The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 15

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[015]First property 2.

I jumped up from the chair, knelt down on the floor, and bowed my head.

“You were wrong, father. Please forgive me just once, just once.”

She is a daughter whose greed is greater than her abilities.

Due to the limitations of being a daughter and an outsider, she was left out of the succession plan early on, but waited patiently for the right opportunity to come.

Now I’m going to go one step further and create that opportunity.

She helps her husband advance into politics and gains political power.

There must have been an underlying thought that it would be better if he were not the president.

He must have believed that if he was in a position to influence politics and eliminated Sunyang’s successors one by one, he would have an opportunity.

It is obvious that the foolish son-in-law who was seduced by his clever daughter would have resigned from the prosecution, wondering what he was doing.

“Be content with what you have now and do your best. On days when the department store’s management performance drops even a little, I will completely change it. “You are not yet a complete master.”

At her father’s final warning, Jin Seo-yoon’s knees were shaking and she could not get up.

* * *

A reddened face, twitching lips. Her uncle left the study without even looking back at her.

Something is unusual.

After confirming that no one was in the living room, I quietly walked towards the door of Chairman Jin’s study.

Sure enough, a loud noise erupted.

It is a terrifying and resolute inspiration. As expected, the nickname Cheolmyeon is suitable.

She seemed determined to pass on only the department store to her daughter.

It would be unfair for her aunt Jin Seo-yoon to see her older brothers, who, in her opinion, are much more foolish, take up positions in the main subsidiary.

Even though we inherited the same blood, we couldn’t dream of being 1/N, so we came up with this trick. It’s still difficult to judge his management ability, but his skills are pretty good.

I need to change my mind about this.

I tried to put my aunt on her knees and gouge out my uncle’s eyes, but I could put it off for a while.

First of all, it is better to let the beggars who have been pushed out of the mainstream stand by my side and eat as much as they can.

I heard the sound of a chair scraping on the floor and quickly got out of there.

Pretending to roll around on the sofa in the living room, I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that my aunt was leaving the house as helplessly as my uncle.

I jumped up from the sofa because Chairman Jin came out afterwards.

“Oh my, our Dojun. “Are you bored?”

“no. “I was reading a book.”

“okay? It’s a good habit. “Always have a book close by.”


As Chairman Jin was stroking my head, a secretary hurriedly entered the living room through the door, bowed his head, and handed me a thick envelope of documents.

“President. “This is what you instructed me to do earlier.”

“okay. Is the purchase finished?”

“yes. “I finished everything before registration.”

“great job. “What about construction?”

“It starts tomorrow morning. And as soon as the ranch was completed, we first moved two horses from Jeju and ordered two Thoroughbreds. “You’ll see us at the ranch in six months.”

“great job.”

As the secretary bowed her head and left, Chairman Jin smiled brightly and opened the envelope.

It is obvious that the thick document is the ranch’s registration. And some photos and drawings.

The photo was of a horse ordered from Arab, and the drawing was of a ranch.

“How do you feel? “Isn’t this guy really handsome?”

I didn’t care if the horse was handsome or ugly, but I clapped my hands and pretended to like it. What I was most curious about was whether 50,000 pyeong was all there was and whose name was on the register.

After looking at pictures of horses with my grandfather for a while, I finally opened the registration documents.


“yes. grandfather.”

“This is the land document for the place you wanted. “A total of 80,000 pyeong.”

Ohh! An additional 30,000 pyeong was added.

“I remember you said it was 50,000 pyeong last time, right?”

“You damn bastard. You even remember numbers. haha.”

I felt like I knew the meaning of laughter. How important it is to remember accurate numbers in business management!

“There were several landowners, but it wasn’t exactly worth 50,000 pyeong. So it increased to 80,000 pyeong.”

I started to laugh because I was already calculating in my head how much compensation for 80,000 pyeong of land would be.

“Is it that good?”

Chairman Jin also looked happy when he saw me unable to hide his smile.

I liked it because of the land, but you think he liked it because of the ranch and horses.

Now you have to make sure to take care of it. Even though it is in my name, if Chairman Jin holds the registration documents, he can buy and sell as he pleases.

Documents are the guarantee. I must have it.

I put down the horse photo and started fiddling with the registration document and reading it with interest.

“Hey. Do you know that you see it?”

“But I like it because it’s ‘mine.’ lol.”

“what? Uh-huh. Look at this guy. “Do you mean to take care of the land documents first?”

Land document? This is a thousand words. I now have a savings account worth over 16 billion won. A savings account that expires in 2 or 3 years.

The current market price for a 31 pyeong apartment in Eunma is only 75 million won. This is a large amount of money that can buy over 200 apartments. And this money is my seed money.

Chairman Jin said while stroking my head.

“If you forget that, you’ll be in big trouble, so Grandpa will keep it for you.”

He made a sullen expression as he looked at the hand he held out. Of course, no documents were handed over. I have to listen to what I want to hear.

Seeing my expression, he burst into laughter again.


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“Are you saying you don’t want it taken away because it’s yours? haha.”

My grandfather would have taken this behavior as greed or possessiveness, and fortunately, my grandfather really likes this kind of possessiveness.

“good night. Then keep it yourself. Don’t put it in your desk drawer and forget about it. If you forget, this ranch is not yours. “You know what I mean, right?”

“Yes, grandfather. Thank you.”

I jumped up from the sofa… Although it was truly a hardship, he was held in the arms of his grandfather.

Still, I gave him 16 billion won as a gift, so shouldn’t he show me this level of cuteness?

* * *

When I returned home after a week of having fun at my grandfather’s mansion, my mother greeted me with a stern expression.

“Dojun. “Let’s take a look at what your grandfather gave you.”

Well then. They gave it away so easily.

Well, there’s no way I would entrust the registration documents to a child.

What is interesting is that I informed my mother, not my father, that the land had been given to me. Do you feel a little more at ease with a daughter-in-law you don’t like rather than a son you don’t trust?

I handed the envelope to my mother.

She hurriedly took it, looked at the photos and documents for a while, and then put them down.

I couldn’t read my mother’s feelings on her face.

The attention and gifts were 180 degrees different from the cold treatment I had been receiving. Although the land is nothing more than a wasteland, it is the first property donated by the Chairman.

It seems like he feels uncomfortable and anxious to be happy.

“Dojun. I’ll keep this. “So I don’t forget.”

Since ancient times, the correct answer is for mothers to keep the pocket money they receive when they are young.

“yes. Do by that way.”

“And my grandfather advised me to do so. Don’t brag about the ranch to your other cousins. “You understand, right?”

“all right. “Don’t worry.”

She seemed relieved because her mother knew how serious I was.

I looked at her complexion and cautiously opened my mouth.


“huh. why?”

“if… … “Do you have money?”

When I suddenly brought up the topic of money, my mother’s eyes widened.

“money? why? Did you run out of pocket money? No, you don’t spend your pocket money. If there’s anything you want, tell me. “Mom will buy it for you.”

As a child, it’s natural to think of it as pocket money, but the money I’m talking about isn’t in that category.

“no. “You don’t need pocket money, you will need a lot of money.”

“big money? how much?”

Now my mother’s eyes turned to curiosity.

“This is a story I heard when I was at my grandfather’s house. Ilsan… where is it?”

“Il-san? well. Even mom doesn’t know? why?”

As expected, you don’t know anything about the world.

Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s not what I expected anyway. All I wanted was for my kind and kind mother to have at least one strong pocket.

All I have to do is nudge it.

“I don’t know, but they say Ilsan will soon turn into a city. So, land prices are going up?”

“what? Who said that? “Grandpa?”

“Oh, no. “The guys at my grandfather’s company said that.”

You wouldn’t be so naive as to not realize what I mean. She is also not a woman so wealthy that she spends all the generous living expenses provided by her father-in-law.

Since the bank interest rate is 15% per annum, you must have saved up quite a bit of money, and it is up to you to choose how to use that money.

Although I was a little embarrassed, I came up to my room, leaving my mother lost in thought with bright eyes. She flops down on the bed and ruminates on what she has to do next, but she doesn’t see anything special.

too young

How much preparation could I have done if I were in my twenties? I put my regrets aside and picked up the book.

There is nothing better than reading to suppress your impatience. No, we live in a time when there isn’t much to do other than reading.

After spending the entire winter vacation with books as my friend, a new era, the 6th Republic, began.

On February 25, Roh Tae-woo took office as the 13th president, and soon after, the election campaign for the 13th National Assembly member began.

* * *

Chairman Jin Yang-cheol was more resourceful than I could have imagined.

In particular, the most surprising thing was using the National Assembly election as a billboard for Sunyang Electronics.

With the election only a month away, all the local candidates traveled around their districts in trucks to get one vote, so that their voices could not be heard.

Chairman Jin was preparing ultra-expensive TVs and VTRs needed for watching and recording the games for the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He quickly made prototypes and began selling them to all candidates in the form of ‘lease’.

It was equipped with a huge 33-inch large screen, separate surround speakers and a woofer to support stereo sound, and was also equipped with a PIP (Picture In Picture) function, making it the first TV that could watch two channels at the same time.

This is a very expensive TV, costing a whopping 2.6 million won at a time when a new college graduate’s monthly salary was about 330,000 won.

And a 450,000 won VTR that boasts an incredible technology called wireless remote control.

These two products traveled across the country on the candidates’ trucks.

Voters flocked to the election, showing more interest in electronic products than the candidates’ loudly shouting promises.

It was a clever strategy that solved both prototype testing and advertising at once. Inquiries poured in from the neighborhood where the election campaign truck passed, and TV news about this great curiosity became the final focus of the advertisement.

Compared to this advertising effect, my uncle’s election to the National Assembly was not even news.

This is because if Sunyang’s son-in-law were to fall in Suwon, which is even called Sunyang City, it would be equivalent to a natural disaster.

But even something as obvious as this should be celebrated.

I thought the victory celebration would be held at my grandfather’s mansion, but it was held at the Grand Volume of the Sunyang Hotel.

It seemed like even senior members of the National Assembly were avoiding the house as they were attending. This was to prevent noise from being caught by the media as a representative of the people enters and exits the houses of conglomerates.

When I told them that the celebration was at a hotel, my father and mother’s expressions improved a little.

The reason was that in a hotel, unlike at home, you would not be treated like a maid.


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