The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 118

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[118] Starting with a light jab 4

“miss. “The Vice President is looking for you.”

I woke up when I heard a sound outside the bedroom. What is coming has come.

When I came to my senses and went downstairs to the living room, I saw my husband, who seemed to be a little sober, with his head down.

“I was just making a fuss. Tsk tsk.”

Vice Chairman Jinyoung-ki clicked his tongue once and then his expression changed again.

“Baby. Did you drink too? “Are you sober yet?”

“Oh, no. father. Because my body is a bit heavy… .”

“Is it bad enough to skip breakfast?”

I was disgusted with my father-in-law who kept asking questions even though he obviously knew the situation, but I couldn’t say a word and just bowed my head.

“Baby. “From now on, you should stop listening to what I say and tell your parents.”

“… yes.”

I was afraid because I didn’t know what he would say, but my father-in-law’s expression and tone of voice were so serious that I had to do as he was told.

“You have never bought land. got it?”


“No matter how much land was purchased in your name, you don’t know anything. Your father, or rather, someone in your family, bought the land without your knowledge. You never said you would lend me your name. In short, you had nothing to do with this matter. “Do you understand?”

“Ah, father. that… that is… .”

It sounds impossible.

Didn’t Hong So-young travel around Susaek-dong while receiving valuable treatment from real estate agents?

She is the daughter of a media family. She knows that even a new reporter would not miss the fact that she only had to visit a few real estate offices to check and purchase the land herself.

“Have you not understood what I said yet? What would happen if it became known that the first thing the Sunyang family’s eldest daughter-in-law did after getting married was to speculate on land? “Are you going to bring shame to the family?”

The father-in-law said without heeding anything. No, he ordered.

“If there is even a single line in the article that anyone can identify as you, I will make not only you but also your relatives pay a heavy price.”


Even if I think about the method later, I have no choice but to answer obediently for now.

“And our eldest son.”

“yes. father.”

“Lift your head up. That way I can at least slap you. Isn’t it a bit weird to hit a grown child in the back? “My hair is already so bad, it can’t get any worse.”

Jinyoung-Jun gritted his teeth to stop himself from bursting out in anger. He slowly raised his head, but his father’s hand did not move.

Jin Young-jun, encouraged by this sight, opened his mouth.

“father. “I will solve this.”

“you? how?”

The corners of the father’s mouth turned up, and it was clear that he was laughing at himself. But now I had to please my father as much as possible.

“The land I bought in my name is not much. Most of them were purchased in the name of a corporation. And the land in my name is handed over to the corporation at the purchase price.”


“We should leave it until it calms down.”

“What if I leave it alone? “Land prices are dropping every day?”

“There is no deal right now anyway. Even if you offer it for sale, no one will buy it.”

“How many times more did you pay for land that no one lives in?”

I pretended not to hear my father’s sarcastic remarks.

“Once the development of Sangam-dong begins, the land will also fall into place. It is a place with a road in between. It definitely goes up. “If you resell it then, there will be no loss.”

“I see. You’ll make money someday. Because the development period was 10 years… About 10 years later. Hey! “That’s it!”

Just as Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki, who had been holding back, was about to raise his arm, Hong So-young hurriedly opened her mouth.

“Ah, father. Uncle, no… “I will meet my aunt and resolve it.”

“You stay silent!”

Jinyoungjun screamed, but it was already too late.

“Oh my, I forgot about our new baby. Yes, if you have a good plan, please tell me. hurry.”

“My uncle held an official interview, but additional procedures just need to be held for a moment. In the meantime, I will spread rumors to Gangnam business owners. This is just a breather to cool down the overheating of speculation, and we will proceed as planned. Then we can sell it in an instant.”

Hong So-young thought it was an opportunity that might never come again, so she poured out words at a rapid pace.

“Oh my. Now I see that my daughter-in-law has unusual hair. “Then you can think of a trick in an instant.”

Hong So-young looked at her father-in-law’s expression and realized why her husband tried to cover her mouth.

The way his facial muscles tremble shows how angry he is. And he didn’t miss the look of disdain.

I was in a hurry so I forgot about it for a while. What these types of people hate the most is repeating the same words twice.

“Baby. “You go up to this floor right now and pack your bags.”


“Pack your bags and go to your parents’ house. Don’t come back until I erase all traces of you in this matter. Do you understand?”


Hong So-young went up to this floor as if running away.

Vice Chairman Jin Young-gi wanted to at least chop off the head of his son, who was left alone, but held back.

Shouldn’t a father be responsible for an accident caused by an ugly child?

* * *


My uncle, who had been following the script, started planning something unplanned. They said the result would be the same, but I am anxious because if I make a mistake, it will end in a fuss without any benefit.

Maybe it’s up to his uncle to screw up Jinyoung-Jun. The words that come out of the mouth of someone who is secretive, powerful, or in power have power.

For the time being, I have to watch my uncle’s movements.

and… .

I also have to put another of my plans into action. I think it will be a bit difficult this time.

Because this plan is not about using the known future or fighting the opponent. We need to instill desire in people who do not have great greed.


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In persuasion, it is much easier to touch someone’s desire than to stimulate their good will. A person without greed has no hole in his heart. Therefore, stimulating the spark of desire comes first.

And people without great greed are smiling at me right now.

“Seeing my son’s serious face makes me a little nervous. What? “What about that serious expression?”

“Usually, I have to smile and say something like this, but it doesn’t work out that way.”

“If something good happens, you should smile. “Why can’t you smile?”

“It’s good, but it’s also a big deal.”

“Big deal?”

“yes. It is the first piece of a large puzzle that will be completed ten or twenty years from now. “I prepared puzzle pieces and a picture frame to decorate the puzzle with, but there is no one to do the puzzle.”

The smile disappeared from my father’s face.

“The way you’re telling me that story makes me think you’re asking me to save someone?”


“Then let’s hear what’s going on. “Let’s see if I’m the right person.”

“You know, father, right? “New Seoul Town, aka Digital Media City, announced by my uncle.”

“okay. “You and Sehyun started this.”

“Yes. “I didn’t see the project as just a construction project.”

“then? Is there anything else?”

“It’s as the name suggests. “We will build a media city.”

At first, my father frowned, as if he didn’t understand, and then his eyes widened.

“Right. “You wanted not only the shell but also the kernel.”

I think I realized that the shell is a building and the core is a media company.

“yes. Now the era is moving from analog to digital. That is also a symbol of the New Millennium. The speed of development of communication networks and electronic products is faster than people of this era can imagine. “I want to fill Sangam-dong with huge media companies.”

Maybe it’s because of my past, but I don’t think he thought it was nonsense. Rather, it shows curiosity.

“Film companies, independent production companies, record labels, entertainment companies, etc. There are many media-related companies. But this floor is a thorough division of labor. “It’s impossible to cover everything.”

“Is that really true?”

He smiled slightly and continued speaking.

“You don’t have to go far. Just look at Sunyang Group right now. A bundle of everything from electronics to food. “The reason the media market has grown so far is because it is small, not because it is impossible.”

My words may not sound far-fetched. Aren’t you the son of a family who takes care of everything?

“Look at the market. Dramas with 60% viewership ratings are coming out one after another, and albums selling over 2.5 million copies are pouring out. Titanic is on track to exceed 5 million viewers. Is there a law preventing movies that exceed 10 million viewers from being released in the future? “The market is growing at a tremendous rate now.”

Since he is a father in the field, there is no way he does not know this fact. However, the puzzle is too big.

I wouldn’t worry about it if it was 100 or 200 pieces, but what I’m talking about is sizes that exceed 2,000 or 3,000 pieces.

Now it’s time to talk about the 10,000-piece unit.

“It’s not just movies, broadcasts, and music. “I also think about all channel businesses.”

“channel? “Are you sure you mean a broadcasting company?”


When I saw my father with his mouth open in bewilderment and had forgotten what to say, I thought it was a pity. Additional explanation is needed.

Nowadays, when we talk about broadcasting or channels, we only think of public broadcasters. Cable broadcasting is still at a minimal level.

“Don’t misunderstand. It’s not a public broadcast. I think it would be a good idea to start with cable broadcasters. “You have to start simple.”

“Hey. Simple? Do you think the cable broadcasting business is easy? It is not easy to apply for a business and get permission. And now most cable broadcasting companies are losing money.”

“So it’s simple. “You can get started by simply acquiring a broadcasting company that is suffering from losses.”

“Taking over?”

“yes. “Isn’t there already something for sale?”


It is a movie channel launched in March 1995.

Even though it is a free-to-air movie channel, it is suffering from dire losses as it continues to make reckless investments to secure foreign currency. Moreover, now that it has entered the multiplex movie theater business, the company is caught up in the foreign exchange crisis and is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Because so many large corporations collapse, it is not the subject of media attention, but it is a well-known fact in the industry.

“Isn’t movies your father’s specialty? You can also receive foreign currency without any problems. American Miracle Investments is a big investor in Hollywood. Korean copyright is easy to secure. How is it? Doesn’t it fit perfectly?”

Since it was possible to secure the most important content in channel operation, it suddenly became a realistic plan.

Acquisition funds?

My father would never have worried about money. Because he already knows that his son is extremely rich.

“I plan to start with movies and gradually increase the number of channels. Drama, music, games… .”


My father, who had been listening quietly, reacted when an unfamiliar word came out.

Oops, you can say this slowly… . As I spoke, my selfish thoughts suddenly came out.

“The animation channel Tooniverse’s highest viewership rating was a segment called ‘Plus Game’ that started last year. They say that not only children but adults also see it.”

The 99 Pro Gamer Korea Open, the predecessor to the Star League, which will begin next year, will open the door to game broadcasting.

Before that, you need to secure a game channel.

Only then can you invite friends like Lim Yo-hwan, Lee Yun-yeol, Hong Jin-ho, and Guillaume Patry to play StarCraft.

Of course, the game will be broken, but isn’t that the same in baduk? It’s a map powerhouse. It is said that his grandfather also invited Jo Hoon-hyeon, a national master, to play a game of guidance from time to time.

A person cannot live only by working. Sometimes I have to play games to cool my head.

As your skills improve, you can also play 2:2 team games.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Oh, no.”


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