The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 120

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[120]Childboy and 100-year guest 2

The Seoul City Hall briefing room was crowded with cameras and reporters.

Rumors have already made the rounds. The mayor of Seoul will make an important announcement, and the content will be so shocking that it goes beyond imagination.

While reporters were buzzing about exchanging information, Mayor Choi Chang-je stood on the podium with a stern expression on his face and holding several manuscripts.

When the camera flash exploded, Mayor Choi adjusted the microphone level and opened his mouth.

“I stand here today with the feeling of apologizing to the citizens and citizens of Seoul. “I sincerely apologize once again for my family being involved in an unpleasant matter, even if I was unaware of it.”

I took a step to the side and bowed deeply.

The reporters had no doubt that today’s conference would be the best scoop. Mayor Choi’s family may be an ordinary law firm, but isn’t his wife’s family the Sunyang Group? If Mayor Choi even holds a press conference, it must be an issue with Sunyang Group.

“A few days ago, we announced a revised plan right here to prevent overheated real estate speculation. “After that time, there were numerous reports that there were illegal circumstances in the real estate acquisition process, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government handed over all the information to the prosecution.”

Mayor Choi looked a little more solemn towards the camera.

“However, so far there has been no sign that the prosecution has begun an investigation, and rather suspicious people are said to have flocked to the search building and demanded the deletion of transaction records. How can this happen? Prosecutors give up their hands and destroy evidence… .”

As he trailed off and lowered his head, the reporters began to murmur. Mayor Choi, who stayed still for a while, raised his head.

“There are two families I mentioned at the beginning. A prosecutor who first worked in public office, and Sunyang Group, his wife’s family. It is the wife’s family that encouraged real estate speculation, and the prosecution is the one who aided and abetted it despite knowing about it. As the mayor of Seoul, it is difficult to ignore this any longer. So, I am making a request to the National Assembly. “If the prosecution does not move, the National Assembly should move.”

The reporters’ expressions turned sour and they muttered.

“what? “Why is the National Assembly here?”

“Are you asking for a special investigation? By real estate speculation? “Isn’t it over?”

“It’s about playing a player. “To avoid any misunderstanding that he may have leaked information.”

“Draw a line. “I want to show that Sunyang Group and myself are separate entities.”

“Nigimi, we’ll be the bridesmaids for Mayor Choi’s show.”

“It becomes news. Sunyang Group and the prosecution, doesn’t there seem to be something going on? Let’s adjust the rhythm a bit. “Hehe.”

Mayor Choi, who saw the reporters’ indifferent reactions, quickly ended the conference. His own message was sufficiently conveyed and satisfactory.

* * *

“Did that bastard turn around…?” !”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki, who was watching TV, immediately took out his cell phone. But the person he called was not Mayor Choi.

“Seo Yoon. “You come to the office right now.”

– brother. Why are you doing this? I’m busy too. Can’t we just talk on the phone?

“Do you even know what this bastard Choi did?”

– Let’s be careful what you say. What is this bastard? My brother and sister-in-law.

“Noisy! You ordered it, right? hey! You f*cked my son, so you bring it up and make a big deal out of it? “Can you handle it?”

– what? Childishly. Are you threatening me now?

The angry voice of my younger sister penetrated my ears.

“Threat? no. I’m warning you. Stop here. “If you take one more step, your western side will not succeed.”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki hung up the phone harshly and made another call.

“It’s me, today’s article about the mayor of Seoul… Be sure to block follow-up reports. “If we don’t end this with a one-time article, we’ll make it clear that we’re turning our backs on Sunyang.”

Are there just one or two incidents that occur every day? In just two or three days, the Seoul mayor’s meeting will become a forgotten event of the distant past.

Now, if you call just one more place, the emergency fire will be put out. But it seems more urgent that way. Jinyounggi’s cell phone rang.

“Ah, Chief Prosecutor.”

― Vice President. What is Mayor Choi’s meeting today? The kids were so shocked when they saw it that they came running… .

“Pay attention. They’re doing it to get some press. “It’s like that with all politicians.”

– That’s a bit difficult. Senior Secretary for Civil Affairs just contacted me. It’s a project related to the government’s policy of becoming a cultural powerhouse, but it would be difficult if it became mixed with noise. I ask you to clean it up without any doubts.

Jinyounggi’s face frowned as he held the phone. It seems like things have gotten bigger. To the Blue House… .

“Oh my, why is everyone like this? What a fuss about buying some land! And I didn’t make any money, and the losses were huge. “Let’s do it in moderation.”

― Vice President. Our situation is also… .

“Ah, I thought so. “I’ll talk to the Blue House, so just wait a little longer.”

After ending the call, Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki realized that something was not unusual.

Senior Secretary for Civil Affairs… .

This is a place where your words don’t work, and you have to cross several bridges instead of directly. This is especially true after a change in government.

If it were my father, he would connect right away, but in this case, I definitely shouldn’t rush to him. Things are really getting bigger. In a bad way.

* * *

“It’s a good thing. Now you’re selling your nephew too?”

Grandpa didn’t look angry. She glares at her aunt with a pitiful expression.

“father. There was nothing I could do this time. The land that Yeongjun bought is tens of thousands of pyeong. If this fact becomes known, he will be in danger. I can’t shake the suspicion that he stole the development plan and speculated on real estate. This is a hearing, a special prosecutor. “Do you know how many people are targeting him?”

The irritated aunt gave an excuse with a good reason, but the grandfather’s expression did not change at all.

“That’s not it. “Didn’t Yeong-jun trick him into buying land, and Seo-bang Choi broke it off and imitated the righteous mayor of Seoul?”


“noisy. You too are stupid. Seobu Choi fooled you too. “Don’t you still understand that his target is not Youngjun, but the prosecution?”

I didn’t know either. Until my uncle held a press conference.

Who would have thought that it would drag on the prosecution… . He was a much more insidious man than I thought.

“Then what should I do? “If you want to get rid of everything before development begins, you have to get confirmation that the prosecution’s investigation is over.”

“It’s okay to side with the West… . Tsk tsk.”

I think I understand because I see my aunt biting her lip. Her aunt also felt a tingle in the back of her husband’s head.

“And you, Dojun!”

“yes. grandfather.”

“I think I misunderstood you.”

Since we don’t know the grandfather’s true intentions yet, we have to either beat the beat or dance.

First, I lowered my head.

“Are you bragging about knowing some valuable information in advance? Important information should not be revealed even to parents. “What do you have to gain by bragging about it?”



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After yelling, the grandfather spoke again to his aunt.

“Since Seobu Choi provoked the prosecution, they will not remain silent. And your brother will also gnash his teeth and attack… . “He should have done what he could handle.”

My aunt’s expression wasn’t good either.

They should have just gone as far as reporting Jinyoung-jun. If you hurt the family’s eldest nephew, you can take off the name Sunyang.

Even my aunt didn’t expect that things would get this big, so it would be embarrassing.

The aunt glances at the grandfather and lets out a short sigh. Her grandfather was looking away from her aunt.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen grown children fight. I don’t care if you guys are fighting among yourselves, but if you put the slightest pressure on the company, anyone will die young. “Keep that in mind.”

At the grandfather’s stern look, the aunt quietly stood up. I also tried to raise my butt but had to sit down again.

“Dojun, you stay!”

My aunt, who was leaving the study, gave me an earnest look.

This would be a request to resolve the issue well.

“What are you doing?”


“Why are you messing with the prosecution?”

“Oh, no.”

Oh my, you’re misunderstanding. It’s clear that they think I’m trying to undermine both sides.

“My uncle wanted to get rid of the label of Sunyang’s son-in-law, so I just told him how to end it without causing a moderate amount of damage.”

“Is that Youngjun?”

“yes. It would have been completed if Eunpyeong-gu’s search district was just excluded from development… . “I never thought they would shoot at the prosecutors.”

“What the hell. “You don’t even hide it from me anymore.”

The grandfather even let out a light laugh as if he was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you see it all through? “What are you doing by hiding it?”

In times like this, it is right to go forward with confidence. If I hide the fact that it was my plan, he will be more upset.

Because there should be no secrets between close people.

“so? “What are you going to do now?”

“Is there any room for me to intervene? You can take care of each other. “Whether it’s grabbing or shaking hands and making up.”

Grandpa’s eyes changed. It was a subtle change, but it was clearly a look of disappointment.

“You think your uncle is in your hands, don’t you? “There is a contract for 40 billion won in election funding.”

“It’s not like that. “It’s like insurance.”

“Whatever it was, didn’t you think there would be no problem since you were holding the reins?”

“To some extent.”

“That’s too bad. The colt that I was holding the reins on didn’t grow up properly and ended up dying. “Hehe.”

It’s not a happy laugh. It’s ridicule.

however… . Dying? Could it be that my grandfather is a player?

“Ha, grandpa. What are you saying? Please explain so I can understand… .”

I started bowing for the first time. From now on, I need to raise my uncle well and turn him into a useful stallion, but if my grandfather interferes, it will be impossible.

“Your uncle thought something was too easy.”

“You mean the prosecution? Did they take it lightly because they came from there?”

“no. “It’s my in-laws’ house.”

“yes? In-laws… ?”

“Youngjun’s wife. “Your cousin’s sister-in-law.”

“ah… !”

I forgot. Hansung Ilbo, a Korean media conglomerate, is Hong So-young’s parent company.

“The rumor I heard was that your sister-in-law was quite angry and that her in-laws had gathered up all the money they had and the money they didn’t have and buried it in the ground. The loss to the in-laws will not be that small. “The person who caused it is your uncle.”


I didn’t even think about it. When the largest media company starts gritting its teeth and biting the mayor of Seoul for four years, as his grandfather said, he will be on the brink of death.

He is likely to fail even if he runs for re-election as mayor, let alone the presidency.

“What newspapermen fear the most are companies like ours. “Isn’t it money?”

“But politics is a place that should never be pushed aside.”

“yes. It’s the only place where you can properly abuse power. Since this is a media company that politicians are afraid of, the company gives them advertisements. What if there is a rumor that Hansung Ilbo was infiltrated by the mayor of Seoul? They are stigmatized as a powerless newspaper company. “Where can you find such shame?”

My grandfather looked at me in confusion and then burst into laughter.

“Uh-huh. Oh my, our youngest. I tried to act like I was smart, but ended up getting screwed. How ridiculous is this! I ended up wasting money trying to make my uncle a coachman. haha.”

I couldn’t even hear my grandfather teasing me.

No one can know how public opinion will change if the Hansung Ilbo decides to destroy Media City.

Looking at his eyes, it was obvious that my grandfather would just watch from across the river… .

Measures must be taken quickly.


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