The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 137

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[137]The last struggle of the end of the century 5

“What do you swallow? We plan to maintain a strong relationship with Sunyang Department Store Group. “It is a good business that will generate considerable profits in the future.”

Oh Se-hyun’s eyes instantly changed into a relaxed look.

“That profit is four trillion won? “It doesn’t make sense!”

Jin Sang-ki still shouted with an angry face.

“Don’t just think about the cash in your hand. Don’t forget that we are the majority shareholders of a corporate group called HW Group. We are participating in the business that CEO Jin Seo-yoon will be carrying out in the future. The total value is said to be ten times that. Our experts have already completed the calculations. “I’m not saying we should break the deal.”

I could barely stop myself from bursting out laughing.

People who make investments as a business are basically gamblers. Gamblers are also prone to fraud.

It’s plausible, but it’s just nonsense being spewed out right now.

My uncle wanted to refute, but was unable to say anything due to the authority given by the words “expert calculation.”

“Chairman. If you are worried about the Sunyang Group losing its shares, President Jin Seo-yoon can do well in business and repay the debt. Or please give me a better suggestion. “I will hand over the bond.”

“A better offer?”

“If you let our HW Group participate in Sunyang’s mid- to long-term project and make a lot of money, well… .”

There is no way Sunyang Group, which has blocked money from flowing out by creating a subsidiary to provide cleaning services, will include us in its mid- to long-term projects.

After confirming that it was a firm rejection, my uncle knew there was no reason to stay any longer.

“I understand what CEO Oh means. “I will go back and discuss it.”

My uncle just gave me a cold look and stood up, put his hand on my shoulder and said.

“Come home sometime. “Let’s have dinner.”

“yes. “I’ll see you soon.”

As Jin Sang-gi roughly closed the door and left the office, Oh Se-hyun laughed.

“Your house is really no joke. “Look at their greed not to lose even a single thing.”

“Where would the blood go?”

I vaguely glossed it over, but I’m not doing it because of greed. There are many ways to get it back at any time as long as you get permission from his grandfather.

What are their dark intentions?

* * *

“That bastard is not in business. “It doesn’t budge.”

“Even if they give me 100 billion won?”

“Seek business, not money. “They’re planning on throwing us at a straw and letting us brew for ten years.”

“Did Oh Se-hyun say that himself?”

“That’s right. “Dojun heard it clearly right next to me.”

“What did he say?”

“You didn’t say anything? “I just stayed still.”

Oh Se-hyun missed out on the opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time. No matter how plausible the other reasons may sound, they are different from those in Yeouido, whose main occupation is hit-and-run.

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki could not just watch like this.

Whether Oh Se-hyun is the hand and foot of his father, Chairman Jin, or his young nephew’s partner, judgment can be postponed.

The first thing to do was to prevent the wrong person from taking over the department store group.

He found a vibrator. They are powerful enemies, but we must work together while doing this. It is right for him to deal with the flies that stick around until they meet in the finals.

Brothers Jinyoungki and Jinjingi rushed to Sunyang Hotel without any delay.

“Oh my brothers, what’s going on? That too? “They seem to get along well.”

Jin Seo-yoon raised her voice as she saw the two people coming in side by side. Now the assets have been divided, and there is no connection to the Sunyang Group.

This shows that there is no reason to care any more than that they only share blood.

“Do you feel comfortable after losing your company? “You have a nice face.”

Jinyoung-gi made a disapproving noise, but Jin Seo-yoon pretended not to hear it.

“Stop scratching your insides. “That time has passed now, right?”

The two older brothers looked around the suite decorated as an office and flopped down on the center sofa.

“I didn’t come to scratch you, I came to find out what you were going to do. “Let’s talk calmly.”

Although the vibrator spoke calmly, Jin Seo-yoon still looked annoyed.

“I will take care of my own affairs. “What are you so curious about?”

“Oh Se-hyeon. “He’s not as trustworthy as you think.”

“Do you think I trust him? This is a deal. “What do you believe?”

“Simple bonds, liabilities? Do you think Oh Se-hyun lent you money to collect some interest? “He’s the one who refused even 100 billion won?”

“what? Hundreds of billions? What are you talking about?”

Jin Seo-yoon, who listened to the two people’s story in detail, remained silent for a while with a stiff face.

“Do you understand now? They are imitating a private loan shark who holds a building as collateral, demands repayment of interest and principal, and then swallows up the building. “That’s what happened to you.”

“Construction of the first large supermarket will begin soon, right? What is the cost of the construction? There will be a lot of money to spend in the future, but will you be able to handle it? “If you mess up even once, everything will be taken away.”

As the two older brothers shouted ominously, Jin Seo-yoon’s closed mouth opened.


“what? “Have you figured it out yet?”

“So you’re saying I tried to avoid a fox and ended up in a tiger’s den?”

“I understand.”

When Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki said something pitiful, Jin Seo-yoon smiled brightly.

“No, quite the opposite. I escaped from the tiger’s jaw and met a wolf. “Don’t I have better luck?”

They got angry when they described themselves as tiger maws, but couldn’t say anything because of Jin Seo-yoon’s words that followed.

“If Oh Se-hyeon is worried, you can show her that our good brothers are rabbits, not tigers. You said you would give Oh Se-hyun 100 billion won, right? Passing on high interest to her sister and giving an astronomical amount of money to a complete stranger? “It’s ridiculous, really.”

Jin Seo-yoon told her two older brothers the best option. From her own perspective, of course.

“If you are afraid that your company will be taken away, use money to stop it. Add 400 billion plus 100 billion and lend me 500 billion. The interest rate is half that of a bank. I will make money and pay it back slowly. Then there’s nothing for our brothers to worry about, right?”

It’s correct in every detail, but the two older brothers just clear their throats.

If we follow Jin Seo-yoon’s words, there is no way to bring back the department store group.


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When the recession passes and the economy recovers, it will begin to solidify and the borrowed money will be repaid in an instant.

The moment the complete separation of branches ends, Jinyounggi and Jinjingi will be registered as VVIP customers of department stores and hotels, and nothing more can be expected.

When her brothers closed their mouths and couldn’t say anything, Jin Seo-yoon only laughed.

“My father gave it to his only daughter, who is 50 years old, to help her make a living. Do you want it that much? why? Do your in-laws rip you off every night to bring something from the department store? Just tell them to go shopping. I’ll give you a huge discount every time a new product comes out, so don’t worry about money. okay?”

The brother left the hotel after being beaten by his sister.

“f*cking bitch.”

Vibrator said, pretending not to hear Jinyoung-gi’s swear words.

“That kid is going to keep making mistakes anyway. Surely the opportunity will come. “Let’s wait a little longer.”

* * *

At the height of the scorching heat that threatened to burn the city, Woosung Group’s financial creditors signed an agreement to amend its financial structure with Woosung Group. This was just a sign of an impending workout, and the business world was literally shocked.

Woosung carried out an aggressive acquisition war against the world, paying no heed to the IMF. As a result, in 1998, the number of foreign subsidiaries reached approximately 400, and the company jumped to second place in the business rankings, surpassing Sunyang Group, which was reeling from the economic crisis.

However, Woosung Group’s position was greatly shaken by the prolonged economic downturn and the contraction of the global market, and it was unable to escape the slump as it expanded its business mainly to developing countries.

Because the focus was on external expansion, the company was passive in the restructuring requested by the government. It was impossible to give up on scale.

However, Woosung, which was facing increasing financial difficulties, even sold its hotel, which was a valuable asset, but by March 1999, its debt ratio had already exceeded 400%, making it difficult to recover.

In July, Woosung announced a high-intensity restructuring plan, but creditors rejected it, and in August, pressure from creditors began.

My grandfather clicked his tongue while watching the news of the revised agreement between the creditors and Woosung Group.

“Woosung Group is effectively disbanded.”

“okay. “Chairman Woosung said he would give up all his personal wealth and give up management rights, but it’s not at a level he can handle.”

“Now that the big buffalo has fallen, everyone is going to rush in to eat its flesh.”

“you? Isn’t there a part you’re coveting? You have a lot of money. “You still hold about 1 trillion won in won, right?”

“You should not look into other people’s bank accounts without permission. That’s a crime. “Hehe.”

“Even if you don’t look at your bankbook, you get a whole meal, you idiot. “This guy’s head isn’t rusty yet.”

It seems that my grandfather has finished reviewing Woosung Group’s affiliates.

“Is there anywhere I can spend my money?”

“Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding. That one thing is worth using. “Take a look at this.”

Grandpa threw a data file on the table.

“You know how to see, right? “That will be enough to help you build your company.”

In 1999, Korea began to enjoy a boom period, surpassing Japan in order backlog by about 20,000 CGT (standard cargo tonnage). Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding, one of the top three companies, is a blue-chip company that would have achieved tremendous management results if it were not an affiliate of Woosung Group.

The document file concluded that Marine Shipbuilding, Woosung Trading, and Woosung Securities were worth acquiring.

“I have no intention of matching the assortment. And people are more scarce than money. Even if we take over, there will be no one to manage it.”

“I will lend you someone.”

“People from Sunyang Heavy Industries?”

“There are a lot of talented people elsewhere. Are you worried because you don’t have money or because you don’t have anyone?”

“well. Even the acquired company is having a hard time stopping water leaks here and there. I have to take care of those companies first… .”

I realized that there was a different meaning hidden in my grandfather’s eyes glaring at me.

“Can you lend me money?”

“no. It is difficult for Sunyang to take over. We have also been rumored to be restructuring, but if we take over another company, especially a company of such enormous size, the government will not remain silent. Woosung Group’s creditors will also draw a line with us.”

“So, dominance is desirable, but realistically there are too many eyes watching? And the financial situation is not good either. Is that correct?”

“yes. So, you should act like a boss. “I’ll bring it back when things calm down.”

I knew what my grandfather wanted. Miracle will acquire Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding and hand it over to Sunyang Group when the right time comes.

Although Sunyang Heavy Industries is in charge of shipbuilding, it is not number one in the industry. Daehyun Joseon is overwhelming. However, if Sunyang and Woosung combine, Daehyun will be pushed to second place.

What the grandfather wants seems simple, but there are some tangled problems.

Timing is the problem.

It’s not a problem that can be resolved within a month or two, but at least a few years from now… .

Soonyang Heavy Industries was headed by Vice Chairman Jin Jin-gi, the second-ranking member. What if my grandfather is not alive when Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding is transferred to Sunyang? The hilt of the sword is held by Vice President Vibrator.

When my grandfather saw me struggling, he said something unexpected.

“You can quit if you don’t feel like it. are you okay.”

It’s a very kind expression, but there’s no way it’s okay. This is a person who speaks after all the review has already been done and a decision has been made.

You must have made up your mind to own Woosung Marine & Shipbuilding… Something is strange.

“You really don’t have to… .”

Before I could say anything, my grandfather threw another document file.

It was a copy of the contract between Miracle and Sunyang Department Store.

As soon as I saw the contract, I raised my eyes and looked at my grandfather’s face, which was full of laughter. Of course, that laugh was a mockery that completely looked down on me, who was one level below me.

“… There is no way. All right. “I will do as Grandpa wants.”

I nodded my head quickly.



“I really like you.”

“I know very well.”

“I like you because you understand everything even if you pretend not to say it in detail. haha.”

Although he is my favorite grandson, I also really like that firm grandfather who does not hesitate to threaten me.


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