The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 11

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[011]Big change 3.

“Scalability is definitely YS. You can sweep the metropolitan area, Gyeongnam, and Honam. “The ruling party can only absorb votes from Daegu, Gyeongbuk, Gangwon-do, and some areas of the metropolitan area, so I think the next election is almost certain.”

The CEO of Sunyang Construction, whom Chairman Jin trusts the most, was the first to speak out as if he was taking the lead.

“What about the DJ?”

“Of course, it is possible to unify as a DJ, but he has weaknesses. Since I suffer from a red complex, there is a high possibility that I will give in this time. “I will give in after being promised a kick.”

“Are there any other opinions?”

Everyone looked at each other and signaled agreement.

Chairman Jin burst out laughing.

As such, everyone firmly believes in the unification of the two Kims. It’s not just these. How many people among the people do not believe in the unification of the two Kims?

All the influential people Chairman Jin had met so far had no doubt that they believed in unification. Only the young grandson did not believe in unification. Of course, you may think this because you have no idea about the political situation and trends.

But the basis was accurate. The young grandson clearly sees through human greed.

The presidents of key affiliates were instantly tense as they did not know the true nature of Chairman Jin’s smile.

Because you’re satisfied?

Or because you’re pathetic?

However, the truth could not be ascertained from the Chairman’s subsequent remarks.

“I’ll end it here for today. “Everyone, open your ears and gather as much information as possible.”

Chairman Jin ended the meeting with a smile on his face.


Now is the time to do what you have been putting off.

No, rather than putting it off, should I say I hesitated and was afraid? But it was something that had to happen at least once.

First, I asked the tutor first.

It would be difficult to refuse what I say, since it is no different from sitting around without doing anything after paying a high price for tutoring.

“We’re having an outdoor class this Sunday.”

“Outdoor classes?”

“yes. To Dangjin on the west coast.”

“Dangjin? Why the West Sea all of a sudden?”

“The textbook says that it is the only place in Korea that faces the sea only to the north. “I want to see it in person?”

It’s a poor excuse, but I can’t refuse it.

He earns the salary of a new Sunyang Group employee just by checking homework for 30 minutes a day. In order to maintain this kind of sweet part-time job, I have no choice but to pay attention to myself.

“Yeah, yeah. let’s go.”

“Sir, can you drive? “Do you have a license?”

“uh. “I have a license, but I don’t have a closet license.”

“Then I’ll ask my father for the tea. “Teachers, please only allow outdoor classes.”

At that moment, a smile spread across the tutor’s lips. How often does it happen to have the opportunity to drive a heavy foreign car as a college student?

I easily got my parents’ permission.

Since I believed that school and studying were everything, I would have wanted to spend my time at least going to see the ocean.

“Dojun, tell me honestly. Why do you want to go to Dangjin?”

It was a time when there were no navigation or smart phones. My tutor, who was driving slowly while looking at a national map booklet and using the signposts as a navigator, quietly asked me if I was used to driving.

I already have an answer prepared.

“Actually, I have a friend who transferred to another school. “I want to meet that friend.”

“okay? “Then why didn’t you tell the truth?”

“If I’m telling the truth, what kind of friend are you, what are your parents doing, why did you transfer schools…” . Aren’t you going to ask a question? “It’s also annoying.”

“Oh my! You’re all grown up? “What if talking to your parents is a bother?”

You guy. It’s not that it’s grown up, it’s just that it’s getting older.

After that, I passed the boring time by chatting with college students about various things, and before I knew it, I had entered Dangjin.

The past of 30 years ago existed only in vague memories.

I am now experiencing the miracle of that memory unfolding before my eyes.

A landscape with no traces of west coast development.

The rattle of a car that can be felt directly on an unpaved road.

Instead of a beach full of pensions, there is a hole-in-the-wall store that is like an all-purpose store for just a few anglers, even though it is called a supermarket.

As I entered the neighborhood where I used to live, which seemed rather unfamiliar to me, with only a few apartments in sight, I burst into tears.

I once again experienced the mystery of memory.

When I saw the barbershop at the corner of my neighborhood, I was reminded of my own hairstyle when I was young, and the hair salon vividly reminded me of my mother’s childhood.

When I pass the school’s main gate, the faces of friends and teachers I haven’t thought about even once since graduation come to mind.

As I reminisced, I approached the house where I grew up.

“teacher. Would you mind waiting a moment? “It’s right there.”

“But have you been here? “How do you know the way?”

“My friend explained it to me in detail several times.”

I briefly answered the questions of the tutor who had many questions and quickly got out of the car.

My heart started pounding as if it would explode because of the sign I saw across the street.

[Yoon Laundry]

I couldn’t take my steps easily.

Will I ever be able to see my parents clearly?

What if I accidentally call him father? To him, I am just a child he has never seen before… … .

The biggest fear was something else.

What would I do if I ran into my past life self, Yoon Hyun-woo?

Wouldn’t something very mysterious happen, like in a movie?

You can’t just imagine it.


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I took a deep breath and slowly walked away.

The image of my father seen through the glass window of the laundromat. I couldn’t help but burst into tears as I saw the image of my young father and mother sorting out the laundry visible through the steam from the steam iron.

I leaned against the wall of the laundry room and waited for my tears to dry.

I made up my mind and opened the laundry room door.

The old door made a creaking sound and the two people’s eyes were fixed on me.

“excuse me… … .”

“huh? This is a kid I haven’t seen before. “Are you here to pick up the laundry?”

What should I say?

“The baby’s booty is flowing. “I think it’s a kid from our neighborhood.”

When I saw my mother closely examining my appearance, I felt a rush of regret.

I should have waited a little longer.

If you had come to me when I was a little older and an adult, I would have been able to provide you with practical help.

My mother, who was just entering her late thirties, looked ten years older.

I can finally see the hardships on both of their faces.

“Are you lost by any chance? “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

I couldn’t remain immersed in sentimentality any longer, so I hurriedly opened my mouth.

“Isn’t this Jinwoo’s house? “Jinwoo Yoon?”

I thought I was at the wrong house and tried to leave. That will look most natural.

“Jinwoo? It’s not?”

“Ah yes. sorry.”

When my father tilted his head, I quickly lowered my head and said.

“Honey, do you know this is Jinwoo?”

“well. Should I ask local? “Do you have Jinwoo among your friends at school?”

For a moment, it felt like an electric current was flowing through my entire body.


no way?

“Uh, over there… . “Who is Hyeonji?”

“local? She is our one and only daughter. He must be the same age as you… . You don’t live here. My daughter is so pretty that no one in this neighborhood knows her. haha.”

The only daughter, Hyeonji.

You didn’t hear it wrong. I, Hyunwoo Yoon, did not exist.

I left the laundromat as if running away. If I had delayed a little longer, I would have collapsed.


“what’s the matter? “Wasn’t this a friend’s house?”

“yes? Oh no. That’s right… . “I had no friends.”

“Then wait some more.”

“no. are you okay. “Just go up.”

I looked out the window to avoid the eyes of my tutor who was looking at me suspiciously.

“teacher. “I’m a little tired. Can I sleep for a bit?”

“okay? Well, you must be tired. Sleep well. “I’ll wake you up when I get home.”

“Thank you.”

I looked at the laundry machine moving away, then leaned back on the seat and closed my eyes.

I didn’t think about what happened.

Rebirth? return? Possession? Time travel?

I did not want to investigate or analyze the causes and consequences.

You just have to accept the results. Anyway, I can’t change this strange outcome that has already happened.

And the result was that the only connection I had with my parents was my memories.

I wiped away the flowing tears. The tutor who saw me like this in the rear-view mirror didn’t say anything and just sped up.

The tears I shed as a child were probably because they seemed too sad to ask why.


I opened my notebook and just sat there blankly for a while.

The detailed events of the future that we have recorded so far may become useless.

The very existence of the country has already brought about great changes.

Strangely, my only daughter took the place of me, Yoon Hyeon-woo, who should have been born.

There is no need to resort to grandiose butterfly theories. I don’t know if the future will change just with the heart of Chairman Jin Yang-cheol, who already likes me.

A changing future may mean that the powerful weapons I have are meaningless.


From now on, we must be more cautious and careful in our actions, words, and plans.

The great stream of the future must remain unchanged so that I can take care of what I want within it. The world should not be changed, but only the Sunyang Group should be changed.

It’s not easy. This is because Sunyang Group’s influence in Korea is large.

Complicated thoughts swirled through my mind, but the unchanged truth came to mind and tears welled up again.

The existence called ‘I’, Hyunwoo Yoon, does not exist in this world. There are only raw emotions imprinted in my head. This feeling will also weather and fade little by little, and in that way, Hyunwoo Yoon will disappear completely.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and closed the notebook.

The past must be left behind.

Let’s only think about the future.

In order to sit in the position of Chairman of Sunyang Group, he will live as a perfect Jin Do-jun. It may be a difficult road, but… … .

“Huh, wait a minute.”

A sound came out without me realizing it.

I counted my fingers and recalled a memory.

“Youngjun, Hae-kyung, Gyeong-jun, Soo-kyung, Tae-jun… … .”


Including me, Chairman Jin Yang-cheol’s grandchildren are exactly thirteen.

But why is the number in my memory twelve?

Who’s the one missing?

I took out a notebook from the drawer. She went through the dense record of memories again and began to think about what I had missed.


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