The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 16

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[016]The Age of Ordinary People 1.

The celebration was held on a grand scale.

It was not gathered because of the election of a first-time member of the National Assembly, but rather it was filled with people who wanted to put their stamp on Chairman Jin, the leader.

When our family arrived at the banquet hall, we first greeted our aunt Jin Seo-yoon, who greeted us with a bright smile at the entrance.

“sister. congratulations. “You’ve taken another step forward.”

Despite my father’s earnest greeting, my aunt couldn’t hide her smile as if she was so happy.

“Again, again. “Why are you so perverse?”

He lightly taps me on the back and gives me a look.

“Your brother-in-law is here, so I’d like to say hello. “Stay calm and sneak away if you feel uncomfortable.”

“Becoming the wife of a member of the National Assembly has made her generous. haha.”

Unlike his father, who burst out laughing, his mother and older brother Sangjun still looked nervous.

“congratulations. older brother.”


He was still smiling when he was greeted by his mother and brother.

“Ah, Sangjun’s mom. “Please do me a favor.”

“yes. Please speak.”

“A very important member of the party leadership has arrived, so please give me a personal greeting.”

At this time, my father’s eyebrows twitched.

“Sister, what does that mean? Are you really trying to sell laughter?”


My mother pulled my father’s sleeve. I want to avoid the damage caused by unnecessary conflicts because it has always been my mother’s responsibility.

“hey! It’s just that she said he was a fan of Sangjun’s mom. So she says just pretend she knows. She said, “What is he talking about?”

“yes. older brother. Don’t worry. “I’ll greet you separately.”

The mother quickly walked into the banquet hall, leaving behind the aunt’s struggles and wrapping her arms around her father.

“honey. Don’t get upset over trivial things. “Do you know how anxious I get every time that happens?”

My father, who couldn’t tell if he was a loving wife or an empty wife, smiled and held my mother’s hand tightly with his arms crossed.

“okay. Let’s take a quick spin and get out.”

Perhaps because of my mother’s instructions, my father continued to smile and say hello to people. Then he spotted his uncle, the host of the party, and shook his hand.

“Congratulations on your election, brother-in-law. How is it? Are lawmakers better than prosecutors? haha.”

“Thank you, brother-in-law. Can you tell yet? And he was demoted from chief prosecutor to first-term lawmaker. Now the hardships are clear. haha.”

When Sangjun and I greeted each other, my uncle patted my head and bowed slightly to my mother.

“Well, the reason the surroundings are bright is because of my brother-in-law’s house. “How do you become more beautiful as you age?”

“Congratulations, uncle.”

I didn’t miss my uncle’s gaze as he quickly scanned my mother’s entire body.

You sullen bastard.

I decided to get acquainted with him because I thought he might be of use to me, but this bastard just isn’t going anywhere.

“Oh, by the way, brother-in-law. “I need someone to say hello to for a moment. Please help me.”

“Even if it wasn’t, I heard it from my sister. “Who on earth is it that you care about me like this?”

“He is the real power of the 6th ball.”

“yes? “It’s only been a few days since the launch of the 6th Ball, but is it already in power?”

“He is President Roh Tae-woo’s right hand man. “He has already been crowned crown prince!”

He made a fuss, but kept his voice low.

“Sangjun, Dojun. “You guys stay here for a while and eat something delicious.”

My uncle took my parents and went into the crowd of people a little away.

I couldn’t tell who it was because of the crowd. I pricked up my ears and tried to at least hear his name, but even that was impossible because an obstacle appeared.

“uh? Kangjun hyung.”

When I turned around at the sight of a familiar name, I saw Jin Kang-jun, the son of the third son, now in middle school, and his younger sister, Jin Young-gyeong, standing there.

Jinyoung-kyung is my older sister, who is just one year older than me.

I smiled and raised my hand.

“Hello sister.”

But the two did not receive a greeting. They both probably remembered their broken legs because of me.

“Kangjun hyung. Are your legs okay? “I heard you walked around with crutches?”

I looked around at Jin Kang-jun’s legs with a wry smile.

Jin Kang-jun’s face turned red as if he was shaking at the sight of me like this.

“I would have to break my remaining leg once to get my balance right… . “When would be a good time?”

I spoke softly, but my eyes did not. I glared at it as if it was going to eat me, but it couldn’t last a few seconds and not only did it avoid my gaze, it even avoided the spot.

As expected, he is a cowardly guy. There is no way that the son of a rich family who was raised by a rich family could be a gangster.

“Dojun. “Why do you keep messing with Kangjun?”

As the two people disappeared as if running away, Sang-Jun spoke in a very frightened and nervous manner.

“brother. Don’t be scared by that bastard. That bastard can’t fight. There is no gang. From now on, you too will step on that guy.”

Sangjun just blinked at my harsh tone.

I’m thinking of this as my first alliance… The core is weak. I am now in the 6th grade at Kookmin School, so I think I can wait a little longer.

After you become a middle school student, you can train yourself harshly, right?

“Did you eat anything?”

After saying hello to someone, my parents returned and held our hands tightly.

“Since we’ve already stamped our eyes anyway, why don’t we go? “There’s nothing suitable for kids to eat here.”

“I have to say hello to my father and then go.”

“We can’t see our father.”


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My mother tilted her head at her father’s unexpected words.

“I guess you’re having a private chat with the politicians who came to visit under the pretext of this celebration? In this hotel’s special room. My father is not attending this party. “It’s obvious just by looking at your mother’s absence.”

No matter what anyone says, the host of this banquet is the elected member of the National Assembly. The head of the group is just a father-in-law, so there is no need to show his face at the banquet.

“Is that so, then? “Let’s go eat something delicious.”

My mother, with an extremely bright expression, wrapped her arms around my father again.

Sangjun also jumped up at the bright expressions of the two people.

“dad! McDonald’s. “Let’s go to McDonald’s!”

Holy shit. I wanted to eat dim sum at the Chinese restaurant at the Sunyang Hotel, but I was a step late. Since I have a younger child as my older brother, whenever something like this happens, I go crazy and start jumping up and down.

Chicken and pub restaurants began to appear in the 1980s, and KFC appeared in 1984. And McDonald’s, synonymous with fast food, opened its first store across from Apgujeong Galleria Department Store in March of this year.

Since there was only one in Seoul, it was difficult to access it unless you lived in Apgujeong-dong.

Since the driver had already driven over and bought it a few times, Sangjun got to know the taste and sang whenever he got the chance.

“Is that so?”

My father checked my face, and I also tried to put on a happy expression. There shouldn’t be a child who doesn’t like hamburgers and cola.

It was time to sneak out of the banquet hall while holding my parents’ hands.

Suddenly, the man blocking my father’s path slightly lowered his head.

“The Chairman is looking for you.”

When the man’s eyes pointed at me, my father frowned.



“You’re just catching the kid. “Wouldn’t it be okay if I just told you I couldn’t find it?”

“sorry. “There are so many watching eyes that it is difficult to report falsely.”

The man bowed his head again.

“Father, it’s okay. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Oh, you said the story would be long. The Chairman said he was taking me home… “He said it was okay for you to go back first.”

They told me to go back first, leaving only me alone.

Looking at my father’s expression, I felt like he was going to run to my grandfather and yell at him.

“father. Go to McDonald’s and enjoy a delicious meal with your brother. I’ll have dinner here. “I’ll ask my grandfather to buy me a homemade hamburger.”

As soon as I finished speaking, my father had a miserable expression on his face and I thought it was a mistake. I must have misunderstood.

From my perspective, it was important to get to know Chairman Jin a little better, and I would much rather eat hotel food than McDonald’s hamburgers.

However, to the father who is unaware of these thoughts, it will be seen as something he does not like for his parents, but is inevitably trying to avoid displeasing Chairman Jin.

These current misunderstandings cannot be helped. This misunderstanding can be resolved when I take off the mask of being a child.

I turned around and put on as bright a face as possible to ease my parents’ worries.

* * *

The room the staff showed me was not the royal suite I had imagined. It was a simple room, about the size of a standard room, without a bed. The 28th floor is clearly a royal floor, but are there any rooms like this?

The various foods prepared for me on the large, round table were delicious and stimulated my appetite.

“Wait a moment while you eat dinner in this room. “The chairman will take a look at the work and call you.”

When the employee left, I took a quick look around the room.


I thought it was closed, but there was a slightly open sliding door on one wall.

Looking through the open gap, it appears to be a real royal suite.

Ah, this is a separate room attached to a suite.

The back of Chairman Jin was already visible there, sitting on a chair, and he was having a conversation with someone who was hidden behind his back.

First, I filled my hungry stomach.

I ate carefully to avoid making any rattling noises and strained my ears to hear the conversation in the next room.

“The era of great ordinary people and the northern policy. This is what was also said in your inauguration speech. Your will is great.”

“yes. “I was also very impressed.”

“The northern policy is to improve relations with communist countries. “In particular, they want to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and China.”

Who is it?

Looking at the conversation, it is clear that he is the president’s closest associate, but there is no way to know.

In fact, this era is just a very long past for me, and all I remember is the general flow.

“Of course, Rep. Park will carry out the behind-the-scenes work.”

“That’s right. The first is the Soviet Union.”

“It’s the Soviet Union… … .”

There was silence for a moment. When the president’s close associates tell the heads of conglomerates about these plans, they are not simply giving information.

It means that there will definitely be some demand and compensation will be given.

“How may I help you?”

“Now the Cold War is over. Today’s diplomacy is economics, not ideology. “Isn’t the best diplomacy to maximize mutual benefit?”

“Even though China is like that, the Soviet Union is an economic powerhouse greater than us. “From my perspective as a business owner, the place I would rather sell my products to is the Soviet Union.”

Even at this time, the Soviet Union’s GNP per capita was $9,300, dwarfing Korea’s which was only $5,800. Of course, after 5 years, it plummets to 1/10.

“Your Excellency told me to leave everything to Chairman Jin of Sunyang. “I am only telling you what your Excellency intends.”

Throw a whip and a carrot at the same time.

Cooperate unconditionally with the government’s big picture.

However, how you cooperate is up to you.

What answer will my grandfather give here?

Everyone wants to avoid the stick and just eat the carrot, but that is not possible. My ears moved closer to the door.

“this… … I don’t know what to say about your amazing consideration. haha.”

Are you avoiding a direct answer? or not?

“Isn’t our Sunyang just a street vendor? How can you guess the big picture of the country’s affairs? “I just follow what Rep. Park tells me.”



This can’t be happening?

The Sunyang is no longer a ship that can be overturned by government power.

If the number one conglomerate bows to the regime, there is no way for the second and third place conglomerates to avoid it. Chaebols are a group that is always ready to become a strong ally against the regime that threatens them.

The group’s status as number one in the business world means that it is the representative player of a conglomerate.

There’s no way a representative player could easily abstain, right?


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