The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 119

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[119]Childboy and 100-year guest 1

I think I smiled without realizing it when I imagined my hobby.

I had to get back to business as my father watched my expression closely.

“Dramas and games come later, but first, as I said, it’s a movie. We plan to secure not only free but also paid movie channels. “Then we have to gradually increase it.”

“It’s a cable broadcast… .”

My father has never thought about this before, so he cannot agree or disagree.

“Father, it is not a distant future when cable channels take over the airwaves. “Look at America.”

Basic cable channels such as USA, TNT, FX, MTV, and Syfy, as well as paid channels such as Showtime and Starz, led by HBO, which is synonymous with paid cable channels, are also popular.

In particular, the United States produces its own original series in addition to reruns of public broadcast programs.

The series would begin sweeping the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards after 2000. The United States is where cable channels lead the entertainment sector.

“Well, that’s fine. Will our country become like the United States? “There is so much content coming out of the three public broadcasters?”

“We have to compete with a unique program and a well-made drama. Even if a restaurant is located in a secluded area, customers will find it on their own. “Isn’t the key to channel business ultimately quality content?”

“In theory, but… .”

“This is a market that is starting to open up now. In the end, all we have to rely on and follow is theory.”

My father was deep in thought.

He may be a tactless person, but if he says something this bad, it’s likely that he will know who he’s thinking about.

However, I received an answer that easily exceeded my expectations.

“Dojun. There will be a lot of people who will tell you that the plan you mentioned is possible, tell them to leave it to you, and shout out that they can do it well. But most of those people are scammers. “This place is full of scammers.”

“So you’re saying there isn’t anyone suitable?”

Father nodded his head.

“For anyone other than the average businessman, forming an organization is daunting. There needs to be someone who can survive for at least 10 years and reduce the deficit. “The person who makes a lot of money from the beginning is also a fraudster.”

Maybe it’s good?

Although he is not a fraudster, he looks at things from a cool-headed perspective, and has risen to the top of the Chungmuro ​​Power Man rankings in 10 years, he cannot even read his son’s intentions.

“As expected, the only person I can trust is the person I thought of.”

“what? “Are you asking me when you already have someone in mind?”

“yes. No matter how much I think about it, he is the only candidate I can think of as my top choice. “I was asking because I thought you might have a different father.”

“Who is that person? Is he someone I know? Surely it’s not Oh Se-hyun?”

“Uncle Sehyun is overwhelmed with work right now. “The person I was thinking of studied management and economics properly in the UK, worked in the media field for 10 years, and is currently holding sway in Chungmuro.”

This is normal to be aware of.

And my father was normal.

I couldn’t even blink my wide-open eyes and froze.

“We plan to pour money into it over the next 10 years, to be exact. I have already prepared myself for the deficit. I only think about the media empire that will be completed in 10 years. If you sow enough, you will reap 10 years later. By the way, DCN was preparing a multiplex. “Once we take over, we will start doing that too.”

Produce quality content and secure space and channels to consume that content. The puzzle picture is simple but large.

And the simpler the picture, the more difficult it is to solve the puzzle.

“Can I really do it?”

His facial expressions and answers are subtle.

You clearly have a desire to do something, but are you holding back because of fear of failure? Or is it the fear that he might blow his son’s money, a lot of it?

I am not confident that I will succeed either. The money I have may not be enough to create a media group that dominates Korea.

Also, my father’s capabilities may not meet my expectations.

But who cares?

You just have to make more money and failure will be another experience.

A media empire is not my first goal anyway. This is for our family’s own joy, something that the uncles or cousins ​​of the Sunyang family will never experience.

It’s enough for me alone to struggle in the fight to claim my grandfather’s inheritance.

I want my family to enjoy the joy of conquering new territories.

Anyway, I need to find some motivation to fill my father’s lack of confidence.

“If my father can’t do it, I can’t do it. I’ll look for someone else. “No matter what happens, no matter how much money it costs, I will definitely start this plan.”

Would any father stand by and watch his son being blatantly scammed by someone else?

“Do, Dojun. Don’t be in a hurry. I need time to think. We need to find out if there is anyone willing to join us and if talented people will join us. “No matter what anyone says, talented people are more important than money in the media.”

“yes. There is still a long way to go before breaking ground in Sangam-dong. “We will take over DCN when construction begins, so think slowly and carefully.”

I feel happy to see my father blushing red. He seems like a younger person with more enthusiasm than me.

* * *

“Youngjun borrowed some of the affiliated company’s money and spent it.”

“I heard that too… . “I guess I lost all that money?”

“sorry. “I taught my child wrong.”

Chairman Jin looked down disapprovingly at his eldest son, who bowed his head, and sighed.

“It’s a vice-versa game.”

Jin Young-ki felt humiliated, but Chairman Jin had a completely different view.

“Isn’t the reason your child’s education is such a mess because you resemble me?”

No matter how you say it, it is right to reprimand it.

“By the way. Isn’t Youngjun the type of guy who is obsessed with making money? “Why did he suddenly buy the property?”

When Jinyoung-gi hesitated and could not answer, Chairman Jin spoke.

“Could I have stayed silent because I didn’t know about the development area? The country is in disarray and this is Seobu Choi’s first project, so he was careful because he was afraid of causing unnecessary gossip. “But why is Yeongjun suddenly there?”

“Actually, we obtained the development information first.”

“okay? Did Seobu Choi tell you this? Or Seoyoon?”

Jinyoung-gi had the same thought. It is clear that her younger sister also tempted Young-jun through Jun-i. And Seo-bang Choi hit him in the back.

This was the scenario he was thinking of.

But you can’t say that you were harmed by your sister in front of your father, right?

“no. It looks like Dojun happened to see the development plan… . I think the story came up while the two of us were having a drink. “Youngjun used Jun’s words as a clue to find out.”


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When Chairman Jin showed a sensitive reaction, Jin Young-ki thought it was a mistake.

This is because it seemed as if he was slandering his beloved grandson.

“It was probably just a passing comment. “The reason is Youngjun’s greed.”

As he hastily made an excuse, Chairman Jin cleared his throat once.

“What is the use of dwelling on the past? “The future is the problem.”

“I will handle it. “Don’t worry too much.”

Chairman Jin also found his eldest son to be distrustful of his confidence. He thought this might not be a problem that would be easily solved.



“I don’t want to see my eldest son being bullied by his younger sister.”

Jin Young-ki responded as if he had been waiting for the exact words he was worried about to come out.

“I told you I would take care of it. “That won’t happen.”

“okay. “Go out.”

Jinyoung-gi left the study with a bright expression on his face, relieved that he had finished well without much reprimand.

As soon as the sound of the door closing was heard, Chairman Jin’s eyebrows twitched.

“Maybe it would be good. At that age, I can’t even guess who is aiming the arrow. “Wow.”

Chairman Jin knew who wrote the scenario as soon as the name Do-jun came up. I was surprised to see that his grandson was now showing his claws.

And I also felt anxious.

If Dojun had written the scenario, I don’t think it would have ended like this. It was clear that the climax had not yet occurred.

Chairman Jin himself felt anxious because he did not know the end of this scenario.

* * *

“Brother, no, senior… . Ah, Mayor.”

“done. Just call me brother. Once again… .”

The men who visited the Seoul Mayor’s office looked a little nervous.

“So, did you do any research?”

“yes. “As soon as my brother’s press conference was held, the district prosecutors’ office was busy trying to identify the buyer of the land.”

“Jin Youngjun is that guy, right?”

“yes. As expected, the third generation of chaebols were different. This can simply be described as a sweep. “It is not in the name of an individual, but two corporations in which Jinyoung-jun Jin is the majority shareholder.”

“Where are the funds from?”

“Of course it’s the Sunyang Group.”

Mayor Choi smiled in remorse.

“I got caught. yes?”

“But the district prosecutor’s office is quiet. “If we dig up further, we could definitely be accused of breach of trust or embezzlement, but we covered it up as soon as Sunyang’s name came up.”

“Those bastards are all scholarship students. “I have to repay you for the rice cakes I received.”

When they heard the price of rice cake, the men looked perplexed.

“But brother. We also received money from Sunyang through my brother. “Isn’t this something we can’t do with our own hands?”

“I do the peeling. You are being dragged along inevitably. And stop worrying. My father-in-law is not the kind of person who would ever brag about giving money for rice cakes. You guys will organize it with a line that cuts off the price of rice cake. You know it well. “There is no one who got away with taking money from cruisers.”

Even if you reassure him, his expression still doesn’t look good. This is because of the price of rice cake that will be cut off.

“You bastards! “I’ll fill you in on everything, so relax your face.”

“thank you. older brother.”

He scratched the back of his head and bowed his head as if embarrassed.

“I’ll catch them both this time. We need to catch Jinyoung-jun and catch the guy who covered up for him. And you guys go in there.”

“The guy you’re talking about is the chief prosecutor. it’s hard. Just end it with Jinyoung-jun… .”

“Do you view the mayor of Seoul as water?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Listen carefully. When the mayor takes the microphone, all media and broadcasters act as speakers. Right now, the prosecution and the Ministry of Justice are on the ruling party side. I will join hands with our opposition party and demand a thorough investigation and special prosecution. “My nephew will buy a lawyer and get away with it, not by embezzlement, but by purchasing land for business use.”

“Then there’s no point in making a fuss… .”

“The goal is to eliminate the ruling party, the prosecution, which has been engaging in cover-ups and poor investigations. “The key is to create a foundation for the prosecution to fully support me during the next presidential election after my term as mayor.”

“ah… !”

“Aren’t you the foundation of that? The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the Central District Prosecutors’ Office must be firmly controlled by your lines. “Hehe.”

“also. “Is this a presidential challenge?”

Mayor Choi’s junior prosecutors became angry when they heard the rumors that were secretly floating around from their own mouth.

He is also the person closest to the title of the first prosecutor-turned-president. It’s not that the possibility is low.

“okay. The first step in my bid for the presidency is to step on my wife’s house and kick out the prosecutors. “Look forward to it.”

“I look forward to when that first step will be taken.”

“Look forward to it. “It will explode next week.”

Mayor Choi leaned heavily on the backrest.

His attitude was not that of an observant son-in-law, but that of an arrogant prosecutor and proud husband.


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