who chose me as the scapegoat and not the vice-chairman?

I was the one who went to the abortion clinic with the women the president had impregnated.

I was the one who sorted things out by getting slapped on the cheek by Lady Nagayo.

Don’t you think he deserves to be saved just for cleaning up the poop?

The man looked at my blank expression and said.

“mister. One trillion won? “What do you do with that?”

“You say you can fly on a private plane for just one trillion won. “This is money that allows you to line up hundreds of millions of won worth of sports cars in your garage and ride them every day of the week.”

Even when talking about his extravagant lifestyle, his answer was the same.

“This is why the smart guy makes a mistake at the end. Listen carefully, man. My annual salary is 200 million. The company also gave me a Benz. Of course, I also gave them a 40 pyeong apartment. I am now thirty-three. This is the life of an envious man. “What more do you think I want?”


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“this… . You stupid bastard… .”

“We are a bit stupid. “But I’m not stupid enough to pass up a piece of cake I can’t swallow.”

“Hey you bastards. Did I hand over the Chairman’s money? What did I do wrong? “This is just killing an errand boy.”

The hotel hallway screamed as if it was going to leave, but it was only an empty echo.

“Stop yelling! We know it too. So what? We are just servants too. As my age declines, I have to pay for food. stop.”

“Let’s just have a phone call with the chairman.”

“Wake up from your dream. “How dare you be at the level of a director?”

“Then you guys talk on the phone. After finishing what I was told, I will dive. They won’t show up until they’re stuck in a corner of South America or Eastern Europe and die. Please help me just this once.”

“What a disgusting man. Let’s stop.”

The man seemed to be bothered by talking late into the night and stuck his tongue out.

“Don’t think about anything else and just sleep. “You have to think about your parents too.”

One word became a dagger and pierced my heart.

I collapsed in front of the elevator.

They are holding hostages.

A hostage for sure.

These guys know exactly how I live.

I don’t have a particularly good marital relationship with my wife.

I married a woman who fell in love with my business card and had a promising future, who worked in a key department of the Sunyang Group.

However, soon after, when my wife found out about the true nature of my work, she began to look at me with blatant disdain.

The reason for not having children is also not unrelated to this.

Although we smiled and were together in official settings as husband and wife, that was all. At home, we are like strangers.

They just did their duty.

I paid my salary, and my wife was no different from a housewife who prepared meals, did laundry, and cleaned the house.

Although we couldn’t bring it up, the word divorce was always on our minds.

My parents are much more likely hostages than my wife.

In Moldova, if I don’t risk everything and die, my parents will die.

Traffic accident, fire or disappearance.

I couldn’t see any more options.

The man chuckled as he looked at my helpless appearance.

“Look, wouldn’t it be nice if you did what I said and called a massage girl and had a good time? Now you don’t even have to worry about being an adult, right? I won’t talk too much. “Go and sleep.”


The next day, two men frowned when they saw me looking like a corpse.

“hey. Cheer up. “What is the appearance of a rich man with a trillion won worth?”

Now I don’t even have the energy to say a word back.

I did as they told me and entered the bank. If possible, he turned his face this way and that so that he could be captured clearly on CCTV and came out holding a thin Master Card, a symbol of an electronic account.

“Good job. Your merit… . No, he said he would pay generously for your life. Don’t worry about your family. “I will provide generous compensation to my parents and take steps to ensure that my wife can go to the United States and live without any problems.”

It’s nonsense until the end.

Such preferential treatment to the family of an employee who committed corruption?

Of course, they won’t give me my severance pay, and in fact, they will file a lawsuit to seize my property and leave me a penny.

The characteristic of chaebols is that they are never generous to others.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen people make a fuss because they felt it was a waste to give even a million won to a worker who suffered an accident while working hard.

I moved to a quiet beach, guided by the two guys who surrounded me from both sides.

Is this my grave?

Or is that blindingly blue sea my tomb?

After looking at the sea for a while, I turned my back and saw a pistol in one of the guy’s hands.

Since I had given up everything, I thought I would face death calmly and resolutely.

But the moment I saw the pistol, my last instinct for life stirred.

Without realizing it, I knelt at his feet and clung to him.

“Please, please. help me. please!”

“Have you ever seen the movie Wanted?”

“I can’t even go back to Korea anyway. this place… … No, I will be stuck in a remote area of ​​South America or Africa for the rest of my life. “You just have to report that you killed me.”

I knelt down and begged again and again, but that damn bastard kept saying something else.

“Angelina Jolie looked sexy… . The main character of that movie always says this when he kills someone. “I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t commit a mortal sin. Just being missing is enough! “f*ck!”

“So I really wanted to try it out.”

The damn bastard pointed the gun at my head.


I never imagined that the last thing I would hear before I die would be a line from a movie like this.

“I Am Sorry.”



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