The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 129

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[129]Jab then straight 4

Jin Seo-yoon confirmed her position in her husband’s attitude, gestures, and tone of voice, and her husband’s appearance during their dating and newlywed days passed by like a flash of light.

An action no different from that of a servant serving a princess. Even though my husband was irritable and capricious, he always suited my mood.

Things started to change when that man got married, shared the same bed, moved in, and had children.

He asked his wife not to be a princess but to be the best ladder for his success, and Jin Seo-yoon also thought of it as a tool to help her husband succeed and take over Sunyang Group.

If they had been tools that each other could rely on, it would have been a match made in heaven, but it was already gone.

Jin Seo-yoon chose to join hands with her nephew Jin Do-jun, while her husband, Mayor Choi Chang-je, chose to take the step of straddling Daehyeon as well. If you can’t put the misaligned piece back together, you can just take it apart.

“You just had to do as I told you. That was the best way for us… . Intoxicated by that small amount of power, you have crossed a line that should not be crossed. “Do you think you became the mayor of Seoul because you grew up on your own?”

“honey. You must be mistaken. That’s not it! I’m trying to expand my options… .”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I was the one who saved 40 billion won in campaign funds, and it was Representative Oh Se-hyun who made candidate Go Gyeong-yeol have an extramarital affair. Do you even know?”

“what? that… .”

“You thought you were lucky, right? There is no such luck in the world. The results come about because someone makes a move, knowingly or unknowingly. I don’t want to talk any longer, so let’s end this. I know that because if you keep bothering me, I will file for divorce tomorrow. “My last favor, take it when I give it to you.”

Jin Seo-yoon left the house and left her husband in the bedroom.

The thought of staying in a hotel until my husband packs his bags and leaves makes me feel relieved.

Mayor Choi, who was left alone, sat on the bed, devastated.

As I thought about what would happen next, my eyes turned white.

The fact that he was abandoned by the Sunyang Group will probably be leaked by the Sunyang intelligence team, and the rumor that the mayor of Seoul has begun to separate will likely be circulated through high-quality gossip.

Most of the law firms run by the main family were mainly related to the Sunyang Group, so it was only a matter of time before the line was cut off.

And the most important mayoral re-election was over. This is because there is no way the party would re-nominate someone who has no allies.

Mayor Choi also knows. To prevent all of this, divorce should never happen.

* * *

“Isn’t that a good idea? It is easy to separate series and group them into one group.”

“It’s not bad if you’re willing to give it completely. But this is what President Jin came up with?”

“okay. That kid has some brains to take care of what’s mine. haha.”

Hakjae Lee could not agree with Chairman Jin’s thoughts.

The Jin Seo-yoon he knew would never come up with such an idea.

She is a woman who keeps making mistakes and missing important things because of her dark greed of wanting the whole group.

If this is the case, it will be a complete breakup after joining a few affiliates. It is no longer pure yang.

Why did I suddenly give up my excessive greed and become realistic?

Chairman Jin clicked his tongue as he looked at Hakjae Lee lost in thought.

“Tsk tsk. You’re thinking about something else again. stop. This time, I also made up my mind. “I will take that away from you and think of you as an outsider.”

“President. “There is one more.”

“What else is there?”

“It is easy to take away a simple governance structure. All we have to do is secure a stake in Sunyang Distribution and that’s it.”

“As expected, he is our student. “I can’t believe you thought that far.”

Chairman Jin patted his knee and was impressed.

“Are you thinking about taking it back?”

“I saw you doing it. “If the large discount store’s performance is good, I have no intention of taking back what I gave them.”

It’s a people problem. And it is a matter of Chairman Jin’s will.

If a large number of good talents are invested in the large discount store business starting next year, there is a high probability of good results.

Jin Seo-yoon will fail if he only removes good talent and gives them away to the company.

What are Chairman Jin’s true intentions?

“Then let’s proceed.”

“Just work as far as making Sunyang Distribution your parent company. “I’m handing it over to Seo-yoon so that we can proceed when we are sure that she will keep her promise.”

“You mean divorcing Mayor Choi?”


“There are also fake divorces. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It sounds like I really want a divorce. “Oh really.”

Lee Hak-jae was embarrassed and his face turned red.

“no. I also have some doubts. “I feel bad that they made a sudden decision after dragging it on for months.”

“Two people… . Shall we keep an eye on it?”

This means that we will send people around to check accurately. Chairman Jin, who could not have known the meaning of this, nodded.

“Keep an eye on it. “If anything strange appears, report it immediately.”

“All right.”

As Hakjae Lee was about to stand up, Chairman Jin asked something that suddenly occurred to him.

“How about that friend? “Has it been a week since you took me with you?”

“yes? who… ? Oh, you mean Kim Yun-seok?”


“For now, I’m trying some things… .”

“why? “Is it as bad as expected?”

“I saw more advantages than expected. He is honest, sincere, and has a heavy mouth. “But he’s not very smart.”

“Is your head bad?”

Hakjae Lee nodded his head lightly.

“It’s reliable to hire, but it’s far from reliable to entrust with big things.”

“There are many uses for the dolsoe style, too.”

“yes. “That’s exactly it.”

It is very disappointing for a close friend who was chosen by the grandson for the first time. I chose people out of passion, but I have to distinguish between uses, and I’m worried about whether that’s possible.

“Teach me something. I keep checking to see if I can see anything. And find someone useful. “To be the person that Dojun will train.”

“All right.”


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* * *

When Oh Se-hyun and I went home to discuss the DMC tenant issue with our father, a ridiculous situation arose.

A married couple comes in pairs and whines?

Is my father that easy? Or is this the only place I can ask for?

I think the latter is probably correct.

“Brother-in-law. Where is this lightning? Please stop your sister. “This is a misunderstanding.”

“older brother. Just calm down first… .”

It seems that my uncle, who had become thoughtful, made complaining his primary goal.

She kept insisting that she didn’t understand what was going on and that she would correct anything she did wrong and that she should be allowed to meet her aunt just once.

My father must have gotten tired as well, so he folded his arms and waited for my uncle to finish speaking. When her uncle fell silent, his father spoke.

“older brother. I don’t know where my sister is either. And if possible, I don’t want to get involved in the couple’s affairs.”

At this time, my uncle discovered Oh Se-hyeon watching this from the front door and quickly ran over.

“CEO Oh. You know something, right? Didn’t you tell me earlier to be careful? “How can something like this happen as soon as I say that?”

Once again, I had to listen to what was nothing more than the whining of a man who had lost his mind.

“Mayor. This is not a private issue, but a public issue. “Can’t you understand the situation?”


“Instead of finding your wife and persuading her, you should find the Chairman of Sunyang Group. “Isn’t this the result of turning your back on Sunyang and shaking hands with Daehyun?”

Doesn’t my uncle know this?

This is simply because they want to find an easy partner to solve the problem.

He thinks it is easier to talk to and persuade his aunt than his grandfather, so he asks his father to act as a conduit.

It’s frustrating.

Anyone can take the easy path. However, even if it is difficult and difficult, you must get straight to the core of the problem to find a solution.

“It is not a problem to retaliate privately for a public problem. “Isn’t it too much for your father-in-law to do?”

“Did you get married without knowing?”


The expression on my father’s face as he calmly listened was grim. Even if you don’t get along well, it’s hard to hear his parents gossiping.

“Brother-in-law. Let’s get it straight. Did you marry my father because he is a kind and kind man? You’re married because you’re the head of Sunyang Group, right? Then shut up your outrageous, outrageous mouth! “The only time my brother-in-law can criticize my father is when Sunyang Group goes bankrupt and he is no longer the head of a conglomerate.”

My uncle, who had only seen my father’s gentle and gentle appearance, was speechless. Since she married for money, it is not wrong to say that she should bear the rest.

“Mayor. If you acknowledge that this is a public issue, let’s talk about it. Yoongi. “You calm down.”

Oh Se-hyeon suddenly intervened and gave his father a glance.

My father went up to this floor without saying a word with his lips tightly closed. My uncle could only watch and couldn’t catch him.

“Mayor. First, we need to relieve Chairman Jin’s anger. I’ll talk to my wife later. “You admit it honestly, right?”

“There has been talk of divorce. Will your father-in-law meet me?”

I said to my uncle who was crying.

“Aren’t you the one who shook hands with a voter who shook his hand away? “You must meet him at all costs.”

I have no intention whatsoever of preventing my uncle’s divorce. Anyway, the relationship ends here. But wouldn’t it be good to get at least one more thing before we finish? Don’t worry if you can’t get it, it’s worth it anyway.

“Prepare a gift and go see him. “At least I can go into my grandfather’s study.”


“yes. “So are you going to leave empty-handed?”

“Oh, that’s not it. “I have no idea what gift I should give my father-in-law.”

Oh Se-hyeon began to give hints to her uncle, who had a perplexed expression. No, are you spraying medicine?

“Mayor. You can’t go back and forth. “Prepare something great that will make Chairman Jin accept you as his son-in-law again.”

As I watched my uncle wondering what a great gift he could give me, I also racked my brain. Oh Se-hyeon must have already thought of something, but it didn’t come to mind.

I quickly got up from my seat.

“Uncle. “Can I get you a glass of water?”

I winked at Oh Se-hyeon and walked towards the kitchen, and he followed me quietly.

“What is it? “Do you have anything useful?”

As I poured water into the cup and asked softly, the corners of my mouth went up.

“We should also do some apartment construction. “You don’t have any experience there.”

Oh Se-hyeon narrowed his eyes once and quickly returned.

“Dojun, CEO Oh, do you have any good ideas? “You two meet your father-in-law often, so aren’t you better than me?”

“Mayor. First, clearly show that you will sever ties with Chairman Joo. That comes first.”

As soon as the words fell, his expression changed to a perplexed look.

I don’t even have to look to see how much I wasted.

Oh Se-hyeon, who checked his uncle’s expression, clicked his tongue and said.

“Mayor. If you see me like this, I have nothing more to say. There’s nothing to gain from it anyway, so I don’t want to lose my strength. Just figure it out. “I have to talk to Yoongi about work, so I’ll just get up.”

“Now, just a moment.”

The uncle held Oh Se-hyun’s arm as he stood up and hung down.

“Do you really think that will make you feel better, father-in-law?”

“How can I be sure? That’s just my opinion. “I’m busy so I’ll stop.”

The uncle just sighed heavily as he watched Oh Se-hyun shake off his hand and go up to the second floor.

I took over the baton. It is clear that he did not read Oh Se-hyun’s meaning because he had no sense.


“Yes, Dojun. “Let me hear your thoughts.”

“What my grandfather was most furious about… .”

“okay. say it. What?”

“I heard that Seoul City’s business plan for next year includes new town development? The fact that it was carried out secretly with Daehyun Group without saying a word was a fatal blow. Rumor has it that you overturned the study… … .”

Looking at my uncle’s blue face, I’m sure he understood what I meant.

This is the end of the drug treatment.

Now all that’s left is to have fun watching what choice you make.


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