The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 138

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[138]The last struggle of the end of the century 6

“Have you seen the news?”

“yes. “Woosung Group?”

“okay. The main creditors contacted me. Are you interested in taking over? .”

While I was thinking about how to say something to Oh Se-hyeon, I can’t believe these words came out first! no way?

“no. They told me to choose from affiliates. “Right now, the only ones with the financial resources are foreign investment companies.”

“What is the reputation of the industry? Are there any affiliates that could be of use? “They say it’s all insolvent, including accounting fraud and all.”

When I started by pretending not to know and started with a negative opinion, Oh Se-hyeon also nodded.

“The revealed debt alone is 3 trillion won. This means that all affiliates are in debt. “There is nothing worth taking over.”

“Not even one?”

“I heard that Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding has already received a significant amount of orders. I think it’s the best… .”

“uncle. “Did the creditors offer something sweet?”

“How did you know? “There are no ghosts.”

The grandfather’s meticulousness stood out even more when he saw the surprised Oh Se-hyeon.

They have already given their word to the creditors and they are pushing in our direction.

“I promised debt forgiveness. He said if we were interested, we could meet and negotiate. “I will make sure you never lose anything, so please come out with a light heart.”

“you’re right. “You won’t lose anything.”

“Something happened.”

Oh Se-hyun, who realized that this had already happened, let out a short sigh and started looking at my mouth.

“actually… .”

Oh Se-hyeon also noticed when I told him the entire conversation I had with my grandfather.

“Are you going to sign a contract with your aunt? scent! “He’s a really scary guy.”

“I don’t know if there is a deeper meaning, but for now, we have to step forward and bring it at gunpoint.”

“Isn’t this just a threat? Should I try folding it?”

“My grandfather didn’t say anything even after seeing the contract. There’s no way you don’t know that the department store group will be in our hands… . Even if you fold it up, nothing will happen.”

“But throwing out the contract was a complete threat.”

It’s a threat. In order to get the department store group into our hands, the most important thing is for the grandfather to put all his shares in Sunyang Distribution and hand them over to his aunt.

If this share transfer does not take place, Miracle would have committed a very foolish act by lending 400 billion won without collateral and even constructing a large supermarket with full payment in arrears.

But this is just a cute threat.

“Grandpa asked a favor that way. It also means that they pretend not to notice that we are taking over the department store group. “I got something, so I have to do you a favor.”

“It’s not us, it’s you. “Let’s get the word straight, man.”

“Then let me change my stance. I will take over the department store. “Uncle, you can make a huge profit when you take over Woosung Marine Construction and sell it to Sunyang Group, right?”

“Are you going to give me all the profits?”

I knew it was a joke, but I answered seriously.

“of course. Take it all as a special bonus for the CEO.”

You can tell by the look on my face that this is definitely not a joke. Oh Se-hyun’s mouth was already closed.

When was the last time Oh Se-hyun announced that he would retire after working for just 5 years? To get this done, his retirement will have to be postponed.

It’s not a waste of money to keep Oh Se-hyun even a little longer.

“Come on, stop being emotional and take care of more urgent matters first. There is less than a week left until New Data Technology is listed. “Right?”

“Oh that… . okay. It’s already been prepared. Players are waiting. I will be buying it little by little from the first day of trading. “Within 10 days, we will receive stock equal to our funds.”

“When will the operational forces arrive?”

“It doesn’t come in at first. There is such a thing as listing anyway, so even if you leave it alone, the stock price will rise. Even if you come in quickly, it will be 3 weeks later. “We only need to secure the stock before then and decide when to sell it.”

Oh Se-hyeon looked at my expression and spoke quietly. The surprised expression suddenly disappeared.

“Are you really going to leave the acquisition to me?”

“yes. Anyway, we have to negotiate with my second uncle. The heavy industry sector is under his jurisdiction. “Isn’t this a difficult opponent?”

“hmm… .”

I stood up, avoiding the stares that were checking to see if I was hiding something.

“I’m going to see my grandfather. “I have to tell you that I will proceed with the acquisition of Woosung.”

“hey! Where are you going? “My story is not over.”

He ran out of the office, leaving Oh Se-hyun screaming.

* * *

“why? no? “Are you unwilling?”

“Oh, no. “It’s just that it’s a bit unexpected.”

“Surprising? Is it surprising that when a cheap and good product comes out, people quickly snatch it up? “It’s natural.”

Jin Dong-gi came running a month after receiving a call from his father, Chairman Jin. And he was extremely happy when he was told to take care of Woosung Marine Shipbuilding.

It was even confirmed that the heavy industry construction part would be entrusted and succession work would proceed. This time, it’s not a look or a look.

However, I can’t help but be surprised when they say they will double the size of Joseon. It can be interpreted to mean that you believe in yourself that much.

“But father. “If we take over Woosung Shipbuilding in our current situation, we will doubt the true intention of the restructuring that is currently underway.”

Succession work is underway under the name of restructuring. They are planning to use this opportunity to crush the labor union, which is such a thorn in their eyes. Since the entire group was in trouble, it was natural to cut people, and a social consensus was formed.

This golden opportunity cannot be wasted by acquiring Woosung Shipbuilding. This is because it is absurd to proceed with an acquisition that requires a huge amount of money just because the group’s circumstances are difficult.

“That’s why I’m going to bring in a pinch hitter. “You can accept it when the pinch hitter takes over and the world becomes quiet.”

The vibrator suddenly remembered someone.

“Is that pinch hitter Miracle?”

“You know very well. Currently, the only companies that can move that much money are foreign investment companies. “Wouldn’t it be appropriate since Miracle has a close relationship with us?”

I really wanted to ask, and confirm. What is that close relationship?

However, it was obvious that if I asked too quickly, I would only get yelled at.

“Did you say you would cooperate there?”

“okay. Isn’t it the specialty of a friend like Oh Se-hyun to acquire a good company cheaply and then sell it for a high price a few years later? I can’t refuse. “I will actively help with the acquisition.”


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“Then I will meet Oh Se-hyeon. Since we are only borrowing the name, I will take care of the acquisition myself.”

“It won’t be easy.”


“Oh Se-hyeon. “Thank you for stepping up and taking care of it yourself. Let’s do our best. I’m not the type of person to do that.”

“What are you saying…?” ?”

It’s a vibrator that I fully understand what you’re talking about.

However, because now was a golden opportunity to confirm that close relationship, I pretended not to notice and watched my father.

“I said I would be a substitute hitter, I didn’t say I would run errands. Don’t pinch hitters often hit home runs while at bat? “I’m not the type of person who will just listen to you.”

“Are you saying that if you take over Woosung Shipbuilding and smell the money, you might not hand it over?”


Vibrator bit his lip to avoid showing embarrassment. Did I think wrong? Isn’t Miracle his father’s company?

If it’s my father’s secret company, I’m satisfied with just running errands, and I don’t aim for a home run. If so, there is only one answer to give.

“I will take care of it well so that no problems arise and Oh Se-hyun cannot get distracted.”

“Can I trust you? Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding is a necessary company to lead the LNG carrier industry. “You can’t miss it.”

“yes. Don’t worry too much. “We will make sure there are no disruptions.”

Chairman Jin smiled calmly as he looked at his confident second son.

“It’s motivation. “You may not have any complaints, but you must keep in mind that this is for the best.”

Vibrators know what this means.

“There will be opportunities in the future. If you do not miss the opportunity and grow the company, it will soon become as big as the current Sunyang Group. “I believe you and your brother can double what you have.”

My father spoke warm words like never before, but I only half believed the vibrator.

Whenever comforting or soothing words are spoken, something is always hidden. It’s not something I’ve experienced once or twice. I know very well that my father will never change no matter how old he gets.

But I also know that you should always give the answer you want.

“yes. “I will do as much as you expect.”

Vibrator bowed his head and left the study.

“Oh my, it’s hard. “I’m dying to appease my grown sons and make them work.”

* * *

“Thank you, CEO Oh. “You already know that this is an issue that our Sunyang Group considers very important, right?”

“What can I do? “I heard that Chairman Jin has already coordinated everything.”

“I hope it goes smoothly as planned… . What kind of work is that? “There are bound to be people here and there who try to hinder you.”

Oh Se-hyun took a closer look at the vibrator that he had only exchanged greetings with in passing.

This is a place to confirm Jin Do-jun’s assessment that he is the best among the three.

From his non-arrogant first impression to his quiet manner of speaking, I could immediately tell that he was a serious person who did not easily reveal his true feelings.

“Those who don’t know that Sunyang has been plotting will attack us to grab our ankles. Anyway, please lead the way, Vice President.”

It’s surprising.

Isn’t this a completely different humble look from his younger brother, Jin Sang-gi, who complained about his arrogance reaching the sky?

As each person confirmed their first impressions, the airflow between them became much warmer. The vibrator did not miss this opportunity.

“I heard that you are taking my youngest nephew around to teach him. What do you think? “Our Dojun.”

“hmm… .”

Oh Se-hyeon paused for a moment. He thought it would be better to tell him what he wanted to hear.

“He’s a natural gambler. “Would you say he is the complete opposite of his father, Yoongi?”


“yes. He is quick-witted, bold, courageous, and knows exactly when to push and when to back off… . Above all, his ability to read the situation is excellent.”

“So, it is a compliment that you are qualified as a Yeouido securities man or investor.”

“Exactly. These days, he’s even better than me. “Now I play poker alone.”

The vibrator smiled slightly.

“The qualities of a gambler you mentioned are not necessarily effective only in poker.”


“Those qualities are exactly what we look for in managers. “Isn’t that right?”

Usually it exceeds. Dojun meant that he was a guy who never left the investment company… . Oh Se-hyeon’s intentions were violated.

“Ah, after hearing that, I guess that’s true. By the way, Mr. Vice President. “You’re not being wary of your young nephew, are you?”

I tried to scratch my pride, but even this didn’t work. Vibrator said, still tilting his head.

“I don’t know who the next president of Sunyang will be, but the third president is definitely Dojun. All I have to do is take care of my part and make sure Dojun doesn’t get over it. Won’t that mean my children won’t starve? haha.”

When Oh Se-hyeon saw the vibrator with a shy smile on his face, he knew that Do-jun had seen the person accurately.

And I was also certain that this person was already thinking of Dojun as his competition.

“Now then, shall we start by checking the creditors’ proposal? how… ? Vice President, would you like to see it in person? Or are you going to leave it to a trustworthy executive?”

“Let’s see together. I have to take care of it myself, just as my father asked me to do. “This is something that will change the landscape of the shipbuilding industry, so you can’t leave it to your employees, right?”

There is no way the vibrator would miss a good opportunity to explore and gauge Oh Se-hyun’s bowl.


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