The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 128

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“Isn’t that too humble? You are more than that. “My nephew, why are you so unconfident?”

My aunt showed utmost friendliness and stroked my back.

“You are still young. You don’t have to set your limits like that already. Anyway, let’s put this story aside. Rather, there are divorce papers. “How would you like me to use it?”

“To my grandfather… .”

“I know that. “You’re telling me to file a divorce petition and take care of what I need, right?”

“yes. “But ask for one more.”

“one more? what?”

“Sunyang distribution. “Aren’t we preparing for a hypermarket now?”

“Hyper? Ah, you mean a large discount store.”

“yes. A huge amount of money was invested there. Moreover, Sunyang Distribution is an unlisted company, so use that as the parent company. Shares of department stores and hotels are also transferred to them. Then, it can be said that the aunt has taken control of all cash transactions in the group. “No different from a group bank.”

“Would you like me to give you that too?”

My aunt was overcome with excitement at the thought of taking over all the affiliates with the most active financial circulation.

“Isn’t the structure the same for department stores and large discount stores anyway? Only the quality of the products handled is different. My aunt has already achieved great results by running a department store, and even divorced me, so I have to earn that. Completely separate the business with Sunyang Distribution as the parent company. Then you can say that the foundation has been secured.”

The aunt swallowed her saliva.

“If we make the distribution company into a parent company, I only have to hold the distribution stocks, and the rest will be completed neatly if the stocks are transferred with the company’s money, right?”

“yes. Since you are only moving your pocket anyway, you can separate the business without having to spend any money. “Two birds with one stone?”

My aunt hugged me tightly.

“No matter how smart you are, whether it’s Gongmyeong or Jangryang, you won’t be able to reach my nephew’s toes.”

It was uncomfortable so I gently pulled my aunt away.

“You should first meet your aunt and grandfather. My uncle… No, CEO Oh is going to meet your uncle. “I’ll give you a scare first, so your aunt can deliver the final blow.”

“Scare me? how?”

“We need to make him realize that if he is not his aunt’s husband, he is nothing. “CEO Oh is a person who is born with the ability to upset others.”

* * *

“Mayor Choi. Rumors have spread all over this place. “I want you to hold the flower in both hands and plan to run your business properly.”

“what? “Who said that?”

“I heard you often have private talks with Chairman Daehyun Joo these days? “What are you doing that for?”

The attitude is already different. Mayor Choi is realizing the nature of power. I experienced the balance of power, where hundreds of times more money stands in front of a handful of power.

I thought it was my father-in-law’s money that moved the power, but in reality it was the opposite. Chairman Jin, his father-in-law, simply placed thousands or tens of thousands of times more money on the scales.

Se-Hyeon Oh started to get angry as she saw Mayor Choi looking down at her.

“Chairman Joo only met because of the new town construction that will start next year. Oh, I guess CEO Oh will have to leave this time too. Because our calculations have already been completed with DMC. Yes?”

“There will be a lot of talk if we sign a private contract with Daehyun Construction for the new town. But don’t misunderstand. “Our HW is not interested in apartments.”

“HW? Oh, Daeah Construction also changed its name. Are you now the head of HW Group?”

“Ajin Chairman Song Hyeon-chang is the head of the company. “I’m just the CEO of the holding company.”

“Now that I know the genealogy, I just need to tell you the business.” I thought you came to Newtown again to ask for a spoonful of food… .”

Oh Se-hyeon sighed and opened his mouth.

“When I asked you to get rid of the Sunyang Group label, I meant to erase your image as someone from a chaebol family. “I didn’t ask you to change from Sunyang to Daehyun Group.”

“If you’re going to sound presumptuous, let’s end this. “I will take care of myself.”

He doesn’t even hide his displeased expression. She thinks she is extremely strong. Because it is the privilege of those in power not to hide, endure, or hide anything.

“If you still don’t know, there’s no hope. Hey. Mayor Choi. You are just Chairman Zhou’s toy. A toy that you play with for a while and then throw away when you get tired of it.”

“what? “How dare you say something like that!”

The hand holding the sofa handle trembled, but Oh Se-hyeon did not stop.

“Just for fun, I’m pumping you up and shaking you around. I want you to be angry at your father-in-law, Chairman Jin. That’s it. “It’s just a joke for old people who have too much and are dying, but are bored and heartbroken in life.”

“Close your mouth!”

“If Chairman Jin abandons you, Chairman Daehyun will also get angry and abandon you. Do you think Chairman Joo would be interested in redeveloping that apartment complex?”

Mayor Choi’s expression changed to a cold one. He no longer looked excited.

“throw away? Who abandons whom? Does Chairman Jin have the knack of abandoning people twice? “Why are you talking so carelessly when you don’t know anything?”


“Chairman Jin already abandoned me. At the moment he ran for mayor of Seoul. “There is only a legal link between my father-in-law and son-in-law, and my husband and I are already strangers.”

Oh Se-hyeon fully understood why Mayor Choi took such a wrong path. If you feel like this, you can never turn it back. Before I got a bigger shock… .

“I erase it from my mind once… . Did I just say that? The legal chain remains. So if you break that link, you’re throwing it away twice. If that thing breaks, you’re done. “Don’t you know that Sunyang scholarship students are putting up with it because of that link?”

Mayor Choi’s complexion changed. Could that happen?

“The moment that chain is broken, those who want to hunt you will flock from Yeouido to Seocho-dong. Now, instead of a businessman bringing money into this room, only arrows will fly?”

Oh Se-hyeon stood up from the chair. This is enough advance warning.

“Mayor Choi, I came here because I was worried that I might get into trouble because of you. He’s trying to kill himself, but there’s no way to stop him. When you go, go alone and quietly. “If something sparks, I won’t sit still.”

Oh Se-hyeon left City Hall, leaving Mayor Choi with a blank face.

I also felt a little disappointed. I may miss out on some more during the remaining term.

* * *

“What is this?”

Chairman Jin opened the file presented by Jin Seo-yoon.

“These are divorce papers. “Divorce by agreement.”

“Bring it quickly. “Why does it take so long to worry about cleaning up a guy like that?”

“father! I have three sons. “Don’t you have to think about your children?”

“What’s there to care about a grown child? And they even care what their parents do? “Isn’t Choi a bastard who only cares about taking luxury items from his mom’s department store and giving them to girls?”


When Jin Seo-yoon screamed, Chairman Jin smiled and began to look at the documents carefully.

“But why is there no date? “Get the seal and process it right away, even if it’s tomorrow.”

“I will handle it the day my term as mayor of Seoul ends. At least let it be known that the current mayor is divorced. It’s obvious that newspapers and broadcasters will talk about it, but it’s a disgrace to the family. “So do the kids.”


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Chairman Jin threw the divorce papers and started glaring at his daughter.

“Don’t think about jumping in. He is a very fortunate person to have served as a member of the National Assembly from the constituency of the electronics factory. “The thought of him sharing everything I give you makes him so angry that he can’t stand it.”

When Jin Seo-yoon read the sincerity contained in her father’s words, courage welled up in her.

“I don’t have any intention of rashly moving on. I’m sick of it now too. I brought this stupid man here, and seeing what he’s doing makes me hopeless. From now on, I plan to live my life looking after my children.”

“Aren’t they guys who look like Abby Ji?”

Seo-yoon Jin was fed up with being a father.

In my daughter’s body, I was her grandson, but she was never treated kindly just because she was Mr. Choi.

“You look like me. “You don’t know because your father doesn’t care.”

“I get it. “What is this?”

Jin Seo-yoon seemed to know how much she hated her husband when she saw her father’s much softer attitude. Although it was her father who married her to such a man.

I was hoping that maybe he would feel sorry for that fact.

“Then, will you proceed with the separation of branches as you promised?”

Chairman Jin felt a pang of sadness when his daughter, who was in her fifties, stared at him with sparkling eyes like a child.

How did I become so immature and old? It dawned on me that my biggest mistake was that I had always held her in my arms and raised her.

“I get it. It will take some time to secure and process the stock. “Once you get Seo Seob Choi’s stamp on the divorce certificate, we’ll get started right away.”

“But father. excuse me… .”

“What else is left?”

“Because it is the same branch as the department store, distribution is also bundled together.”

Jin Seo-yoon spoke cautiously, but Chairman Jin knew right away what she wanted.

“Are you saying that you know that Soonyang Distribution is starting a new business next year?”

“… .”

When Jin Seo-yoon hesitated, Chairman Jin waved his hand.

“Stop being greedy. “It’s not something you should touch.”

“You know that when I took charge of the department store, its management performance improved. Large discount stores have the same structure as department stores, only the quality of the products they sell is different. I… “I’m confident I’ll do well.”

“There are more than one complicated things to tie it all together. If you want to hand over Sunyang distribution stocks to a department store, this is at the level of a merger… .”

“no. All you have to do is make distribution a parent company. It would be easier if I transferred the controlling stake in department stores and hotels to distribution and I held the distribution stake. Since the distribution company is an unlisted company, it is not difficult to defend management rights. “If it’s not enough, you can increase capital with paid-in capital.”

I couldn’t let my daughter’s words go to waste. It is easy, avoids taxes, and is advantageous for protecting management rights. Moreover, since they are businesses in the same category, you can avoid suspicions of illegal inheritance by bundling them together.

Chairman Jin said, looking at his daughter in surprise.

“Is your head spinning like that? Hehe, really.”

“How many times have I told you that I am much better than my brothers? “Please trust me.”

Seo-yoon Jin felt like she was flying because she felt like she was getting closer to her goal when Chairman Jin showed a positive response.

* * *

“Put a seal on it. I am grateful because, considering your situation, I plan to submit it to the court after the next election. However, there is no guarantee that he will be re-elected.”

“Hey, honey. this… .”

“There are no divorced public officials in our country. Divorce is fatal to the election, so I will take legal action after the election. Instead, from now on we will be separated. “I’ll pack my bags and leave within this month.”

Mayor Choi’s hands holding the divorce papers were shaking. Unbelievable!

I never dreamed that what Oh Se-hyun said as a warning a few days ago would come true.

“Don’t even dream about alimony or anything. All you brought with you when you married me was that body. “This house is in my name, and you’ve never brought me a single ten won coin during our marriage, so you’re not going to fight over alimony like that, right?”

It felt like I was hit hard in the back of the head with a club.

I couldn’t hear what my wife was saying, just buzzing in my ears.

“Hey, honey. No, Seoyoon. Why is this happening all of a sudden? Divorce after turning 50? “Why should we divorce?”

“reason? Are you asking because you don’t know? “Why am I doing this?”

When Mayor Choi saw his wife with sharp and cold eyes, a distant past came to mind.

The moment when I first met the daughter of a chaebol, I was so intimidated by the gaze looking down at me that I couldn’t even make eye contact. It was a memory of the day we faced each other.


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